Microsoft Office Word 2007

Microsoft Office Word 2007

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Microsoft Office Professional 2007 is a complete suite of productivity and database software that includes the 2007 versions of Publisher, Excel, Outlook, Outlook with Business Contact Manager, PowerPoint, Access, and Word. Powerful contact management features help you consolidate all customer and prospect information in one place, while improved menus present the right tools exactly when you need them.
Professional 2007 also lets you develop professional marketing materials for print, e-mail, and the Web, and produce effective marketing campaigns in-house. In addition, you can create dynamic business documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, and build databases with no prior experience or technical staff.

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Fast and Efficient Operation
Whether you're working on a financial spreadsheet, creating an important presentation, or building a customer database, Professional 2007 helps you find and use the features you need faster and more easily. The intuitive look and feel of this software, including task-based menus and toolbars that are automatically displayed based on the feature you are using, improves your productivity. With Publisher 2007, you can create and publish a wide range of marketing materials for print, e-mail, and the web with your own brand elements including logo, colors, fonts, and business information. Or take advantage of hundreds of professionally designed and customizable templates, and more than 100 blank publication types. This software also lets you reuse text, graphics, and design elements, and convert content from one publication type to another. You can also combine and filter mailing lists and data from multiple sources, including the 2007 versions of Excel, Outlook, Outlook with Business Contact Manager, and Access, to create personalized print and e-mail materials, and build custom collateral such as catalogs and datasheets.

Save Time and Stay Organized
Because it contains so many efficient software options in one package, Professional 2007 gives you access to a multitude of options that save you time and keep you organized. For example, Outlook with Business Contact Manager lets you create, manage, and track marketing campaigns, while PowerPoint gives you the ability to craft more dynamic presentations from an extensive library of customizable themes and slide layouts. When its time to create powerful charts, SmartArt diagrams, and tables, you can quickly preview formatting changes using the new graphics tools in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint and save yourself time-consuming future edits.
Admin/de-de/access12.opa52.95 Kb
Admin/de-de/cpao12.opa26.46 Kb
Admin/de-de/excel12.opa150.26 Kb
Admin/de-de/groove12.opa3.95 Kb
Admin/de-de/ic12.opa9.48 Kb
Admin/de-de/inf12.opa127.42 Kb
Admin/de-de/oct.chm55.91 Kb
Admin/de-de/octres.dll427.34 Kb
Admin/de-de/office12.opa700.57 Kb
Admin/de-de/onent12.opa99.05 Kb
Admin/de-de/outlk12.opa486.27 Kb
Admin/de-de/ppt12.opa103.07 Kb
Admin/de-de/proj12.opa197.74 Kb
