TPH 27094 Ionella Dantes and Laviny Albuquerque

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Nov 16, 2012 - Performers: Ionella Dantes and Laviny Albuquerque 
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We have struck gold. Fresh new transsexual talent can get small fast especially when the standards like those held here on are so high. We do not shoot just anyone. We shoot only the hottest and we will go to great lengths to bring those women to you. Today we debut beautiful women from Italy. Now DO NOT worry there are NO SUBTITLES or any need to feel like this isnt happening at the Armory. Well, you may notice the 13th century villa looks a little different than this 19th century fortress but if you are paying attention to that, then we have failed in our mission to bring you the finest girls. So that said, go watch these luscious babes devour each other. One of them is rock hard. Which one? Feel free to pause and stare and just soak up their hot chemistry.


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TPH - Nov 16, 2012 - Ionella Dantes and Laviny Albuquerque (27094).wmv370.61 Mb
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