DigiDesign Pro Tools 7 3 LE

DigiDesign Pro Tools 7 3 LE

Total size: 1.29 Gb Seeds 12 Leechs 28
Additional Files/Answerbase FAQ/Digidesign_FAQ.pdf823.04 Kb
Additional Files/DigiDelivery Installer/final2.dat197.87 Kb
Additional Files/DigiDelivery Installer/installer.exe20.00 Kb
Additional Files/DigiDelivery Installer/SetupDigiDelivery.dat4.22 Mb
Additional Files/Digidesign Audio Drivers Setup.exe22.84 Mb
Additional Files/Digidesign MIDI IO/Digidesign MIDI IO Setup.exe2.53 Mb
Additional Files/InterLok Driver Installer/setup.exe4.30 Mb
Additional Files/LE Demo Session Installer/LE Demo Session Setup.exe83.82 Mb
Additional Files/LE Session Templates Installer/LE Session Templates Setup.exe1.96 Mb
Additional Files/Unsupported Software/Controllers/CS10.dll272.00 Kb
Additional Files/Unsupported Software/Controllers/MCSPanner.dll276.00 Kb
Additional Files/Unsupported Software/Controllers/MIDI Cntrl Surfaces Guide.pdf1.26 Mb
Additional Files/Unsupported Software/Controllers/MIDI Cntrl Surfaces Guide_J.pdf1.17 Mb
Additional Files/Unsupported Software/Controllers/PC1600.dll268.00 Kb
Additional Files/Unsupported Software/Mbox 2 Firmware Updater/Mbox 2 Firmware v1.38.pdf69.40 Kb
Additional Files/Unsupported Software/Mbox 2 Firmware Updater/Mbox 2 Firmwmare Updater Setup.exe1.60 Mb
Additional Files/Unsupported Software/MIDI IO 1.0cs1/Digidesign MIDI IO Setup.exe2.49 Mb
Additional Files/Windows Media 9 Series/wmfdist.exe3.90 Mb
Command8 Installer/Command8 Setup.dat6.96 Mb
Command8 Installer/final2.dat197.87 Kb
Command8 Installer/installer.exe20.00 Kb
Drivers/dalwdm.inf5.24 Kb
Drivers/Dalwdm.sys106.50 Kb
Drivers/dgfw.cpl5.00 Kb
Drivers/dgfwasio.dll25.50 Kb
Drivers/dgfwboot.sys17.00 Kb
Drivers/dgfwcpl.exe160.00 Kb
Drivers/dgfwdio.dll27.50 Kb
Drivers/dgfwpnl.dll18.50 Kb
Drivers/DigiDriver.exe148.00 Kb
Drivers/Digidriver.ini4.59 Kb
Drivers/Digidriver_Resource404.dll48.00 Kb
Drivers/Digidriver_Resource411.dll48.00 Kb
Drivers/Digidriver_Resource412.dll48.00 Kb
Drivers/Digidriver_Resource804.dll44.00 Kb
Drivers/DigiFilt.sys16.00 Kb
Drivers/DigiFilterInstaller.exe40.00 Kb
Drivers/digifw.inf10.59 Kb
Drivers/digifw.sys154.50 Kb
Drivers/DigiNet.inf3.20 Kb
Drivers/DigiNet.sys11.50 Kb
Drivers/mbox2pro.bcd1.07 Mb
Drivers/mbx2ccgp.inf10.64 Kb
Drivers/mbx2dfu.inf1.51 Kb
Drivers/mbx2dfu.sys15.13 Kb
Drivers/mbx2midi.INF2.83 Kb
Drivers/mbx2midk.sys14.88 Kb
Drivers/mbx2midu.dll44.00 Kb
Drivers/MMERefresh.exe60.00 Kb
LE Getting Started Guides/Mbox 2 Getting Started.pdf2.15 Mb
LE Getting Started Guides/Mbox 2 Mini Getting Started.pdf1.62 Mb
LE Getting Started Guides/Mbox 2 Pro Getting Started.pdf2.25 Mb
Paid Software Options/DV Toolkit 2/DV Toolkit 2 Guide.pdf1.29 Mb
Paid Software Options/DV Toolkit 2/DV Toolkit 2 Setup.exe17.70 Mb
Paid Software Options/LE Factory Bundles/002 Factory Setup.exe33.97 Mb
Paid Software Options/LE Factory Bundles/LE Factory v2 Read Me.pdf33.21 Kb
Paid Software Options/LE Factory Bundles/Mbox 2 Factory Setup.exe20.43 Mb
Paid Software Options/Music Production Toolkit/Music Production Toolkit Setup.exe38.62 Mb
Paid Software Options/Music Production Toolkit/Music Toolkit Guide.pdf229.54 Kb
Paid Software Options/Plug-Ins/Bomb Factory/Bomb Factory BF-3A Setup.exe5.65 Mb
Paid Software Options/Plug-Ins/Bomb Factory/Classic Compressors Setup.exe8.31 Mb
Paid Software Options/Plug-Ins/Bomb Factory/Cosmonaut Voice Setup.exe5.31 Mb
Paid Software Options/Plug-Ins/Bomb Factory/Fairchild Bundle Setup.exe8.66 Mb
Paid Software Options/Plug-Ins/Bomb Factory/Free Bomb Factory Plug-Ins Setup.exe15.86 Mb
Paid Software Options/Plug-Ins/Bomb Factory/JOEMEEK Bundle Setup.exe7.88 Mb
Paid Software Options/Plug-Ins/Bomb Factory/moogerfooger Bundle Setup.exe14.96 Mb
Paid Software Options/Plug-Ins/Bomb Factory/Pultec Bundle Setup.exe10.97 Mb
Paid Software Options/Plug-Ins/Bomb Factory/SansAmp PSA-1 Setup.exe5.80 Mb
Paid Software Options/Plug-Ins/Bomb Factory/Slightly Rude Compressor Setup.exe5.81 Mb
Paid Software Options/Plug-Ins/Bomb Factory/Tel-Ray Variable Delay Setup.exe5.58 Mb
Paid Software Options/Plug-Ins/Bomb Factory/Voce Bundle Setup.exe7.44 Mb
Paid Software Options/Plug-Ins/Demo Sessions/D-Fi Demo Session.exe3.44 Mb
Paid Software Options/Plug-Ins/Demo Sessions/SoundReplacer Demo Session.exe10.78 Mb
Paid Software Options/Plug-Ins/Development Partners/Focusrite d2-d3 Setup.exe7.16 Mb
Paid Software Options/Plug-Ins/Development Partners/Sonic NoNOISE Setup.exe5.18 Mb
Paid Software Options/Plug-Ins/Digidesign/D-Fi Setup.exe10.40 Mb
Paid Software Options/Plug-Ins/Digidesign/DINR Setup.exe7.01 Mb
Paid Software Options/Plug-Ins/Digidesign/Maxim Setup.exe5.06 Mb
Paid Software Options/Plug-Ins/Digidesign/Smack! Setup.exe16.70 Mb
Paid Software Options/Plug-Ins/Digidesign/SoundReplacer Setup.exe5.02 Mb
Paid Software Options/Plug-Ins/Digidesign/Synchronic Setup.exe10.99 Mb
Pro Tools LE 7.3 Read Me (Win).pdf81.48 Kb
Pro Tools LE Installer/data1.cab1.27 Mb
Pro Tools LE Installer/data1.hdr107.13 Kb
Pro Tools LE Installer/data2.cab252.79 Mb
Pro Tools LE Installer/final2.dat197.87 Kb
Pro Tools LE Installer/installer.exe20.00 Kb
Pro Tools LE Installer/ISSetup.dll539.27 Kb
Pro Tools LE Installer/layout.bin473.00 b
Pro Tools LE Installer/setup.dat444.92 Kb
Pro Tools LE Installer/setup.ini557.00 b
Pro Tools LE Installer/setup.inx354.98 Kb
Pro Tools LE Installer/setup.iss2.80 Kb
Pro Tools LE Installer/_Setup.dll376.92 Kb
Translated Read Mes/Japanese/LE Factory v2 Read Me.pdf22.33 Kb
Translated Read Mes/Japanese/Pro Tools LE 7.3 Read Me (Win).pdf42.04 Kb
Translated Read Mes/Japanese/Upgrading to 7.3.pdf554.28 Kb
Upgrading to 7.3.pdf392.77 Kb
What's New in 7.3.pdf4.07 Mb
Xpand!/final2.dat197.87 Kb
Xpand!/installer.exe20.00 Kb
Xpand!/Japanese/Xpand! Plug-In Guide.pdf216.21 Kb
Xpand!/Set Xpand! Content Location/Set Xpand! Content Location.exe24.00 Kb
Xpand!/Set Xpand! Content Location/Set Xpand! Content Location.pdf23.49 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand! Plug-In 1.0.1 r2 ReadMe.pdf43.26 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand! Plug-In Guide.pdf294.57 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand! Setup.dat5.94 Mb
Xpand!/Xpand!.dat607.18 Mb
Xpand!/Xpand!/01 Soft Pads/01 Sweepscape.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/01 Soft Pads/02 Majestic Glimmer.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/01 Soft Pads/03 Square Pad.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/01 Soft Pads/04 Seaspray.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/01 Soft Pads/05 Wide Lands.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/01 Soft Pads/06 Silky Pad.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/01 Soft Pads/07 Smooth Wavetable.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/01 Soft Pads/08 Warmth Pad.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/01 Soft Pads/09 Shimmer.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/01 Soft Pads/10 All Is Good.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/01 Soft Pads/11 Bell Pad.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/01 Soft Pads/12 Singing Pad.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/01 Soft Pads/13 Soft Noiseband.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/01 Soft Pads/14 X-Mas Pad.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/01 Soft Pads/15 Slow Swimmer.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/01 Soft Pads/16 Soft Stringy Pad.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/01 Soft Pads/17 Big Wave.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/01 Soft Pads/18 Kapow Pad.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/01 Soft Pads/19 Soft-Phase.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/01 Soft Pads/20 Sweeping Overtones.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/01 Soft Pads/21 Big Symphonic Swell.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/01 Soft Pads/22 Comin' In.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/01 Soft Pads/23 Silent Movie.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/01 Soft Pads/24 Gentle Bells Sweep.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/01 Soft Pads/25 Gentle Man.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/01 Soft Pads/26 Czech Animations.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/01 Soft Pads/27 Alexander.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/01 Soft Pads/28 DNA.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/01 Soft Pads/29 Phaser Pad.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/01 Soft Pads/30 Darvin.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/01 Soft Pads/31 Fehler Tron Choir.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/01 Soft Pads/32 Rhodes Pad.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/01 Soft Pads/33 Simple Sine.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/01 Soft Pads/34 Smooth Sweeper.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/01 Soft Pads/35 Synthetic Woods.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/01 Soft Pads/36 80s Synth Stack.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/01 Soft Pads/37 Soft Machine Gun.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/01 Soft Pads/38 Basic Soft Pad.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/01 Soft Pads/39 72mm.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/01 Soft Pads/40 Triangle Bend.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/01 Soft Pads/41 Marflow The Elephant.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/01 Soft Pads/42 Green Guys.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/01 Soft Pads/43 The Alps.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/01 Soft Pads/44 Wide Strings.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/01 Soft Pads/45 Distance.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/01 Soft Pads/46 Airy Pad.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/01 Soft Pads/47 Cushion.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/01 Soft Pads/48 Fehler Tron Strings.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/01 Soft Pads/49 Grand Octave.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/01 Soft Pads/50 Mellow Band Pass Pad.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/01 Soft Pads/51 Cuddly Pad.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/01 Soft Pads/52 Synthistrinx.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/01 Soft Pads/53 Simple Saw Pad.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/01 Soft Pads/54 Soft + Squarish.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/01 Soft Pads/55 Reedy Pad.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/01 Soft Pads/56 Warm + Fluffy.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/01 Soft Pads/57 Swoosh Pad.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/01 Soft Pads/58 Sine Bend.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/01 Soft Pads/59 Noise Band.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/01 Soft Pads/60 Organic.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/01 Soft Pads/61 Basic Detuned Saw Pad.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/01 Soft Pads/62 Basic Saw Pad.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/01 Soft Pads/63 Basic Digital Menu.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/01 Soft Pads/64 Basic Square Pad.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/01 Soft Pads/65 Basic Sine Pad.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/01 Soft Pads/66 Basic Triangle Pad.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/01 Soft Pads/67 Basic PWM Pad.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/01 Soft Pads/68 Basic Pulse Pad.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/02 Bright Pads/01 Swan Sea.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/02 Bright Pads/02 Mysterious Bells.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/02 Bright Pads/03 Bright Bend Up Pad.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/02 Bright Pads/04 Majestic.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/02 Bright Pads/05 Bright Sync Sweep.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/02 Bright Pads/06 Oceanica.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/02 Bright Pads/07 Pizziwash.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/02 Bright Pads/08 Scary Choir.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/02 Bright Pads/09 Sweeper.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/02 Bright Pads/10 Ocean-Pad.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/02 Bright Pads/11 Shower Gel.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/02 Bright Pads/12 Steamy Square.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/02 Bright Pads/13 The Living Thing.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/02 Bright Pads/14 Wave Romance.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/02 Bright Pads/15 Classic 5th Sweeper.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/02 Bright Pads/16 Bright HPF Sweep.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/02 Bright Pads/17 Sparkle.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/02 Bright Pads/18 Airways.