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Kelsea Button filmography and biography

Kelsea Button biography

Kelsea was born in Herzliya Petuach, Israel and was raised in San Diego, California. She moved to Los Angeles in 2007 to live with her older sister. Her first acting job in Los Angeles was in the GLAAD nominated play, "Sex, Relationships, and Sometimes Love", directed by Joelle Arqueros. She starred in numerous theatrical productions in Southern California before breaking into film and television. Her father is a chef and yoga teacher. Her mother, also an artist, supported Kelsea in pursuing creative expression.

Kelsea Button filmography

Name Year
The Face in the Vial 2010
Man Without a Head 2010
Spring Break '83 2010
Modern Family 2009
Float 2008
The Spare Room 2007
The Difference 2007
The Gay Bed and Breakfast of Terror 2007
The Office 2005