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A. Iske J. Levesley (ed.). Algorithms for Approximation (Springer 2007)(387s).djvu2.70 Mb
Aaronson J. An Introduction to Infinite Ergodic Theory (AMS, 1997)(291s).djvu5.63 Mb
Abell, Braselton. Differential Equations with Mathematica (641s).djvu6.96 Mb
Abraham R., Marsden J.E. Foundations of Mechanics (2ed., AW, 1987)(838s).djvu8.86 Mb
Abramowitz M., Stegun I.A. (eds.) Handbook of Mathematical Functions (10ed., NBS, 1972)(1037s).djvu15.03 Mb
Acheson D. From Calculus to Chaos (Oxford, 1997)(139s).djvu2.39 Mb
Aczel J. Lectures on Functional Equations & their Applications (AP, 1966)(528s).djvu4.98 Mb
Adams J.F. Lectures on Exceptional Lie Groups (Chicago Lectures in Mathematics, 1996)(68s).djvu872.58 Kb
Adams N. (ed.) Methods & Models in Statistics (WSP, 2004)(261s).djvu1.84 Mb
Adams R.A. Sobolev Spaces (AP, 1975)(600dpi)(T)(278s).djvu7.97 Mb
Adams, Smith, Vyborny. Introduction to Mathematics with Maple (WS, 2004)(544s).djvu3.04 Mb
Addison P.S. Fractals & Chaos. An Illustrated Course (IOP, 1997)(306s).djvu4.90 Mb
Adhikari S.K. Variational Principles & the Numerical Solution of Scattering Problems (Wiley, 1998)(337s).djvu1.87 Mb
Adler A., Coury J. The Theory of Numbers. A Text & Source Book of Problems (1995)(415s).djvu3.12 Mb
Adler R.J, Introduction to Continuity, Extrema & Related Topics for General Gaussian Processes (IMS lecture notes, 1990)(170s).djvu1.38 Mb
Adler R.J. Geometry of Random Fields (Wiley, 1981)(290s).djvu2.58 Mb
Afraimovich, Hsu. Lectures on Chaotic Dynamical Systems (AMS, 2003)(K)(T)(361s).djvu3.80 Mb
Agaian, Astola, Egiazarian. Binary Polynomial Transforms & Nonlinear Digital Filters (M.Dekker, 1995)(329s).djvu2.72 Mb
Agarwal R.P. Difference Equations & Inequalities. Theory, Methods & Applications (2ed., M.Dekker, 2000)(988s).djvu8.88 Mb
Agrachev A.A., Sachkov Yu.L. Control Theory from the Geometric Viewpoint (book draft, 2003)(416s).djvu1.86 Mb
Agresti A. Introduction to Categorical Data Analysis (Wiley, 1996)(302s).djvu2.92 Mb
Aguilar M., Gitler S., Prieto C. Algebraic Topology from a Homotopical Viewpoint (Springer, 2002)(510s).djvu2.33 Mb
Ahlfors L.V. Complex Analysis (2ed., MGH, 1966)(400dpi)(KA)(T)(330s).djvu3.26 Mb
Ahlfors L.V. Complex Analysis (3ed., MGH, 1979)(KA)(100dpi)(T)(347s).djvu5.56 Mb
Ahlfors L.V. Lectures on Quasiconformal Mappings (Van Nostrand, 1966)(151s).djvu853.69 Kb
Aitken A. Statistical Mathematics (5ed., Interscience, 1947)(160s).djvu5.24 Mb
Akhiezer N.I., Glazman I.M. Theory of Linear Operators in Hilbert Space (2ed., Dover, 1993)(377s).djvu3.55 Mb
Akivis M.A., Goldberg V.V. Projective Differential Geometry of Submanifolds (NH, 1993)(366s).djvu4.54 Mb
Alekseev V.B. Abel's Theorem in Problems & Solutions (Kluwer, 2004)(280s).djvu2.27 Mb
Alekseevskij D.V., Lychagin V.V., Vinogradov A.M. Geometry I. Basic Ideas & Concepts of Differential Geometry (EMS28, Springer, 1991)(267s).djvu2.04 Mb
Alekseevskij, Vinberg, Solodovnikov. Geometry of Spaces of Constant Curvature (transl.from. Geometry-2, VINITI 29, 1988)(76s).djvu2.42 Mb
