Monster Magnet Discography

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Monster Magnet Discography

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1990- Monster Magnet [EP]/01 Snake Dance.mp37.70 Mb
1990- Monster Magnet [EP]/02 Tractor.mp37.87 Mb
1990- Monster Magnet [EP]/03 Nod Scene (The Resin Scrapers).mp316.60 Mb
1990- Monster Magnet [EP]/04 Freak Shop USA.mp310.59 Mb
1990- Monster Magnet [EP]/05 Lizard Johnny.mp312.42 Mb
1990- Monster Magnet [EP]/06 Murder.mp38.29 Mb
1990- Monster Magnet [EP]/Cover_monstermagnet.jpg27.08 Kb
1992- Spine of God/01 Pill Shovel.mp39.18 Mb
1992- Spine of God/02 Medicine.mp37.70 Mb
1992- Spine of God/03 Nod Scene.mp315.55 Mb
1992- Spine of God/04 Black Mastermind.mp318.86 Mb
1992- Spine of God/05 Zodiac Lung.mp310.90 Mb
1992- Spine of God/06 Spine of God.mp318.42 Mb
1992- Spine of God/07 Snake Dance.mp37.29 Mb
1992- Spine of God/08 Sin's a Good Man's Brother.mp38.08 Mb
1992- Spine of God/09 Ozium.mp318.38 Mb
1993- 25............Tab/01 25............Tab.mp373.80 Mb
1993- 25............Tab/02 Long Hair.mp328.59 Mb
1993- 25............Tab/03 Lord 13.mp39.47 Mb
1993- 25............Tab/Cover_tab.jpg24.42 Kb
1993- Superjudge/01 Cyclops Revolution.mp313.14 Mb
1993- Superjudge/02 Twin Earth.mp39.04 Mb
1993- Superjudge/03 Superjudge.mp315.66 Mb
1993- Superjudge/04 Cage Around the Sun.mp311.32 Mb
1993- Superjudge/05 Elephant Bell.mp39.17 Mb
1993- Superjudge/06 Dinosaur Vacume.mp313.85 Mb
1993- Superjudge/07 Evil.mp37.44 Mb
1993- Superjudge/08 Stadium.mp38.49 Mb
1993- Superjudge/09 Face Down.mp39.65 Mb
1993- Superjudge/10 Brainstorm.mp318.52 Mb
1993- Superjudge/11 Black Balloon.mp37.10 Mb
1993- Superjudge/back.jpg144.08 Kb
1993- Superjudge/front.jpg137.68 Kb
1993- Superjudge/inside.jpg162.72 Kb
1995- Dopes to Infinity/01 Dopes to Infinity.mp313.14 Mb
1995- Dopes to Infinity/02 Negasonic Teenage Warhead.mp310.22 Mb
1995- Dopes to Infinity/03 Look to Your Orb for the Warning.mp315.00 Mb
1995- Dopes to Infinity/04 All Friends and Kingdom Come.mp312.93 Mb
1995- Dopes to Infinity/05 Ego, the Living Planet.mp311.74 Mb
1995- Dopes to Infinity/06 Blow 'Em Off.mp38.85 Mb
1995- Dopes to Infinity/07 Third Alternative.mp319.61 Mb
1995- Dopes to Infinity/08 I Control, I Fly.mp37.58 Mb
1995- Dopes to Infinity/09 King of Mars.mp310.45 Mb
1995- Dopes to Infinity/10 Dead Christmas.mp38.96 Mb
1995- Dopes to Infinity/11 Theme From Masterburner.mp311.72 Mb
1995- Dopes to Infinity/12 Vertigo.mp325.76 Mb
1998- Powertrip/01 Crop Circle.mp312.67 Mb
1998- Powertrip/02 Powertrip.mp38.06 Mb
1998- Powertrip/03 Space Lord.mp313.57 Mb
1998- Powertrip/04 Temple of Your Dreams.mp310.52 Mb
1998- Powertrip/05 Bummer.mp317.36 Mb
1998- Powertrip/06 Baby Götterdämerung.mp37.21 Mb
1998- Powertrip/07 19 Witches.mp39.26 Mb
1998- Powertrip/08 3rd Eye Landslide.mp311.82 Mb
1998- Powertrip/09 See You in Hell.mp39.35 Mb
1998- Powertrip/10 Tractor.mp37.88 Mb
1998- Powertrip/11 Atomic Clock.mp311.69 Mb
1998- Powertrip/12 Goliath and the Vampires.mp39.65 Mb
1998- Powertrip/13 Your Lies Become You.mp39.84 Mb
2001- God Says No/01 Melt.mp313.13 Mb
2001- God Says No/02 Heads Explode.mp38.71 Mb
2001- God Says No/03 Doomsday.mp38.70 Mb
