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14:07The November Man 1 NedSubs TBS Isohunt to1.59 GB1214652External
12:38The Gambler PAL Retail DVD9 DD5 11.7 GB120576External
May 26Deliver Us from Evil Retail DVD9 Multi Audio Subs922.68 MB1856618External
09:18Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol (2011) PAL Retail1.21 GB1110819External
01:28The Normal Heart DVD9 Multi Audio Subs TBS1.69 GB59950External
Feb 16No One Lives (2012-2015) Pal Retail DVD5 DD5.1 NedSubs TBS
3.52 GB100Unsorted
Jan 19REDIRECTED (2014) Pal Retail DVD5 DD5.1 NedSubs TBS []
4.25 GB52Unsorted
Jan 17A Most Wanted Man (2014)PAL Retail DVD5 Fr Ned SubsTBS []
4.25 GB130Unsorted
Jan 17A Most Wanted Man (2014)Pal Retail DVD9 DD5.1Fr NedSubs TBS []
7.75 GB106Unsorted
Jan 11Lost for Words (2013)Pal Retail DVD5 DD5.1 NedSubs TBS []
4.36 GB91Unsorted
Jan 04 Ticket Out (2014) Pal Retail DD5.1 DVD5 NedSubs TBS []
4.08 GB51Unsorted
Dec 29Let's Be Cops (2014) PAL Retail DVD5 DD5.1 MultiSubs TBS []
4.34 GB197Unsorted
Dec 29Let's Be Cops (2014) PAL Retail DVD9 DD5.1 Multi Audio SubsTBS []
6.69 GB119Unsorted
Dec 03The Forger (2012-2014) PAL Retail DVD5 NedSubs TBS
4.28 GB1415Unsorted
Dec 02Rampage Capital Punishment(2014)Pal Retail DVD9 Germ NedSubs TBS
6.76 GB21Unsorted
Nov 08Bad Neighbours(2014)Pal Retail Audio subtitle lot dvd 9 TBS
6.4 GB31Unsorted
Nov 07Casper Emma De Film(2014)PAL Retail Ned Audio TBS
4.04 GB24Unsorted
Nov 02Heksen Bestaan Niet (2014) PAL Retail DVD5 TBS
3.88 GB1461Unsorted
Apr 25Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol (2011) PAL Retail DVDR 5
4.37 GB30Action
May 24The Gambler (2015)PAL Retail DVD9 DD5.1 Multi Subs TBS
6.51 GB73293Thriller
May 24The Theory of Everything(2015)Pal Retail DVD9 DD5.1 Multi TBS
7.37 GB105132Drama
May 24Taken 3 (2015) PAL Retail DVD9 DD5.1 Fr NL Subs TBS
7.94 GB257316Thriller
May 16Deadtime(2013-2015)Pal Retail DVD5 DD5.1 NL Subs TBS
4.11 GB331124Unsorted
May 16Cymbeline (2014) Pal Retail DVD5 DD5.1 NL Subs TBS
4.21 GB10118Drama
May 16The Barber (2014-2015) PAL Retail DVD5 DD5.1 NL Subs TBS
3.48 GB15859Unsorted
Mar 01The book of life (2014)Pal Retail DVD9 DD5.1 Multi Audio Subs TBS
5.37 GB243Beck
Feb 14Wonderbroeders (2014)PAL Retail DVD5 Ned Audio TBS []
4.33 GB293Unsorted
Jan 17Deliver Us from Evil(2014)Pal Retail DVD9 Multi Audio Subs TBS
6.42 GB61Thriller
Jan 17Out of Sight (2014) PAL Retail DVD5 DD5.1 NedSubs TBS
4.28 GB68Drama
Jan 17Dracula Untold (2014)Pal Retail DVD9 Multi Audia Subs TBS
6.26 GB107Unsorted
Jan 11The November Man (2014) Pal Retail DVD5 DD5.1 NedSubs TBS []
4.03 GB162Unsorted
Dec 07Sex Tape (2014)PAL Retail DVD9 Multi Audio-Subs-TBS
5.41 GB30Comedy
Dec 07Sex Tape (2014)PAL Retail DVD5 Multi Audio-Subs-TBS
4.36 GB83Comedy
Dec 03The Normal Heart(2014)Pal Retail DVD9 Multi Audio.Subs TBS
7.38 GB20Unsorted
Dec 01The Weight of Elephants (2013-2014) Pal Retail DVD9 TBS
5.02 GB36Drama
Nov 28Lucy (2014) PAL Retail DVD9 DD5.1 Ned Subs TBS
7.55 GB66Sci-Fi
Nov 28Lucy (2014) PAL Retail DVD5 DD5.1 Ned Subs TBS
4.23 GB130Action
Nov 28Blackmail (2014)(2013)PAL Retail DVD5 NedSubs TBS
4.11 GB112Unsorted
Nov 26Transformers Revenge of the Fallen (2009) PAL Retail DVD9 NLSubs-TBS
5.68 GB60Unsorted
Nov 25Transformers (2007) PAL Retail DVD5 NLSubs-TBS
4.36 GB40Unsorted