Alexandroff. Elementary concepts in Topology (1932)(T)(62s).djvu420.21 Kb
Alexandrov A.D., Reshetnyak Yu.G. General Theory of Irregular Curves (Kluwer, 1989)(296s).djvu3.63 Mb
Alexandrov A.D., Zalgaller V.A. Intrinsic Geometry of Surfaces (AMS, 1967)(333s).djvu2.93 Mb
Algorithms for Approximation Ed. A. Iske J. Levesley (Springer 2007)(387s).djvu2.70 Mb
Allen, Tildesley. Computer Simulation of Liquids (1987)(400s).djvu4.04 Mb
Alley M. The Craft of Scientific Presentations (Springer, 2003)(T)(245s).djvu2.46 Mb
Allouche J.-P., Shallit J. Automatic Sequences. Theory, Applications, Generalizations (CUP, 2003)(583s).djvu8.68 Mb
Alon N., Spencer J. The Probabilistic Method (2nd ed. Wiley, 2000)(305s).djvu2.55 Mb
Altman A., Kleiman S. Introduction to Grothendieck Duality Theory (Springer LNM146, 1970)(96s).djvu1,021.07 Kb
Ames W.F. Numerical Methods for PDE (2ed., 1977)(378s).djvu3.00 Mb
Anastassiou G. Handbook of Analytic-Computational Methods in Applied Mathematics (Springer, 2000)(1033s).djvu1.37 Mb
Ancona V., Vaillant J. (eds.) Hyperbolic Differential Operators (Dekker, 2003)(373s).djvu3.96 Mb
Anderson D.A. Factorization in Integral Domains (M.Dekker, 1997)(433s).djvu3.09 Mb
Anderson F.W., Fuller K.R. Rings & Categories of Modules (2ed., Springer, 1992)(385s).djvu4.88 Mb
Anderson I. A First Course in Discrete Mathematics (Springer, 2001)(200s).djvu1.47 Mb
Anderson J.D.Jr. Computational Fluid Dynamics. The Basics with Applications (MGH, 1995)(563s).djvu6.71 Mb
Andersson M., Passare M., Sigurdsson R. Complex Convexity & Analytic Functionals (Birkhauser, 2004)(166s).djvu2.23 Mb
Andrews G.E. Number Theory (Saunders, 1971)(KA)(600dpi)(T)(270s).djvu1.80 Mb
Andrews G.E. The Theory of Partitions (Enc.Math.Appl. 2, AW, 1976)(266s).djvu1.53 Mb
Andrews G.E., Askey R., Roy R. Special Functions (CUP 1999)(681s).djvu4.10 Mb
Andrzejewski R., Awrejcewicz J. Nonlinear Dynamics of a Wheeled Vehicle (Springer, 2005)(326s).djvu3.64 Mb
Ang D.D., Gorenflo R., Le V.K., Trong D.D. Moment Theory & Inverse Problems in Potential Theory & Heat Conduction (LNM 1792, Springer, 2002)(165s).djvu760.42 Kb
Análisis Matemático - Vol. 1 (Rey Pastor, Pi Calleja y A. Trejo).djvu33.01 Mb
Apostol T.M. Calculus & Linear Algebra. Vol. 1 (2ed., Wiley, 1967)(686s).djvu7.13 Mb
Apostol T.M. Calculus & Linear Algebra. Vol. 2 (Wiley, 1969)(T)(696s).djvu6.42 Mb
Apostol T.M. Introduction to Analytic Number Theory (Springer, 1976)(350s).djvu2.69 Mb
Apostol T.M. Modular Functions & Dirichlet Series in Number Theory (Springer,1990)(216s).djvu2.32 Mb
Appell J., A.S. Kalitvin, P.P. Zabrejko. Partial Integral Operators & Integro-differential Equations (M.Dekker 2000)(569s).djvu3.88 Mb
Arbarello, Cornalba, Griffiths, Harris. Geometry of Algebraic Curves. vol 1 (Springer, 1985)(211s).djvu4.80 Mb
Arcangeli R., et al. Multidimensional Minimizing Splines. Theory & Applications (Kluwer, 2004)(280s).djvu4.94 Mb
Ardema M. Analytical Dynamics. Theory & Applications (Kluwer, 2005)(344s).djvu1.62 Mb
Ardema M. Newton-Euler Dynamics (Springer, 2005)(324s).djvu1.54 Mb
