MP3 Bryan Adams Discografia 16 album colombo bt org Colombo bt org

MP3 Bryan Adams Discografia 16 album colombo bt org Colombo bt org

Total size: 1.25 Gb Seeds 0 Leechs 0
(1980) Bryan Adams/01 -bryan adams - hidin from love.mp33.04 Mb
(1980) Bryan Adams/02 -bryan adams - win some lose some.mp33.49 Mb
(1980) Bryan Adams/03 -bryan adams - WAIT AND SEE.mp32.84 Mb
(1980) Bryan Adams/04 -bryan adams - give me your love.mp35.35 Mb
(1980) Bryan Adams/05 -bryan adams - WASTIN TIME.mp33.29 Mb
(1980) Bryan Adams/06 -bryan adams - Don't Ya Say It.mp33.11 Mb
(1980) Bryan Adams/07 -bryan adams - remember.mp33.38 Mb
(1980) Bryan Adams/08 -bryan adams - STATE OF MIND.mp33.00 Mb
(1980) Bryan Adams/09 -bryan adams - Try To See It My Way.mp33.70 Mb
(1980) Bryan Adams/back.jpg135.90 Kb
(1980) Bryan Adams/front.jpg97.10 Kb
(1981) You want it you got it/01-Lonely nights.mp35.22 Mb
(1981) You want it you got it/02-One good reason.mp36.03 Mb
(1981) You want it you got it/03-don´t look now.mp34.33 Mb
(1981) You want it you got it/04-Coming home.mp34.99 Mb
(1981) You want it you got it/05-Fits ya Good.mp36.36 Mb
(1981) You want it you got it/06-Jealousy.mp35.30 Mb
(1981) You want it you got it/07-Tonight.mp36.85 Mb
(1981) You want it you got it/08-You want it, you got it.mp35.25 Mb
(1981) You want it you got it/09-Last chance.mp34.57 Mb
(1981) You want it you got it/10-No one makes it right.mp34.51 Mb
(1981) You want it you got it/Bryan_Adams_-_You_want_it,_you_got_it_-_Back.jpg68.62 Kb
(1981) You want it you got it/Bryan_Adams_-_You_want_it,_you_got_it_-_Front.jpg33.61 Kb
(1983) Cuts Like a Knife/01 - Bryan Adams - The Only One.mp34.51 Mb
(1983) Cuts Like a Knife/02 - Bryan Adams - Take Me Back.mp36.46 Mb
(1983) Cuts Like a Knife/03 - Bryan Adams - This Time.mp34.60 Mb
(1983) Cuts Like a Knife/04 - Bryan Adams - Straight from the Heart.mp34.86 Mb
(1983) Cuts Like a Knife/05 - Bryan Adams - Cuts Like a Knife.mp37.33 Mb
(1983) Cuts Like a Knife/06 - Bryan Adams - I'm Ready.mp35.47 Mb
(1983) Cuts Like a Knife/07 - Bryan Adams - What's It Gonna Be.mp35.05 Mb
(1983) Cuts Like a Knife/08 - Bryan Adams - Don't Leave Me Lonely.mp34.09 Mb
(1983) Cuts Like a Knife/09 - Bryan Adams - Let Him Know.mp34.39 Mb
(1983) Cuts Like a Knife/10 - Bryan Adams - The Best Was Yet to Come.mp34.23 Mb
(1983) Cuts Like a Knife/Bryan_Adams_-_Cuts_like_a_Knife_-_Back.jpg128.03 Kb
(1983) Cuts Like a Knife/Bryan_Adams_-_Cuts_like_a_Knife_-_CD2.jpg92.38 Kb
(1983) Cuts Like a Knife/Bryan_Adams_-_Cuts_like_a_Knife_-_Front.jpg114.04 Kb
(1983) Cuts Like a Knife/Bryan_Adams_-_Cuts_like_a_Knife_-_inlay.jpg120.76 Kb
(1984) Reckless/01-bryan adams - one night love affair.mp35.22 Mb
(1984) Reckless/02-bryan adams - she's only happy when she's dancin'.mp33.69 Mb
(1984) Reckless/03-Run to you.mp35.40 Mb
(1984) Reckless/04-Heaven.mp35.63 Mb
(1984) Reckless/05-Somebody.mp36.51 Mb
(1984) Reckless/06-Summer of 69´.mp34.96 Mb
