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mano negra discographie

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(1988) Patchanka/01 - Mano Negra.mp31.59 Mb
(1988) Patchanka/02 - Ronde de nuit.mp32.71 Mb
(1988) Patchanka/03 - Baby You're Mine.mp32.69 Mb
(1988) Patchanka/04 - Indios de Barcelona.mp32.45 Mb
(1988) Patchanka/05 - Rock Island Line.mp32.90 Mb
(1988) Patchanka/06 - Noche de Acción.mp32.55 Mb
(1988) Patchanka/07 - Darling Darling.mp31.67 Mb
(1988) Patchanka/08 - Killin' Rats.mp32.24 Mb
(1988) Patchanka/09 - Mala Vida.mp32.67 Mb
(1988) Patchanka/10 - Takin' It Up.mp33.39 Mb
(1988) Patchanka/11 - La Ventura.mp32.73 Mb
(1988) Patchanka/12 - Lonesome Bop.mp32.29 Mb
(1988) Patchanka/13 - Bragg Jack.mp32.35 Mb
(1988) Patchanka/14 - Salga la Luna.mp33.26 Mb
(1988) Patchanka/patchanka.jpg24.06 Kb
(1989) Puta's Fever/01 Mano Negra.mp31.32 Mb
(1989) Puta's Fever/02 Rock 'N' Roll Band.mp33.51 Mb
(1989) Puta's Fever/03 King Kong Five.mp32.65 Mb
(1989) Puta's Fever/04 Mala Vida.mp33.55 Mb
(1989) Puta's Fever/05 Indios de Barcelona.mp33.56 Mb
(1989) Puta's Fever/06 Sidi H' Bibi.mp32.77 Mb
(1989) Puta's Fever/07 The Rebel Spell.mp33.96 Mb
(1989) Puta's Fever/08 Peligro.mp33.20 Mb
(1989) Puta's Fever/09 Pas Assez de Toi.mp31.91 Mb
(1989) Puta's Fever/10 Magic Dice.mp33.68 Mb
(1989) Puta's Fever/11 Mad House.mp34.16 Mb
(1989) Puta's Fever/12 Guayaquil City.mp34.11 Mb
(1989) Puta's Fever/13 Voodoo.mp34.25 Mb
(1989) Puta's Fever/14 Patchanka.mp32.68 Mb
(1989) Puta's Fever/15 La Rancon du Succés.mp32.34 Mb
(1989) Puta's Fever/16 The Devil's Call.mp33.35 Mb
(1989) Puta's Fever/17 El Sur.mp31.37 Mb
(1989) Puta's Fever/18 Patchuko Hop.mp33.47 Mb
(1989) Puta's Fever/Puta's Fever.jpg82.19 Kb
(1991) King Of Bongo/01 - Bring the fire.mp33.17 Mb
(1991) King Of Bongo/02 - King Of Bongo.mp33.34 Mb
(1991) King Of Bongo/03 - Don't Want You No More.mp32.86 Mb
(1991) King Of Bongo/04 - Le Bruit Du Frigo.mp32.91 Mb
(1991) King Of Bongo/05 - Letter To The Censors.mp32.30 Mb
(1991) King Of Bongo/06 - El Jako.mp32.56 Mb
(1991) King Of Bongo/07 - It's My Heart.mp31.54 Mb
(1991) King Of Bongo/08 - Mad Man's Dead.mp32.54 Mb
(1991) King Of Bongo/09 - Out Of Time Man.mp33.13 Mb
(1991) King Of Bongo/10 - Madame Oscar.mp32.41 Mb
(1991) King Of Bongo/11 - Welcome In Occident.mp33.97 Mb
(1991) King Of Bongo/12 - Furious Fiesta.mp31.32 Mb
(1991) King Of Bongo/13 - The Fool.mp32.59 Mb
(1991) King Of Bongo/14 - Paris la nuit.mp33.05 Mb
(1991) King Of Bongo/King of Bongo.jpg51.91 Kb
