Sci FI Top 50 movies Dvdrip

Sci FI Top 50 movies Dvdrip

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x2 Torrent (Seed this Torrent to get Double Upload Credits!). Sci-FI Top 50 movies Dvdrip
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Details for torrent " Sci-FI Top 50 movies Dvdrip "
1) Blade Runner (1982)
Like many of the movies on this list, Blade Runner was not a critical or commercial success on its initial release. Some critics at the time simply dismissed it as style over substance. Yet, along with its unforgettable depiction of a neon-lit LA that is essentially a mash-up of Western and Eastern cultures, Ridley Scott’s film is backed up by a real sense of sadness, fear and longing, and an often overlooked wry humour. As Deckard, Harrison Ford proved he could pull off a much darker hero than Han Solo, and Rutger Hauer gave the performance of his career as the psychotic, feral and ultimately tragic Roy Batty. A masterpiece.

2) 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)
Stanley Kubrick’s grand, mind-bending trip into the unknown is science fiction of grand ideas. At times the film is as enigmatic as the universe itself, and Kubrick works in everything from human evolution to the perils of technology, and unlike many later spectacle-driven genre films, there is a real depth behind the groundbreaking special effects. Complex, strangely unsettling and magnificent.

3) Star Wars (1977)
Iconic, spectacular, groundbreaking, epic in both scope and ambition - if you haven’t seen Star Wars then, well, you’re probably not interested in reading a list about SF movies. While it might not convey the big science fiction ideas of other movies on this list, Star Wars works because it is pure, escapist fun and because it successfully builds a believable, cohesive galaxy that we are still exploring to this day.

4) Alien (1979)
On paper the plot sounds simple stuff: the crew of a spaceship are stalked by a relentless monster. Yet this is anything but a simple movie. It’s been much analysed by theorists for its portrayal of femininity (both in the strong heroine of Ripley and the film’s sexual imagery), while all of the crew members are complex and believable creations. And, of course, it’s incredibly frightening: the unveiling of Ash’s true identity is almost as scary as the xenomorph itself.

5) Metropolis (1927)
Over 80 years since it was originally released, Metropolis retains its power to awe. Fritz Lang creates a dazzling (and much-aped) vision of an industrial dystopia, but after its 1927 premiere the film only existed in a heavily edited version until it enjoyed a full reconstruction in 2002.

6) The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951)
The definitive 1950s SF flick holds an obvious warning about the increasing brinkmanship between the USA and USSR, but the story of alien fugitive Klaatu actually unfolds in a calm and surprisingly realistic manner. The special effects, including the flying saucer and robot companion Gort, are a lot more convincing than in the 2008 CG-heavy remake.

7) The Terminator (1984)
James Cameron works wonders on a minuscule budget in this tense and incredibly efficient thriller. The tantalising glimpses of the future war are more frightening than those seen in the recent big budget Terminator: Salvation, and Brad Fiedel provides one of the most memorable movie theme tunes of all time. And though he may not have troubled the Oscars, Schwarzenegger’s lack of emotional range is perfectly suited to the relentless killing machine.

8) Planet of the Apes (1968)
A dramatic crash landing and a shrieking shrivelled corpse signal the start of this intelligent allegory, made at the height of the cold war. Its ending is one of the most iconic moments in cinema, bringing to a close the first chapter of the first major science fiction franchise.

9) E.T. (1982)
E.T. is warm-hearted without descending into mawkishness. In part this is down to natural performances from Henry Thomas and Drew Barrymore as the children who treat their alien visitor with respect and kindness – in contrast to most of the adults in the picture. In fact E.T. becomes kind of frightening in the second half with the doctors flocking around the little fellow and suits waving guns around (or rather less threatening walkie-talkies if you’re watching Spielberg’s revised version).

10) Solaris (1972)
Andrei Tarkovsky’s existential SF drama is often described as the Russian 2001 – but it’s much more than that. It’s a hypnotic, minimalist masterpiece, though these days it has as many detractors as fans. Steven Soderbergh directed a surprisingly successful remake in 2002.

11) Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977)
Cerebral narrative and whimsical fantasy are not always comfortable bedfellows, but Steven Spielberg’s 1977 classic handles both with ease. Whether it’s the restrained original or the unnecessary special edition, Close Encounters is a thoughtful tale that is as much inspiring as it is life affirming.