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/02 Bright Pads/19 Bellypad.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/02 Bright Pads/20 Super Smooth.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/02 Bright Pads/21 Star Rain Pad.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/02 Bright Pads/22 Artificially Enhanced.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/02 Bright Pads/23 Digital Studio.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/02 Bright Pads/24 Flutronic.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/02 Bright Pads/25 Big Belly Pad.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/02 Bright Pads/26 Electric Pad.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/02 Bright Pads/27 Sawtooth Bend.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/02 Bright Pads/28 Bright PWM.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/02 Bright Pads/29 Floater.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/02 Bright Pads/30 Band Pass Square.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/02 Bright Pads/31 Bright Octaves.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/02 Bright Pads/32 Slap Bells.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/02 Bright Pads/33 Heavy Octaves.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/02 Bright Pads/34 Big One.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/02 Bright Pads/35 Soft Fizzle.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/02 Bright Pads/36 Sweep-Modular.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/02 Bright Pads/37 Bright Wave Bells.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/02 Bright Pads/38 Bright'n'Smooth.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/02 Bright Pads/39 Resolution.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/02 Bright Pads/40 Thriller.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/02 Bright Pads/41 Religious.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/02 Bright Pads/42 Bright Sync Waves.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/02 Bright Pads/43 Manta.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/02 Bright Pads/44 Fuzzy Saws 2.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/02 Bright Pads/45 Fuzzy Saws 3.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/02 Bright Pads/46 High Pass Sweeper.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/02 Bright Pads/47 Nice Sweeper.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/02 Bright Pads/48 Saw + Strings.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/02 Bright Pads/49 Soft Square Pad.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/02 Bright Pads/50 Tubeway Armies.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/02 Bright Pads/51 Square Bend.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/02 Bright Pads/52 Big Sweeper Pad.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/02 Bright Pads/53 Digital Cascade.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/02 Bright Pads/54 Africa.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/02 Bright Pads/55 Fuzzy Saws.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/02 Bright Pads/56 Lightfair.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/02 Bright Pads/57 Phaser Jet.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/02 Bright Pads/58 Reasonable Pad.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/02 Bright Pads/59 Strings+Brass.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/02 Bright Pads/60 Forward And Bright.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/02 Bright Pads/61 Tune Up.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/02 Bright Pads/62 Basic Detuned Saw Pad.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/02 Bright Pads/63 Basic Saw Pad.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/02 Bright Pads/64 Basic Digital Pad.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/02 Bright Pads/65 Basic Square Pad.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/02 Bright Pads/66 Basic PWM Pad.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/02 Bright Pads/67 Basic Pulse Pad.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/02 Bright Pads/68 Basic Triangle Pad.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/03 Huge Pads/01 Majestic.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/03 Huge Pads/02 Mother Of All Pads.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/03 Huge Pads/03 Space Is The Place.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/03 Huge Pads/04 Intro.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/03 Huge Pads/05 Massive Pad.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/03 Huge Pads/06 Orion.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/03 Huge Pads/07 Space Trouble.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/03 Huge Pads/08 Fat Octave Pad.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/03 Huge Pads/09 Flight Attendant.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/03 Huge Pads/10 Bright Breathy Pad.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/03 Huge Pads/11 Jet Stream.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/03 Huge Pads/12 Cloudy Choir.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/03 Huge Pads/13 Epic Pad.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/03 Huge Pads/14 Heavy Pad.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/03 Huge Pads/15 Wet Pad.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/03 Huge Pads/16 Dark Side.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/03 Huge Pads/17 Celeste.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/03 Huge Pads/18 Shuttle Trip.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/03 Huge Pads/19 Smooth Pad.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/03 Huge Pads/20 Choral.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/03 Huge Pads/21 Epos.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/03 Huge Pads/22 Fly Over.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/03 Huge Pads/23 Full Hand.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/04 Action Pads/01 Idea-Pad.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/04 Action Pads/02 Spinning.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/04 Action Pads/03 Mystery Pad.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/04 Action Pads/04 Harmonics Reso Atmos.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/04 Action Pads/05 Far Drums.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/04 Action Pads/06 Metal With Mandolins.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/04 Action Pads/07 Protestnik Vogon Jeltz.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/04 Action Pads/08 Stars-Pad.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/04 Action Pads/09 Confusion.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/04 Action Pads/10 Marimba Sprinkles.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/04 Action Pads/11 Santa.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/04 Action Pads/12 Cavemen.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/04 Action Pads/13 Siddartha.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/04 Action Pads/14 Synco Funk.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/04 Action Pads/15 TheGoodTheBad&TheAlien.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/04 Action Pads/16 Bender.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/04 Action Pads/17 Vocoder Loop Pad.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/04 Action Pads/18 Sample & Hold Pad 2.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/04 Action Pads/19 Chaotic Stream.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/04 Action Pads/20 Sequenced Pad.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/04 Action Pads/21 Space Medusa.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/04 Action Pads/22 Italostyle.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/04 Action Pads/23 Space Saga.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/04 Action Pads/24 Blades.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/04 Action Pads/25 Hollow Phaser Gate.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/04 Action Pads/26 Blowing Up.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/04 Action Pads/27 Deep Sea Diver.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/04 Action Pads/28 Rich Pad + Sparkles.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/04 Action Pads/29 Gentle Pulser.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/04 Action Pads/30 And More.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/04 Action Pads/31 Forwarder Pad.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/04 Action Pads/32 Rich Chaos.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/04 Action Pads/33 Maah.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/04 Action Pads/34 Square Sample & Hold.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/04 Action Pads/35 Laurie.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/04 Action Pads/36 The Void.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/04 Action Pads/37 Elektronik Measurement.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/04 Action Pads/38 Meta Thrill.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/04 Action Pads/39 REM.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/04 Action Pads/40 Pulsing-Heart-Pad.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/04 Action Pads/41 Sample & Hold Pad 1.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/04 Action Pads/42 Slow Starter.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/04 Action Pads/43 Paranoid Drumming.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/04 Action Pads/44 SpaceRace.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/04 Action Pads/45 Glittering.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/04 Action Pads/46 Into Focus.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/04 Action Pads/47 Nephology.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/04 Action Pads/48 Pulsing Schwoong.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/04 Action Pads/49 Turkish Radio.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/04 Action Pads/50 Acid Arp.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/04 Action Pads/51 Rhythmic Shift.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/04 Action Pads/52 Seconds.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/04 Action Pads/53 Soft Signals.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/04 Action Pads/54 String Attacks.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/04 Action Pads/55 Bright Lights.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/04 Action Pads/56 Glittering Pad.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/04 Action Pads/57 Translator-Pad.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/05 Ambience + FX/01 Sandoz.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/05 Ambience + FX/02 Underwater Cave.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/05 Ambience + FX/03 Alienbrain.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/05 Ambience + FX/04 Snoring Vogon.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/05 Ambience + FX/05 Ghost-Ship.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/05 Ambience + FX/06 Reverse Melody.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/05 Ambience + FX/07 Better Go Home.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/05 Ambience + FX/08 Martian Thanksgiving.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/05 Ambience + FX/09 S&H Reso Atmos.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/05 Ambience + FX/10 Vogon Alarm Clock.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/05 Ambience + FX/11 Biohazard.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/05 Ambience + FX/12 Propulsion.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/05 Ambience + FX/13 It's Damp In Here.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/05 Ambience + FX/14 Endless Sonar.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/05 Ambience + FX/15 Lonely Space Traveller.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/05 Ambience + FX/16 Freezing.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/05 Ambience + FX/17 Musical Cosmology.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/05 Ambience + FX/18 Slave Ship.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/05 Ambience + FX/19 Flying Zapper.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/05 Ambience + FX/20 Hard Times.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/05 Ambience + FX/21 Air Liquide.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/05 Ambience + FX/22 Pulsing Sub.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/05 Ambience + FX/23 Sanatorium PAD.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/05 Ambience + FX/24 Laser Organ.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/05 Ambience + FX/25 Mans Best Friend.