(1984) Reckless/07-Kids wanna rock.mp33.61 Mb
(1984) Reckless/08-It´s only love.mp34.51 Mb
(1984) Reckless/09-bryan adams - long gone.mp34.55 Mb
(1984) Reckless/10-bryan adams - ain't gonna cry.mp34.70 Mb
(1984) Reckless/Bryan_Adams_-_Reckless_-_Back.jpg166.24 Kb
(1984) Reckless/Bryan_Adams_-_Reckless_-_CD2.jpg100.51 Kb
(1984) Reckless/Bryan_Adams_-_Reckless_-_Front.jpg103.93 Kb
(1984) Reckless/Bryan_Adams_-_Reckless_-_inlay.jpg132.34 Kb
(1987) Into the Fire/1. Heat Of The Night.mp37.03 Mb
(1987) Into the Fire/10. Home Again.mp35.93 Mb
(1987) Into the Fire/2. Into The Fire.mp36.45 Mb
(1987) Into the Fire/3. Victim Of Love.mp35.65 Mb
(1987) Into the Fire/4. Another Day.mp35.06 Mb
(1987) Into the Fire/5. Native Son.mp38.34 Mb
(1987) Into the Fire/6. Only The Strong Survive.mp35.16 Mb
(1987) Into the Fire/7. Rebel.mp35.54 Mb
(1987) Into the Fire/8. Remembrance Day.mp38.24 Mb
(1987) Into the Fire/9. Hearts On Fire.mp34.82 Mb
(1987) Into the Fire/Bryan_Adams_-_Into_the_Fire_-_Back.jpg170.11 Kb
(1987) Into the Fire/Bryan_Adams_-_Into_the_Fire_-_CD2.jpg84.94 Kb
(1987) Into the Fire/Bryan_Adams_-_Into_the_Fire_-_Front.jpg191.06 Kb
(1987) Into the Fire/Bryan_Adams_-_Into_the_Fire_-_inlay.jpg169.94 Kb
(1988) Live Live Live/01-She´s only happy when she´s dancin.mp34.80 Mb
(1988) Live Live Live/02-It´s only love.mp35.28 Mb
(1988) Live Live Live/03-Cut´s like a knife.mp37.50 Mb
(1988) Live Live Live/04-Kids wanna rock.mp34.18 Mb
(1988) Live Live Live/05-Hearts on fire.mp35.74 Mb
(1988) Live Live Live/06-Take me Back.mp37.58 Mb
(1988) Live Live Live/07-The best was yet to come.mp33.96 Mb
(1988) Live Live Live/08-Heaven.mp35.87 Mb
(1988) Live Live Live/09-Heat of the night.mp37.27 Mb
(1988) Live Live Live/10-Run to you.mp35.65 Mb
(1988) Live Live Live/11-One night love affair.mp34.17 Mb
(1988) Live Live Live/12-Long gone.mp35.64 Mb
(1988) Live Live Live/13-Summer of 69´.mp36.26 Mb
(1988) Live Live Live/14-SomeBody.mp37.98 Mb
(1988) Live Live Live/15-Walking after midnight.mp33.19 Mb
(1988) Live Live Live/16-I fought the law.mp33.61 Mb
(1988) Live Live Live/17-Into the fire.mp34.93 Mb
(1988) Live Live Live/Bryan_Adams_-_Live_Live_Live_-_Back.jpg116.59 Kb
(1988) Live Live Live/Bryan_Adams_-_Live_Live_Live_-_CD1.jpg166.61 Kb
(1988) Live Live Live/Bryan_Adams_-_Live_Live_Live_-_Front.jpg138.27 Kb
(1988) Live Live Live/Bryan_Adams_-_Live_Live_Live_-_Inlay.jpg131.91 Kb
(1991) Waking Up The Neighbours/01-Is your mama gonna miss ya_(1).mp36.42 Mb
(1991) Waking Up The Neighbours/02-Hey honey,I´m packing you in.mp35.48 Mb
(1991) Waking Up The Neighbours/03-Can´t stop this thing we started.mp36.16 Mb
(1991) Waking Up The Neighbours/04-Though I´d died and gone......mp37.98 Mb
(1991) Waking Up The Neighbours/05-Not guilty.mp35.77 Mb
(1991) Waking Up The Neighbours/06-Vanishing.mp36.95 Mb
(1991) Waking Up The Neighbours/07-House Arrest.mp35.44 Mb
(1991) Waking Up The Neighbours/08-Do I have to say the words.mp38.50 Mb
