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Galeone, Damien1
Galeos, Vasilis3
Galeota, Jimmy9
Galeota, Juan1
Galeota, Michael15
Galeotti, Gabriele3
Galeotalanza, Mia2
Galeotti, Anaité1
Galeotti, Barbara2
Galeotti, Bethany Joy
Bethany Joy Lenz was born in Hollywood Florida, and now resides in North Carolina where her current project - the WB hit _"One Tree Hill" (2003)_ (qv) - is filmed. Lenz plays "Haley James Scott", wife to 'James Lafferty (I)' (qv)'s "Nathan", and...
Galeotti, Livia1
Galeotti, Verónica1
Galeou, Margarita1
Galeou, Nonika1
Galepois, Pierre1
Galeppe, Frédéric1
Galera Balazote, Jose2
Galera, Alejandro1
Galera, Antoni1
Galera, Antonio1
Galera, Carlos Mondragon1
Galera, Lucas1
Galera, Sergi6
Galera, Sergio1
Galeria, Steve1
Galerne, Yann1
Galeron, Jean1
Galerstein, Bob1
Galer, Andrea1
Galer, Dylan1
Galera, Elia21
Galera, Isabel1
Galera, Kadia1