Sandra Discography 2012 320 MP3

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1985 The Long Play/01. In The Heat Of The Night.mp312.20 Mb
1985 The Long Play/02. On The Tray (Seven Years).mp38.59 Mb
1985 The Long Play/03. Little Girl.mp37.36 Mb
1985 The Long Play/04. You And I.mp313.63 Mb
1985 The Long Play/05. (I'll Never Be) Maria Magdalena.mp313.59 Mb
1985 The Long Play/06. Heartbeat.mp311.19 Mb
1985 The Long Play/07. Sisters And Brothers.mp37.80 Mb
1985 The Long Play/08. Change Your Mind.mp39.32 Mb
1985 The Long Play/1985 The Long Play.jpg55.29 Kb
1986 Мirrors/01. The Second Day.mp31.41 Mb
1986 Мirrors/02. Don't Cry (The Breakup Of The World).mp311.22 Mb
1986 Мirrors/03. Hi! Hi! Hi!.mp39.59 Mb
1986 Мirrors/04. Midnight Man.mp37.04 Mb
1986 Мirrors/05. You'll Be Mine.mp310.23 Mb
1986 Мirrors/06. Innocent Love.mp312.33 Mb
1986 Мirrors/07. Two Lovers Tonight.mp38.61 Mb
1986 Мirrors/08. Mirror Of Love.mp39.64 Mb
1986 Мirrors/09. Loreen.mp39.85 Mb
1986 Мirrors/1986 Мirrors.jpg33.60 Kb
1988 Into A Secret Land/01. Secret Land.mp310.86 Mb
1988 Into A Secret Land/02. Weґll Be Together.mp39.55 Mb
1988 Into A Secret Land/03. Heaven Can Wait.mp39.46 Mb
1988 Into A Secret Land/04. Just Like Diamonds.mp312.95 Mb
1988 Into A Secret Land/05. Around My Heart.mp37.61 Mb
1988 Into A Secret Land/06. Crazy Joliet.mp39.61 Mb
1988 Into A Secret Land/07. La Vista De Luna.mp38.59 Mb
1988 Into A Secret Land/08. Celebrate Your Life.mp37.98 Mb
1988 Into A Secret Land/09. Children Of England.mp39.15 Mb
1988 Into A Secret Land/1988 Into A Secret Land.jpg52.80 Kb
1990 Paintings In Yellow/01. Hiroshima.mp315.65 Mb
1990 Paintings In Yellow/02. (Life May Be) A Big Insanity.mp310.31 Mb
1990 Paintings In Yellow/03. Johnny Wanna Live.mp310.18 Mb
1990 Paintings In Yellow/04. Lovelight In Your Eyes.mp312.58 Mb
1990 Paintings In Yellow/05. One More Night.mp39.31 Mb
1990 Paintings In Yellow/06. The Skin I'm In.mp38.41 Mb
1990 Paintings In Yellow/07. Paintings In Yellow.mp313.42 Mb
1990 Paintings In Yellow/08. The Journey.mp317.06 Mb
1990 Paintings In Yellow/09. Hiroshima (Extended Club Mix).mp315.43 Mb
1990 Paintings In Yellow/1990 Paintings In Yellow.jpg48.70 Kb
1992 Close To Seven/01. Don't Be Aggressive.mp311.04 Mb
1992 Close To Seven/02. Mirrored In Your Eyes.mp38.03 Mb
1992 Close To Seven/03. I Need Love.mp37.93 Mb
1992 Close To Seven/04. No Taboo.mp38.97 Mb
1992 Close To Seven/05. When The Rain Doesn't Come.mp310.97 Mb
1992 Close To Seven/06. Steady Me.mp39.18 Mb
1992 Close To Seven/07. Shadows.mp38.93 Mb
1992 Close To Seven/08. Seal It Forever.mp311.24 Mb
