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Current Medical Diagnosis  Treatment 2013 ed. by Maxine A. Papadakis, Stephen J. McPhee, Michael W. Rabow 
a LANGE medical book. Fifty-second Edition
McGraw-Hill Medical | 2012 | ISBN: 0071781838 007178182X 9780071781831 9780071781824 | 1968 pages | PDF | 26 MB
This is the 52nd edition of this single-source reference for practitioners in both hospital and ambulatory settings. The book emphasizes the practical features of clinical diagnosis and patient management in all fields of internal medicine and in specialties of interest to primary care practitioners and to subspecialists who provide general care.
 House officers, medical students, and all other health professions students will find the descriptions of diagnostic and therapeutic modalities, with citations to the current literature, of everyday usefulness in patient care.
 Internists, family physicians, hospitalists, nurse practitioners, physicians assistants, and all primary care providers will appreciate CMDT as a ready reference and refresher text. 
 Physicians in other specialties, pharmacists, and dentists will find the book a useful basic medical reference text. Nurses, nurse-practitioners, and physicians assistants will welcome the format and scope of the book as a means of referencing medical diagnosis and treatment.
 Patients and their family members who seek information about the nature of specific diseases and their diagnosis and treatment may also find this book to be a valuable resource.
1.	Disease Prevention a Health Promotion Immobility
2.	Common Symptoms
3.	Preoperative Evaluation a Perioperative Management
4.	Geriatric Disorders
5.	Palliative Care a Pain Management
6.	Dermatologic Disorders
7.	Disorders of the Eyes a Lids
8.	Ear, Nose a Throat Disorders
9.	Pulmonary Disorders
10.	Heart Disease
11.	Systemic Hypertension
12.	Blood Vessel a Lymphatic Disorders
13.	Blood Disorders
14.	Disorders of Hemostasis, Thrombosis, a Antithrombotic Therapy
15.	Gastrointestinal Disorders
16.	Liver, Biliary Tract, a Pancreas Disorders
17.	Breast Disorders
18.	Gynecologic Disorders
19.	Obstetrics a Obstetric Disorders
20.	Musculoskeletal a Immunologic Disorders
21.	Electrolyte a Acid-Base Disorders
22.	Kidney Disease
23.	Urologic Disorders
24.	Nervous System Disorders
25.	Psychiatric Disorders
26.	Endocrine Disorders
27.	Diabetes Mellitus a Hypoglycemia
28.	Lipid Disorders
29.	Nutritional Disorders
30.	Common Problems in Infectious Diseases a Antimicrobial Therapy
31.	HIV Infection a AIDS
32.	Viral a Rickettsial Infections
33.	Bacterial a Chlamydial Infections
34.	Spirochetal Infections
35.	Protozoal a Helminthic Infections
36.	Mycotic Infections
37.	Disorders Related to Environmental Factors
38.	Poisoning
39.	Cancer
40.	Clinical Genetic Disorders
41.	Sports Medicine a Outpatient Orthopedics
42.	Womens Health Issues
Preventive Health Care
Specific Issues a Conditions
