Command and Conquer Red Alert 3 Multi4 Full Rip

Command and Conquer Red Alert 3 Multi4 Full Rip

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Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3 from EA brings back the fan-favorite real-time strategy game in its latest incarnation with new features, powers, technologies, and a different world. Now, you can play not just by yourself but also cooperatively with a friend as you take on the enemy in this glorious, over-the-top romp.

In previous games, the war between the Allies and Soviets was coming to a close with the Allies nearing victory. In desperation, the Soviets created a time-travel device that they've used to assassinate Albert Einstein before he is able to develop the weapon technology the Allies later use to defeat the Soviets. Upon returning, they notice a new world, and there is a world war taking place between three groups for control of the world.

STUDIOEA: Los Angeles
GENRE: Strategy
FRANCHISE: Command & Conquer

* Play As Three Different Factions: In Red Alert 3, you have the choice to play as the Allies, the Soviets, or the Empire of the Rising Sun. Each faction has its own story-line and distinct units with advantages and disadvantages that you have to master in order to win.
* Fight on Land, in the Air, and on Sea: Red Alert 3 has land units, air units, and naval units, all integral parts of the game. Unlike most strategy games that don't bother with naval warfare, Red Alert 3 makes controlling the seas an essential part of the game.
* Cooperative Mode Lets You Team Up with Your Friends: Red Alert 3 has a fully co-operative campaign mode where you and a friend can play together to achieve victory.
* Play Against Your Friends in Multiplayer: With the different units and play mechanics of each faction, you and your friends will have a great time playing against each other, perfecting different strategies to best suit the units you have and the maps you play on.
* Star-Studded Storytelling - Command & Conquer's trademark live-action videos return in HD, with over 60 minutes of footage featuring the largest cast in the history of the Command & Conquer franchise.
* Ready your Man Cannons! - Armored War Bears, and Anime-inspired psychic school girls join your favorite Red Alert units like Sonic Dolphins, Tesla Troopers, Attack Dogs, and the ever popular Tanya.


Full Game
Ripped - Nothing!
Multi4: English, Polish, Czech, Hungarian

1) disable UAC on Vista
2) extract .zip archive to NORMAL/SHORT PATH , somewhere like D:Games 
3) run setup.bat
4) follow on-screen instructions

Run "Ra3_Control_Center.bat" if u want change language
Disable internet to get rid of "long black screen" in menus, or block Red alert in Firewall!

How to uninstall:
1) run delete_game_from_registry.reg file
2) delete "Red Alert 3" folder
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