Biography Joseph Estrada, Ang tanging pamilya (A Marry-Go-Round!), Ang mabuhay para sa masa

Joseph Estrada filmography and biography

Date of birth: 19 April 1937, Manila, Philippines

Joseph Estrada trivia

- Elected President of the Philippines in 1998. He is the 13th president of the republic from June 30, 1998 to January 20, 2001.
- Ousted on January 20 2001 as Philippine President in a bloodless people's revolt that came to be known as Edsa II. The revolution was sparked by the accusation of his close buddy, Ilocos Sur governor Chavit Singson on October of 2000 that he was receiving bribe money from illegal gambling.
- Impeached on November of 2000 by the Philippine Congress, led by then-House Speaker Manuel 'Manny' Villar who was later elected as a Philippine Senator, for corruption and bribery. Estrada's trial in the Senate was marred on January 16 2001 when pro-administration senators blocked the presentation of key piece of evidence, leading to protests in Manila and other major cities that led to the fall of his government.
- On April 2001 (three months after vacating the Malacanang), Estrada was arrested and imprisoned along with his eldest son and then-San Juan Mayor Jinggoy for several counts of perjury and plunder. This detention triggered a series of protests that culminated in two events, the so-called (and much debated) Edsa III and the failed May 1 rebellion, where Estrada's supporters stormed Malacañang in a bid to oust current Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and bring Estrada back to power.
- Wife Dr. Loi Ejercito was elected as a senator of the Philippines
- His white band on his left wrist is used to cover a bad scar from a fight.
- Best friends of Fernando Poe Jr.
- Is known for his deliberate bad English, and a book entitled "ERAPtion" emphasizing that was published.
- Was expelled from Ateneo de Manila University for defending a classmate being bullied by a foreigner. He later enrolled in an engineering course at Mapua Institute of Technology, eventually dropping out to pursue acting.
- His nickname, Erap, is an inverted Filipino term, pare, which means pal.
- Usually impersonated by Willy Nepomuceno, one of the most talented mimics in the Philippines.
- Used to work as an ambulance driver before trying his hand on acting.
- As an actor with no prior political experience, Estrada entered politics in 1967 by running for mayor of San Juan, a small town in Metro Manila. He ended up losing his bid for mayor to Dr. Braulio Sto. Domingo in 1968. He was only proclaimed mayor in 1969, after winning an electoral protest against Sto. Domingo.
- Took up Engineering at Ateneo de Manila. He was expelled.
- Has one child with live-in partner actress Guia Gomez and two children with live-in partner Laarni Enriquez.
- Father of Jinggoy Estrada. Jinggoy ((married to Precy Vitug), also became a San Juan town mayor and was elected senator in 2004, becoming the third Ejercito to became a Philippine senator following the father and mother, Dr. Loi Ejercito).
- Became a mayor of San Juan town in Metro Manila, Philippines in 1969; a senator in 1986, a vice president in 1992 and the 13th Philippine president in 1998.
- The first actor to be inducted in the FAMAS Best Actor Hall of Fame of the Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences in 1982. He also became a Hall of Fame awardee as a producer. He is the only person to achieve such double feat, so far.
- His birthplace, Tondo, is one of the poorest parts of Manila, the capital of the Philippines.
- A son of Emilio Ejército, Sr. (1898-1977), a small-scale government contractor, and the former María Marcelo (1905-present), a housewife.
- Brothers: Antonio Ejercito (1932-2005) and George Estregan (born Emilio Ejercito, Jr.) (1928-1999).
- His family was displeased with his dropping out of college and his involvement in a street gang that they forbade him from using his family name. He adopted the surname "Estrada" (Spanish for 'road') as a last name.
- He played the lead role in more than 100 movies, and was producer of over 70 films.
- He often played heroes of the downtrodden classes, which gained him the admiration of a lot of the nation's many unschooled and impoverished citizens. This later proved advantageous to his political career.
- Wife, Luisa "Loi" Pimentel, is a physician by profession before entering politics after his ouster from the presidency.
- Daughter Jackie is married to ABS-CBN heir Beaver Lopez. During his presidency, Estrada had accused ABS-CBN of bias reporting against him.
- Son Joseph Victor "JV" Ejercito, making his name in Philippine politics by following his father's footsteps, is the current town mayor of San Juan.
- Uncle of Jorge Estregan, son of George Estregan. The young Estregan is also into showbiz and politics. He is currently the mayor of Pagsanjan, Laguna.
- When Corazon Aquino assumed the presidency in 1986, all officials of the local government suspected of malfeasance and anomalies were removed and replaced by appointed officers-in-charge. Estrada was then removed from his position as mayor. The following year, he ran and won a seat in the Senate under his own party, Partido ng Masang Pilipino.
- Uncle of Gary Estrada (I), son of George Estregan, who carries his family name.
- Children (with Luisa Pimentel): Jinggoy Estrada, Jackie Estrada, and Jude Estrada. He also had a child from an out-of-wedlock relationship, Joseph Victor "JV" Ejercito (from socialite Guia Gomez).

Joseph Estrada quotes

- "Ang kaibigan, walang iwanan." (Translated as "Friends don't ever desert each other.")