Appendix: Therapeutic Drug Monitoring, Pharmacogenetic Testing, a Laboratory
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223 Apokolips Now/08 Hush Chapter Twelve - The End [Batman (2003-11) 619].cbz26.07 Mb
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231 Graduation Day/07 Graduation Day Part 3 - Recessional [Titans Young Justice Graduation Day (2003-08) 03].cbz23.21 Mb
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232 Trial By Fire/01 American Nightmare [JLA (2003-09) 83].cbz9.54 Mb
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232 Trial By Fire/04 Trial by Fire, Part 3 [JLA (2003-11) 86].cbz12.41 Mb
232 Trial By Fire/05 Trial by Fire, Part 4 [JLA (2003-11) 87].cbz11.17 Mb
232 Trial By Fire/06 Trial by Fire, Part 5 [JLA (2003-12) 88].cbz13.80 Mb
232 Trial By Fire/07 Trial by Fire, Conclusion [JLA (2003-12) 89].cbz11.85 Mb
232 Trial By Fire/08 Virtue, Vice & Pumpkin Pie [JSA (2004-01) 54].cbz14.78 Mb
232 Trial By Fire/09 Soul War [JLA Spectre Soul War (2003-01) 01].cbz16.74 Mb
232 Trial By Fire/10 Soul War [JLA Spectre Soul War (2003-02) 02].cbz15.25 Mb
233 Hungry Ghost/01 Coming to Life [Superman Metropolis (2003-09) 06].cbz14.02 Mb
233 Hungry Ghost/02 Dr. Metropolis [Superman (2003-10) 196].cbz12.97 Mb
233 Hungry Ghost/03 Air Borne [Superman (2003-11) 197].cbz14.97 Mb
233 Hungry Ghost/04 Not Dead Again [Superman (2003-12) 198].cbz12.97 Mb
233 Hungry Ghost/05 Hungry Ghosts, Part 1 - Blood, Broads & Bushido [Action Comics (2003-10) 806].cbz5.33 Mb
233 Hungry Ghost/06 Hungry Ghosts, Part 2 - Blood Sisters [Action Comics (2003-11) 807].cbz11.58 Mb
233 Hungry Ghost/07 Hungry Ghosts, Part 3 - Blood Demands... [Action Comics (2003-12) 808].cbz6.30 Mb
233 Hungry Ghost/08 Superman's Pal [Superman Metropolis (2003-10) 07].cbz5.70 Mb
234 Teen Titans/01 Teen Titans [Teen Titans (2003-09) 01].cbz13.14 Mb
234 Teen Titans/02 Child's Play [Teen Titans (2003-10) 02].cbz8.81 Mb
234 Teen Titans/03 A Kid's Game [Teen Titans (2003-11) 03].cbz10.82 Mb
234 Teen Titans/04 Breaking the Rules [Teen Titans (2003-12) 04].cbz11.31 Mb
234 Teen Titans/05 Clash of the Teen Titans! [Teen Titans (2004-01) 05].cbz10.68 Mb
234 Teen Titans/06 War and Peace [Teen Titans (2004-02) 06].cbz6.94 Mb
234 Teen Titans/07 The Ravager [Teen Titans (2004) ½].cbz11.86 Mb
235 Walking Midnight/01 Prestidigitation Nation [Adventures of Superman (2003-10) 619].cbz5.12 Mb
235 Walking Midnight/02 Martyr Party People [Adventures of Superman (2003-11) 620].cbz10.11 Mb
235 Walking Midnight/03 Creeping Death [Action Comics (2004-01) 809].cbz5.99 Mb
235 Walking Midnight/04 The Mack Minute [Adventures of Superman (2003-12) 621].cbz5.34 Mb
235 Walking Midnight/05 Mighty Bubbles [Adventures of Superman (2004-01) 622].cbz5.53 Mb
235 Walking Midnight/06 Bittersweet [Adventures of Superman (2004-02) 623].cbz9.39 Mb
235 Walking Midnight/07 Walking Midnight [Action Comics (2004-02) 810].cbz5.96 Mb
