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Beau (II) Nelson biography

Beau Nelson was born on a military base in North Carolina and soon after, he moved to Tampa, Florida where he lived through most of grade school. After his parents' separation, Beau moved to Central Wisconsin with his mother.

Beau graduated high school and tried to focus on acting and modeling, however, the industry non-existent in the area. After a few open calls and little-to-no guidance, Beau enrolled in a local Technical College to build himself a foundation to work from.

Given that the industry just simply doesn't exist in the Central Wisconsin area, Beau had to find other ways to break into the industry. He started by flying to an event in Orlando for a weekend. He followed that up by attending an intense training camp in New York with Marsha Doll. Still the jobs weren't flying at him so he quit his job and flew out to L.A. job hunting. While still not finding the right opportunities, Beau came back to Wisconsin and decided to focus on the Chicago market until he could build a resume. While working in Madison, WI, Beau would travel to Chicago nearly every weekend and occasionally during the week to audition for gigs for free just to build his resume and portfolio. Beau traveled as much as two states just to do a short read on a film hoping to land a role.

After an extremely tough and monetary-exhausting road, Beau had finally started to make contacts. After playing an extra in a documentary for the National Geographic Channel, he landed a commercial in Madison, WI for the Dodge Caliber through Charter Media. He started to land more and more print ads and opportunities to be the lead character for independent films. He also worked with smaller agencies in the Chicago area that helped him get jobs and suddenly, Beau was busy almost every weekend and a few times during the week. Also during that time, he started working with The Rock Agency and attending their acting classes and did photo shoots with their photographers all while building his portfolio and focusing on the IMTA event in New York. After IMTA, Beau signed with Commercial Talent Agency in Los Angeles and relocated; where he's been since.

Beau (II) Nelson trivia

- Won Badger State for wrestling in Wisconsin, but never started a varsity match.
- Didn't break 100lbs until his senior year in High School.
- Graduated college with a 3.96 G.P.A. Was the first person in his family tree to graduate college.

Beau (II) Nelson filmography

Name Year
The Artist 2012
Evolution 2010
Madoff: Made Off with America 2010
Is It Just Me? 2010
Fortune 500 Man 2010
Darnell Dawkins: Mouth Guitar Legend 2010
Zombie Drugs 2010
The Adventures of Roman and Jorge 2010
The Way 2010
Q for Death 2010
Empress Vampire 2010
Taste of Hollywood 2009
Ogles with Goggles 2009
Flower Girl 2009
Better the Devil You Know 2009
The Resolve 2009
All the Love in the World 2008