Arfken G.B., Weber H.J. Mathematical Methods for Physicists (6ed., Elsevier AP, 2005)(1198s).djvu8.10 Mb
Argyris J., Faust G., Haase M. An Exploration of Chaos (North-Holland, 1994)(756s).djvu7.74 Mb
Aris R Vectors, Tensors & the Basic Equations Of Fluid Mechanics. Dover (314s).djvu2.49 Mb
Ariyur K.B., Krstic M. Real-Time Optimization by Extremum-Seeking Control (Wiley, 2003)(230s).djvu1.60 Mb
Arnold V. I. Mathematical Methods of Classical Mechanics (2Ed, Springer, 1989)(536s).djvu4.00 Mb
Arnold V., Khezin B. Topological Methods in Hydrodynamics (Springer, 1998)(392s).djvu3.38 Mb
Arnold V.I. Lectures on Partial Differential Equations (Springer, 2004)(165s).djvu1.69 Mb
Arnold V.I. Ordinary Differential Equations (MIT, 1978)(no TOC)(273s).djvu6.34 Mb
Arnold V.I. The Theory of Singularities & its Applications (Fermi Lectures, 1991)(78s).djvu807.99 Kb
Arratia R., Barbour A., Tavare S. Logarithmic Combinatorial Structures. A Probabilistic Approach (EMS, 2003)(363s).djvu2.25 Mb
Arscott F.M. Periodic Differential Equations (Pergamon, 1964)(292s).djvu2.65 Mb
Artin E. Galois Theory (2ed., 1944)(200dpi)(T)(86s).djvu545.81 Kb
Artin E. Geometric Algebra (Interscience)(219s).djvu2.70 Mb
Artin E. The Gamma Function (1931)(23s).djvu413.29 Kb
Artin M. Algebra (PH, 1991)(633s).djvu4.28 Mb
Artin M. Lectures on Deformations of Singularities (Tata Lectures on Mathematics & Physics 54, 1976)(68s).djvu1.53 Mb
Artin M., Tate J. (eds.) Arithmetic & Geometry I. Honorary to I. Shafarevich (Progr.Math.35, Birkhauser, 1983)(364s).djvu3.92 Mb
Artin M., Tate J. (eds.) Arithmetic & Geometry II. Honorary to I. Shafarevich (Progr.Math.36, Birkhauser, 1983)(496s).djvu7.99 Mb
Arveson W. A Short Course on Spectral Theory (Springer, 2002)(141s).djvu4.34 Mb
Arveson W. An Invitation to C-algebras (Springer, 1976)(116s).djvu1.09 Mb
Arveson W. Ten Lectures on Operator Algebras (AMS, 1984)(101s).djvu1.25 Mb
Arvo J. (ed.) Graphics Gems, vol. 2 (AP, 1995)(492s).djvu3.75 Mb
Askey R. Orthogonal Polynomials and Special Functions (SIAM, 1975)(T)(120s).djvu1,004.00 Kb
Athreya K.B., Ney P.E. Branching Processes (Springer, 1972)(294s).djvu2.34 Mb
Atiyah M. Geometry of Yang-Mills Fields (Pisa, 1979)(100s).djvu740.52 Kb
Atiyah M. The Geometry & Physics of Knots (CUP, 1990)(84s).djvu368.41 Kb
Atiyah M., et al. Representation Theory of Lie Groups (Proc. Oxford 1977)(177s).djvu2.32 Mb
Atiyah M.F. Vector Bundles over an Elliptic Curve (1957)(40s).djvu3.66 Mb
Atiyah M.F., Bott R., Shapiro A. Clifford Modules (1963)(36s).djvu332.57 Kb
Atiyah, Macdonald. Introduction to Commutative Algebra (1969)(137s).djvu1.59 Mb
Audin M. Lectures on Gauge Theory & Integrable Systems (1997)(25s).djvu455.07 Kb
Audin M. The Topology of Torus Actions on Symplectic Manifolds (Birkhauser, 1991)(92s).djvu1.27 Mb
Audin M. Torus Actions on Symplectic Manifolds (2ed, Birkhauser, 2003)(330s).djvu3.54 Mb
Auslander M., Reiten I., Smalo S.O. Representation Theory of Artin Algebras (CUP 1995)(432s).djvu3.55 Mb
Awrejcewicz J., Krysko V. Introduction to Asymptotic Methods (Taylor, 2006)(253s).djvu2.23 Mb