235 Walking Midnight/08 Bridge Over Troubled Water [Aquaman (2004-01) 12].cbz8.59 Mb
236 Extinction/01 Extinction, Part 1 - The Coming [JLA (2004-02) 91].cbz10.99 Mb
236 Extinction/02 Extinction, Part 2 - The Lesson [JLA (2004-03) 92].cbz6.20 Mb
236 Extinction/03 Extinction, Conclusion - Soul Survivor [JLA (2004-04) 93].cbz7.11 Mb
236 Extinction/04 Role Call, Part Two - Lawyers, Guns and Monkeys [Outsiders (2003-09) 02].cbz6.86 Mb
236 Extinction/05 Role Call, Part Three - Joke's on You [Outsiders (2003-10) 03].cbz6.64 Mb
237 Raven Rising/01 Wednesday [Teen Titans (2004-03) 07].cbz9.83 Mb
237 Raven Rising/02 Family Lost [Teen Titans (2004-04) 08].cbz9.31 Mb
237 Raven Rising/03 First Blood [Teen Titans (2004-05) 09].cbz8.13 Mb
237 Raven Rising/04 Raven Rising [Teen Titans (2004-06) 10].cbz9.33 Mb
237 Raven Rising/05 Raven Rising [Teen Titans (2004-07) 11].cbz11.98 Mb
237 Raven Rising/06 Raven Rising [Teen Titans (2004-08) 12].cbz12.53 Mb
238 Public Enemies/01 Recruits [Superman Batman Secret Files (2003-11) 2003].cbz16.35 Mb
238 Public Enemies/02 The World's Finest [Superman Batman (2003-10) 01].cbz28.62 Mb
238 Public Enemies/03 The World's Finest, Part Two - Early Warning [Superman Batman (2003-11) 02].cbz22.48 Mb
238 Public Enemies/04 The World's Finest, Part Three - Running Wild [Superman Batman (2003-12) 03].cbz24.53 Mb
238 Public Enemies/05 The World's Finest, Part Four - Battle On [Superman Batman (2004-01) 04].cbz25.91 Mb
238 Public Enemies/06 The World's Finest, Part Five - State of Seige [Superman Batman (2004-02) 05].cbz21.15 Mb
238 Public Enemies/07 The World's Finest, Part Six - Final Countdown [Superman Batman (2004-03) 06].cbz25.25 Mb
239 The Last Superman Story/01 Night Of The Creeper [Superman Metropolis (2003-11) 08].cbz6.01 Mb
239 The Last Superman Story/02 In The Eyes Of A Madman [Superman Metropolis (2003-12) 09].cbz6.49 Mb
239 The Last Superman Story/03 Urban Jungle [Superman Metropolis (2004-01) 10].cbz14.51 Mb
239 The Last Superman Story/04 Photo Finish [Superman Metropolis (2004-02) 11].cbz13.73 Mb
239 The Last Superman Story/05 You Are Now Leaving The City Of Tomorrow [Superman Metropolis (2004-03) 12].cbz12.51 Mb
239 The Last Superman Story/06 Yes! [Superman (2004-01) 199].cbz13.51 Mb
239 The Last Superman Story/07 The Last Superman Story [Superman (2004-02) 200].cbz16.39 Mb
240 Strange New Visitor/01 Strange New Visitor, Part 1 [Action Comics (2004-03) 811].cbz7.80 Mb
240 Strange New Visitor/02 Strange New Visitor - Part 2 [Adventures of Superman (2004-03) 624].cbz11.20 Mb
240 Strange New Visitor/03 Strange New Visitor, Part 3 [Superman (2004-03) 201].cbz9.98 Mb
241 Birthright/01 In the Beginning... [Superman Birthright (2003-09) 01].cbz17.01 Mb
241 Birthright/02 Heart of Darkness [Superman Birthright (2003-10) 02].cbz17.31 Mb
241 Birthright/03 A Legacy Reborn [Superman Birthright (2003-11) 03].cbz11.75 Mb
241 Birthright/04 (Untitled) [Superman Birthright (2003-12) 04].cbz12.47 Mb