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/05 Ambience + FX/26 Cave.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/05 Ambience + FX/27 Drunken Organist.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/05 Ambience + FX/28 Rechenzentrum.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/05 Ambience + FX/29 Rhythm Cloud.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/05 Ambience + FX/30 Wallace.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/05 Ambience + FX/31 Control Center.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/05 Ambience + FX/32 Didjeridont.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/05 Ambience + FX/33 Ambient Droplets.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/05 Ambience + FX/34 Moon Dawn.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/05 Ambience + FX/35 Reflecting Sonar.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/05 Ambience + FX/36 Noisy Shutdown.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/05 Ambience + FX/37 Noise Layer.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/05 Ambience + FX/38 Subsonic.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/05 Ambience + FX/39 Swamp Thing.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/05 Ambience + FX/40 Zombies.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/05 Ambience + FX/41 Heavy Wind.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/05 Ambience + FX/42 Comet.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/05 Ambience + FX/43 Pressure Leak.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/05 Ambience + FX/44 Metalhammer.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/05 Ambience + FX/45 Ambient Resonance.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/05 Ambience + FX/46 Send by Email.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/05 Ambience + FX/47 Ausserirdische.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/05 Ambience + FX/48 Undefined-Space.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/05 Ambience + FX/49 Chatter.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/05 Ambience + FX/50 Cosmic Hail Storm.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/05 Ambience + FX/51 Gentle Grains.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/05 Ambience + FX/52 Harp On.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/05 Ambience + FX/53 Rhythmatron.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/05 Ambience + FX/54 Rhythmetic.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/05 Ambience + FX/55 Calculator.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/05 Ambience + FX/56 Last Guest.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/05 Ambience + FX/57 Anvils.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/05 Ambience + FX/58 Asteroid.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/05 Ambience + FX/59 Forty-Two.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/05 Ambience + FX/60 Eos.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/05 Ambience + FX/61 Heavy Chimes.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/05 Ambience + FX/62 Industrials.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/05 Ambience + FX/63 Inflight Voice.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/05 Ambience + FX/64 Living Backwards.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/05 Ambience + FX/65 Martian Winds.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/05 Ambience + FX/66 Terminal.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/05 Ambience + FX/67 Clairvoyant.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/05 Ambience + FX/68 Pouring Data.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/05 Ambience + FX/69 Swinging Electrocable.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/06 Polysynths/01 Attackertronic.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/06 Polysynths/02 Shuffle EP.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/06 Polysynths/03 D Something 1.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/06 Polysynths/04 Hi-and-Bass Lead.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/06 Polysynths/05 Airy Melody.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/06 Polysynths/06 Spherical Pluck.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/06 Polysynths/07 Smooth Metal.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/06 Polysynths/08 Techno Stadium.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/06 Polysynths/09 DX And J.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/06 Polysynths/10 Clean Filters.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/06 Polysynths/11 Porta Bend.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/06 Polysynths/12 Sparkling.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/06 Polysynths/13 Bright Zapper.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/06 Polysynths/14 Newman.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/06 Polysynths/15 Analog Underlayed.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/06 Polysynths/16 Simple Strings.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/06 Polysynths/17 Bug Terminator.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/06 Polysynths/18 Asia.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/06 Polysynths/19 Standard Bend Poly.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/06 Polysynths/20 Bruce The Saw.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/06 Polysynths/21 Bit Funk.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/06 Polysynths/22 Soft Saw.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/06 Polysynths/23 Digital Fantasy.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/06 Polysynths/24 Caroussel.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/06 Polysynths/25 Cloudy.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/06 Polysynths/26 Porta Bend Harmonized.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/06 Polysynths/27 Heart Of Gold.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/06 Polysynths/28 Computerstimme.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/06 Polysynths/29 Puncher.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/06 Polysynths/30 Clear E.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/06 Polysynths/31 Classic Saw Poly.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/06 Polysynths/32 Analog Orchestra.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/06 Polysynths/33 Slapback.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/06 Polysynths/34 Fly Pad.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/06 Polysynths/35 Sync Attack.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/06 Polysynths/36 Diffused Saws.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/06 Polysynths/37 Stratosphere.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/06 Polysynths/38 Attack Sweep.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/06 Polysynths/39 Percy Saw.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/06 Polysynths/40 Big Strings.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/06 Polysynths/41 Goa Tune.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/06 Polysynths/42 Bright n Smooth.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/06 Polysynths/43 Simple Pulse Width.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/06 Polysynths/44 Big Octave Strings.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/06 Polysynths/45 Love Themes.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/06 Polysynths/46 Morriconic.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/06 Polysynths/47 Chorus Strings.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/06 Polysynths/48 Classic Digi Metal.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/06 Polysynths/49 Perky Chords.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/06 Polysynths/50 Vibrapad.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/06 Polysynths/51 Sync Funk.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/06 Polysynths/52 D Something 2.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/06 Polysynths/53 Techno Chords.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/06 Polysynths/54 Warm & Direct.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/06 Polysynths/55 Digital Metal.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/06 Polysynths/56 Grand-Modular.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/06 Polysynths/57 Hook Maker.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/06 Polysynths/58 Round Thing.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/06 Polysynths/59 Lush Digi Stack.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/06 Polysynths/60 Smooth Horns.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/06 Polysynths/61 Phased Jump.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/06 Polysynths/62 Percussive Choral.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/06 Polysynths/63 Pop Art.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/06 Polysynths/64 Propogate.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/06 Polysynths/65 Tines Pad.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/06 Polysynths/66 Vocalised.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/06 Polysynths/67 Wavey.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/06 Polysynths/68 Belly Strings.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/06 Polysynths/69 Click Choir.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/06 Polysynths/70 Fonkee.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/06 Polysynths/71 Killer Bees.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/06 Polysynths/72 The Spring.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/06 Polysynths/73 Wet And Fat.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/07 Synth Brass/01 Attack Brass.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/07 Synth Brass/02 Classic Synth Horns.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/07 Synth Brass/03 Spitty Synth Brass.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/07 Synth Brass/04 Warm Horns.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/07 Synth Brass/05 Bright n Bendy.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/07 Synth Brass/06 Brighter Horns.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/07 Synth Brass/07 Bright Synth Brass.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/07 Synth Brass/08 Big Brass.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/07 Synth Brass/09 Tune Up Brass.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/07 Synth Brass/10 Brite n Trite.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/07 Synth Brass/11 Casio Brass.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/07 Synth Brass/12 Attack Reso Brass.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/07 Synth Brass/13 The Prince.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/07 Synth Brass/14 Matrix Brass.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/07 Synth Brass/15 Pure PPG.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/07 Synth Brass/16 Cheeeese.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/07 Synth Brass/17 Mellow Synth Horns.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/08 Percussive/01 Galloping Woodblocks.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/08 Percussive/02 Hollow Arp.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/08 Percussive/03 Percussive Sine.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/08 Percussive/04 Metal Noize Arp.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/08 Percussive/05 Single Note Percussive.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/08 Percussive/06 Strung Up.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/08 Percussive/07 Random Chime.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/08 Percussive/08 Echo-Clank.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/08 Percussive/09 Popper.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/08 Percussive/10 Arpogee.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/08 Percussive/11 Bent Metal.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/08 Percussive/12 Echo Hits.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/08 Percussive/13 FM Percussive.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/08 Percussive/14 Q Tone.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/08 Percussive/15 Glass.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/08 Percussive/16 Saw Arp.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/08 Percussive/17 Galloping Pipes.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/08 Percussive/18 Soft FM.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/08 Percussive/19 TimbaMallet.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/08 Percussive/20 PONG.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/08 Percussive/21 Syncophant.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/08 Percussive/22 Sequencer Perc 1.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/08 Percussive/23 Sequencer Perc 2.