Joseph Estrada filmography

Name Year
Ang tanging pamilya (A Marry-Go-Round!) 2009
Ang mabuhay para sa masa 2007
Alay ni da king: An FPJ special 2007
Walang bakas 2004
Mano po 2002
Ka Hector 1995
Sa kuko ng agila 1989
Order to Kill 1985
Bangkang papel sa dagat ng apoy 1984
Macho-nurin 1983
Pedring Taruc 1982
Kumander Alibasbas 1981
Hoy tukso, layuan mo ako 1980
Warrant of Arrest 1979
Okey lang basta't kapiling kita 1979
Mamang Sorbetero 1979
Yakuza Contract 1978
Mga mata ni Angelita 1978
Magkaaway 1978
Tatak ng Tundo 1978
Sa dulo ng kris 1977
Huwag mong dungisan ang pisngi ng langit 1977
Bakya mo Neneng 1977
Hoy mister, ako ang misis mo 1976
Bago lumamig ang sabaw 1976
Alas singko ng hapon, gising na ang mga anghel 1976
Dateline Chicago: Arrest the Nurse Killer 1976
Huwag mo akong paandaran 1975
Dugo at pag-ibig sa kapirasong lupa 1975
Counter Kill 1975
Battle of the Champions 1975
Ang nobya kong sexy 1975
Hit and Run 1975
Diligin mo ng hamog ang uhaw na lupa 1975
Tama na, Erap 1974
Manila Connection 1974
King Khayam and I 1974
Ransom 1974
Panic 1973
Okey ka, Erap 1973
Dragnet 1973
Ander di saya si Erap 1973
Erap Is My Guy 1973
Ang agila at ang araw 1973
Tatay na si Erap 1972
Magiting at pusakal 1972
Kill the Pushers 1972
Blood Compact 1972
Valentin Walis 1971
Digmaan ng mga angkan 1971
Apat na patak ng dugo ni Adan 1971
Simon bastardo 1970
Sebastian 1970
Padre pugante 1970
Areglado, boss 1970
Sagupaan 1969
Aragon Brothers 1969
Anim ang dapat patayin 1969
Ang ninong kong Nazareno 1969
Patria adorada (Dugo ng bayani) 1969
Capitan Pepe 1969
Galo Gimbal 1968
Azero Brothers 1968
Diegong Daga 1968
Tatak: Double Cross 1968
Suntok o karate 1968
Kid Brother 1968
Jakiri Valiente 1968
Dos por dos 1968
Abdul Tapang 1968
Valiente Brothers 1968
Rancho Diablo 1968
De colores 1968
To Susan with Love 1968
Tatlong hari 1968
Quintin Salazar 1968
Killer Patrol 1968
Cuadro de Jack 1968
Boy Aguila 1967
Angkan ng haragan 1967
Alex Big Shot 1967
Alamat ng 7 kilabot 1967
Totoy Bingi 1966
Stowaway 1966
John Doe 1966
Hampaslupang maton 1966
Dodong Tricycle 1966
Bodyguard 1966
Bantay salakay 1966
Badong Baldado 1966
Ako'y magbabalik! 1966
Batang Iwahig 1966
Ito ang Pilipino 1966
Soliman Brothers 1966
Valentin Galit 1965
Sapang palay 1965
Sa kamay ng mga kilabot 1965
Pepeng Pingas, ang batang San Nicolas 1965
Paalam sa kahapon 1965
Hamon sa bandila 1965
Hahamakin ang lahat 1965
Deadly Pinoy 1965
Batang angustia 1965
Buhay sa buhay! 1965
Salonga Brothers 1965
Maskulado 1965
Big Boss 1965
Joe Nazareno: Ang taxi driver 1965
Labanang lalake! 1965
Vendetta Brothers 1964
Takot mabuhay, takot mamatay 1964
Siyam na buhay ni Martin Pusa 1964
Panginoon ng pantalan 1964
Pambato 1964
Encuentro 1964
Deadly Brothers 1964
Cordillera 1964
Berdugo ng mga maton 1964
Ako ang papatay 1964
Flight to Fury 1964
Geron Busabos: Ang batang Quiapo 1964
Mga daliring ginto 1964
Via Europa 1963
Tres kantos 1963
Talahib 1963
Sugapa 1963
Patapon 1963
Kilabot sa Daang Bakal 1963
Ginoong itim 1963
Barilan sa Pugad Lawin 1963
Los palikeros 1963
Pulong diablo 1963
Kung hindi ka susuko...! 1963
Ito ang Maynila 1963
Basagulero 1963
Ang sangano at colegiala 1963
Istambay 1963
Tondo Boy 1962
Kapit sa patalim 1962
Hari ng mga maton 1962
Digmaan ng mga maton 1962
Cuatro condenados 1962
Walang pagkalupig 1962
Apat na kilabot 1962
Suicide Commandoes 1962
Mga tigreng taga-bukid 1962
Markang rehas 1962
Asiong Meets Alembong 1962
Sa baril mag-uusap 1961
Pantalan ng Trece 1961
Asiong Salonga 1961
Habagat sa tag-araw 1961
The Moises Padilla Story 1961
North Harbor 1961
Nag-uumpugang bato 1961
Baril sa baril 1961
True Confessions 1960
Cuatro cantos 1960
Sumpa at pangako 1959
Matandang tinale 1958
Batas ng puso 1958
Isang paa sa hukay 1958
Kandilang bakal 1957
Sampung libong pisong pag-ibig 1957
Kandelerong pilak 1954