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500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/001 Bob Dylan - Like A Rolling Stone.mp311.66 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/002 The Rolling Stones - (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction.mp35.18 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/003 John Lennon - Imagine.mp34.19 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/004 Marvin Gaye - Whats Going On.mp37.12 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/005 Aretha Franklin - Respect.mp33.42 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/006 The Beach Boys - Good Vibrations.mp35.00 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/007 Chuck Berry - Jonny B. Goode.mp32.48 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/008 The Beatles - Hey Jude.mp36.45 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/009 Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit.mp34.63 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/010 Ray Charles - What'd i say.mp35.91 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/011 The Who - My Generation.mp33.13 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/012 Sam Cooke - A Change Is Gonna Come.mp34.46 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/013 The Beatles - Yesterday.mp34.99 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/014 Bob Dylan - Blowin' in the wind.mp32.54 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/015 The Clash - London Calling.mp34.64 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/016 The Beatles - I Want To Hold Your Hand.mp32.24 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/017 Jimi Hendrix - Purple Haze.mp32.65 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/018 Chuck Berry - Maybellene.mp32.18 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/019 Elvis Presley - Hound dog.mp32.11 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/020 The Beatles - Let It Be.mp35.56 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/021 Bruce Springsteen - Born To Run.mp34.15 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/022 The Ronettes - Be My Baby.mp33.62 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/023 The Beatles - In My Life.mp32.25 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/024 The Impressions - People Get Ready.mp33.70 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/025 The Beach Boys - God Only Knows.mp36.68 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/026 The Beatles - A Day In The Life.mp35.10 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/027 Derek and the Dominos - Layla.mp36.51 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/028 Otis Redding - (Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay.mp32.52 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/029 The Beatles - Help!.mp33.23 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/030 Johnny Cash - I Walk the Line.mp32.50 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/031 Led Zeppelin - Stairway to Heaven.mp37.28 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/032 The Rolling Stones - Sympathy For The Devil.mp35.92 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/033 Tina Turner - River Deep, Mountain High.mp35.05 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/034 The Righteous Brothers - You've Lost That Loving Feeling.mp38.73 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/035 The Doors-Light My Fire.mp39.81 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/036 U2 - One.mp34.22 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/037 Bob Marley - No Woman No Cry.mp36.53 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/038 The Rolling Stones - Gimme Shelter.mp34.23 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/039 Buddy Holly - That`ll Be The Day.mp33.11 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/040 Martha Reeves & The Vandellas - Dancing In The Street.mp32.45 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/041 The Band - The Weight.mp34.19 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/042 The Kinks - Waterloo Sunset.mp33.75 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/043 Little Richard - Tutti Frutti.mp32.19 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/044 Ray Charles - Georgia On My Mind.mp36.24 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/045 Elvis Presley - Heartbreak Hotel.mp34.94 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/046 David Bowie - Heroes.mp33.34 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/047 Simon and Garfunkel - Bridge Over Troubled Water.mp311.32 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/048 Jimi Hendrix - All Along The Watchtower.mp33.68 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/049 The Eagles - Hotel California.mp36.58 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/050 Smokey Robinson - The Tracks Of My Tears.mp32.69 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/051 Grandmaster Flash - The Message.mp35.98 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/052 Prince - When Doves Cry.mp35.41 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/053 Sex Pistols - Anarchy in the UK.mp33.22 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/054 Percy Sledge - When A Man Loves A Woman .mp33.90 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/055 The Kingsmen - Louie Louie.MP32.54 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/056 Little Richard - Long Tall Sally.mp31.98 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/057-Procol Harum - A Whiter Shade Of Pale.mp35.60 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/058 Michael Jackson - Billie Jean.mp34.49 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/059 Bob Dylan - The Times They Are A-Changin'.mp32.95 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/060 Al Green - Let's stay together.mp33.71 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/061 Jerry Lee Lewis - Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On.mp32.69 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/062 Bo Diddley - Bo Diddley.mp32.25 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/063 Buffalo Springfield - For What It's Worth.mp32.40 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/064 The Beatles - She Loves You.mp32.11 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/065 Cream - Sunshine Of Your Love.mp33.83 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/066 