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/08 Percussive/24 Hammered Metal Slap.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/08 Percussive/25 Rubber Boing.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/08 Percussive/26 Steam Pipes.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/08 Percussive/27 Timbale.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/08 Percussive/28 Noise Crash.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/08 Percussive/29 FM Mallet.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/08 Percussive/30 FM Metallic Breath.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/08 Percussive/31 FM Metallic.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/08 Percussive/32 Tapped Bottle.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/08 Percussive/33 Analog Pulse.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/08 Percussive/34 Analog Saw.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/08 Percussive/35 808 Hat.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/08 Percussive/36 80s Cowbell.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/08 Percussive/37 Agogo 1.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/08 Percussive/38 Agogo 2.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/08 Percussive/39 Woody.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/08 Percussive/40 Metal Girl.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/08 Percussive/41 Metal Guy.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/08 Percussive/42 Reso Zap.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/08 Percussive/43 Steamy Pipes.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/08 Percussive/44 Triangle.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/08 Percussive/45 Woodblock.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/08 Percussive/46 Plastic.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/09 Multitrack Arpeggios/01 Arpmosphere 1.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/09 Multitrack Arpeggios/02 Arpmosphere 2.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/09 Multitrack Arpeggios/03 Arpmosphere 3.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/09 Multitrack Arpeggios/04 Arpmosphere 4.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/09 Multitrack Arpeggios/05 Six Finger Cue 1.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/09 Multitrack Arpeggios/06 Six Finger Cue 2.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/09 Multitrack Arpeggios/07 Six Finger Cue 3.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/09 Multitrack Arpeggios/08 Upbeat 1.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/09 Multitrack Arpeggios/09 Upbeat 2.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/09 Multitrack Arpeggios/10 Upbeat 3.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/09 Multitrack Arpeggios/11 Upbeat 4.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/09 Multitrack Arpeggios/12 World Traveller 1.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/09 Multitrack Arpeggios/13 World Traveller 2.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/09 Multitrack Arpeggios/14 Slow Jam @ Montreal.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/09 Multitrack Arpeggios/15 Arpo Marx.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/09 Multitrack Arpeggios/16 News Flash.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/09 Multitrack Arpeggios/17 Polyrhythmic FM.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/09 Multitrack Arpeggios/18 Taxman.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/09 Multitrack Arpeggios/19 The News.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/09 Multitrack Arpeggios/20 XTC '97.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/09 Multitrack Arpeggios/21 Electro-Block.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/09 Multitrack Arpeggios/22 Rock Split.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/09 Multitrack Arpeggios/23 Big Beat Backing Band.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/09 Multitrack Arpeggios/24 Deep Purpose.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/09 Multitrack Arpeggios/25 Unplugged House.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/09 Multitrack Arpeggios/26 Werk.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/09 Multitrack Arpeggios/27 E-James.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/09 Multitrack Arpeggios/28 Techno Tunes.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/09 Multitrack Arpeggios/29 Drum'n'Bass.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/09 Multitrack Arpeggios/30 Oktoberfest.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/09 Multitrack Arpeggios/31 Put Your Hands.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/10 Simple Arpeggios/01 Woodpecker.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/10 Simple Arpeggios/02 Hollow Arp.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/10 Simple Arpeggios/03 Metal Noize Arp.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/10 Simple Arpeggios/04 Syncophant.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/10 Simple Arpeggios/05 Strung Up.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/10 Simple Arpeggios/06 Echo Bass Sequence.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/10 Simple Arpeggios/07 Random Chime.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/10 Simple Arpeggios/08 Popper.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/10 Simple Arpeggios/09 Acidic.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/10 Simple Arpeggios/10 FM Tines.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/10 Simple Arpeggios/11 Galloping Woodblocks.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/10 Simple Arpeggios/12 Aciiiied.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/10 Simple Arpeggios/13 Arpogee.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/10 Simple Arpeggios/14 Club Fog.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/10 Simple Arpeggios/15 Saw Arp.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/10 Simple Arpeggios/16 Arpy 1.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/10 Simple Arpeggios/17 Cowbells.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/10 Simple Arpeggios/18 Nice Tones.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/10 Simple Arpeggios/19 Soft FM Arpeggio.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/10 Simple Arpeggios/20 Noisy Pattern.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/10 Simple Arpeggios/21 Sequencer Rhythm Slow.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/10 Simple Arpeggios/22 Sequencer Rhythm Fast.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/10 Simple Arpeggios/23 Sequencer Rhythm Faster.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/10 Simple Arpeggios/24 Tiney Arp.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/10 Simple Arpeggios/25 FM Down.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/10 Simple Arpeggios/26 Tines Too.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/10 Simple Arpeggios/27 Spoon.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/11 Soft Leads/01 Nice Wave.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/11 Soft Leads/02 Lost In Space.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/11 Soft Leads/03 Metal With Mandolins.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/11 Soft Leads/04 In Full Effect.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/11 Soft Leads/05 Keyboarder.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/11 Soft Leads/06 Unison Square Lead.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/11 Soft Leads/07 Soft Sync.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/11 Soft Leads/08 Chime Lead.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/11 Soft Leads/09 Clicky Phaser Lead.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/11 Soft Leads/10 Marvin.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/11 Soft Leads/11 Bent Chime.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/11 Soft Leads/12 Bend Saw.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/11 Soft Leads/13 Nice Saw.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/11 Soft Leads/14 Sieling.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/11 Soft Leads/15 Tri Self Oscillating.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/11 Soft Leads/16 Resonating Lead.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/11 Soft Leads/17 Brit Wave 2.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/11 Soft Leads/18 Smooth Square.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/11 Soft Leads/19 Fuzzy Pulse.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/11 Soft Leads/20 Gentle Call.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/11 Soft Leads/21 Vocalish.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/11 Soft Leads/22 Not Too Phased.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/11 Soft Leads/23 Theremin.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/11 Soft Leads/24 Calliope.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/11 Soft Leads/25 Liquid Sky.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/11 Soft Leads/26 Lonesome Oscillator.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/11 Soft Leads/27 Light Square Lead.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/11 Soft Leads/28 Poison.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/11 Soft Leads/29 Self Osci Soft.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/11 Soft Leads/30 Soft Saw.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/11 Soft Leads/31 Singing Synth.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/11 Soft Leads/32 Whiner.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/11 Soft Leads/33 Quaaak Express.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/11 Soft Leads/34 Space Bagpipe.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/11 Soft Leads/35 80s Romantic.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/11 Soft Leads/36 Ghost Train.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/11 Soft Leads/37 Mountain Dew.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/11 Soft Leads/38 My Melody.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/11 Soft Leads/39 New Romantic.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/11 Soft Leads/40 Pictures.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/11 Soft Leads/41 Singing Saw.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/11 Soft Leads/42 Synth Aah.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/11 Soft Leads/43 Trautonium.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/11 Soft Leads/44 Old Square.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/11 Soft Leads/45 Basic Saw Lead.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/11 Soft Leads/46 Basic Square Lead.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/11 Soft Leads/47 Basic Pulse Lead.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/11 Soft Leads/48 Basic PWM Lead.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/11 Soft Leads/49 Basic Triangle Lead.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/11 Soft Leads/50 Basic Sine Lead.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/11 Soft Leads/51 Basic Digital Lead.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/12 Hard Leads/01 Saw Octave Stack.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/12 Hard Leads/02 Dangerous.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/12 Hard Leads/03 Syncer.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/12 Hard Leads/04 Credibility.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/12 Hard Leads/05 A Little Phased.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/12 Hard Leads/06 Excited.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/12 Hard Leads/07 Deep fried.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/12 Hard Leads/08 Dynamic Dirt.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/12 Hard Leads/09 Square Stack.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/12 Hard Leads/10 Fifth Saw.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/12 Hard Leads/11 Insyncerator.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/12 Hard Leads/12 Trance Type.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/12 Hard Leads/13 Digital Lead.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/12 Hard Leads/14 Dirty Square.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/12 Hard Leads/15 NDW1.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/12 Hard Leads/16 Rave Signal.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/12 Hard Leads/17 Duesseldorf.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/12 Hard Leads/18 Pauls State.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/12 Hard Leads/19 Square Uni Sync.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/12 Hard Leads/20 TensionLead.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/12 Hard Leads/21 Romans.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/12 Hard Leads/22 Brit Wave 1.