Awrejcewicz, Andrianov, Mavenitch. Asymptotic Approaches in Nonlinear Dynamics (Springer, 1998)(316s).djvu1.95 Mb
Ayres F. Theory & Problems of Differential Equations (Schaum's Outline, 1952)(303s).djvu2.40 Mb
Ayres F.J., Mendelson E. Schaum's Outline of Calculus (Schaum, 1990)(489s).djvu4.88 Mb
Bach E., Shallit J. Algorithmic Number Theory, vol. 1. Efficient Algorithms (MIT, 1996)(516s).djvu7.13 Mb
Bachman G. Introduction to p-adic Numbers & Valuation Theory (AP, 1964)(L)(T)(91s).djvu1.83 Mb
Baeza-Yates R., Glaz J., et al. (eds.) Recent Advances in Applied Probability (Springer, 2005)(512s).djvu3.81 Mb
Bagrov V.G., Gitman D.M. Exact Solutions of Relativistic Wave Equations (Kluwer, 1990)(166s).djvu2.09 Mb
Bailey N.T.J. The Elements of Stochastic Processes, with Applications to Natural Sciences (Wiley, 1964)(130s).djvu1.83 Mb
Bailey W.N. Generalized Hypergeometric Series (1964)(L)(T)(59s).djvu1.31 Mb
Baker A. (ed.) New Advances in Transcendence Theory (Proc. Durham 1986, CUP, 1988)(223s).djvu3.28 Mb
Baker A. A Concise Introduction to the Theory of Numbers (CUP, 1984)(107s).djvu771.20 Kb
Baker A. Matrix Groups, An Introduction to Lie Groups (Springer, 2002)(173s).djvu3.37 Mb
Baker A. Transcendental Number Theory (CUP, 1975)(155s).djvu1.52 Mb
Baker A.L. Quaternions as the Result of Algebraic Operations (Van Nostrand, 1911)(102s).djvu665.92 Kb
Baker G.A. Defects & Convergence of Pade Approximants. Review (Kluwer, 1999)(111s).djvu1.46 Mb
Baker G.A., et al. Collection of Reviews & Papers on Convergence of Pade Approximants (Kluwer, 1999)(111s).djvu1.46 Mb
Baker G.A., Graves-Morris P. Pade Approximants, vol.1 (AW, 1981)(341s).djvu2.07 Mb
Baker G.A., Graves-Morris P. Pade Approximants, vol.2 (AW, 1981)(231s).djvu1.46 Mb
Baker H.F. Introduction to Multiply Periodic Functions (CUP, 1907)(175s).djvu9.39 Mb
Baladi V. Positive Transfer Operators & Decay of Correlations (WS, 2000)(164s).djvu2.31 Mb
Balakrishnan N. A Primer on Statistical Distributions (Wiley, 2003)(301s).djvu1.82 Mb
Balazs, Voros. Chaos on the Pseudosphere (PR143, 1986)(132s).djvu1.57 Mb
Balser W. From Divergent Series to Analytic Functions (LNM1582, Springer, 1994)(116s).djvu672.50 Kb
Banach S. Mechanics (Warszawa, 1951)(271s).djvu8.85 Mb
Bandt, Graf, Zaehle (eds.). Fractal Geometry & Stochastics (Progr.Prob.37, Birkhauser, 1995)(260s).djvu2.41 Mb
Bangerth W., Rannacher R. Adaptive Finite Element Methods for Diff. Equations (no 101-190) (Birkhauser, 2003)(125s).djvu1.52 Mb
Bapat R.B., Raghavan T.E.S. Nonnegative Matrices & Applications (CUP, 1997)(350s).djvu2.35 Mb
Barbeau E.J. Polynomials. A Problem Book (Springer, 1989)(461s).djvu3.20 Mb
Barnsley M. Fractals Everywhere (AP, 1988)(KA)(T)(426s).djvu6.20 Mb
Barnsley M.F., Demko S. Iterated Function Systems & the Global Construction of Fractals (Proc.R.Soc.London, Ser.A, 399, p243, 1985)(34s).djvu753.26 Kb
Barr M., Grillet P.A., van Osdol D.H. Exact Categories & Categories of Sheaves (Springer LNM 236, 1971)(124s).djvu1.74 Mb
Barrow. Chaotic Behavior in General Relativity (PR85p1, 1982)(49s).djvu1.83 Mb