12) Forbidden Planet (1956)
It’s The Tempest in space! And it’s still brilliant! One of the most colourful, charming SF films ever made, FP’s highlights include the benign Robbie the Robot and the bloodcurdling invisible Id monster…

13) The Empire Strikes Back (1980)
Sequels don’t get any better than this. Opening with the Hoth battle and concluding with Darth Vader’s dramatic revelation to Luke, The Empire Strikes Back is constructed of scenes awash with imagination. The film also saw real emotional development for its leads and some great new characters like Lando and Boba Fett.

14) A Trip to the Moon (1902)
Georges Méliès’s 14-minute wonder astonished audiences at the turn of the 20th Century – and still does today. Méliès was one of the founding fathers of cinema, and this early narrative movie contains pioneering special effects and editing techniques. The Smashing Pumpkins’ video Tonight Tonight was inspired by the film.

15) Aliens (1986)
James Cameron cleverly eschewed aping the original, and instead upped the alien quotient and delivered one of the most purely exciting films ever made. But this is no brainless actioner. Cameron waits almost an hour before the acid-blooded xenomorphs make an appearance, while the film transformed Ripley into a bona fide iconic action heroine. There’s also a memorable selection of supporting characters (Hicks, Hudson, Newt, Vasquez) and instantly quotable dialogue (“game over man!”.

16) Silent Running (1972)
‘Eco-themed sci-fi’ isn’t the most exciting phrase in the world, but Douglas Trumball’s masterpiece isn’t An Inconvenient Truth in space. It’s a distillation of early 1970s ideals, with a moving, subtle performance from a youthful Bruce Dern. And with Trumball in the director’s chair, it’s no surprise that that the effects are terrific.

17) Brazil (1985)
Terry Gilliam’s best movie was a flop on its initial US release, but is now recognised as a SF masterpiece. A dystopian thriller with a large dose of Python-esque humour, Brazil remains a true one off.

18) Akira (1988)
Akira was instrumental in the explosion of interest in anime and manga in the English-speaking world, and influenced pretty much every SF anime movie that followed. It’s difficult to follow at times, but the film remains a dizzying achievement.

19) Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982)
The best Trek movie by miles, this is an edgy, exciting and often very funny movie that feels much more than an extended TV episode. The makers even had the guts to kill Spock! OK, so they did bring him back in the next one…

20) Total Recall (1990)
Based (very) loosely on Philip K Dick’s short story We Can Remember It For You Wholesale, Total Recall has both brains and brawn. When Arnie discovers that his memories are fake, he heads to Mars to find the truth. Cue foul-mouthed robot taxi drivers, ultra-violence and a three-breasted woman.

21) The Matrix (1999)
The Wachowski Brothers’ movie had it all: groundbreaking ‘flo-mo’ battles, ice cool characters, nods to spaghetti westerns and a large dose of cod philosophy, in an innovative, much-loved actioner. Even the lame sequels can’t detract from the film’s ingenuity.

22) Tron (1982)
Tron was ignored for many years, but is now widely accepted as a genre landmark, combining stunning – and unique – computer graphics in an effectively simple story of programmers battling inside an electronic world. The long-awaited sequel, Tron Legacy, is expected in 2010.

23) The Thing (1982)
A much-improved remake of 1950s quickie The Thing From Another World, John Carpenter’s best movie is an unbearably tense story of a shape-shifting alien at an Antarctic research station. A tight and astonishingly bleak chiller, The Thing boasts well-drawn characters and sick, sick effects from Rob Bottin.

24) RoboCop (1987)
Part man, part machine, all cop! Paul Verhoeven’s ultra-violent satire is lean, mean and often very funny, and benefits from great playing from the likes of Kurtwood Smith, Ronny Cox, Nancy Allen and, of course, Peter Weller as Murphy.

25) Jurassic Park (1993)
It was as if Spielberg had rediscovered what he loved about cinema in the first place after years of ‘serious’ Oscar-chasing movies. The magic mix of photo-realistic dinosaurs, a thrilling adventure story and a group of protagonists you could actually care about made for a movie that really seemed to be 65 million years in the making!

26) Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)
If the 1950s version of Jack Finney’s novel was a neat distillation of 1950s Commie paranoia (see No. 56), the 1970s remake was fuelled by post-Watergate paranoia. The result is entirely gripping and arguably better than the original.

27) A Clockwork Orange (1971)
Anthony Burgess’s novel may have seemed unfilmmable, but then Kubrick was always the kind of director who could pull off the impossible. Kubrick retains Burgess’s satirical bite in a chilling and darkly funny vision of the future, while a superb Malcolm McDowell makes the Droog leader, Alex, simultaneously repellent and likeable.

28) The Fifth Element (1997)
Luc Besson eschewed the traditionally dark predictions of the far future in favour of eyepoppingly colourful cityscapes and elaborate Gaultier-designed costumes. Forget the plot, and soak up the visuals and excess.

29) La Jetée (1962)
This 28-minute masterwork from documentary filmmaker Chris Marker tells of a man sent back through time to avert the apocalypse. A bold, disorientating and unforgettable experience, the film is told entirely through a series of still photos, and was remade by Terry Gilliam as Twelve Monkeys

30) Sleeper (1973)
“We're here to see the nose. I hear it was running…” The best of Woody Allen’s ‘early funny ones’, Sleeper takes a classic SF concept (Allen’s typically neurotic Miles Monroe wakes up 200 years in an authoritarian future) and delivers slapstick and gags with machine-gun accuracy. Who hasn’t wished that the Orgasmatron booth was real?

31) The Fly (1986)
David Cronenberg’s best film is a deliriously gory remake of the hokey 50s movie about a scientist (a superb Jeff Goldblum) whose genes get mangled with the DNA of a fly. Cue crumbling body parts and a bone-breaking arm wrestle.

32) Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991)
Proving that science fiction can present thoughtful, bold concepts alongside explosions, robots comprised of liquid and a wisecracking kid, T2 is James Cameron at his excessive best. Arnold Schwarzenegger plays to his strengths as the muscle-bound machine, while Linda Hamilton toughens up as Axl Rose lookalike Sarah Connor.

33) Westworld (1973)
Before The Terminator and Jurassic Park there was Westworld! Michael Crichton’s film moves smoothly from playful fun to nailbiting thriller as Yul Brynner’s robotic gunslinger stalks theme park customers.

34) Mad Max 2 (aka The Road Warrior) (1981)
If the original was raw, energetic and brutal, the sequel took things to a whole new level as Max helps a community defend itself from crazed punks. Highlight: the boomerang sequence.

35) Return of the Jedi (1983)
OK, so the Ewoks and abrupt death of Boba Fett continue to divide opinion, but ROTJ contains more memorable sequences than most movies could dream of: Luke’s battle against the Rancor monster; the Sarlacc’s pit; the speeder bike chase and a fitting conclusion.

36) Back to the Future (1985)
The much-loved sci-fi comedy sees Michael J Fox at his baffled-looking best, and he bounces perfectly off Christopher Lloyd’s wild-haired Doc Brown. Plus there’s the iconic De Lorean, charming supporting playing (Crispin Glover, Lea Thompson, Thomas F Wilson) and crowdpleasing scenes like Marty inventing rock n roll. Followed by two enjoyable sequels.

37) WALL-E (2008)
Arguably Pixar’s finest achievement to date, the first half of WALL-E contains a surprisingly haunting vision of the future – one of atomic storms, trash towers and rubble-strewn cities. Of course, it’s not all doom and gloom, and the film features loveable characters, a touching love story and a hilarious depiction of a porcine human race.

38) The Fantastic Planet (1973)
Cult French director René Laloux was responsible for a handful of surreal animated masterpieces, including Gandahar and The Time Masters, but his most celebrated work remains this weird and wonderful depiction of an alien world in which humans are kept as domestic pets.

39) The Man Who Fell to Earth (1976)
What’s it about? Who knows! David Bowie takes time out from being weird on stage to be odd on film in this surreal Nic Roeg movie. Look out for a cameo appearance by Apollo 13’s Jim Lovell looking just as bemused as the audience. We were hoping to avoid calling it a space oddity, but annoyingly that’s exactly what it is.