(1991)Amerika Perdida/amerika perdida.jpg35.36 Kb
(1991)Amerika Perdida/Mano Negra - Amerika Perdida - 01 - Mano Negra.mp32.39 Mb
(1991)Amerika Perdida/Mano Negra - Amerika Perdida - 02 - Mala Vida.mp33.99 Mb
(1991)Amerika Perdida/Mano Negra - Amerika Perdida - 03 - Amerika Perdida.mp34.13 Mb
(1991)Amerika Perdida/Mano Negra - Amerika Perdida - 04 - Peligro.mp33.98 Mb
(1991)Amerika Perdida/Mano Negra - Amerika Perdida - 05 - Sidi H'Bibi.mp33.62 Mb
(1991)Amerika Perdida/Mano Negra - Amerika Perdida - 06 - Noche De Accion.mp33.87 Mb
(1991)Amerika Perdida/Mano Negra - Amerika Perdida - 07 - El Sur.mp31.38 Mb
(1991)Amerika Perdida/Mano Negra - Amerika Perdida - 08 - Patchunko Hop.mp33.44 Mb
(1991)Amerika Perdida/Mano Negra - Amerika Perdida - 09 - Mano Negra.mp31.36 Mb
(1991)Amerika Perdida/Mano Negra - Amerika Perdida - 10 - Patchanka.mp34.30 Mb
(1991)Amerika Perdida/Mano Negra - Amerika Perdida - 11 - Indios De Barcelona.mp33.65 Mb
(1991)Amerika Perdida/Mano Negra - Amerika Perdida - 12 - Guayaquil City.mp34.18 Mb
(1991)Amerika Perdida/Mano Negra - Amerika Perdida - 13 - El Jako.mp33.88 Mb
(1991)Amerika Perdida/Mano Negra - Amerika Perdida - 14 - Soledad.mp33.58 Mb
(1991)Amerika Perdida/Mano Negra - Amerika Perdida - 15 - King Kong Five.mp32.70 Mb
(1991)Amerika Perdida/Mano Negra - Amerika Perdida - 16 - Salga La Luna.mp34.90 Mb
(1992)In the Hell of Patchinko/01 - Mano Negra (1).mp3953.88 Kb
(1992)In the Hell of Patchinko/02 - Magic Dice.mp32.36 Mb
(1992)In the Hell of Patchinko/03 - Country Line.mp32.15 Mb
(1992)In the Hell of Patchinko/04 - Don't Want You No More.mp32.81 Mb
(1992)In the Hell of Patchinko/05 - Lonesome Bop.mp32.34 Mb
(1992)In the Hell of Patchinko/06 - Mano Negra (2).mp3822.04 Kb
(1992)In the Hell of Patchinko/07 - Rock Island Line.mp32.41 Mb
(1992)In the Hell of Patchinko/08 - King Kong Five.mp33.60 Mb
(1992)In the Hell of Patchinko/09 - Mad Man's Dead.mp31.86 Mb
(1992)In the Hell of Patchinko/10 - Bring the Fire.mp33.20 Mb
(1992)In the Hell of Patchinko/11 - Indios De Barcelona.mp32.19 Mb
(1992)In the Hell of Patchinko/12 - El Sur.mp31.27 Mb
(1992)In the Hell of Patchinko/13 - Killing Rats.mp32.66 Mb
(1992)In the Hell of Patchinko/14 - Mano Negra (3).mp3631.84 Kb
(1992)In the Hell of Patchinko/15 - Sidi H' Bibi.mp33.17 Mb
(1992)In the Hell of Patchinko/16 - The Rebel Spell.mp33.10 Mb
(1992)In the Hell of Patchinko/17 - I Fought the Law.mp31.69 Mb
(1992)In the Hell of Patchinko/18 - Mano Negra (4).mp3307.35 Kb
(1992)In the Hell of Patchinko/19 - Darling Darling.mp31.60 Mb