1992 Close To Seven/09. Love Turns To Pain.mp311.56 Mb
1992 Close To Seven/10. Your Way To India.mp313.45 Mb
1992 Close To Seven/1992 Close To Seven.jpg62.01 Kb
1995 Fading Shades/01. Fading Shades (Part I).mp32.46 Mb
1995 Fading Shades/02. Nights in White Satin.mp38.23 Mb
1995 Fading Shades/03. Son Of A Time Machine.mp311.66 Mb
1995 Fading Shades/04. Won't Run Away.mp39.70 Mb
1995 Fading Shades/05. Tell Me More.mp37.53 Mb
1995 Fading Shades/06. Will You Whisper.mp39.67 Mb
1995 Fading Shades/07. Invisible Shelter.mp312.29 Mb
1995 Fading Shades/08. You Are So Beautiful.mp310.75 Mb
1995 Fading Shades/09. I Need Love '95.mp37.98 Mb
1995 Fading Shades/10. First Lullaby.mp39.96 Mb
1995 Fading Shades/11. Fading Shades (Part II).mp32.54 Mb
1995 Fading Shades/1995 Fading Shades.jpg59.19 Kb
2002 The Wheel Of Time/01. Forgive Me.mp310.06 Mb
2002 The Wheel Of Time/02. Footprints.mp38.55 Mb
2002 The Wheel Of Time/03. Motivation.mp39.21 Mb
2002 The Wheel Of Time/04. I Close My Eyes.mp39.36 Mb
2002 The Wheel Of Time/05. Perfect Touch.mp38.56 Mb
2002 The Wheel Of Time/06. Silent Running.mp39.79 Mb
2002 The Wheel Of Time/07. Such A Shame.mp39.87 Mb
2002 The Wheel Of Time/08. Now!.mp39.16 Mb
2002 The Wheel Of Time/09. Free Love.mp39.71 Mb
2002 The Wheel Of Time/10. Forever.mp38.59 Mb
2002 The Wheel Of Time/11. The Wheel Of Time.mp39.50 Mb
2002 The Wheel Of Time/2002 The Wheel Of Time.jpg42.25 Kb
2007 The Art Of Love/01. What D'Ya Think Of Me.mp310.47 Mb
2007 The Art Of Love/02. The Way I Am.mp38.07 Mb
2007 The Art Of Love/03. The Art Of Love.mp39.67 Mb
2007 The Art Of Love/04. What Is It About Me.mp38.97 Mb
2007 The Art Of Love/05. Dear God ... If You Exist.mp310.27 Mb
2007 The Art Of Love/06. Silence Beside Me.mp38.31 Mb
2007 The Art Of Love/07. Once Upon A Time.mp311.17 Mb
2007 The Art Of Love/08. Put Your Arms Around Me.mp311.71 Mb
2007 The Art Of Love/09. What's Left To Say.mp310.57 Mb
2007 The Art Of Love/10. Casino Royale.mp38.82 Mb
2007 The Art Of Love/11. Love Is The Price With Dj Bobo.mp37.68 Mb
2007 The Art Of Love/12. Shadow Of Power.mp38.26 Mb
2007 The Art Of Love/13. All You Zombies.mp311.63 Mb
2007 The Art Of Love/2007 The Art Of Love.jpg64.06 Kb
2009 Back To Life/01. R U Feeling Me.mp38.57 Mb
2009 Back To Life/02. One In A Lifetime.mp38.86 Mb
2009 Back To Life/03. In A Hearbeat.mp38.41 Mb
2009 Back To Life/04. The Night Is Still Young.mp37.75 Mb
2009 Back To Life/05. Just Like Breathing.mp37.47 Mb
2009 Back To Life/06. Never Before.mp38.68 Mb
2009 Back To Life/07. Always On My Mind.mp37.72 Mb
2009 Back To Life/08. Behind Those Words.mp37.08 Mb
2009 Back To Life/09. What If.mp36.54 Mb
