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Football Manager 2012 Patch 12 2 0 SKIDROW

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Football Manager 2012 v12.2.0

- Adjusted the selection process to decide which cities get new stadiums built for hosting international competitions
- Fixed issue where possible opposition team lists were not being filled correctly for a minor club when arranging a friendly.
- Fixed old extended leaves being prolonged when giving out new leaves to new players.
- Fixed crash when a player had been released from their club but the tutoring wasn't cleared down.
- Designated players and Marquee reports from the assistant are now including only players effectively interested in joining the user team.
- Fixed potential for snow in cities where freezing temperatures are not set in the db for a particular season.
- Fixed crash when going to the board request screen when the club doesn't have a chairman.
- Fine tuned squad morale slightly against league position
- Allowed player morale to remain high or low for a bit longer after a significant event eg winning a competition, promotion, relegation etc
- Fixed issue where players don't return from international duty immediately after a finals competition.
- Fixed issue where newly promoted team to a new league just been added was unable to be taken over by a human manager.
- Winning team manager stats are now updated as soon as a team wins a league, not at the end of the league.
- Adjusted the chances for a stadium being expanded after being selected to host a major competition.
- Fixed network game crash when the client selects to view a staff’s profile.
- Fixed a bug where contract renewals made by the user were breaking the club salary cap in USA and in Australia.
- Fixed players who have decided to leave on a free transfer general happiness stating they don't want to leave the club.
- Fixed preferred foot selection when reading in future newgens from EDT files
- Adjusted general player progression and production of newgens in in-active nations.
- Fixed potential crash if assistant manager reporting on international players has no contract with club team.
- Adjusted the age limit for being a candidate to tutor another player.
- Improved Best Eleven selection.
- Fixed some instances of players unrealistically rejecting loan moves to feeder clubs.
- Fixed Best Player in Europe achievement.
- Fixed player being described as being stripped of the captaincy when he in fact resigned it.
- Stopped B club players getting annoyed when removed as captain after being promoted to the senior side.
- Fixed a rare crash when saving the game just after resigning/being sacked from a club side.
- Fixed issue where user could not control reserve team in matches sometimes.
- Fixed clubs promoted to the BSN/BSS without managers do not appoint managers.
- Carlos Tevez is no longer transfer listed by request at the start of the game.

Backroom Advice
- Stop backroom staff recommending retraining a player in a different position when those games were for a team he went on loan to.

- Fixed instance of empty space at beginning of biographies for some players.
- Fixed information on player's winner’s medals being occasionally incorrect if player had particular history movements.

Board Requests
- Big clubs can no longer request a parent club.
- Now able to upgrade training facilities after they've been downgraded.
- Disabled been able to request a parent club if the teams current parent club is a permanent link.
- Disabled Italian teams from been able to purchase a council owned stadium due to them been shared between two teams
- Made boards more willing to accept a request for a new contract.

- Best performing Argentine team in the Copa Sudamericana now qualifies for the Libertadores when Argentina is an inactive league.

- Fixed players on trial being able to play in Asian Continental Club competitions.
- Fixed foreign player rule for the Asian Champions League and Asian Confederation Cup.

- Avoid the possibility to have 2 Marquee players in the squad when buying one and renewing a contract from Full time to Marquee at the same time.

- Added winner/loser prize money to Super Cup.
- Main Cup 3rd round, 4th round and Semi-Final now just one leg.
- Fixed Highest League fixture clashes.
- Adjusted number of teams for Highest and First League for season 2011 and 2012.

- Updated National Second Division prize money.
- Updated first international transfer window closing date for 2012 onwards.
- Updated Cup appearance/prize money.

- Fixed "A" Group foreign player rules.
- Fixed winter transfer window.

- Universidad Católica now play their home games against Colo Colo and Universidad de Chile at their own Stadium.

- Fixed winter transfer window.
- Updated First Division 2012/13 dates

- Fixed missing extra-time in Club World Championship semis and final not being on Sunday.

- Kolding IF and Kolding BK unblocked from various Danish competitions.
- Removed U21 requirements when home team is from the Danish Series or the Danish Lower Division.
- Stopped Superliga teams getting prize money for win or draw after each match.

- Fixed an issue with fixture scheduling in the Premier Division around Xmas 2021.
- Fixed FA Trophy Final never being played at Wembley.

- Champions Cup group stage is not treated as a "later stage" now.

- Adjusted Finnish Cup attendances.

- French CFA should now be getting history updated every year when it’s not active.
- Made clubs from French Territories that take part in the French Cup a little bit more varied.

- Overage players can now play in U23 team friendly matches.
- Fixed wrong team shown to be at home for Super Cup after a team has won the double.

