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							[MassageRooms] Lola (Lola on Tommy / 05.23.2013)
Lola usually deals with the female clients that come and visit for some hands-on, sensual treatment, but on this occasion she accepts a request from Tommy, who was very, very keen to spend some time on the table.
Lola works her magic on his body until he's sent into a state of relaxed tranquility, with her warm hands caressing and teasing him in intimate areas, he can't help but get an erection. Lola has no problem taking care of him with loving attention and she spends plenty of time massaging his penis and his testicles, where there is now a lot of tension!
Tommy get's the full treatment from Lola, while riding him, with his rock hard cock deep inside her, she orgasms intensely. Finally it's his turn to feel the release, and Lola isn't about to disappoint!
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