TPH 27077 Honey FoXXX and Courtney Taylor

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NO Lesbo Action in County Jail: Honey Foxxx and her Massive Cock Fuck a Blonde Inmate

Nov 23, 2012 - Performers: Honey FoXXX and Courtney Taylor 

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Courtney and Honey have the shitty luck of being busted on a Friday night which means they will be locked in county jail until Monday morning. There is one single bed and one blanket for 48 hours. Courtney waits until she can take it no longer and starts to press her huge tits up against Honey in hopes she will respond. When Honey doesnt push Courtney away, she continues to try and get in Honeys pants. And what is in Honeys pants is going to make Courtney very happy, she just doesnt know it yet. Honey lets Courtney feel in control before flipping her over and revealing her enormous cock. She fucks her tits, her pussy and her mouth until Courtney gapes open and satisfied. Honey cums on Courtney luscious tits. 


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TPH - Nov 23, 2012 - Honey FoXXX and Courtney Taylor (27077).wmv547.13 Mb
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