Admin/de-de/pub12.opa32.20 Kb
Admin/de-de/spd12.opa15.75 Kb
Admin/de-de/visio12.opa128.32 Kb
Admin/de-de/word12.opa239.20 Kb
Admin/en-us/access12.opa49.43 Kb
Admin/en-us/cpao12.opa24.32 Kb
Admin/en-us/excel12.opa139.77 Kb
Admin/en-us/groove12.opa3.54 Kb
Admin/en-us/ic12.opa8.43 Kb
Admin/en-us/inf12.opa113.54 Kb
Admin/en-us/oct.chm56.33 Kb
Admin/en-us/octres.dll411.34 Kb
Admin/en-us/office12.opa668.87 Kb
Admin/en-us/onent12.opa92.44 Kb
Admin/en-us/outlk12.opa451.06 Kb
Admin/en-us/ppt12.opa97.19 Kb
Admin/en-us/proj12.opa182.68 Kb
Admin/en-us/pub12.opa30.68 Kb
Admin/en-us/spd12.opa14.86 Kb
Admin/en-us/visio12.opa119.69 Kb
Admin/en-us/word12.opa228.74 Kb
Admin/es-es/access12.opa52.21 Kb
Admin/es-es/cpao12.opa26.64 Kb
Admin/es-es/excel12.opa149.25 Kb
Admin/es-es/groove12.opa3.81 Kb
Admin/es-es/ic12.opa8.96 Kb
Admin/es-es/inf12.opa129.76 Kb
Admin/es-es/oct.chm55.12 Kb
Admin/es-es/octres.dll428.38 Kb
Admin/es-es/office12.opa700.86 Kb
Admin/es-es/onent12.opa98.99 Kb
Admin/es-es/outlk12.opa493.28 Kb
Admin/es-es/ppt12.opa102.04 Kb
Admin/es-es/proj12.opa192.28 Kb
Admin/es-es/pub12.opa32.44 Kb
Admin/es-es/spd12.opa15.76 Kb
Admin/es-es/visio12.opa126.97 Kb
Admin/es-es/word12.opa237.87 Kb
Admin/fr-fr/access12.opa52.46 Kb
Admin/fr-fr/cpao12.opa26.17 Kb
Admin/fr-fr/excel12.opa148.39 Kb
Admin/fr-fr/groove12.opa3.74 Kb
Admin/fr-fr/ic12.opa9.17 Kb
Admin/fr-fr/inf12.opa128.53 Kb
Admin/fr-fr/oct.chm54.97 Kb
Admin/fr-fr/octres.dll429.86 Kb
Admin/fr-fr/office12.opa697.40 Kb
Admin/fr-fr/onent12.opa99.68 Kb
Admin/fr-fr/outlk12.opa488.15 Kb
Admin/fr-fr/ppt12.opa102.56 Kb
Admin/fr-fr/proj12.opa194.79 Kb
Admin/fr-fr/pub12.opa32.45 Kb
Admin/fr-fr/spd12.opa15.66 Kb
Admin/fr-fr/visio12.opa128.22 Kb
Admin/fr-fr/word12.opa238.69 Kb
Admin/it-it/access12.opa52.88 Kb
Admin/it-it/cpao12.opa26.94 Kb
Admin/it-it/excel12.opa150.46 Kb
Admin/it-it/groove12.opa3.86 Kb
Admin/it-it/ic12.opa9.48 Kb
Admin/it-it/inf12.opa128.64 Kb
Admin/it-it/oct.chm54.34 Kb
Admin/it-it/octres.dll425.38 Kb
Admin/it-it/office12.opa715.54 Kb
Admin/it-it/onent12.opa101.66 Kb
Admin/it-it/outlk12.opa499.91 Kb
Admin/it-it/ppt12.opa103.62 Kb
Admin/it-it/proj12.opa197.96 Kb
Admin/it-it/pub12.opa32.96 Kb
Admin/it-it/spd12.opa15.90 Kb
Admin/it-it/visio12.opa128.99 Kb
Admin/it-it/word12.opa241.66 Kb
Admin/ja-jp/access12.opa45.04 Kb
Admin/ja-jp/cpao12.opa19.13 Kb
Admin/ja-jp/excel12.opa125.33 Kb
Admin/ja-jp/groove12.opa2.79 Kb
Admin/ja-jp/ic12.opa7.15 Kb
Admin/ja-jp/inf12.opa96.96 Kb
Admin/ja-jp/oct.chm55.03 Kb
Admin/ja-jp/octres.dll424.78 Kb
Admin/ja-jp/office12.opa612.56 Kb
Admin/ja-jp/onent12.opa81.56 Kb
Admin/ja-jp/outlk12.opa384.50 Kb
Admin/ja-jp/ppt12.opa90.16 Kb
Admin/ja-jp/proj12.opa150.44 Kb
Admin/ja-jp/pub12.opa28.65 Kb
Admin/ja-jp/spd12.opa13.92 Kb
Admin/ja-jp/visio12.opa105.22 Kb
Admin/ja-jp/word12.opa211.00 Kb
Admin/ko-kr/access12.opa45.26 Kb
Admin/ko-kr/cpao12.opa19.44 Kb
Admin/ko-kr/excel12.opa124.63 Kb
Admin/ko-kr/groove12.opa2.67 Kb
Admin/ko-kr/ic12.opa7.11 Kb
Admin/ko-kr/inf12.opa95.12 Kb
Admin/ko-kr/oct.chm81.81 Kb
Admin/ko-kr/octres.dll424.84 Kb
Admin/ko-kr/office12.opa605.35 Kb
Admin/ko-kr/onent12.opa80.62 Kb
Admin/ko-kr/outlk12.opa384.09 Kb
Admin/ko-kr/ppt12.opa89.85 Kb
