Bhai 2013 Telugu Movie

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Bhai 2013 Telugu Movie
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Directed by:	Veerabhadram Chowdary 

Produced by:	Akkineni Nagarjuna 

Starring:	Akkineni Nagarjuna, Prasanna, Richa Gangopadhyay

Music by:	Devi Sri Prasad

Cinematography:	Sameer Reddy

Studio	Annapurna Studios and

Reliance Entertainment

Release date(s)	:October 25, 2013

Running time:  154 mins

Country:   India

Language:  Telugu
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Bhai (2013) - Telugu Movie/SCREENS/20131026138275252815314.jpg27.47 Kb
Bhai (2013) - Telugu Movie/SCREENS/20131026138275252183859.jpg27.33 Kb
Bhai (2013) - Telugu Movie/SCREENS/20131026138275252813914.jpg24.77 Kb
Bhai (2013) - Telugu Movie/SCREENS/20131026138275252135765.jpg24.34 Kb
Bhai (2013) - Telugu Movie/SCREENS/20131026138275253633211.jpg23.95 Kb
Bhai (2013) - Telugu Movie/SCREENS/20131026138275253157804.jpg23.29 Kb
Bhai (2013) - Telugu Movie/SCREENS/20131026138275253144295.jpg17.66 Kb
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