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/12 Hard Leads/23 Gimme An E.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/12 Hard Leads/24 Nasty Fifth.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/12 Hard Leads/25 Velosync.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/12 Hard Leads/26 Grunge.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/12 Hard Leads/27 Saw 5th.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/12 Hard Leads/28 Robo Saw.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/12 Hard Leads/29 Saw Stack.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/12 Hard Leads/30 TechnoRock.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/12 Hard Leads/31 Saw Octave.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/12 Hard Leads/32 Saw Stack 2.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/12 Hard Leads/33 Simple Saw.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/12 Hard Leads/34 Amped Analog.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/12 Hard Leads/35 The Razor.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/12 Hard Leads/36 Cable Hit.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/12 Hard Leads/37 Bright Unison.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/12 Hard Leads/38 Didgeritronic.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/12 Hard Leads/39 1 Osc Pulse Lead.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/12 Hard Leads/40 Flanged EErie.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/12 Hard Leads/41 Hard Saw.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/12 Hard Leads/42 Hard'n'Synced.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/12 Hard Leads/43 June.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/12 Hard Leads/44 Lead Vocal.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/12 Hard Leads/45 NDW2.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/12 Hard Leads/46 Resolead.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/12 Hard Leads/47 Tube Scream.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/12 Hard Leads/48 Breakdance I.O.U..tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/12 Hard Leads/49 Mech-Razor.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/12 Hard Leads/50 Zoom.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/12 Hard Leads/51 Basic Saw Lead.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/12 Hard Leads/52 Basic Square Lead.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/12 Hard Leads/53 Basic Pulse Lead.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/12 Hard Leads/54 Basic PWM Lead.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/12 Hard Leads/55 Basic Triangle Lead.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/12 Hard Leads/56 Basic Digital Lead.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/13 Acoustic Piano/01 Natural Grand Piano.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/13 Acoustic Piano/02 Soft Grand Piano.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/13 Acoustic Piano/03 Hard Grand Piano.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/13 Acoustic Piano/04 Ambient Piano.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/13 Acoustic Piano/05 Piano + Ooh Choir.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/13 Acoustic Piano/06 Natural Piano + Strings.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/13 Acoustic Piano/07 Gentle Piano + Strings.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/13 Acoustic Piano/08 Piano + Aah Choir.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/13 Acoustic Piano/09 Piano + Soft Pad.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/13 Acoustic Piano/10 Low-Pad-Piano.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/13 Acoustic Piano/11 Dream-Piano.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/13 Acoustic Piano/12 Piano + Suitcase.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/13 Acoustic Piano/13 Piano + FM Electric Piano.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/13 Acoustic Piano/14 Greatful Time.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/13 Acoustic Piano/15 House Piano.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/13 Acoustic Piano/16 Latin Piano.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/13 Acoustic Piano/17 Phasey Piano.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/13 Acoustic Piano/18 Sequencer Piano.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/13 Acoustic Piano/19 Talking Piano.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/13 Acoustic Piano/20 New Upright Piano.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/13 Acoustic Piano/21 Old Upright Piano.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/13 Acoustic Piano/22 New Honky Tonk Piano.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/13 Acoustic Piano/23 Old Honky Tonk Piano.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/13 Acoustic Piano/24 After The Gunfight.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/13 Acoustic Piano/25 Western-Saloon.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/13 Acoustic Piano/26 Piano Tuners Nightmare.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/13 Acoustic Piano/27 Workstation Piano.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/13 Acoustic Piano/28 Natural Piano Eco.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/13 Acoustic Piano/29 Soft Piano Eco.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/13 Acoustic Piano/30 Hard Piano Eco.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/13 Acoustic Piano/31 Very Soft Piano.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/13 Acoustic Piano/32 Very Hard Piano.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/14 E Pianos + Clav/01 Basic Suitcase.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/14 E Pianos + Clav/02 Chorus Suitcase.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/14 E Pianos + Clav/03 Tremolo Suitcase.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/14 E Pianos + Clav/04 Riders.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/14 E Pianos + Clav/05 Phaser Suitcase.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/14 E Pianos + Clav/06 Basic Mark1.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/14 E Pianos + Clav/07 Chorus Mark1.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/14 E Pianos + Clav/08 Tremolo Mark1.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/14 E Pianos + Clav/09 Blue Jeans.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/14 E Pianos + Clav/10 Phaser Mark1.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/14 E Pianos + Clav/11 Basic Wurli.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/14 E Pianos + Clav/12 Chorus Wurli.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/14 E Pianos + Clav/13 Vibrato Wurli.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/14 E Pianos + Clav/14 Ballad.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/14 E Pianos + Clav/15 Phaser Wurli.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/14 E Pianos + Clav/16 Pretty FM.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/14 E Pianos + Clav/17 Pretty FM + Chorus.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/14 E Pianos + Clav/18 Bright FM Piano.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/14 E Pianos + Clav/19 Pretty FM + Tremolo.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/14 E Pianos + Clav/20 Warm FM.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/14 E Pianos + Clav/21 Warm FM + Chorus.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/14 E Pianos + Clav/22 Toneless FM.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/14 E Pianos + Clav/23 Belly-Rhodes.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/14 E Pianos + Clav/24 Warm FM + Tremolo.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/14 E Pianos + Clav/25 Synth EP.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/14 E Pianos + Clav/26 Artificial Jazz EP.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/14 E Pianos + Clav/27 FineTine.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/14 E Pianos + Clav/28 Golden EP.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/14 E Pianos + Clav/29 Synth EP + Tremolo.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/14 E Pianos + Clav/30 Choired EP.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/14 E Pianos + Clav/31 Homemade EP.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/14 E Pianos + Clav/32 Homemade Belly EP.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/14 E Pianos + Clav/33 Homemade EP 2.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/14 E Pianos + Clav/34 Old Style Digi EP.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/14 E Pianos + Clav/35 Subtle EP.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/14 E Pianos + Clav/36 Belly EP 2.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/14 E Pianos + Clav/37 Clavinet.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/14 E Pianos + Clav/38 Clavinet + Tone Control.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/14 E Pianos + Clav/39 Skinny Clav.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/14 E Pianos + Clav/40 Guitary Clav.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/14 E Pianos + Clav/41 Voice Mod Clav.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/14 E Pianos + Clav/42 Bi-Phaser Clav.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/14 E Pianos + Clav/43 Phaser Clav.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/14 E Pianos + Clav/44 Dyna Wah Clav.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/14 E Pianos + Clav/45 Amped Clav.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/14 E Pianos + Clav/46 Tremolo Clav.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/14 E Pianos + Clav/47 70s Dirty.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/15 Organs/01 Classic B.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/15 Organs/02 Clean + Warm.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/15 Organs/03 Full Bars.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/15 Organs/04 Dirty 70s.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/15 Organs/05 Jazz.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/15 Organs/06 Full n Rich.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/15 Organs/07 Kick Me.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/15 Organs/08 Paler Shade Of White.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/15 Organs/09 Reggae Organ.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/15 Organs/10 The Kid.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/15 Organs/11 Cruisey.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/15 Organs/12 Cartoon O'Clock.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/15 Organs/13 Nice N Smooth.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/15 Organs/14 Full Rock.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/15 Organs/15 Caribbean-Organ.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/15 Organs/16 Jazz-Funtazz.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/15 Organs/17 Orange-Organ.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/15 Organs/18 Cliff's Organ.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/15 Organs/19 Hammond Jazz.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/15 Organs/20 Old Full Bars.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/15 Organs/21 Purple.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/15 Organs/22 Reggae Ballad.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/15 Organs/23 Sound Check.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/15 Organs/24 Clean + Funky.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/15 Organs/25 Huge Cathedral Organ.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/15 Organs/26 Welcome.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/15 Organs/27 Cathedral Organ.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/15 Organs/28 Panpipe Cathedral.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/15 Organs/29 Beside The Organist.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/15 Organs/30 Simple Cathedral Organ.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/15 Organs/31 Better Go Home.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/15 Organs/32 Basic Jazz Organ.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/15 Organs/33 Basic Rock Organ.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/15 Organs/34 Basic Gospel Organ.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/15 Organs/35 Basic Lower Manual.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/16 Strings/01 Big Legato Strings.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/16 Strings/02 Ballad-String-Pad.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/16 Strings/03 Le Gato.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/16 Strings/04 Concert Hall Strings.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/16 Strings/05 Phasing Stack.