40) Things to Come (1936)
A big budget treatment of HG Wells's future history of Everytown, from 1940 to 2036, Things to Come has barely dated. The effects, from the air raid sequences to the vision of a future society, are still awe-inspiring, but the political and prescient script keeps things grounded in reality.

41) 20 Million Miles to Earth (1957)
A reptilian monster from Venus, dubbed the ‘Ymir’, goes on the rampage in one of the best creature features. The film contains some of Ray Harryhausen’s best stop-motion work, and even its faults (stilted acting, nonsense science, comedy Italian accents) have become endearing over time.

42) The Abyss (1989)
James Cameron again pushed the boundaries of CGI with the still-impressive water-alien sequence, but away from the effects, the movie is an ambitious and brilliantly claustrophobic drama about the crew of an undersea oil rig. The Special Edition improved upon the fumbled ending.

43) Quatermass 2 (1957)
Based on the TV serial of the same name, the second Quatermass movie is a full-on conspiracy thriller, as aliens infiltrate the government. A classic invasion tale, it’s an exciting adventure, briskly paced even by today’s breakneck standards.

44) This Island Earth (1955)
Admittedly, ‘Exeter’ isn’t the most exotic name for an alien. But we’ll overlook that as This Island Earth is such damn good fun. This slice of pulp fiction contains some of the best effects of the period, along with groundbreaking use of Technicolor and an awesome crab-handed mutant.

45) Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)
From the incomparable mind of Charlie Kaufman came this SF twist on the romantic comedy. A restrained Jim Carrey and a kooky Kate Winslet are the ex-lovers who have their minds wiped to forget about each other – but then fall in love all over again. Despite the outlandish conceit, this is a strangely honest movie about love and heartbreak.

46) Delicatessen (1991)
A post-apocalyptic cannibal comedy about a former circus clown… Describing Delicatessen doesn’t do it justice. Directing duo Marc Caro and Jean-Pierre Jeunet take a potentially bleak subject matter and construct a rapid-paced romantic comedy with old school slapstick, truly odd characters and visuals to die for.

47) Dark Star (1974)
Before Alien Dan O’Bannon scripted a very different story of a space crew in the low budget debut from director John Carpenter. The crew aboard Dark Star spend most of their time trying to stave off boredom, before having to deal with a sentient bomb.

48) The Andromeda Strain (1971)
Films don’t get more nailbiting than Robert Wise’s thriller about a group of scientists investigating a deadly alien organism. A faithful adaptation of Michael Crichton’s novel, which was also remade as a plodding miniseries in 2008.

49) The Omega Man (1971)
The best of the three official adaptations of Richard Matheson’s novel I Am Legend so far, this version sees Chuck Heston as the last man left in a city of mutants. It lacks Matheson’s dark humour and slow-burn storytelling, but remains an enduring thinking man’s actioner.