(1991) Waking Up The Neighbours/09-There will be another tonight.mp36.41 Mb
(1991) Waking Up The Neighbours/10-All I want is you.mp37.33 Mb
(1991) Waking Up The Neighbours/11-Depend on me.mp37.03 Mb
(1991) Waking Up The Neighbours/12-Everything I do.mp39.02 Mb
(1991) Waking Up The Neighbours/13-If you wanna leave me...mp36.48 Mb
(1991) Waking Up The Neighbours/14-Touch the hand.mp35.61 Mb
(1991) Waking Up The Neighbours/15-Don´t drop that bomb on me.mp38.25 Mb
(1991) Waking Up The Neighbours/Bryan_Adams_-_Waking_up_the_Neighbours_-_Back.jpg123.66 Kb
(1991) Waking Up The Neighbours/Bryan_Adams_-_Waking_up_the_Neighbours_-_CD1.jpg70.35 Kb
(1991) Waking Up The Neighbours/Bryan_Adams_-_Waking_up_the_Neighbours_-_Front.jpg49.97 Kb
(1991) Waking Up The Neighbours/Bryan_Adams_-_Waking_up_the_Neighbours_-_Inlay.jpg119.53 Kb
(1993) So Far So Good/01-Summer of 69´.mp34.96 Mb
(1993) So Far So Good/02-straight form your herath.mp34.85 Mb
(1993) So Far So Good/03-It´s only love.mp34.51 Mb
(1993) So Far So Good/04-Can´t stop this thing we started.mp36.16 Mb
(1993) So Far So Good/05-Do I have to say the words.mp38.50 Mb
(1993) So Far So Good/06-This time.mp34.59 Mb
(1993) So Far So Good/07-Run to you.mp35.40 Mb
(1993) So Far So Good/08-Heaven.mp35.63 Mb
(1993) So Far So Good/09-Cuts like a knife.mp37.32 Mb
(1993) So Far So Good/10-Everything I do.mp39.02 Mb
(1993) So Far So Good/11-Somebody.mp36.51 Mb
(1993) So Far So Good/12-Kids wanna rock.mp33.61 Mb
(1993) So Far So Good/13-Heat of the night.mp37.03 Mb
(1993) So Far So Good/14-Please forgive me (ojo).mp38.18 Mb
(1993) So Far So Good/Bryan_Adams_-_So_Far_So_Good_-_Back.jpg125.64 Kb
(1993) So Far So Good/Bryan_Adams_-_So_Far_So_Good_-_Front.jpg106.41 Kb
(1996) 18th Till I Die/01-The only thing that looks good.mp34.97 Mb
(1996) 18th Till I Die/02-Do to you.mp35.74 Mb
(1996) 18th Till I Die/03-Let´s make a night to remember.mp38.67 Mb
(1996) 18th Till I Die/04-18th Till I Die.mp34.80 Mb
(1996) 18th Till I Die/05-Star.mp35.09 Mb
(1996) 18th Till I Die/06-I wanna be your underwear.mp34.53 Mb
(1996) 18th Till I Die/07-We´re gonna win.mp33.37 Mb
(1996) 18th Till I Die/08-I think about you.mp34.95 Mb
(1996) 18th Till I Die/09-I´ll always be right there.mp34.50 Mb
(1996) 18th Till I Die/10-If you can´t come round.mp35.20 Mb
(1996) 18th Till I Die/11-Black pearl.mp35.49 Mb
(1996) 18th Till I Die/12-You´re still beatiful to me.mp37.18 Mb
(1996) 18th Till I Die/13-Have you ever really love a woman.mp36.68 Mb
(1996) 18th Till I Die/back.jpg124.53 Kb
(1996) 18th Till I Die/front.jpg56.97 Kb
(1997) MTV Unplugged/01.Summer of 69´.mp35.53 Mb
(1997) MTV Unplugged/02-Back to you.mp36.19 Mb
(1997) MTV Unplugged/03-Cuts like a knife.mp36.95 Mb
(1997) MTV Unplugged/04-I´m ready.mp36.16 Mb
(1997) MTV Unplugged/05-Fits ya good.mp34.16 Mb
(1997) MTV Unplugged/06-When you love someone.mp35.07 Mb
(1997) MTV Unplugged/07-18 till I die.mp34.83 Mb