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/16 Strings/06 Strings Stack.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/16 Strings/07 Octave Strings Stack.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/16 Strings/08 Strings Swells.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/16 Strings/09 Faster Attack Strings.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/16 Strings/10 Big Strings.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/16 Strings/11 Big Strings Swells.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/16 Strings/12 5th Strings.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/16 Strings/13 4th Strings.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/16 Strings/14 Suspended Strings.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/16 Strings/15 Minor 7th Strings.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/16 Strings/16 Major 7th Strings.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/16 Strings/17 Big Legato Pad.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/16 Strings/18 Strings+Trumpets.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/16 Strings/19 Soft Formant Strings 1.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/16 Strings/20 Bright Formant Strings.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/16 Strings/21 Wide + Bright Strings.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/16 Strings/22 Soft Legato Strings.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/16 Strings/23 Soft Legato Pad.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/16 Strings/24 Bright Legato Strings.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/16 Strings/25 Bright Legato Pad.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/16 Strings/26 Pizzicato Strings Section.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/16 Strings/27 Bright Pizzicato.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/16 Strings/28 Legato Pizzicato Mod Wheel.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/16 Strings/29 Hybrid Strings Stack.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/16 Strings/30 Hybrid Pad.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/16 Strings/31 Soft Formant Hybrid 1.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/16 Strings/32 Bright Formant Hybrid.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/16 Strings/33 Fast Cheap Sampler Strings.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/16 Strings/34 House Strings.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/16 Strings/35 Fehler Tron Strings.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/17 Vocals/01 Aah Choir.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/17 Vocals/02 Aah Choir Pad.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/17 Vocals/03 High Pass Aahs.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/17 Vocals/04 Ooh Choir.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/17 Vocals/05 Ooh Choir Pad.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/17 Vocals/06 High Pass Oohs.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/17 Vocals/07 Heavens Choir.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/17 Vocals/08 Hollow Choir.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/17 Vocals/09 Ooh-Aah Choir.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/17 Vocals/10 Aah-Ooh Choir.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/17 Vocals/11 Aah+Ooh.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/17 Vocals/12 PizziChoir.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/17 Vocals/13 Wide Choir.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/17 Vocals/14 Breathy Hybrid.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/17 Vocals/15 Breathy Hybrid Pad.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/17 Vocals/16 Breathy High Pass.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/17 Vocals/17 Smooth Hybrid.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/17 Vocals/18 Presence Choir.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/17 Vocals/19 Smooth Pad.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/17 Vocals/20 Smooth High Pass.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/17 Vocals/21 Digi Choir.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/17 Vocals/22 Digi Pad.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/17 Vocals/23 Digi High Pass.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/17 Vocals/24 Old Faithful.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/17 Vocals/25 Faithful Pad.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/17 Vocals/26 Faithful High Pass.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/17 Vocals/27 Reverse Choir.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/17 Vocals/28 Classic Fair.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/17 Vocals/29 Fair Pad.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/17 Vocals/30 Fair High Pass.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/17 Vocals/31 Gammon.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/17 Vocals/32 Freddy.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/17 Vocals/33 Spooky.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/17 Vocals/34 Glamour Tron.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/18 Brass + Woodwind/01 Natural Brass Section.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/18 Brass + Woodwind/02 Bigger Section.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/18 Brass + Woodwind/03 Biggest Section.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/18 Brass + Woodwind/04 Big Brass.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/18 Brass + Woodwind/05 Evangelic.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/18 Brass + Woodwind/06 Bass + Horns Split.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/18 Brass + Woodwind/07 Full Horn.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/18 Brass + Woodwind/08 Sharp Section.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/18 Brass + Woodwind/09 Brass Soft Layer.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/18 Brass + Woodwind/10 Brass Hard Layer.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/18 Brass + Woodwind/11 Hybrid Brass.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/18 Brass + Woodwind/12 Hybrid Octaves.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/18 Brass + Woodwind/13 French Horns.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/18 Brass + Woodwind/14 Hybrid Horns.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/18 Brass + Woodwind/15 Solo Trumpet.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/18 Brass + Woodwind/16 Studio Trumpet.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/18 Brass + Woodwind/17 Bright Studio Trumpet.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/18 Brass + Woodwind/18 One Trumpet.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/18 Brass + Woodwind/19 Shorter Trumpet.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/18 Brass + Woodwind/20 Street Trumpet.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/18 Brass + Woodwind/21 Soft Trumpet.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/18 Brass + Woodwind/22 Hard Trumpet.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/18 Brass + Woodwind/23 Trumpets Section.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/18 Brass + Woodwind/24 Trumpets + More.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/18 Brass + Woodwind/25 Bigger Section.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/18 Brass + Woodwind/26 Tenor Sax.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/18 Brass + Woodwind/27 Street Sax.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/18 Brass + Woodwind/28 Gentle Tenor Saxophone.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/18 Brass + Woodwind/29 Soft Tenor Sax.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/18 Brass + Woodwind/30 Hard Tenor Sax.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/18 Brass + Woodwind/31 Tenor Saxes Section.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/18 Brass + Woodwind/32 Clarinet.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/18 Brass + Woodwind/33 Mosk Clarinet.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/18 Brass + Woodwind/34 Theater Clarinet.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/18 Brass + Woodwind/35 Soft Clarinet.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/18 Brass + Woodwind/36 Hard Clarinet.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/19 Mallets/01 Vibraphone.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/19 Mallets/02 Chorus Vibes.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/19 Mallets/03 Herbal Vibes.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/19 Mallets/04 Small Vibes.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/19 Mallets/05 Cinematic Vibra.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/19 Mallets/06 Orch + Vibra.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/19 Mallets/07 Dirty Old Vibes.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/19 Mallets/08 Stereo Vibraphon.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/19 Mallets/09 Marimba.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/19 Mallets/10 Marimba Riddum.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/19 Mallets/11 Bent Marimba.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/19 Mallets/12 Dirty Marimba Echo.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/19 Mallets/13 Benin.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/19 Mallets/14 Marimbaphone.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/19 Mallets/15 Jungle Mallet.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/19 Mallets/16 Fence Post Marimba.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/19 Mallets/17 Tecknoid-Mallets.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/19 Mallets/18 Xylophone.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/19 Mallets/19 Rhythmaphone.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/19 Mallets/20 Skating Xylo.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/19 Mallets/21 Skinny Xylo.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/19 Mallets/22 Flintstones Boneaphone.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/19 Mallets/23 Music Box.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/19 Mallets/24 Droplets.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/19 Mallets/25 Ambience Box.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/19 Mallets/26 Rich Music Box.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/19 Mallets/27 Wet Music Box.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/19 Mallets/28 Fisher's Price.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/19 Mallets/29 Perky Music Box.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/19 Mallets/30 Vibratone.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/19 Mallets/31 Vibrasprinkles.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/19 Mallets/32 Echoed Vibratone.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/20 Bells/01 Glockenspiel.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/20 Bells/02 Rich Glockenspiel.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/20 Bells/03 Blockenspiel.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/20 Bells/04 Scary Glockenspiel.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/20 Bells/05 Tubular Bells.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/20 Bells/06 Someone's At The Door.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/20 Bells/07 Turbo Bells.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/20 Bells/08 Pretty Chimes.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/20 Bells/09 Bell + Pad.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/20 Bells/10 Gentle Chimes.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/20 Bells/11 Melody Bells.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/20 Bells/12 X-Mas Support.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/20 Bells/13 Light Bells.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/20 Bells/14 Analog Chimes.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/20 Bells/15 Steiner Parker.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/20 Bells/16 Big FM Bells.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/20 Bells/17 Rich FM Bells.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/20 Bells/18 Complex Bells.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/20 Bells/19 Chapel-Bells.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/20 Bells/20 Complexer Bells.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/20 Bells/21 Digital Church.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/20 Bells/22 Digital Buzz Bells.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/20 Bells/23 Buy Now.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/20 Bells/24 Digital Spectral.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/20 Bells/25 Jingle-Bells.