Call of Duty_ Roads of Victory PSP ENG 2007

Call of Duty_ Roads of Victory PSP ENG 2007

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Developers have had a tough time nailing down a solid control scheme for first-person shooters on the PSP, but progress has been made. There are four different control schemes available in Roads to Victory, but the default scheme works well. You move with the analog stick, look and aim with the face buttons, raise your weapon with the left shoulder button, and fire with the right shoulder button. Because the auto-aiming function is forgiving, it's easy to use the face buttons to aim. With your weapon down, all you have to do is look in the general vicinity of an enemy to lock on to your enemy. When this system works, it's great. But it doesn't always work. Some weapons have a very short lock-on range, and you've got to be super close to target an enemy soldier. It can also be quite difficult to lock on to moving targets, and sometimes the buttons don't seem to respond. Close-quarters encounters are made difficult thanks to the ineffectiveness of your melee attack, which is difficult to perform because it's mapped to the fire button. It's basically up to the game whether or not you're going to fire a shot or try to club the enemy with your weapon. Other actions, such as throwing grenades, crouching, and switching weapons, are mapped to the D pad. This works fairly well.

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Psp Call Of Duty Roads of victory.cso479.67 Mb

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