50) Stalker (1979)
Tarkovsky’s other sci-fi great is a 163-minute philosophical adaptation of the Strugatsky brothers’ Roadside Picnic. A ‘stalker’ guides two explorers to the Zone, which contains the key to realising innermost desires. Slow, inscrutable, beautiful and mesmerising.
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avi  	1-25/011)Close Encounters of the Third Kind[1977].avi 	700.37 MB
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avi  	1-25/013)The Empire Strikes Back[1980].avi 	1.99 GB
avi  	1-25/014)Le_voyage_dans_la_lune_A Trip to the Moon Georges Mlis[1902].avi 	89.10 MB
avi  	1-25/015)Aliens[1986].avi 	901.89 MB
avi  	1-25/016)Silent Running[1972].avi 	699.10 MB
avi  	1-25/017)Brazil - Directors Cut [1985].avi 	703.05 MB
avi  	1-25/018)Akira[1988].avi 	936.66 MB
avi  	1-25/019)Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan[1982].avi 	681.69 MB
avi  	1-25/020)Total Recall [1990].avi 	700.29 MB
avi  	1-25/021)The Matrix[1999].avi 	700.00 MB
avi  	1-25/022)Tron [1982].avi 	702.16 MB
avi  	1-25/023)The Thing[1982].avi 	688.30 MB
avi  	1-25/024)Robocop [1987].avi 	720.83 MB
avi  	1-25/025)Jurassic Park[1993].avi 	800.27 MB
avi  	26-50/026)Invasion of the Body Snatchers [1978].avi 	702.49 MB
avi  	26-50/027)A Clockwork Orange[1971].avi 	692.46 MB
avi  	26-50/028)The Fifth Element[1997].avi 	798.43 MB
avi  	26-50/029)La Jetée[1962].avi 	269.94 MB
avi  	26-50/030)Sleeper [1973].avi 	698.74 MB
avi  	26-50/031)The Fly[1986].avi 	745.88 MB
avi  	26-50/032)Terminator 2 Judgment Day[1991].avi 	801.50 MB
avi  	26-50/033)Westworld[1973].avi 	569.05 MB
avi  	26-50/034)Mad Max 2 - The Road Warrior[1981].avi 	702.79 MB
avi  	26-50/035)Return Of The Jedi[1983].avi 	1.99 GB
avi  	26-50/036)Back To The Future[1985].avi 	701.97 MB
avi  	26-50/037)Wall-E[2008].avi 	701.38 MB
avi  	26-50/038)Fantastic Planet[1973].avi 	699.51 MB
avi  	26-50/039)The Man Who Fell To Earth[1976].avi 	700.20 MB
mkv  	26-50/040)Things To Come.mkv 	252.62 MB
avi  	26-50/041)20 Million Miles To Earth [1957].avi 	697.24 MB
avi  	26-50/042)The Abyss[1989}.avi 	699.78 MB
avi  	26-50/043)Quatermass 2 - Enemy from Space [1957].avi 	409.96 MB
avi  	26-50/044)This Island Earth [1955].avi 	1.37 GB
avi  	26-50/045) Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind[2004].avi 	699.42 MB
avi  	26-50/046)DELICATESSEN [1991].avi 	1.37 GB
avi  	26-50/047)Dark Star [1974].avi 	680.18 MB
avi  	26-50/048)The Andromeda Strain [1971].avi 	699.93 MB
avi  	26-50/049)The Omega Man [1971].avi 	700.02 MB
avi  	26-50/050)Stalker[1979](1).avi 	625.50 MB
avi  	26-50/050)Stalker[1979](2).avi 	921.99 MB
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Sci-FI Top 50 movies Dvdrip/1-25/002)2001ASpaceOdyssey[1968].avi1.46 Gb
Sci-FI Top 50 movies Dvdrip/1-25/003)A New Hope[1977].avi1.99 Gb
Sci-FI Top 50 movies Dvdrip/1-25/004)Alien[1979].avi700.98 Mb
Sci-FI Top 50 movies Dvdrip/1-25/005)Metropolis[1927].avi701.75 Mb
Sci-FI Top 50 movies Dvdrip/1-25/006)The.Day.The.Earth.Stood.Still[1951].avi700.93 Mb
Sci-FI Top 50 movies Dvdrip/1-25/007)The.Terminator[1984].avi701.53 Mb
Sci-FI Top 50 movies Dvdrip/1-25/008)Planet Of The Apes[1968].avi900.28 Mb
Sci-FI Top 50 movies Dvdrip/1-25/009)E.T [1982].avi801.90 Mb