(1997) MTV Unplugged/08-I think about you.mp33.58 Mb
(1997) MTV Unplugged/09-If ya wanna be bad.mp36.30 Mb
(1997) MTV Unplugged/10-the only thing that looks.mp36.28 Mb
(1997) MTV Unplugged/11-A little love.mp34.65 Mb
(1997) MTV Unplugged/12-Heaven.mp36.19 Mb
(1997) MTV Unplugged/13-I´ll always be right there.mp36.13 Mb
(1997) MTV Unplugged/Bryan_Adams_-_MTV_Unplugged_-_Back.jpg130.49 Kb
(1997) MTV Unplugged/Bryan_Adams_-_MTV_Unplugged_-_CD1.jpg112.84 Kb
(1997) MTV Unplugged/Bryan_Adams_-_MTV_Unplugged_-_Front.jpg70.46 Kb
(1998) On a day like today/01-How do ya feel tonight.mp36.56 Mb
(1998) On a day like today/02-c´mon c´mon c´mon.mp34.95 Mb
(1998) On a day like today/03-getaway.mp35.20 Mb
(1998) On a day like today/04-On a day like today.mp34.78 Mb
(1998) On a day like today/05-fearless.mp35.31 Mb
(1998) On a day like today/06-I´m a liar.mp35.86 Mb
(1998) On a day like today/07-Cloud number nine.mp35.16 Mb
(1998) On a day like today/08-when yo´re gone.mp34.69 Mb
(1998) On a day like today/09-Inside out.mp36.48 Mb
(1998) On a day like today/10-If I had you.mp35.56 Mb
(1998) On a day like today/11-before the night is over.mp35.23 Mb
(1998) On a day like today/12-i don´t wanna live forever.mp34.45 Mb
(1998) On a day like today/13-when the angels fear to tread.mp35.21 Mb
(1998) On a day like today/14-Lie to me.mp36.36 Mb
(1998) On a day like today/Bryan_Adams_-_On_A_Day_Like_Today_-_Back.jpg614.95 Kb
(1998) On a day like today/Bryan_Adams_-_On_A_Day_Like_Today_-_Booklet.jpg478.29 Kb
(1998) On a day like today/Bryan_Adams_-_On_A_Day_Like_Today_-_CD1.jpg206.76 Kb
(1998) On a day like today/Bryan_Adams_-_On_A_Day_Like_Today_-_Front.jpg358.88 Kb
(1998) On a day like today/Bryan_Adams_-_On_A_Day_Like_Today_-_Inlay.jpg675.17 Kb
(1998) On a day like today/Bryan_Adams_-_On_A_Day_Like_Today_-_Inside.jpg150.70 Kb
(1999) Best of Me/01-bryan adams - the best of me.mp33.32 Mb
(1999) Best of Me/02-Can´t stop this thing we started.mp36.16 Mb
(1999) Best of Me/03-I´m ready.mp35.46 Mb
(1999) Best of Me/04-Summer of 69´.mp34.96 Mb
(1999) Best of Me/05-Let´s make a night to remember.mp38.67 Mb
(1999) Best of Me/06-bryan adams - all for love.mp34.35 Mb
(1999) Best of Me/07-Have you ever really love a woman.mp36.68 Mb
(1999) Best of Me/08-Run to you.mp35.40 Mb
(1999) Best of Me/09-Cloud number nine.mp35.16 Mb
(1999) Best of Me/10-Everything I do.mp39.02 Mb
(1999) Best of Me/11-bryan adams - back to you.mp34.12 Mb
(1999) Best of Me/12-when yo´re gone.mp34.69 Mb
(1999) Best of Me/13-bryan adams - please forgive me.mp35.42 Mb
(1999) Best of Me/14-The only thing that looks good.mp34.97 Mb
(1999) Best of Me/15-Inside out.mp36.48 Mb
(1999) Best of Me/Bryan_Adams_-_Best_Of_Me_-_Back.jpg305.42 Kb
(1999) Best of Me/Bryan_Adams_-_Best_Of_Me_-_CD1.jpg181.47 Kb
(1999) Best of Me/Bryan_Adams_-_Best_Of_Me_-_Front.jpg192.67 Kb
(2002) Spirit - L'Etalon des Plaines/Bryan Adams - 01 - ME VOILA (version single).mp35.87 Mb
