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Name Films
O'English, Lorena1
O'Faillon, Taugh1
O'Fallon Jr., James Peter 'JP'1
O'Fallon, Peter1
O'Fallon, Kelly2
O'Fallon, Lauren2
O'Faolain, Colm2
O'Faolin, Padraig2
O'Faoláin, Donncha1
O'Faoláin, Sean2
O'Faolain, Donna1
O'Faolain, Nuala2
O'Farachin, Antonie1
O'Farrell, Brian1
O'Farrell, Broderick
Broderick O'Farrell had been unlocatable for several years before his death. He was a "lost player" who acted mostly in comic and some dramatic roles in "Laurel and Hardy" films in 1930's and up until 1944. At the time of death he was interred in San...
O'Farrell, Casey1
O'Farrell, Chi1
O'Farrell, Conor (I) 79
O'Farrell, Conor (III)1
O'Farrell, Darragh5
O'Farrell, Donal7
O'Farrell, Fergus (I)1
O'Farrell, Fionn1
O'Farrell, Freddie (I)1
O'Farrell, Gerry1
O'Farrell, Jack1
O'Farrell, James2
O'Farrell, Jimmy1
O'Farrell, John28
O'Farrell, Kane8
O'Farrell, Kevin (I)1
O'Farrell, Marc1
O'Farrell, Matthew1
O'Farrell, Michael (III)1
O'Farrell, Mick1