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James LeGros filmography and biography

Date of birth: 27 April 1962, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

James LeGros biography

It isn't hard to make James LeGros bust a gut laughing. Just call him Brad Pitt. Okay, so he doesn't get $6 million a film or have his photo air-kissed by legions of swooning schoolgirls during recess. But if you've caught LeGros' quirky personality, you may wonder why he's still toiling away. But this Minnesota native, despite being tight-lipped on Pitt, LeGros will happily chitchat about his career. LeGros says he isn't very "LA", although he did live there for a short while.

James LeGros trivia

- Collects misspellings of his last name.
- An offbeat favorite in 80s and 90s independent films.
- Apprenticed with the South Coast Repertory Theatre in Southern California before ending up in Hollywood in the early 80s.
- Married to actress/photographer Kristina Loggia, the daughter of actor Robert Loggia. They have two sons.
- When not working on films, he divides his time between Los Angeles and Jackson Hole, Wyoming with his wife and two sons.
- His last name is pronounced Le-Grow.
- Is an only child.
- Don Coscarelli personally chose him over Brad Pitt for the part of Mike in Phantasm II after Universal executives decided to recast the role, replacing original performer A. Michael Baldwin.

James LeGros quotes

- "Brad [Pitt] is a handsome devil. It's better than being the Abe Vigoda look-alike"
- "I collect misspelling of my last name. Jame McRoy, McGros, Legras--it's become kind of a sport"
- "The great thing about that job was I lived in Spain for five months. That part of it was great, but it was a terrible movie!" - On one of his first films, Solarbabies.

James LeGros filmography

Name Year
Thicker 2010
Bitter Feast 2010
Mildred Pierce 2010
Skateland 2010
Welcome to Academia 2009
Sundance Directors Lab 2009
Mercy 2009
Dry Rain 2008
Visioneers 2008
1% 2008
Sherman's Way 2008
Vantage Point 2008
Winged Creatures 2008
Cough Drop 2007
Zodiac 2007
The Last Winter 2006
Trust the Man 2005
Sexual Life 2005
Sleeper Cell: Know Your Enemy 2005
Sleeper Cell 2005
November 2004
Catch That Kid 2004
Straight Into Darkness 2004
Paradise 2004
The Street Lawyer 2003
Big Shot: Confessions of a Campus Bookie 2002
Damaged Care 2002
Scotland, Pa. 2001
World Traveler 2001
Lovely & Amazing 2001
If You Only Knew 2000
Drop Back Ten 2000
Common Ground 2000
'Psycho' Path 1999
Jump 1999
Border Line 1999
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit 1999
The Pass 1998
Thursday 1998
There's No Fish Food in Heaven 1998
Psycho 1998
L.A. Without a Map 1998
L.A. Doctors 1998
Enemy of the State 1998
Wishful Thinking 1997
The Myth of Fingerprints 1997
Ally McBeal 1997
Pronto 1997
Boys 1996
Marshal Law 1996
Countdown 1996
Infinity 1996
The Destiny of Marty Fine 1996
Destiny Turns on the Radio 1995
Just Looking 1995
The Low Life 1995
Living in Oblivion 1995
Panther 1995
Safe 1995
The Outer Limits 1995
Don't Do It 1994
Bad Girls 1994
Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle 1994
Floundering 1994
Friends 1994
ER 1994
Class of '96 1993
Intimate Portrait 1993
Nervous Ticks 1992
Leather Jackets 1992
Guncrazy 1992
Where the Day Takes You 1992
Singles 1992
My New Gun 1992
The Rapture 1991
Blood and Concrete 1991
Point Break 1991
Hollywood Heartbreak 1990
Law & Order 1990
Drugstore Cowboy 1989
Born on the Fourth of July 1989
Phantasm II 1988
Roseanne 1988
Real Men 1987
Near Dark 1987
*batteries not included 1987
Fatal Beauty 1987
Solarbabies 1986
The Ladies Club 1986
The Ratings Game 1984
Punky Brewster 1984
CBS Schoolbreak Special 1984
Knight Rider 1982
Simon & Simon 1981