Admin/ko-kr/proj12.opa151.59 Kb
Admin/ko-kr/pub12.opa28.34 Kb
Admin/ko-kr/spd12.opa13.75 Kb
Admin/ko-kr/visio12.opa105.19 Kb
Admin/ko-kr/word12.opa210.71 Kb
Admin/oct.dll3.07 Mb
Admin/octca.dll95.27 Kb
Admin/zh-cn/access12.opa42.96 Kb
Admin/zh-cn/cpao12.opa17.58 Kb
Admin/zh-cn/excel12.opa118.13 Kb
Admin/zh-cn/groove12.opa2.42 Kb
Admin/zh-cn/ic12.opa6.58 Kb
Admin/zh-cn/inf12.opa87.00 Kb
Admin/zh-cn/oct.chm82.34 Kb
Admin/zh-cn/octres.dll424.78 Kb
Admin/zh-cn/office12.opa582.59 Kb
Admin/zh-cn/onent12.opa75.89 Kb
Admin/zh-cn/outlk12.opa358.88 Kb
Admin/zh-cn/ppt12.opa86.41 Kb
Admin/zh-cn/proj12.opa138.95 Kb
Admin/zh-cn/pub12.opa27.22 Kb
Admin/zh-cn/spd12.opa13.12 Kb
Admin/zh-cn/visio12.opa99.44 Kb
Admin/zh-cn/word12.opa203.26 Kb
Admin/zh-tw/access12.opa43.06 Kb
Admin/zh-tw/cpao12.opa17.66 Kb
Admin/zh-tw/excel12.opa118.67 Kb
Admin/zh-tw/groove12.opa2.40 Kb
Admin/zh-tw/ic12.opa6.59 Kb
Admin/zh-tw/inf12.opa86.73 Kb
Admin/zh-tw/oct.chm59.48 Kb
Admin/zh-tw/octres.dll424.78 Kb
Admin/zh-tw/office12.opa583.02 Kb
Admin/zh-tw/onent12.opa76.16 Kb
Admin/zh-tw/outlk12.opa359.77 Kb
Admin/zh-tw/ppt12.opa86.38 Kb
Admin/zh-tw/proj12.opa139.94 Kb
Admin/zh-tw/pub12.opa27.38 Kb
Admin/zh-tw/spd12.opa13.25 Kb
Admin/zh-tw/visio12.opa99.84 Kb
Admin/zh-tw/word12.opa203.72 Kb
autorun.inf175.00 b
Catalog/files12.cat1.26 Mb
INSTRUCTIONS.txt421.00 b
Office.en-us/1033/dwintl20.dll106.32 Kb
Office.en-us/branding.xml497.08 Kb
Office.en-us/DW20.EXE794.32 Kb
Office.en-us/dwdcw20.dll429.27 Kb
Office.en-us/dwtrig20.exe424.34 Kb
Office.en-us/Microsoft.VC80.CRT.manifest522.00 b
Office.en-us/msvcr80.dll612.00 Kb
Office.en-us/OfficeLR.cab25.46 Mb
Office.en-us/OfficeMUI.msi2.29 Mb
Office.en-us/OfficeMUI.xml5.86 Kb
Office.en-us/OfficeMUISet.msi490.50 Kb
Office.en-us/OfficeMUISet.xml821.00 b
Office.en-us/osetupui.dll180.30 Kb
Office.en-us/pss10r.chm26.45 Kb
Office.en-us/setup.chm51.74 Kb
Office.en-us/setup.xml9.72 Kb
Office.en-us/ShellUI.MST60.50 Kb
Office64.en-us/Office64MUI.msi491.50 Kb
Office64.en-us/Office64MUI.xml1.01 Kb
Office64.en-us/Office64MUISet.msi490.50 Kb
Office64.en-us/Office64MUISet.xml825.00 b
Office64.en-us/OWOW64LR.cab7.10 Kb
Office64.en-us/setup.xml1.80 Kb
Proofing.en-us/Proof.en/Proof.cab21.37 Mb
Proofing.en-us/Proof.en/Proof.msi496.00 Kb
Proofing.en-us/Proof.en/Proof.xml1.32 Kb
Proofing.en-us/ Mb
Proofing.en-us/ Kb
Proofing.en-us/ Kb
Proofing.en-us/ Mb
Proofing.en-us/ Kb
Proofing.en-us/ Kb
Proofing.en-us/Proofing.msi490.50 Kb
Proofing.en-us/Proofing.xml813.00 b
Proofing.en-us/setup.xml5.75 Kb
Rosebud.en-us/RbudLR.cab1.51 Mb
Rosebud.en-us/RosebudMUI.msi48.00 Kb
Rosebud.en-us/RosebudMUI.xml811.00 b
Rosebud.en-us/setup.xml1.22 Kb
setup.exe641.48 Kb
Word.en-us/setup.xml2.62 Kb
Word.en-us/WordLR.cab14.66 Mb
Word.en-us/WordMUI.msi1.58 Mb
Word.en-us/WordMUI.xml1.76 Kb
WORD.txt1.00 Kb
Word.WW/config.xml940.00 b
Word.WW/ID_0001b.DPC1.72 Kb
Word.WW/Office64WW.msi828.00 Kb
Word.WW/Office64WW.xml2.26 Kb
Word.WW/ose.exe141.78 Kb
Word.WW/osetup.dll6.23 Mb
Word.WW/OWOW64WW.cab3.96 Mb
Word.WW/setup.xml14.71 Kb
Word.WW/WordWW.cab101.29 Mb
Word.WW/WordWW.msi6.07 Mb
Word.WW/WordWW.xml8.67 Kb
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