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/20 Bells/26 FM Bells Stack 1.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/20 Bells/27 FM Bells Stack 2.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/20 Bells/28 Oriental.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/20 Bells/29 Glassy Glockenspiel.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/20 Bells/30 Bellissimo.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/20 Bells/31 Huge Bending Bells Pad.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/20 Bells/32 Electrobells.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/20 Bells/33 Turbular.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/20 Bells/34 Nasal Bells.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/20 Bells/35 Reso Noise Bells.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/20 Bells/36 Rich Noise Bells.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/20 Bells/37 Dump Bell.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/20 Bells/38 Woodpecker Bells.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/20 Bells/39 Choked Pecker.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/20 Bells/40 Pitched Triangle.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/20 Bells/41 Confused Bells.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/20 Bells/42 Church Bells Loop.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/20 Bells/43 Cemetary Bells.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/20 Bells/44 Reversed Glock Melody.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/20 Bells/45 Glock Gliss Down.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/20 Bells/46 Glock Gliss Up.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/20 Bells/47 Idea-Bells.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/21 Guitars/01 Steel String Acoustic.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/21 Guitars/02 Steel String + Harmonics.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/21 Guitars/03 Steel String Harmonics.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/21 Guitars/04 Guitar At Home.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/21 Guitars/05 Soft Steel String.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/21 Guitars/06 Medium Steel String.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/21 Guitars/07 Hard Steel String.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/21 Guitars/08 Picked Nylon String.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/21 Guitars/09 Picked Nylon + Harmonics.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/21 Guitars/10 Nylon String Harmonics.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/21 Guitars/11 Acoustic Dreamguitar.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/21 Guitars/12 Guitar + Sitar.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/21 Guitars/13 Jammin' Spoon.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/21 Guitars/14 Git Piano Resonant.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/21 Guitars/15 Classic Concert.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/21 Guitars/16 Soft Nylon Picked.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/21 Guitars/17 Soft Med Nylon Picked.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/21 Guitars/18 Hard Med Nylon Picked.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/21 Guitars/19 Hard Nylon Picked.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/21 Guitars/20 Very Hard Nylon Picked.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/21 Guitars/21 Clean Electric Guitar.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/21 Guitars/22 Chorus Electric Guitar.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/21 Guitars/23 Studio Strat.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/21 Guitars/24 Clean Electric Double.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/21 Guitars/25 Git Riddum.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/21 Guitars/26 Major + Minor Bar Chords.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/21 Guitars/27 Clean 1st + 5th Strum.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/21 Guitars/28 First Clean Guitar.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/21 Guitars/29 Clean Wah Guitar.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/21 Guitars/30 Funky Mod Electric.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/21 Guitars/31 Dynamic Wah Guitar.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/21 Guitars/32 A Bit Dirty.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/21 Guitars/33 Pretty Much Dirty.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/21 Guitars/34 Dirty Lead 1.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/21 Guitars/35 Dirty Lead 2.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/21 Guitars/36 Dirty Auto Wah.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/21 Guitars/37 Dirty Dynamic Wah.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/21 Guitars/38 Powerchords.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/21 Guitars/39 Sabbath.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/21 Guitars/40 Show Off.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/22 Ethnic/01 Natural Sitar.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/22 Ethnic/02 Taj Mahal.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/22 Ethnic/03 Nice Sitar Pad.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/22 Ethnic/04 Tiny Sitar.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/22 Ethnic/05 Resonant Sitar.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/22 Ethnic/06 Gentle Sitar.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/22 Ethnic/07 Natural Kalimba.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/22 Ethnic/08 Small Kalimba.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/22 Ethnic/09 Hollow Kalimba.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/22 Ethnic/10 Melodic Kalimba.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/22 Ethnic/11 Kalimba Rhythm.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/22 Ethnic/12 Kalimba Bass.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/22 Ethnic/13 Natural Panpipes.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/22 Ethnic/14 Pantasy.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/22 Ethnic/15 Ambient Pipes.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/22 Ethnic/16 Forest-Pipes.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/22 Ethnic/17 Panpipes Pad.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/22 Ethnic/18 Pipes n Bottles.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/22 Ethnic/19 Anden Mix.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/22 Ethnic/20 Les Andes.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/22 Ethnic/21 Air Instruments.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/22 Ethnic/22 Small Panpipes.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/22 Ethnic/23 Flutey Pipes.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/22 Ethnic/24 Soft Panpipes.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/22 Ethnic/25 Hard Panpipes.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/22 Ethnic/26 Percussive Bottle Blow.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/22 Ethnic/27 Gentle Bottle Blow.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/22 Ethnic/28 Blown Bottle 2.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/23 Hits/01 Shocking.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/23 Hits/02 White Shark.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/23 Hits/03 Orchestral Combination.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/23 Hits/04 Strings Combination.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/23 Hits/05 Bend Combination.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/23 Hits/06 Orchestra Hit 1.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/23 Hits/07 Orchestra Hit 2.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/23 Hits/08 Brassy Hit.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/23 Hits/09 Tension Hit.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/23 Hits/10 Strings Hit 1.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/23 Hits/11 Strings Hit 2.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/23 Hits/12 Scoop Hit.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/23 Hits/13 Breakbeat Anthem.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/23 Hits/14 Discovery.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/23 Hits/15 Finito.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/23 Hits/16 Techno Tune.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/24 Synth Basses/01 Pulse Thumper.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/24 Synth Basses/02 Wide Unison Saw Bass.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/24 Synth Basses/03 Two Osc 303 Imposter.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/24 Synth Basses/04 Percy FM Bass.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/24 Synth Basses/05 Ultra Fuzz Attack.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/24 Synth Basses/06 Tek Bass.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/24 Synth Basses/07 Phaser Face Bass.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/24 Synth Basses/08 Simple Analog Thumper.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/24 Synth Basses/09 Rave Saw + Sync Bass.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/24 Synth Basses/10 Subsonic 2.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/24 Synth Basses/11 Super Fuzz.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/24 Synth Basses/12 Octa Saw Bass.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/24 Synth Basses/13 Sync Bass.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/24 Synth Basses/14 Car Chase Bass.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/24 Synth Basses/15 Pulsating Vocal Fuzz.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/24 Synth Basses/16 Aliased Wavetable Bass.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/24 Synth Basses/17 Reso Tek Bass.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/24 Synth Basses/18 Dirty Fooger Bass.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/24 Synth Basses/19 FM Velo Start Bass.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/24 Synth Basses/20 Gritty Saw Bass.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/24 Synth Basses/21 Hybrid Thump Bass.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/24 Synth Basses/22 Pac Man.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/24 Synth Basses/23 Jupiter Unison Bass.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/24 Synth Basses/24 Mechwarrior-Bass.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/24 Synth Basses/25 Analog Simple.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/24 Synth Basses/26 Metallic Fuzz Bass.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/24 Synth Basses/27 MKS Uni Bass 2.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/24 Synth Basses/28 Reso Wow Bass.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/24 Synth Basses/29 MKS Uni Saw.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/24 Synth Basses/30 DeepDelay.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/24 Synth Basses/31 Rubberly Bass.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/24 Synth Basses/32 303 Sequencer.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/24 Synth Basses/33 Simple Saw Bass.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/24 Synth Basses/34 Simple Wow Bass.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/24 Synth Basses/35 Chorus Bass.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/24 Synth Basses/36 Subsonic 1.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/24 Synth Basses/37 The Lonely Guy.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/24 Synth Basses/38 Deep Pulse Thumper.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/24 Synth Basses/39 Tight Ow Bass.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/24 Synth Basses/40 303 Imposter.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/24 Synth Basses/41 Bright Unison Square Bass.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/24 Synth Basses/42 Dynamixxx.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/24 Synth Basses/43 Unison Square Bass.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/24 Synth Basses/44 Wide Unison Bass.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/24 Synth Basses/45 Electro Bass.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/24 Synth Basses/46 Electro Funk.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/24 Synth Basses/47 Everybody In The Place.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/24 Synth Basses/48 Flat Analog Thump.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/24 Synth Basses/49 Grave Bass.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/24 Synth Basses/50 Hi Enveloped TB.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/24 Synth Basses/51 Huge Bass.