241 Birthright/05 Menace to Metropolis [Superman Birthright (2004-01) 05].cbz11.80 Mb
241 Birthright/06 The Remains of Krypton [Superman Birthright (2004-02) 06].cbz12.54 Mb
241 Birthright/07 Friend Or Foe_ [Superman Birthright (2004-03) 07].cbz12.17 Mb
241 Birthright/08 Every Town Has a Secret... Lex Luthor in Smallville [Superman Birthright (2004-04) 08].cbz12.30 Mb
241 Birthright/09 Krypton Lives [Superman Birthright (2004-05) 09].cbz12.81 Mb
241 Birthright/10 Invasion [Superman Birthright (2004-06) 10].cbz13.72 Mb
241 Birthright/11 Kneel Before... [Superman Birthright (2004-07) 11].cbz12.83 Mb
241 Birthright/12 The Hero Emerges [Superman Birthright (2004-08) 12].cbz12.67 Mb
241 Birthright/13 The Ghosts Of Mars, Part 1 - Extraterrestrial [JLA Classified (2007-11) 42].cbz19.46 Mb
242 Godfall/01 Godfall, Part 1 - Home [Action Comics (2004-04) 812].cbz10.85 Mb
242 Godfall/02 Godfall, Part 2 - Unravel [Adventures of Superman (2004-04) 625].cbz14.40 Mb
242 Godfall/03 Godfall, Part 3 - Goddess [Superman (2004-04) 202].cbz16.59 Mb
242 Godfall/04 Godfall, Part 4 - Heaven [Action Comics (2004-05) 813].cbz11.21 Mb
242 Godfall/05 Godfall, Part 5 - Tempest [Adventures of Superman (2004-05) 626].cbz10.49 Mb
242 Godfall/06 Godfall, Part 6 - Divinity [Superman (2004-05) 203].cbz7.93 Mb
242 Godfall/07 Protegé [Superman Batman (2004-04) 07].cbz13.80 Mb
242 Godfall/08 (Untitled) [Superman Thundercats (2004-01) 01].cbz21.27 Mb
242 Godfall/09 Fast Friends [Flash (2004-06) 209].cbz11.71 Mb
243 The Tenth Circle/01 The Tenth Circle, Part 1 - Suffer the Little Children [JLA (2004-05) 94].cbz18.76 Mb
243 The Tenth Circle/02 The Tenth Circle, Part 2 - The Enemy Within [JLA (2004-05) 95].cbz18.26 Mb
243 The Tenth Circle/03 The Tenth Circle, Part 3 - The Heart of the Matter [JLA (2004-06) 96].cbz19.37 Mb
243 The Tenth Circle/04 The Tenth Circle, Part 4 - Interludes on the Last Day of the World! [JLA (2004-06) 97].cbz19.66 Mb
243 The Tenth Circle/05 The Tenth Circle, Part 5 - Convergence [JLA (2004-07) 98].cbz18.84 Mb
243 The Tenth Circle/06 The Tenth Circle, Conclusion - Heartbreaker! [JLA (2004-07) 99].cbz19.55 Mb
243 The Tenth Circle/07 Sixth Gear [Enginehead (2004-11) 06].cbz11.57 Mb
244 Wrath of Gog/01 Another Day At The Office [Action Comics (2004-06) 814].cbz9.08 Mb
244 Wrath of Gog/02 Superman Vs. Gog, Part 1 - Endtimes [Action Comics (2004-07) 815].cbz10.50 Mb
244 Wrath of Gog/03 Superman Vs. Gog, Part 2 - Behold, I Am Against Thee [Action Comics (2004-08) 816].cbz16.44 Mb
244 Wrath of Gog/04 Weapons Of Revelation [Action Comics (2004-09) 817].cbz9.85 Mb
244 Wrath of Gog/05 Enemies As Numerous As Grains Of Sand [Action Comics (2004-10) 818].cbz10.06 Mb
244 Wrath of Gog/06 Sodom And Gomorrah [Action Comics (2004-11) 819].cbz12.23 Mb
244 Wrath of Gog/07 Wail Of The Banshee! [Action Comics (2004-12) 820].cbz12.41 Mb
244 Wrath of Gog/08 Planet Heist, Part 1 [Adam Strange (2004-11) 01].cbz13.76 Mb
