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Name Films
O'Mary, Wesley9
O'Mara, Alana3
O'Mara, Bettina Tendler1
O'Mara, Bronagh3
O'Mara, Daniela2
O'Mara, Dorothy1
O'Mara, Ellen3
O'Mara, Heather1
O'Mara, Helen1
O'Mara, Jennifer1
O'Mara, Kate
A hard-looking brunette with high cheek bones, Leicester-born actress Kate O'Mara was the daughter of actress 'Hazel Bainbridge' (qv) and John Carroll and prodded into performing as a child. Educated at the Aida Foster School, she began an early career...
O'Mara, Michelle1
O'Mara, Mollie5
O'Mara, Morissa3
O'Mara, Rebecca2
O'Mara, Terry4
O'Mara, Verona1
O'Marrah, Rebecca2
O'Mathuna, Padraigh1
O'May, John16
O'May, Mike1
O'Mbanefo, Prince1
O'Meachair, Donal1
O'Meally, Jomar1
O'Mealy, R.L.1
O'Meara, Alex (I)1
O'Meara, Brendan1
O'Meara, Brian A.1
O'Meara, Caitlin1
O'Meara, Colin18
O'Meara, Dan (III)5
O'Meara, Dan (IV)1
O'Meara, Daniel (I)21
O'Meara, Daniel (II)1