2009 Back To Life/10. Say Love.mp38.05 Mb
2009 Back To Life/11. Put Some 80ies In It.mp37.84 Mb
2009 Back To Life/12. Those Moments.mp38.11 Mb
2009 Back To Life/13. I Want You.mp38.97 Mb
2009 Back To Life/14. Tete A Tete.mp38.67 Mb
2009 Back To Life/15. Who I Am.mp39.47 Mb
2009 Back To Life/2009 Back To Life.jpg69.80 Kb
2012 Stay In Touch/CD 1/01. Stay In Touch.mp38.93 Mb
2012 Stay In Touch/CD 1/02. Infinite Kiss.mp36.74 Mb
2012 Stay In Touch/CD 1/03. Between Me & The Moon.mp37.92 Mb
2012 Stay In Touch/CD 1/04. Maybe Tonight.mp37.26 Mb
2012 Stay In Touch/CD 1/05. Moscow Nights.mp38.65 Mb
2012 Stay In Touch/CD 1/06. Heart Of Wax.mp39.95 Mb
2012 Stay In Touch/CD 1/07. Kings & Queens.mp37.69 Mb
2012 Stay In Touch/CD 1/08. Angels In My Head.mp36.88 Mb
2012 Stay In Touch/CD 1/09. Sand Heart.mp38.91 Mb
2012 Stay In Touch/CD 1/10. Love Starts With A Smile.mp38.06 Mb
2012 Stay In Touch/CD 1/11. Sun In Disguise.mp310.18 Mb
2012 Stay In Touch/CD 2/01. Moscow Nights (Extended Version).mp312.09 Mb
2012 Stay In Touch/CD 2/02. Kings & Queens (Extended Version).mp314.82 Mb
2012 Stay In Touch/CD 2/03. Love Starts With A Smile (Extended Version).mp313.12 Mb
2012 Stay In Touch/CD 2/04. Angels In My Head (Extended Version).mp312.82 Mb
2012 Stay In Touch/CD 2/05. Stay In Touch (Extended Version).mp312.98 Mb
2012 Stay In Touch/CD 2/06. Between Me & The Moon (Extended Version).mp312.53 Mb
2012 Stay In Touch/CD 2/07. Sun In Disguise (Extended Version).mp313.72 Mb
2012 Stay In Touch/CD 2/08. Maybe Tonight (Extended Version).mp311.43 Mb
2012 Stay In Touch/CD 2/09. Infinite Kiss (Extended Version).mp312.17 Mb
2012 Stay In Touch/CD 2/10. Sand Heart (Extended Version).mp314.53 Mb
2012 Stay In Touch/CD 2/11. Heart Of Wax (Extended Version).mp316.47 Mb
2012 Stay In Touch/Stay In Touch Carton Box.jpg59.34 Kb
Picture/Sandra 1.jpg21.38 Kb
Picture/Sandra 10.jpg24.51 Kb
Picture/Sandra 11.jpg42.98 Kb
Picture/Sandra 12.jpg35.50 Kb
Picture/Sandra 13.jpg36.32 Kb
Picture/Sandra 14.jpg53.01 Kb
Picture/Sandra 15.jpg60.93 Kb
Picture/Sandra 16.jpg42.81 Kb
Picture/Sandra 17.jpg65.74 Kb
Picture/Sandra 18.jpg138.05 Kb
Picture/Sandra 19.jpg27.55 Kb
Picture/Sandra 2.jpg35.09 Kb
Picture/Sandra 20.jpg73.31 Kb
Picture/Sandra 21.jpg106.97 Kb
Picture/Sandra 22.jpg144.98 Kb
Picture/Sandra 23.jpg77.05 Kb
Picture/Sandra 3.jpg41.34 Kb
Picture/Sandra 4.jpg65.09 Kb
Picture/Sandra 5.jpg59.23 Kb
Picture/Sandra 6.jpg27.32 Kb
Picture/Sandra 7.jpg201.60 Kb
Picture/Sandra 8.jpg37.42 Kb
Picture/Sandra 9.jpg77.75 Kb
О певице.rtf11.54 Kb
Трек-лист.rtf4.58 Kb
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