Student of the year 2012 Hindi Movie

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Director Karan Johar is known for his mastery in emotional film but this film lacks this ingredient. You can find the glimpses of emotions but not as intense as one usually expects from him. There is weak story with weakest screenplay .Dialogues are good and at places excellent. No strong logic for the competition of the Student of the year award in college. Then why they are fighting like hell, just for some personal reasons. Worst love triangle by Karan Johar. Performance wise Siddharth Malhotra is fine, in emotional scenes he excels. Varun Dhawan is thik thak as Alia Bhatt. All three have delivered their best performance in emotional scenes. Sure credit goes to Mr. Director. Rishi Kapoor is lovable. Manjyot Singh and Kyoze Irani are very entertaining. You would love to watch them, especially the performance by Keyoze in climax is superb. Cinematography and editing of competitions scenes are very weak. They didn't create the pace or excitement. One song "Ishaq wala love" is soothing . Credit goes to music director Vishal Dadlani. The makers name behind the film and publicity is very high, so film has taken a good start but moving long won't be possible. Mouth publicity won't come positive. After all its a so so film. 
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