244 Wrath of Gog/09 Loot [Aquaman (2004-12) 23].cbz12.84 Mb
245 The Supergirl from Krypton/01 The Supergirl from Krypton, Part One - Alone [Superman Batman (2004-05) 08].cbz18.74 Mb
245 The Supergirl from Krypton/02 The Supergirl from Krypton, Part Two - Visitor [Superman Batman (2004-06) 09].cbz19.70 Mb
245 The Supergirl from Krypton/03 The Supergirl from Krypton, Part Three - Warrior [Superman Batman (2004-07) 10].cbz22.41 Mb
245 The Supergirl from Krypton/04 The Supergirl from Krypton, Part Four - Prisoner [Superman Batman (2004-08) 11].cbz19.16 Mb
245 The Supergirl from Krypton/05 The Supergirl from Krypton, Part Five - Traitor [Superman Batman (2004-09) 12].cbz18.97 Mb
245 The Supergirl from Krypton/06 The Supergirl from Krypton, Part Six - Hero [Superman Batman (2004-10) 13].cbz15.53 Mb
246 Pain of the Gods/01 Elitism [JLA (2004-08) 100].cbz17.69 Mb
246 Pain of the Gods/02 The Pain of the Gods - Man of Steel [JLA (2004-09) 101].cbz8.83 Mb
246 Pain of the Gods/03 The Pain of the Gods - Scarlet Speedster [JLA (2004-09) 102].cbz7.91 Mb
246 Pain of the Gods/04 The Pain of the Gods - Emerald Warrior [JLA (2004-10) 103].cbz7.27 Mb
246 Pain of the Gods/05 The Pain of the Gods - Manhunter From Mars [JLA (2004-10) 104].cbz7.67 Mb
246 Pain of the Gods/06 The Pain of the Gods - Amazonian Warrior [JLA (2004-11) 105].cbz7.81 Mb
246 Pain of the Gods/07 The Pain of the Gods - The Dark Knight [JLA (2004-11) 106].cbz10.13 Mb
247 Foundations/01 Foundations [Legion (2003-12) 25].cbz13.95 Mb
247 Foundations/02 Foundations, Part Two [Legion (2004-01) 26].cbz9.88 Mb
247 Foundations/03 Foundations [Legion Secret Files (2004-01) 3003].cbz13.69 Mb
247 Foundations/04 Foundations, Part Three [Legion (2004-01) 27].cbz10.58 Mb
247 Foundations/05 Foundations, Part Four [Legion (2004-02) 28].cbz8.96 Mb
247 Foundations/06 Foundations, Part Five [Legion (2004-03) 29].cbz8.92 Mb
247 Foundations/07 Foundations - The Final Chapter [Legion (2004-04) 30].cbz11.64 Mb
248 Notorious/01 Housekeeping [Legion (2004-05) 31].cbz10.63 Mb
248 Notorious/02 Notorious [Legion (2004-06) 32].cbz12.38 Mb
248 Notorious/03 Notorious, Part 2 [Legion (2004-07) 33].cbz13.62 Mb
249 For No Better Reason/01 Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea [Legion (2004-09) 35].cbz10.81 Mb
249 For No Better Reason/02 Personality Conflict [Legion (2004-09) 36].cbz10.84 Mb
249 For No Better Reason/03 A Sense of Confinement [Legion (2004-10) 37].cbz9.70 Mb
249 For No Better Reason/04 Moebius Strip [Legion (2004-10) 38].cbz12.33 Mb
250 Beast Boys and Girls/01 Beast Boys and Girls, Part 1 - Concrete Jungle [Teen Titans (2004-09) 13].cbz14.48 Mb
250 Beast Boys and Girls/02 Beast Boys and Girls, Part 2 - Wild Life [Teen Titans (2004-10) 14].cbz9.40 Mb
250 Beast Boys and Girls/03 Beast Boys and Girls, Part 3 - Changelings [Teen Titans (2004-11) 15].cbz15.85 Mb
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