(2002) Spirit - L'Etalon des Plaines/Bryan Adams - 02 - JE DEFENDRAI MA VIE.mp34.04 Mb
(2002) Spirit - L'Etalon des Plaines/Bryan Adams - 03 - DEGAGE !.mp33.90 Mb
(2002) Spirit - L'Etalon des Plaines/Bryan Adams - 04 - DEUX FRERES SOUS LE SOLEIL.mp35.46 Mb
(2002) Spirit - L'Etalon des Plaines/Bryan Adams - 05 - MA PLACE EST ICI.mp33.24 Mb
(2002) Spirit - L'Etalon des Plaines/Bryan Adams - 06 - ME VOILA.mp36.23 Mb
(2002) Spirit - L'Etalon des Plaines/Bryan Adams - 07 - SONNE LE CLAIRON.mp35.37 Mb
(2002) Spirit - L'Etalon des Plaines/Bryan Adams - 08 - RUN FREE.mp38.73 Mb
(2002) Spirit - L'Etalon des Plaines/Bryan Adams - 09 - Homeland.mp35.08 Mb
(2002) Spirit - L'Etalon des Plaines/Bryan Adams - 10 - RAIN.mp33.90 Mb
(2002) Spirit - L'Etalon des Plaines/Bryan Adams - 11 - THE LONG ROAD BACK.mp39.87 Mb
(2002) Spirit - L'Etalon des Plaines/Bryan Adams - 12 - RIEN DE CE QUE J'AI VÉCU.mp35.31 Mb
(2002) Spirit - L'Etalon des Plaines/Bryan Adams - 13 - JE REVIENDRAI VERS TOI.mp33.81 Mb
(2002) Spirit - L'Etalon des Plaines/front.jpg43.96 Kb
(2002) Spirit - Stallion of the Cimarron/1. I Will Always Return (End Title).mp35.48 Mb
(2002) Spirit - Stallion of the Cimarron/10. Run Free.mp37.32 Mb
(2002) Spirit - Stallion of the Cimarron/11. Homeland.mp34.27 Mb
(2002) Spirit - Stallion of the Cimarron/12. Rain.mp33.30 Mb
(2002) Spirit - Stallion of the Cimarron/13. The Long Road Back.mp38.27 Mb
(2002) Spirit - Stallion of the Cimarron/14. Here I Am (End Title).mp34.47 Mb
(2002) Spirit - Stallion of the Cimarron/15. Nothing I've Ever Known.mp33.18 Mb
(2002) Spirit - Stallion of the Cimarron/2. Here I Am.mp34.59 Mb
(2002) Spirit - Stallion of the Cimarron/3. This Is Where I Belong.mp33.41 Mb
(2002) Spirit - Stallion of the Cimarron/4. You Can't Take Me.mp33.29 Mb
(2002) Spirit - Stallion of the Cimarron/5. Get Off My Back.mp34.58 Mb
(2002) Spirit - Stallion of the Cimarron/6. Sound The Bugle.mp34.67 Mb
(2002) Spirit - Stallion of the Cimarron/7. I Will Always Return.mp32.73 Mb
(2002) Spirit - Stallion of the Cimarron/8. Don't Let Go (With Sarah McLachlan).mp35.23 Mb
(2002) Spirit - Stallion of the Cimarron/9. Brothers Under The Sun.mp34.52 Mb
(2002) Spirit - Stallion of the Cimarron/Bryan_Adams_-_Spirit_-_Back.jpg134.57 Kb
(2002) Spirit - Stallion of the Cimarron/Bryan_Adams_-_Spirit_-_Front.jpg166.04 Kb
(2004) Room Service/01_-_Bryan_Adams_-_East_Side_Story.mp35.29 Mb
(2004) Room Service/02_-_Bryan_Adams_-_This_Side_Of_Paradise.mp35.82 Mb
(2004) Room Service/03_-_Bryan_Adams_-_Not_Romeo_Not_Juliet.mp35.41 Mb
(2004) Room Service/04_-_Bryan_Adams_-_Flying.mp36.02 Mb
(2004) Room Service/05_-_Bryan_Adams_-_She's_A_Little_Too_Good_For_Me.mp34.04 Mb
(2004) Room Service/06_-_Bryan_Adams_-_Open_Road.mp35.57 Mb
(2004) Room Service/07_-_Bryan_Adams_-_Room_Service.mp34.31 Mb
(2004) Room Service/08_-_Bryan_Adams_-_I_Was_Only_Dreamin'.mp33.97 Mb
(2004) Room Service/09_-_Bryan_Adams_-_Right_Back_Where_I_Started_Fro.mp36.65 Mb
