Biography Jonathan Silver Scott, Karma Inc., The 12th Annual Leo Awards

Jonathan Silver Scott filmography and biography

Date of birth: 28 April 1978, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Jonathan Silver Scott biography

Jonathan was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada with his identical twin brother Drew Scott (I), and older brother J.D. Scott (III). His passion for entertaining started at the young age of 7 when he began performing in small theatre productions and on weekends as an apprentice clown. His acting eventually segued from the stage to screen and his clowning evolved to performing as a magician. He continued to hone his skills over the next decade or so, winning many awards and accolades. In 2005, Jonathan started getting more heavily involved in producing and promoting independent film & Television. With his two brothers they founded Dividian Production Group and began producing many of their own projects. In 2008, Jonathan made the move to Las Vegas and rekindled his passion for magic by beginning the construction of his new live stage show. He continues pursue magic, film & television endeavors and is a strong advocate for independent film making.

Jonathan Silver Scott trivia

- Is an entrepreneur with several successful companies in the areas of Real Estate, Technology and TV/Film.
- Formerly one of the world's youngest international illusionists.
- Identical Twin brother is actor/producer Drew Scott (I).

Jonathan Silver Scott filmography

Name Year
Karma Inc. 2010
The 12th Annual Leo Awards 2010
The 11th Annual Leo Awards 2009
The 10th Annual Leo Awards 2008
Atomic Train 1999
Breaker High 1997
Millennium 1996
Circumstances Unknown 1995
The X Files 1993