Bob Marley - Redemption Song.mp33.50 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/067 Elvis Presley - Jailhouse Rock.mp32.35 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/068 Bob Dylan - Tangled Up In Blue.mp33.92 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/069 Roy Orbison - Crying.mp32.56 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/070 Dionne Warwick - Walk On By.mp36.37 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/071 Beach Boys - California Girls.mp32.38 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/072 James Brown - Papas Got A Brand New Bag.mp33.96 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/073 Eddie Cochran - Summertime Blues.mp31.81 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/074 Stevie Wonder - Superstition.mp35.54 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/075 Led Zeppelin - Whole Lotta Love.mp35.11 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/076 The Beatles - Strawberry Fields Forever.mp33.79 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/077 Elvis Presley - Mystery Train.mp33.36 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/078 James Brown - I got you (I feel good).MP33.83 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/079 The Byrds - Mr. Tambourine Man.mp32.13 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/080 Marvin Gaye - I Heard It Through The Grapevine.mp32.97 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/081 Fats Domino - Blueberry Hill.mp32.15 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/082 The Kinks - You Really Got Me.mp34.81 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/083 Beatles - Norwegian Wood.mp31.87 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/084 The Police - Every Breath You Take.mp34.82 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/085 Patsy Cline - Crazy.mp33.78 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/086 Bruce Springsteen - Thunder Road.mp34.40 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/087 Johnny Cash - Ring of Fire.mp32.35 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/088 The Temptations - My Girl.mp32.20 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/089 The Mamas and the Papas - California Dreamin'.mp32.43 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/090 The Five Satins - In The Still Of The Night.mp34.21 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/091 Elvis Presley - Suspicious Minds.mp33.10 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/092 Ramones - Blitzkrieg Bob.mp32.04 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/093 U2 - I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For.mp34.29 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/094 Little Richard - Good Golly Miss Molly.mp32.49 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/095 Carl Perkins - Blues suede shoes.mp33.09 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/096 Jerry Lee Lewis - Great Balls Of Fire.mp32.34 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/097 Chuck Berry - Roll Over Beethoven.mp35.50 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/098 Al Green - Love and Happiness.mp34.70 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/099 Creedence Clearwater Revival - Fortunate Son.mp32.12 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/100 The Rolling Stones - You Can´t Always Get What You Want.mp34.04 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/101 Jimi Hendrix - Voodoo Child.mp34.78 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/102 Gene Vincent - Be-Bop-A-Lula.mp32.38 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/103 Donna Summer- Hot Stuff.mp33.49 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/104 Stevie Wonder - Living For The City.mp35.05 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/105 Simon & Garfunkel - The Boxer.mp34.74 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/106 Bob Dylan - Mr. Tambourine Man.mp35.02 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/107 Buddy Holly - Not Fade Away.mp32.22 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/108 Prince - Little Red Corvette.mp34.53 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/109 Van Morrison - Brown Eyed Girl.mp32.80 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/110 Otis Redding - I've Been Loving You Too Long.mp32.98 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/111 Hank Williams - I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry.mp36.47 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/112 Elvis Presley - That's All Right.mp32.64 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/113 The Drifters - Up On The Roof.mp32.43 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/114 The Crystals - Da Doo Ron Ron.mp32.14 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/115 Sam Cooke - You Send Me.mp36.31 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/116 Rolling Stones - Honky Tonk Woman.mp37.13 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/117 Al Green - Take Me To The River.mp36.94 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/118 - Isley Brothers - Shout (Parts 1 & 2).mp38.16 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/119 Fleetwood Mac - Go Your Own Way.mp33.31 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/120 Jackson Five - I Want You Back.mp32.73 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/121 Ben E. King - Stand By Me.mp36.99 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/122 The Animals - House of the Rising Sun.mp34.15 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/123 James Brown -This is a Mans World.mp33.81 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/124 The Rolling Stones - Jumping Jack Flash.mp33.49 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/125 The Shirelles - Will You Love Me Tomorrow.mp33.70 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/126 Big Joe Turner - Shake, Rattle & Roll.mp34.09 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/127 David Bowie - Changes.mp37.71 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/128 Chuck Berry - Rock and Roll music.mp34.62 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/129 Steppenwolf - Born To Be Wild.mp33.21 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/130 Rod Stewart - Maggie May.mp35.24 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/131 U2 - With Or Without You.mp35.63 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/132 