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Dave (I) Bean filmography and biography

Date of birth: 24 October 1960, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Dave (I) Bean biography

Dave Bean began acting as a student at Eastern Michigan University, where he graduated with a degree in History in 1984. While attending college, he also made his professional acting debut in a regional theater production of "Wonderful Town". Following graduation, Mr. Bean appeared in numerous regional theatrical productions throughout the United States. In 1986, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in film. Finding success primarily in the independent film world, he has also worked consistently in more mainstream films. To date, he says his most gratifying film experience is having worked on the Academy Award nominated short film "Last Breeze of Summer". While he does accept acting work from time to time, Mr. Bean has spent most of the past decade as a marketing executive, serving both the entertainment and automotive industries.

Dave (I) Bean trivia

- Most of his time outside of work is spent on the baseball diamond, where he plays baseball at both the semi-professional and amateur levels.
- Former baseball teammates include actors Timothy Busfield (Thirtysomething, Field of Dreams) and Brian Krause (I)(Charmed), as well as director James Gardner (I)(Coach, Baby Boom).
- Is represented by Daniel Hoff Agency in Los Angeles for Voice Over work.
- Has served as part-time assistant baseball coach at Moorpark College (Ventura County, California) since 2008.

Dave (I) Bean filmography

Name Year
Moneyball 2011
Bridesmaids 2011
The Defenders 2010
Holy Land Hardball 2009
Big Time Rush 2009
Last Resort 2000
U.S. Customs Classified 1995
Snapdragon 1993
Psycho Cop Returns 1993
Illegal Entry: Formula for Fear 1993
Prison Planet 1992
Three Dancers 1992
Ninja Nymphs in the 21st Century 1992
Molested 1992
Last Breeze of Summer 1991
Twin Peaks 1990
Limit Up 1989
Beverly Hills Bodysnatchers 1989
Unsolved Mysteries 1987