2001- God Says No/04 Medicine.mp38.86 Mb
2001- God Says No/05 God Says No.mp310.29 Mb
2001- God Says No/06 Kiss of the Scorpion.mp39.20 Mb
2001- God Says No/07 All Shook Out.mp39.78 Mb
2001- God Says No/08 Gravity Well.mp37.65 Mb
2001- God Says No/09 My Little Friend.mp39.62 Mb
2001- God Says No/10 Queen of You.mp314.87 Mb
2001- God Says No/11 Cry.mp316.90 Mb
2001- God Says No/12 Take It.mp36.61 Mb
2001- God Says No/13 Silver Future [-].mp311.38 Mb
2003- Monster Magnet's Greatest Hits/01 Tractor.mp36.12 Mb
2003- Monster Magnet's Greatest Hits/02 Medicine.mp38.47 Mb
2003- Monster Magnet's Greatest Hits/03 Dopes to Infinity.mp39.96 Mb
2003- Monster Magnet's Greatest Hits/04 Melt.mp310.17 Mb
2003- Monster Magnet's Greatest Hits/05 Spacelord.mp310.99 Mb
2003- Monster Magnet's Greatest Hits/06 Powertrip.mp36.72 Mb
2003- Monster Magnet's Greatest Hits/07 Atomic Clock.mp38.90 Mb
2003- Monster Magnet's Greatest Hits/08 Heads Explode.mp37.56 Mb
2003- Monster Magnet's Greatest Hits/09 Bummer.mp313.57 Mb
2003- Monster Magnet's Greatest Hits/10 Negasonic Teenage Warhead.mp38.31 Mb
2003- Monster Magnet's Greatest Hits/11 Dead Christmas.mp36.40 Mb
2003- Monster Magnet's Greatest Hits/12 Silver Future.mp39.73 Mb
2003- Monster Magnet's Greatest Hits/13 Black Balloon.mp35.64 Mb
2003- Monster Magnet's Greatest Hits/14 Crop Circle.mp310.63 Mb
2003- Monster Magnet's Greatest Hits/15 Kiss of the Scorpion.mp37.03 Mb
2003- Monster Magnet's Greatest Hits/16 Space Lord (Intergalactic Remix).mp310.08 Mb
2003- Monster Magnet's Greatest Hits/17 Unsolid.mp35.34 Mb
2003- Monster Magnet's Greatest Hits/18 Big God.mp310.27 Mb
2003- Monster Magnet's Greatest Hits/19 Into the Void.mp314.86 Mb
2003- Monster Magnet's Greatest Hits/20 I Want More.mp37.59 Mb
2004- Monolithic Baby/01 Slut Machine.mp37.99 Mb
2004- Monolithic Baby/02 Supercruel.mp38.43 Mb
2004- Monolithic Baby/03 On the Verge.mp313.56 Mb
2004- Monolithic Baby/04 Unbroken (Hotel Baby).mp38.49 Mb
2004- Monolithic Baby/05 Radiation Day.mp311.33 Mb
2004- Monolithic Baby/06 Monolithic.mp310.70 Mb
2004- Monolithic Baby/07 The Right Stuff.mp310.40 Mb
2004- Monolithic Baby/08 There's No Way Out of Here.mp39.57 Mb
2004- Monolithic Baby/09 Master of Light.mp310.89 Mb
2004- Monolithic Baby/10 Too Bad.mp38.17 Mb
2004- Monolithic Baby/11 Ultimative Everything.mp317.06 Mb
2004- Monolithic Baby/12 CNN War Theme.mp38.26 Mb
2004- Monolithic Baby/13 King of Mars 2004.mp310.22 Mb
2004- Monolithic Baby/14 Venus in Furs.mp311.12 Mb
2007- 4-Way Diablo/01 4-Way Diablo.mp35.47 Mb
2007- 4-Way Diablo/02 Wall of Fire.mp36.56 Mb
2007- 4-Way Diablo/03 You're Alive.mp36.65 Mb
2007- 4-Way Diablo/04 Blow Your Mind.mp37.05 Mb
2007- 4-Way Diablo/05 Cyclone.mp38.30 Mb
2007- 4-Way Diablo/06 2000 Light Years From Home.mp37.20 Mb
2007- 4-Way Diablo/07 No Vacation.mp37.70 Mb
2007- 4-Way Diablo/08 I'm Calling You.mp36.04 Mb
2007- 4-Way Diablo/09 Solid Gold.mp39.76 Mb
2007- 4-Way Diablo/10 Freeze and Pixelate.mp36.55 Mb
2007- 4-Way Diablo/11 A Thousand Stars.mp38.27 Mb
2007- 4-Way Diablo/12 Slap in the Face.mp37.28 Mb
2007- 4-Way Diablo/13 Little Bag of Gloom.mp32.11 Mb
2007- 4-Way Diablo/mm-4-Way_Diablo.jpg30.54 Kb
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