Bo Diddley - Who Do You Love.mp32.33 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/133 The Who - Won't Get Fooled Again.mp37.84 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/134 Wilson Pickett - In The Midnight Hour.mp34.27 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/135 The Beatles - While My Guitar Gently Weeps.mp34.36 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/136 Elton John - Your Song.mp33.70 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/137 The Beatles - Eleanor Rigby.mp32.93 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/138 Sly & The Familiy Stone - Family Affair.mp34.21 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/139 The Beatles - I Saw Her Standing There.mp34.08 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/140 Led Zeppelin - Kashmir.mp37.83 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/141 Everly Brothers - All I Have To Do Is Dream.mp32.15 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/142 James Brown - Please, Please, Please.mp33.44 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/143 Prince - Purple Rain.mp33.85 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/144 Ramones - I Wanna Be Sedated.mp32.29 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/145 Sly and the Family Stone - Everyday People.mp32.18 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/146 The B-52's - Rock Lobster.mp36.24 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/147 Iggy Pop - Lust For Life.mp38.67 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/148 Janis Joplin - Me And Bobby McGee.mp34.17 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/149 The Everly Brothers - Cathy's Clown.mp33.32 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/150 The Byrds - Eight Miles High.mp34.42 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/151 The Penguins - Earth Angel.mp32.89 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/152 Jimi Hendrix - Foxey Lady.mp34.76 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/153 The Beatles - A Hard Days Night.mp33.52 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/154 Buddy Holly - Rave On.mp31.69 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/155 Creedence Clearwater Revival - Proud Mary.mp32.88 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/156 Simon & Garfunkel - The Sound Of Silence.mp34.40 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/157 The Flamingos - I Only Have Eyes For You.mp33.12 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/158 Bill Haley & The Comets - Rock Around The Clock.mp33.06 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/159 The Velvet Underground - I'm Waiting For The Man.mp34.28 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/160 public enemy - bring the noise.mp35.17 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/161 Ray Charles - I Can't Stop Loving You.mp37.25 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/162 Sinead O'Connor - Nothing Compares 2 U.mp36.97 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/163 Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody.MP313.82 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/164 Johnny Cash - Folsom Prison Blues.mp32.62 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/165 tracy chapman - Fast Car(baby can i hold you tonight).mp35.92 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/166 Eminem - Lose Yourself.mp37.47 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/167 Marvin Gaye - Lets get it on.mp36.69 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/168 The Temptations -- Papa Was a Rolling Stone (full versio.mp310.87 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/169 R.E.M. - Losing My Religion.mp36.16 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/170 Joni Mitchell - Both Sides Now.mp38.77 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/171 Abba - Dancing Queen.mp36.54 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/172 Aerosmith - Dream On.mp36.03 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/173 The Sex Pistols - God Save The Queen.mp37.69 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/174 The Rolling Stones - Paint It Black.mp35.15 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/175 Bobby Fuller Four - I Fought The Law.mp33.25 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/176 The Beach Boys - Don't Worry Baby.mp33.85 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/177 Tom Petty - Free Fallin'.mp34.92 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/178 Big Star - September girls.mp33.23 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/179 Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart.mp34.54 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/180 Outkast - Hey Ya.mp39.04 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/181 Booker T. And The Mgs - Green Onions.mp32.69 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/182 The Drifters - Save The Last Dance For Me.mp32.36 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/183 B.B. King - The Thrill Is Gone.mp35.08 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/184 The Beatles - Please Please Me.mp32.87 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/185 Bob Dylan - Desolation Row.mp310.36 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/186 Aretha Franklin - I Never Loved A Man (The Way I Love Yo.mp32.63 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/187 ACDC - Back In Black.mp33.88 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/188 Creedence Clearwater Revival - Who´ll Stop The Rain.mp32.28 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/189 The Bee Gees - Stayin Alive.mp37.59 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/190 Bob Dylan - Knocking On Heavens Door.mp35.77 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/191 Lynyrd Skynyrd - Free Bird.mp39.27 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/192 Glen Campbell - Wichita Lineman.mp33.88 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/193 The Drifters - There Goes My Baby.mp32.02 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/194 Buddy Holly - Peggy Sue.mp32.28 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/195 The Chantels - Maybe.mp33.28 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/196 Guns and Roses - Sweet Child O' Mine.mp35.44 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/197 Elvis Presley - Dont Be Cruel.mp31.89 