(2004) Room Service/10_-_Bryan_Adams_-_Nowhere_Fast.mp35.94 Mb
(2004) Room Service/11_-_Bryan_Adams_-_Why_Do_You_Have_To_Be_So_Hard.mp34.34 Mb
(2004) Room Service/Bryan_Adams_-_Room_Service_-_Back.jpg167.79 Kb
(2004) Room Service/Bryan_Adams_-_Room_Service_-_CD1.jpg71.62 Kb
(2004) Room Service/Bryan_Adams_-_Room_Service_-_Front.jpg46.48 Kb
(2005) Anthology/101-bryan_adams-remember.mp34.79 Mb
(2005) Anthology/102-bryan_adams-lonely_nights.mp36.26 Mb
(2005) Anthology/103-bryan_adams-straight_from_the_heart.mp35.05 Mb
(2005) Anthology/104-bryan_adams-cuts_like_a_knife.mp38.75 Mb
(2005) Anthology/105-bryan_adams-this_time.mp35.34 Mb
(2005) Anthology/106-bryan_adams-run_to_you.mp35.99 Mb
(2005) Anthology/107-bryan_adams-somebody.mp38.01 Mb
(2005) Anthology/108-bryan_adams-heaven.mp36.27 Mb
(2005) Anthology/109-bryan_adams-summer_of_69.mp35.91 Mb
(2005) Anthology/110-bryan_adams-one_night_love_affair.mp37.35 Mb
(2005) Anthology/111-bryan_adams-its_only_love.mp35.48 Mb
(2005) Anthology/112-bryan_adams-heat_of_the_night.mp38.72 Mb
(2005) Anthology/113-bryan_adams-hearts_on_fire.mp36.02 Mb
(2005) Anthology/114-bryan_adams-(everything_i_do)_i_do_it_for_you.mp39.53 Mb
(2005) Anthology/115-bryan_adams-cant_stop_this_thing_we_started.mp37.66 Mb
(2005) Anthology/116-bryan_adams-there_will_never_be_another_night.mp38.39 Mb
(2005) Anthology/117-bryan_adams-thought_id_died_and_gone_to_heaven.mp39.69 Mb
(2005) Anthology/118-bryan_adams-best_of_me.mp35.69 Mb
(2005) Anthology/201-bryan_adams-please_forgive_me.mp38.38 Mb
(2005) Anthology/202-bryan_adams-all_for_love.mp37.06 Mb
(2005) Anthology/203-bryan_adams-have_you_ever_really_loved_a_woman.mp36.93 Mb
(2005) Anthology/204-bryan_adams-rock_steady_(live).mp36.46 Mb
(2005) Anthology/205-bryan_adams-only_thing_that_looks_good_on_me_is_you.mp36.28 Mb
(2005) Anthology/206-bryan_adams-lets_make_a_night_to_remember.mp39.13 Mb
(2005) Anthology/207-bryan_adams-star.mp35.13 Mb
(2005) Anthology/208-bryan_adams-back_to_you_(live).mp37.81 Mb
(2005) Anthology/209-bryan_adams-im_ready_(live).mp36.26 Mb
(2005) Anthology/210-bryan_adams-on_a_day_like_today.mp35.43 Mb
(2005) Anthology/211-bryan_adams-cloud_number_nine_(chicane_mix).mp36.63 Mb
(2005) Anthology/212-bryan_adams-here_i_am.mp36.70 Mb
(2005) Anthology/213-bryan_adams-this_side_of_paradise.mp35.81 Mb
(2005) Anthology/214-bryan_adams-why_do_you_have_to_be_so_hard_to_love.mp34.35 Mb
(2005) Anthology/215-bryan_adams-open_road.mp35.62 Mb
(2005) Anthology/216-bryan_adams-til_i_die_(live).mp36.42 Mb
(2005) Anthology/217-bryan_adams-when_youre_gone.mp35.82 Mb
(2005) Anthology/218-bryan_adams-so_far_so_good.mp35.74 Mb
(2005) Anthology/Bryan_Adams_-_Anthology_-_Back.jpg579.73 Kb
(2005) Anthology/Bryan_Adams_-_Anthology_-_CD1.jpg93.02 Kb
(2005) Anthology/Bryan_Adams_-_Anthology_-_CD2.jpg90.83 Kb
(2005) Anthology/Bryan_Adams_-_Anthology_-_Front.jpg79.26 Kb

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