(1992)In the Hell of Patchinko/20 - Patchuko Hop.mp32.32 Mb
(1992)In the Hell of Patchinko/21 - Mala Vida.mp32.31 Mb
(1992)In the Hell of Patchinko/22 - Junky Beat.mp32.11 Mb
(1992)In the Hell of Patchinko/23 - Madeleine.mp31.49 Mb
(1992)In the Hell of Patchinko/Mano_Negra-In_The_Hell_Of_Patchinko-Frontal.jpg180.81 Kb
(1992)In the Hell of Patchinko/Mano_Negra-In_The_Hell_Of_Patchinko-Trasera.jpg180.49 Kb
(1994) casa babylone/01_Viva Zapata.mp32.01 Mb
(1994) casa babylone/02_Casa Babylon.mp31.91 Mb
(1994) casa babylone/03_The Monkey.mp32.41 Mb
(1994) casa babylone/04_Señor Matanza.mp33.92 Mb
(1994) casa babylone/05_Santa Maradona (Larchuma Football Club).mp33.41 Mb
(1994) casa babylone/06_Super Chango.mp32.31 Mb
(1994) casa babylone/07_Bala Perdida.mp32.10 Mb
(1994) casa babylone/08_Machine Gun.mp34.40 Mb
(1994) casa babylone/09_El Alakrán (La Mar Está Podrida).mp33.83 Mb
(1994) casa babylone/10_Mamá Perfecta.mp31.69 Mb
(1994) casa babylone/11_Love And Hate.mp32.22 Mb
(1994) casa babylone/12_Drives Me Crazy.mp33.26 Mb
(1994) casa babylone/13_Hamburger Fields.mp32.94 Mb
(1994) casa babylone/14_La Vida (La Vida Me Da Palo).mp32.55 Mb
(1994) casa babylone/15_Sueño De Solentiname.mp32.68 Mb
(1994) casa babylone/16_This Is My World.mp35.06 Mb
(1994) casa babylone/casa babylone.jpg134.98 Kb
(2001) Mano Negra Illegal/01 Señor Matanza.mp38.24 Mb
(2001) Mano Negra Illegal/02 Sidi 'H'Bibi.mp37.83 Mb
(2001) Mano Negra Illegal/03 Mala Vida.mp310.30 Mb
(2001) Mano Negra Illegal/04 Soledad.mp35.93 Mb
(2001) Mano Negra Illegal/05 La Ventura.mp38.19 Mb
(2001) Mano Negra Illegal/06 King Kong Five.mp38.66 Mb
(2001) Mano Negra Illegal/07 Bala Perdida.mp310.46 Mb
(2001) Mano Negra Illegal/08 Indios De Barcelona.mp35.89 Mb
(2001) Mano Negra Illegal/09 Salga La Luna _ El Jako.mp39.64 Mb
(2001) Mano Negra Illegal/10 Machine Gun.mp37.54 Mb
(2001) Mano Negra Illegal/11 Out Of Time Man.mp39.31 Mb
(2001) Mano Negra Illegal/12 Noche De Accion.mp36.75 Mb
(2001) Mano Negra Illegal/13 It's My Heart.mp39.48 Mb
(2001) Mano Negra Illegal/14 Patchuko Hop.mp38.97 Mb
(2001) Mano Negra Illegal/15 Guayaquil City.mp39.32 Mb
(2001) Mano Negra Illegal/16 Bring The Fire.mp39.94 Mb
(2001) Mano Negra Illegal/17 Mme Oscar.mp39.91 Mb
(2001) Mano Negra Illegal/18 Junky Beat.mp36.71 Mb
(2001) Mano Negra Illegal/19 Love & Hate.mp35.74 Mb
(2001) Mano Negra Illegal/1llegal.jpg56.50 Kb
(2001) Mano Negra Illegal/20 Ronde De Nuit.mp37.53 Mb
MANOBLUR.jpg15.85 Kb
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