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/24 Synth Basses/52 Noise Analog.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/24 Synth Basses/53 Rocker's Analog.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/24 Synth Basses/54 Round Bass.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/24 Synth Basses/55 Tek Fun.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/24 Synth Basses/56 Thumped FM Bass.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/24 Synth Basses/57 Unison Mono Analog.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/24 Synth Basses/58 Werk Bass.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/24 Synth Basses/59 Funky Fillin Bass.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/24 Synth Basses/60 Knarzzz.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/24 Synth Basses/61 Low Freq Bass.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/24 Synth Basses/62 Mamboo Bass.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/24 Synth Basses/63 Move it.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/24 Synth Basses/64 Raggae-Resobass.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/24 Synth Basses/65 1 Osc Saw Bass.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/24 Synth Basses/66 1 Osc Saw Sync Bass.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/24 Synth Basses/67 1 Osc Square-Pulse Bass.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/24 Synth Basses/68 1 Osc Square-Pulse Sync Bass.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/24 Synth Basses/69 2 Osc Pulse Sync Attack Bass.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/24 Synth Basses/70 2 Osc Saw Sync Attack Bass.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/25 Basses/01 Full Pick Bass.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/25 Basses/02 Pickless Pick Bass.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/25 Basses/03 Pickin Stanley Bass.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/25 Basses/04 Soft Pick Bass.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/25 Basses/05 Hard Pick Bass.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/25 Basses/06 Full Finger Bass.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/25 Basses/07 Fingerless Bass.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/25 Basses/08 Round Wound.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/25 Basses/09 Gothic Bass.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/25 Basses/10 Hard Room.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/25 Basses/11 Soft Finger Bass.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/25 Basses/12 Hard Finger Bass.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/25 Basses/13 Very Hard Finger Bass.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/25 Basses/14 Crispy Acoustic.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/25 Basses/15 Double Bass.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/25 Basses/16 Genetic Double Bass.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/25 Basses/17 HipHop Tool.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/25 Basses/18 Classic Double bass.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/25 Basses/19 Soft Double Bass.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/25 Basses/20 Medium Double Bass.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/25 Basses/21 Hard Double Bass.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/26 Drums/01 Pop Kit.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/26 Drums/02 Nu Groove.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/26 Drums/03 Brite N Tite.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/26 Drums/04 Electro Poppa.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/26 Drums/05 Impact Kit.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/26 Drums/06 Electro-Reverse-Kit.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/26 Drums/07 Rock Kit.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/26 Drums/08 Perky Room Kit.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/26 Drums/09 Live Drums.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/26 Drums/10 Roomy Kit.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/26 Drums/11 Loose Kit.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/26 Drums/12 Tribal Kit.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/26 Drums/13 Fatty.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/26 Drums/14 Analog.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/26 Drums/15 FX Drums.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/26 Drums/16 Light N Small.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/26 Drums/17 Gated Kit.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/26 Drums/18 Hip Hop.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/26 Drums/19 House Set.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/26 Drums/20 Pumper.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/26 Drums/21 Tight Electro Kit.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/26 Drums/22 Techno Set.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/26 Drums/23 Trance Set.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/26 Drums/24 Practice Room.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/26 Drums/25 Disco Set.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/26 Drums/26 Dry Studio Set.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/26 Drums/27 Electronic Dub.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/26 Drums/28 Funk Drums.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/26 Drums/29 Gated Hip Hop.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/26 Drums/30 Puffer.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/26 Drums/31 Miami Bass Set.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/26 Drums/32 Kicks+Snares+Sides Menu.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/26 Drums/33 Kicks+Snares+Claps Menu.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/26 Drums/34 Cymbals Menu.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/26 Drums/35 Crashes + Rides Menu.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/26 Drums/36 Cowbells + Tambs Menu.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/26 Drums/37 Kicks Menu.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/26 Drums/38 Snares Menu.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/26 Drums/39 Sidesticks Menu.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/26 Drums/40 Claps Menu.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/26 Drums/41 Hi-Hats Menu.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/26 Drums/42 Toms Menu.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/26 Drums/43 Crashes Menu.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/26 Drums/44 Rides Menu.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/26 Drums/45 Splashes Menu.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/26 Drums/46 China Types Menu.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/27 Percussion/01 Natural Percussion.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/27 Percussion/02 Electronic Percussion.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/27 Percussion/03 Grammophone Percussion.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/27 Percussion/04 Stereo Analog Percussion.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/27 Percussion/05 Congas + Bongos Menu.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/27 Percussion/06 Tamb+Maracas+Chimes Menu.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/27 Percussion/07 Conga Menu 1.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/27 Percussion/08 Conga Menu 2.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/27 Percussion/09 Bongo Menu 1.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/27 Percussion/10 Bongo Menu 2.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/27 Percussion/11 Tambourine Menu.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/27 Percussion/12 Maracas Menu.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/27 Percussion/13 Bongos+Congas+Timbales.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/27 Percussion/14 Metallic + Wooden Perc.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/27 Percussion/15 Shaken Percussion.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/27 Percussion/16 Windchimes.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/27 Percussion/17 Wet Windchimes.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/27 Percussion/18 Timpani.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/27 Percussion/19 Timpani Low Velo.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/27 Percussion/20 Timpani Med Velo.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/27 Percussion/21 Timpani Hard Velo.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/27 Percussion/22 Taiko.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/27 Percussion/23 Timpani + Taiko.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/27 Percussion/24 Taiko + Bass.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/27 Percussion/25 Taiko Hall.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/28 Loops/01 Drums + Percussion Section.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/28 Loops/02 Breathing Tek.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/28 Loops/03 Battle Beats.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/28 Loops/04 Club Tracker.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/28 Loops/05 Click Beats.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/28 Loops/06 Back From The Wall.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/28 Loops/07 Human Beatbox 080.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/28 Loops/08 Acoustic Drums 100.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/28 Loops/09 Acoustic Drums 120.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/28 Loops/10 Acoustic Rock 120.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/28 Loops/11 Acoustic Vintage 100.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/28 Loops/12 Reggae 120.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/28 Loops/13 Big Beat 100 01.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/28 Loops/14 Big Beat 100 02.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/28 Loops/15 Big Beat 100 03.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/28 Loops/16 Big Beat 100 04.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/28 Loops/17 Big Beat 100 05.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/28 Loops/18 Electronic 110 01.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/28 Loops/19 Electronic 110 02.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/28 Loops/20 Electronic 110 03.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/28 Loops/21 Electronic 110 04.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/28 Loops/22 Electronic 110 05.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/28 Loops/23 Electronic 120 01.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/28 Loops/24 Electronic 120 02.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/28 Loops/25 Electronic Perc 120.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/28 Loops/26 Drum n Bass 160 01.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/28 Loops/27 Drum n Bass 160 02.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/28 Loops/28 Drum n Bass 160 03.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/28 Loops/29 Drum n Bass 160 04.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/28 Loops/30 Perc Loops 90.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/28 Loops/31 Tek Chords 120.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/28 Loops/32 Melodic Loops 100.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/28 Loops/33 Scratching-Drum Loop 100bpm.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/28 Loops/34 Robot Carnival.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/28 Loops/35 Electro Clash.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/28 Loops/36 Miami Percussive.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/28 Loops/37 TeknoStarter.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/28 Loops/38 Backspin.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/28 Loops/39 Dubby Drums.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/28 Loops/40 Gated Acoustic Drums.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/28 Loops/41 Gated Human Beatbox.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/28 Loops/42 Jungle Groove.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/28 Loops/43 Mad Electro Pattern.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/28 Loops/44 Neo Disko Grooves.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/28 Loops/45 Phased BigBeats.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/28 Loops/46 Psychedelic Beats.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/28 Loops/47 The Rock Band.tfx2.23 Kb
Xpand!/Xpand!/Init.tfx2.23 Kb

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