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Synthematik presents the long awaited debut album from talented Russian synthpop duo RU.ARE!
RU.ARE is a project formed by two musicians from locally successful Karelian metal bands who decided to part ways with their past and try playing something completely different. Now, after several years of ups and downs, their debut album finally sees the light of day!
The album offers a fine collection of well-crafted synthpop songs that certainly have its own signature sound. The duo delivers compelling melodies and energetic rhythms combined with lush synthesizer arrangements, smooth vocal harmonies and soft, melancholy moods. It is sure to appeal both to fans of classic synthpop and to the fans of more club-friendly synth music.
In addition to the nine original tracks, the album features two remixes done by Monoclast (BLR) and Ikebana (RUS). The remixes are exclusive to the HQ version of the release available on
Buy HQ download incl. remixes for 5.99 USD!.txt55.00 b
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RU.ARE_-_RU.ARE_-_06_-_Remembrance.mp35.98 Mb
RU.ARE_-_RU.ARE_-_07_-_Strange_Games.mp35.29 Mb
RU.ARE_-_RU.ARE_-_08_-_Far_From_Love.mp36.06 Mb
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