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/198 Jimi Hendrix - Hey Joe.mp37.84 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/199 Parliament - Flash Light.mp34.13 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/200 Beck - Loser.mp33.59 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/201 New Order - Bizarre Love Triangle.mp36.14 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/202 The Beatles - Come Together.mp35.82 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/203 Bob Dylan - Positively 4th Street.mp33.59 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/204 Otis Redding - Try A Little Tenderness.mp34.36 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/205 Bill WIthers - Lean On Me.mp34.90 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/206 The Four Tops - Reach Out I' ll Be There.mp35.45 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/207 The Everly Brothers - Bye Bye Love.mp32.64 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/208 Them - Gloria.mp33.02 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/209 Beach Boys - In My Room.mp32.06 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/210 Question Mark & The Mysterians - 96 tears.mp35.35 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/211 The Beach Boys - Caroline, No.mp34.80 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/212 Prince - 1999.mp33.33 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/213 Hank Williams Sr. - Your Cheatin' Heart.mp32.46 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/214 Neil Young - Rockin' In The Free World.mp34.28 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/215 The Chords - Sh-Boom.mp33.37 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/216 The Lovin' Spoonful - Do You Believe In Magic.mp31.94 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/217 Dolly Parton - Jolene.mp33.00 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/218 John Lee Hooker - Boom Boom.mp32.35 Mb
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500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/221 Lou Reed - Walk On The Wild Side.mp37.45 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/222 Roy Orbison - Oh, Pretty Woman.mp34.68 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/223 Sly & The Family Stone - Dance To The Music.mp34.11 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/224 Chic - Good Times.mp37.56 Mb
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500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/226 Van Morrison - Moondance.mp34.13 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/227 James Taylor - Fire and Rain.mp33.11 Mb
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500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/431 Fats Domino - Ain't It A Shame.mp33.53 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/432 Gladys Knight - Midnight Train To Georgia.mp36.33 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/433 Led Zeppelin - Ramble On.mp34.20 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/434 Wilson Pickett - Mustang Sally.mp33.69 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/435 The Rolling Stones - Beast Of Burden.mp34.33 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/436 Love - Alone Again Or.mp34.55 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/437 Elvis Presley - Love Me Tender.mp32.53 Mb
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500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/443 Bob Marley - I Shot the Sheriff.mp37.44 Mb
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500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/446 Toots and the Maytals - Pressure Drop.mp35.00 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/447 The Shangri-Las - Leader Of The Pack.mp33.86 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/448 The Velvet Underground - Heroin.mp36.59 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/449 The Beatles - Penny Lane.MP32.86 Mb
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500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/451 Chubby Checker - The Twist.mp32.39 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/452 Sam Cooke - Cupid.mp32.42 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/453 Guns N' Roses - Paradise City.mp39.30 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/454 George Harrison - My Sweet Lord.mp34.26 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/455 Nirvana - All Apologies.mp36.09 Mb
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500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/463 The Beatles - Rain.mp34.17 Mb
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500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/465 Cheap Trick - Surrender.mp35.77 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/466 Del Shannon - Runaway.mp33.17 Mb
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500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/468 The Stooges - Search and Destroy.mp34.94 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/469 Carole King - It's Too Late.mp38.97 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/470 Joni Mitchell - Free Man In Paris.mp32.80 Mb
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500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/472 Diana Ross - Where Did Our Love Go.mp32.35 Mb
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500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/475 Beastie Boys - Sabotage.mp34.09 Mb
500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/476 Foreigner - I Want To Know What Love Is.mp36.90 Mb
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500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/478 Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit.mp34.72 Mb
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500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/481 David Bowie - Young Americans 1.mp34.73 Mb
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500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/483 The Cure - Just Like Heaven.mp33.25 Mb
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500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/492 Jackson Browne - Running On Empty.mp34.53 Mb
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500 Oldies Superhits[www.lokotorrents.com][mp3]/500 Boston - More Than A Feeling.mp36.46 Mb
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