Portable Extra Small Windows XP USB Flash Edition 2009 Portable 15 01 09 x86x64 Skynet

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Portable Extra Small Windows XP USB Flash Edition 2009

Year / Date: 2009
Version: Portable
prog_build: 15_01_09
Developer: 37com
Bit depth: 32bit +64 bit
Language: English
License: Freeware
System Requirements: 384 MB of memory, the ability to boot from YUSB
Description: New Extra small, but reliable Windows XP for USB flash drives

Extras. Info: Added network and disk of wood and a little more and newer prog, changed the way it should boot and boot support on the laptop, where before the assembly is not loaded.

In the downloaded archive contains three folders: ABC
One by one we go in and do each of the following items:
(Do not forget to look at the screenshots, they are what you need to see in the performance of each step)

In the folder "A": format the flash drive (can be fat32) using situated therein Files of
In the folder "B": Make a bootable USB flash drive using the utility "grubinst_gui"
In the folder 'C': Copy the contents of the folder "C" on the stick (after you can do all of these files are hidden to avoid confusion with other files)
Everything. USB flash drive is bootable, well, that is very useful when the computer does not boot normally, or if you need to download a computer that is closed there is all kinds of passwords.

How to get a computer with a USB drive? Turning on the power, and immediately press F8 (sometimes F2, F11, less Delet, there are other keys, see the instructions in the mamma), on a black background appears blue box where the arrows select the USB flash drive (of course you can choose a hard drive or DVD ) And press Enter.
We wait until the boot is on a to 7 minutes, depending on the type of stick.

It is not always working on new laptop, due to the lack of firewood.

a/hpusbfw.exe432.00 Kb
b/changelog.txt2.03 Kb
b/COPYING34.32 Kb
b/grubinst.exe60.30 Kb
b/grubinst_gui.chs673.00 b
b/grubinst_gui.exe59.55 Kb
b/grubmenu.exe19.12 Kb
b/readme.txt1.45 Kb
c/chinese/grldr196.25 Kb
c/chinese/grub.exe212.29 Kb
c/bootlace.com29.72 Kb
c/BootSDI.img250.00 Mb
c/config.sys291.00 b
c/COPYING17.57 Kb
c/default2.00 Kb
c/grldr181.63 Kb
c/grldr.mbr8.00 Kb
c/grub.exe197.66 Kb
c/grub.pif967.00 b
c/hmload.com1.81 Kb
c/menu.lst1.61 Kb
c/setupldr.bin291.11 Kb
c/WINNT.SIF149.00 b
a.jpg23.86 Kb
b.jpg36.63 Kb
c.jpg92.10 Kb
desk.jpg97.32 Kb
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