Barry, Davis. Essential Mathematical Skills for Engineering, Science and Applied Mathematics (2002)(160s).djvu963.71 Kb
Bartels, Beatty, Barsky. Introduction to Splines in Computer Graphics & Geometric Modeling (1987)(485s).djvu5.50 Mb
Barth, Peters, Van de Ven. Compact Complex Surfaces (Springer, 1984)(161s).djvu3.00 Mb
Barthelemy J.-P., Guenoche A. Trees & Proximity Representations (Wiley, 1991)(248s).djvu2.38 Mb
Bartle R. Introduction to Measure Theory (Wiley, 1964)(138s).djvu1.05 Mb
Bartle. Elements of Integration (69s).djvu1.27 Mb
Bartle. Elements of Real Analysis (Wiley, 1964)(462s).djvu5.41 Mb
Barwise J. (ed.) Handbook of Mathematical Logic (NH, 1977)(1177s).djvu8.75 Mb
Bass H. (ed.) Classical Algebraic K-Theory (LNM 342, 1973)(548s).djvu3.68 Mb
Bass H. (ed.) Higher K-Theories (LNM 341, 1973)(346s).djvu3.01 Mb
Bass H. Algebraic K-Theory (1968)(791s).djvu5.08 Mb
Bass H., Buium A., Cassidy P.J. (eds.) Selected Works of Ellis Kolchin with Commentary (AMM, 1999)(633s).djvu9.54 Mb
Basset A.B. A Treatise on the Geometry of Surfaces (1910)(305s).djvu2.89 Mb
Bateman H. Partial Differential Equations of Mathematical Physics (Dover)(537s).djvu4.88 Mb
Bateman P., Diamond H. Analytic Number Theory. An Introductory Course (WS, 2004)(375s).djvu2.54 Mb
Bates D.M., Watts D.G. Nonlinear Regression Analysis & its Applications (Wiley, 1988)(371s).djvu3.36 Mb
Bates P.D., S.N.Lane, R.I.Ferguson. Computational Fluid Dynamics. Applications in Environmental Hydraulics (Wiley,2005)(531s).djvu9.79 Mb
Bathe K.-J. Finite Element Procedures (PH, 1996)(1050s).djvu9.45 Mb
Bazant M.Z. Introduction to Random Walks & Diffusion (lecture notes 2001)(150s).djvu1,015.99 Kb
Beardon A.F. Iteration of Rational Functions (Springer, 2000)(296s).djvu1.90 Mb
Beauville A. Complex Algebraic Surfaces (CUP, 1996)(73s).djvu1.19 Mb
Bechtell. Theory of Groups (AW, 1971)(156s).djvu6.50 Mb
Becker E., Carey G., Oden J. Finite Elements. An Introduction. Vol.1 (PH, 1981)(272s).djvu3.43 Mb
Becker T., Weispfenning V. Groebner Bases & Commutative Algebra (Springer, 1993)(298s).djvu7.11 Mb
Behnke H., et al. Fundamentals of Mathematics, vol.1. Real Number System & Algebra (MIT Press, 1976)(561s).djvu4.02 Mb
Behnke H., et al. Fundamentals of Mathematics, vol.2. Geometry (MIT Press, 1976)(699s).djvu5.13 Mb
Behnke H., et al. Fundamentals of Mathematics, vol.3. Analysis (MIT Press, 1976)(557s).djvu3.69 Mb
Beidar K.I., Martindale W.S., Mikhalev A.V. Rings with Generalized Identities (M.Dekker 1995)(531s).djvu4.01 Mb
Bell W.W. Special Functions for Scientists & Engineers (Van Nostrand, 1968)(K)(T)(257s).djvu2.05 Mb
Bellman R. A Brief Introduction to Theta Functions (1961)(600dpi)(T)(88s).djvu771.25 Kb
Bellman R. A Survey of Boundedness, Stability, Asymptotic Behaviour of Differential & Difference Equations (162s).djvu2.03 Mb
Bellman R. Methods of Nonlinear Analysis, vol.1 (AP, 1970)(362s).djvu2.36 Mb
Bellman R. Methods of Nonlinear Analysis, vol.2 (AP, 1973)(277s).djvu1.80 Mb
Bellman R. Stability Theory of Differential Equations (MGH, 1953)(179s).djvu1.38 Mb
Bellman R., Cooke K.L. Differential-difference Equations (AP, 1963)(480s).djvu3.63 Mb
