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Shea Whigham filmography and biography

Date of birth: 5 January 1969, Tallahassee, Florida, USA

Shea Whigham biography

Born in Tallahassee, Florida, Shea Whigham is the son of Beth Whigham and former Florida State University quarterback Frank Whigham. He was a very accomplished tennis and soccer player in his youth. He trained for four years at the Purchase campus of the State University of New York before forming the New York City-based theater group The Rorshack Group with Kirk Acevedo. His big break came when director Joel Schumacher chose him to play the troubled nemesis of Colin Farrell (I) in Tigerland. He is married with two young children.

Shea Whigham filmography

Name Year
A Single Shot 2011
Untitled Jeff Nichols Project 2011
This Must Be the Place 2011
The Lincoln Lawyer 2011
Catch .44 2010
Radio Free Albemuth 2010
Barry Munday 2010
Machete 2010
Spooner 2009
Town Creek 2009
The Killing Room 2009
Fast & Furious 2009
The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call - New Orleans 2009
Boardwalk Empire 2009
Lie to Me 2009
South of Heaven 2008
Splinter 2008
Pride and Glory 2008
First Snow 2006
Wristcutters: A Love Story 2006
Standoff 2006
Psychic Driving 2005
Faith of My Fathers 2005
Lords of Dogtown 2005
Man of the House 2005
Numb3rs 2005
Medium 2005
Water 2004
Kono yo no sotoe - Club Shinchugun 2004
Paradise 2004
Medical Investigation 2004
All the Real Girls 2003
Jimmy Kimmel Live! 2003
Bad Company 2002
R.U.S./H. 2002
Submerged 2001
Smuggler's Run 2000
Tigerland 2000
Ghost Stories 1997
ER 1994