Sci-FI Top 50 movies Dvdrip/1-25/010)Solaris[1972] (1).avi698.59 Mb
Sci-FI Top 50 movies Dvdrip/1-25/010)Solaris[1972] (2).avi699.00 Mb
Sci-FI Top 50 movies Dvdrip/1-25/011)Close Encounters of the Third Kind[1977].avi700.37 Mb
Sci-FI Top 50 movies Dvdrip/1-25/012)Forbidden Planet[1956].avi700.39 Mb
Sci-FI Top 50 movies Dvdrip/1-25/013)The Empire Strikes Back[1980].avi1.99 Gb
Sci-FI Top 50 movies Dvdrip/1-25/014)Le_voyage_dans_la_lune_A Trip to the Moon Georges Mlis[1902].avi89.10 Mb
Sci-FI Top 50 movies Dvdrip/1-25/015)Aliens[1986].avi901.89 Mb
Sci-FI Top 50 movies Dvdrip/1-25/016)Silent Running[1972].avi699.10 Mb
Sci-FI Top 50 movies Dvdrip/1-25/017)Brazil - Directors Cut [1985].avi703.05 Mb
Sci-FI Top 50 movies Dvdrip/1-25/018)Akira[1988].avi936.66 Mb
Sci-FI Top 50 movies Dvdrip/1-25/019)Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan[1982].avi681.69 Mb
Sci-FI Top 50 movies Dvdrip/1-25/020)Total Recall [1990].avi700.29 Mb
Sci-FI Top 50 movies Dvdrip/1-25/021)The Matrix[1999].avi700.00 Mb
Sci-FI Top 50 movies Dvdrip/1-25/022)Tron [1982].avi702.16 Mb
Sci-FI Top 50 movies Dvdrip/1-25/023)The Thing[1982].avi688.30 Mb
Sci-FI Top 50 movies Dvdrip/1-25/024)Robocop [1987].avi720.83 Mb
Sci-FI Top 50 movies Dvdrip/1-25/025)Jurassic Park[1993].avi800.27 Mb
Sci-FI Top 50 movies Dvdrip/26-50/026)Invasion of the Body Snatchers [1978].avi702.49 Mb
Sci-FI Top 50 movies Dvdrip/26-50/027)A Clockwork Orange[1971].avi692.46 Mb
Sci-FI Top 50 movies Dvdrip/26-50/028)The Fifth Element[1997].avi798.43 Mb
Sci-FI Top 50 movies Dvdrip/26-50/029)La Jetée[1962].avi269.94 Mb
Sci-FI Top 50 movies Dvdrip/26-50/030)Sleeper [1973].avi698.74 Mb
Sci-FI Top 50 movies Dvdrip/26-50/031)The Fly[1986].avi745.88 Mb
Sci-FI Top 50 movies Dvdrip/26-50/032)Terminator 2 Judgment Day[1991].avi801.50 Mb
Sci-FI Top 50 movies Dvdrip/26-50/033)Westworld[1973].avi569.05 Mb
Sci-FI Top 50 movies Dvdrip/26-50/034)Mad Max 2 - The Road Warrior[1981].avi702.79 Mb
Sci-FI Top 50 movies Dvdrip/26-50/035)Return Of The Jedi[1983].avi1.99 Gb
Sci-FI Top 50 movies Dvdrip/26-50/036)Back To The Future[1985].avi701.97 Mb
Sci-FI Top 50 movies Dvdrip/26-50/037)Wall-E[2008].avi701.38 Mb
Sci-FI Top 50 movies Dvdrip/26-50/038)Fantastic Planet[1973].avi699.51 Mb
Sci-FI Top 50 movies Dvdrip/26-50/039)The Man Who Fell To Earth[1976].avi700.20 Mb
Sci-FI Top 50 movies Dvdrip/26-50/040)Things To Come.mkv252.62 Mb
Sci-FI Top 50 movies Dvdrip/26-50/041)20 Million Miles To Earth [1957].avi697.24 Mb
Sci-FI Top 50 movies Dvdrip/26-50/042)The Abyss[1989}.avi699.78 Mb
Sci-FI Top 50 movies Dvdrip/26-50/043)Quatermass 2 - Enemy from Space [1957].avi409.96 Mb
Sci-FI Top 50 movies Dvdrip/26-50/044)This Island Earth [1955].avi1.37 Gb
Sci-FI Top 50 movies Dvdrip/26-50/045) Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind[2004].avi699.42 Mb
Sci-FI Top 50 movies Dvdrip/26-50/046)DELICATESSEN [1991].avi1.37 Gb
Sci-FI Top 50 movies Dvdrip/26-50/047)Dark Star [1974].avi680.18 Mb
Sci-FI Top 50 movies Dvdrip/26-50/048)The Andromeda Strain [1971].avi699.93 Mb
Sci-FI Top 50 movies Dvdrip/26-50/049)The Omega Man [1971].avi700.02 Mb
Sci-FI Top 50 movies Dvdrip/26-50/050)Stalker[1979](1).avi625.50 Mb
Sci-FI Top 50 movies Dvdrip/26-50/050)Stalker[1979](2).avi921.99 Mb

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