Bellman R., Kalaba R. Quasilinearization & Nonlinear Boundary-value Problems (Elsevier, 1965)(218s).djvu1.27 Mb
Benabou J. Introduction to Bicategories (no TOC)(75s).djvu1.13 Mb
Bender C., Orszag S. Advanced Mathematical Methods for Scientists & Engineers (MGH, 1978)(303s).djvu7.83 Mb
Benes V., Rataj J. Stochastic Geometry. Selected Topics (Kluwer, 2004)(234s).djvu2.97 Mb
Bensoussan A., Lions J.-L., Papanicolaou G. Asymptotic Analysis of Periodic Structures (NH, 1978)(721s).djvu3.61 Mb
Berezin A.V., Kurochkin Yu.A., Tolkachev E.A. Kvarterniony v Relyativistskoj Fizike (2e izd., URSS, 2003)(ru)(204s).djvu1.95 Mb
Berezin F.A., Shubin M.A. The Schroedinger Equation (Kluwer, 1991)(571s).djvu1.98 Mb
Berg H.C. Random Walks in Biology (Princeton, 1993)(133s).djvu1.10 Mb
Berge C. Graphs & Hypergraphs (NH, 1973)(546s).djvu5.04 Mb
Berge C. Graphs (3ed., North-Holland, 1991)(424s).djvu3.38 Mb
Berger M. A Panoramic View of Riemannian Geometry (Springer, 2002)(T)(872s).djvu6.11 Mb
Berger, Pansu, Berry, Saint-Raymond. Problems in Geometry (Springer, 1984)(T)(280s).djvu2.97 Mb
Bergeron F., Labelle G., Leroux P. Combinatorial Species & Tree-like Structures (Enc.Math.Appl., CUP, 1998)(238s).djvu5.62 Mb
Bergman S. The Kernel Function and Conformal Mapping (AMS, 1950)(169s).djvu3.54 Mb
Bergman S., Schiffer M. Kernel Functions & Elliptic Differential Equations in Mathematical Physics (AP, 1953)(446s).djvu7.13 Mb
Berlekamp, Rodgers. Mathematician & Pied Puzzler. Tribute to Martin Gardner (1999)(251s).djvu1.52 Mb
Berline N., Getzler E., Vergne M. Heat Kernels & Dirac Operators (Springer, 1992)(375s).djvu3.89 Mb
Berman G., Fryer K.D. Introduction to Combinatorics (Academic Press, 1972)(310s).djvu1.99 Mb
Berndt B. Ramanujan's Notebooks vol 1 (Springer, 1985)(367s).djvu2.39 Mb
Berndt B. Ramanujan's Notebooks vol 2 (372s).djvu3.17 Mb
Berndt B. Ramanujan's Notebooks vol 3 (524s).djvu3.95 Mb
Berndt B. Ramanujan's Notebooks vol 4 (231s).djvu4.11 Mb
Berndt B. Ramanujan's Notebooks vol 5 (321s).djvu6.40 Mb
Berndt B.C., Evans R.J., Williams K.S. Gauss & Jacobi Sums (Wiley, 1998)(299s).djvu5.51 Mb
Berndt B.C., Gesztesy F. (eds.) Continued Fractions. From Analytic Number Theory to Constructive Approximation (AMS, 1999)(393s).djvu3.28 Mb
Bernstein J., Lunts V. Equivariant Sheaves & Functors (Springer, 1994)(144s).djvu1.29 Mb
Berthelot P., Ogus A. Notes on Crystalline Cohomology (Princeton, 1978)(264s).djvu1.91 Mb
Bertram, Constanda, Struthers (eds.). Integral Methods in Science & Engineering (CRC, 2000)(368s).djvu3.11 Mb
Besicovitch A.S. Almost Periodic Functions (Dover, 1954)(192s).djvu1.49 Mb
Bessaga C., Pelczynski A. Selected Topics in Infinite-dimensional Topology (Warsaw, 1975)(353s).djvu5.60 Mb
Bethuel F., et al. Calculus of Variations & Geometric Evolution Problems (LNM1694, Springer, 1999)(298s).djvu3.80 Mb
Bezdek A. Discrete Geometry (M.Dekker, 2003)(492s).djvu4.49 Mb
Bhatti M.A. Practical Optimization Methods with Mathematica Applications (Springer, 2000)(729s).djvu6.06 Mb
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