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Alex Zahara filmography and biography

Date of birth: Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada

Alex Zahara biography

Alex Zahaa was born in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada. His father, Alex Zahara, passed away in 1999 and his mother, Sharon, still lives in Grande Prairie. Alex attended high school at the Grande Prairie Composite High School where he won a scholarship to college for his direction of the stage version of "M*A*S*H". He was inducted to the wall of honor at GPCH, where former alumni include Olympic Silver Medalist Willie DeWitt and World Skeleton Champion Michelle Skelly. He attended the University of Alberta and the University of British Columbia where he achieved a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Theatre (Acting.)

After graduation Alex started acting professionally with several award-winning plays, and got his first film role in The 13th Warrior with Antonio Banderas (I) and Omar Sharif. Alex has been nominated for several acting awards, including three Jessie Richardson Awards (Vancouver Theatrical Awards), two for Best Actor, and winning for Best Ensemble. He was also nominated for Best Actor in The 200 Leo Awards (British Columbia Film Awards.)

His breakthrough role was his second television role ever, a guest-starring part on The Sentinel episode "Night Shift", playing Gabriel, a homeless man/angel. Alex has worked steadily and has appeared in over 65 television and film projects and 35 plays. Some notable performances include: eight different roles for Stargate SG-1, The Outer Limits (100th episode, "Tribunal"), Open Range, Jeremiah, Beggars and Choosers, Battlestar Galactica, Masters of Science Fiction and "Masters of Horror" (2007) and the Stephen King mini-series "Kingdom Hospital" (2003).

Alex Zahara trivia

- Taught a class on 'Acting for Teens' at the Vancouver Film School, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
- Has played nine different character on Stargate SG-1, more than anyone else.
- Won a Best Director award and scholarship to college with his direction of the stage play of M

Alex Zahara filmography

Name Year
Marley & Me: The Puppy Years 2011
Four Saints 2011
Earth's Final Hours 2011
Shooting Gunless 2010
Gunless 2010
False Creek Stories 2010
Blood: A Butcher's Tale 2010
Riverworld 2010
Blood: Butcher's Block 2009
Smile of April 2009
Ice Twisters 2009
The Beast of Bottomless Lake 2009
2012 2009
Ayaa: A Hero's Journey 2008
Ogre 2008
Impact 2008
Storm Cell 2008
Another Cinderella Story 2008
Fringe 2008
Sanctuary 2008
The Guard 2008
Iron Man: Armored Adventures 2008
Kidô Senshi Gundam 00 2007
Taming Tammy 2007
Glimpse 2007
Masters of Science Fiction 2007
Angelica's Pirate 2006
Toki o kakeru shôjo 2006
Klatsassin 2006
Blood Ties 2006
Psych 2006
Severed 2005
Nana 2005
Young Blades 2005
Masters of Horror 2005
Supernatural 2005
Battlestar Galactica 2004
Kingdom Hospital 2004
The Collector 2004
The Keeper 2004
Touching Evil 2004
Open Range 2003
Tru Calling 2003
Babylon 5: The Legend of the Rangers: To Live and Die in Starlight 2002
The Stickup 2002
The Dead Zone 2002
Jeremiah 2002
Walking Shadow 2001
The B-Team 2001
Los Luchadores 2001
Kill Me Later 2001
Smallville 2001
Turbulence 3: Heavy Metal 2001
Evirati 2000
Secret Agent Man 2000
Quarantine 2000
The Immortal 2000
Andromeda 2000
Dark Angel 2000
Cage the Dog 1999
Hayley Wagner, Star 1999
Beggars and Choosers 1999
Strange World 1999
So Weird 1999
The 13th Warrior 1999
Welcome to Paradox 1998
First Wave 1998
Nothing Too Good for a Cowboy 1998
Cold Squad 1998
The Net 1998
Dead Man's Gun 1997
Stargate SG-1 1997
Roswell Conspiracies 1996
The Sentinel 1996
Viper 1996
Millennium 1996
The Outer Limits 1995