Hong Kong
- League Cup history is now updated correctly.

- Updated National Football League schedule.
- Updated Durand Cup.
- Updated second transfer window.

- Fixed an issue where wrong nations were qualified to the Olympic Games in future years.
- Fixed an issue where player bans were not being updated for certain matches.

- Beitar Jerusalem deducted 2 points.

- Fixed Serie C1 and C2 clubs not being able to buy Non-EU players based in Italy.

- Fixed Mexican Promotion League Opening/Closing Stage wins not being recorded in Player Achievements.
- Fixed teams playing matches against the same team either away or at home for both Opening and Closing stages of Mexican First Division and Promotion League.
- Fixed mid-season transfer window.

- Fixed teams having a friendly in-between the first and second league games.

- Updated Super Cup rules.
- Updated U18 disciplinary rules.
- Updated FA Cup disciplinary rules.

- Fixed Portuguese Second League clubs having short summer break for players.
- Fixed match rules for the League Cup.

- Fixed Second League first 11 U21 rule (should be players born after 1.1.1990).

- When starting the game in July 2011, the Russian Super Cup in 2012 is now setup with the correct teams.
- Russian teams now play friendlies in their winter break.
- Fixed transfer windows from the 2012/13 season onwards.
- Fixed Premier Division matches being rearranged to be played during the winter break.
- Changed Cup prize monies from US Dollar to Russian Ruble.
- Premier League schedule and rules updated for season 2012/13 onwards.
- Changed generic newgen start age from 15 to 16.
- New Foreigner rules added.

- Fixed missing disciplinary rules for First Division.

South Korea
- Fixed second reserve group teams only playing each other twice.
- Updated relegation system.

- Non-EU Under 19 players in Spain now need to be registered in order to play.

South America
- Fixed squad registration date for the South American Recopa being too early.

- Sion deducted 36 points.

- Turkish 2nd division now stays at 17 teams per group with 3 teams relegated each season.
- Updated Turkish Cup format.

- No more virtual players displayed in the MLS Combine on match day unless they are absolutely necessary due to players multiple injuries.
- Discovery Player rule has been improved.
- Fixed Weighted Lottery player to not always have a contract set after they've been assigned to a club.
- Players wage demands in the scout reports have been improved.
- Fixed issue with Sporting Kansas City players making debuts when they played for the old Kansas club.
- MLS Academy Apprentice contract wages are now correct when the players got generated.
- Goal bonuses are now available on MLS contracts.
- Fixed allocation funds to be increased of max 650k $ when a MLS club receive money from a transfer made with monthly payments.
- Fixed an issue where players could be signed in the MLS even if they were going to break the salary cap without the possibility to remove any other players from the squad to make more room.

- Fixed format of the Welsh League Cup.

- Add some gradual wage confidence changes when the manager has been in charge of the club for less than a year to stop huge jumps in confidence.

- Added missing Australian marquee player types to the editor.
- Fixed issue with neutral venues being used for a league stage if a previous competition was using a host nation.
- User can now block promotion for B/reserve teams in a league if they come within 2 divisions of their main team.
- Fixed Finnish lower divisions not being able to be added via the editor.

- Slowed down the decay of modern new stadiums for clubs in financial difficulties.
- Balanced costs of youth/training facility expansions
- Adjusted non-player wages.
- Adjusted Greek sponsorships.
- Exchange rate issue for record transfer fee.
- Adjusted Chinese ticket prices.
- Fixed Colombian team's estimated values rising greatly at unusual times.
- Adjusted relegated team wage budgets.
- Adjusted Romanian finances.
- Fixed wrong amount in news about sponsorship in Brazilian First Division.
- Fixed San Marino (club side) does not get any TV Money when promoted to Serie A.
- Added Rangers, Darlington and Portsmouth starting in administration with points deduction.
- Adjusted Romanian youth scheme costs.

International Management
- Fixed AI manager reported as sacked when he is stepping down after winning the European Championship.
- Fixed new manager resigning after competition finishes, despite manager responsible for poor performances having already been sacked.
- Holiday to Next Squad Selection Date will now holiday to the earliest squad selection date of any national team the human controls.
- Added 'Take Control' button to news item asking about whether you want to take control of newly-created Olympic team.
- Improved AI squad selection with regard to the number of strikers selected.

Manager Interaction
- Competition winning topic is now available immediately after a team wins a league or cup.
- Fixed code in possible comment in the recent signing topic.
- Fixed code in pitch condition comment.
- Fixed responding to a manager who has been negative towards you allows you to say “it is nice to receive positive comments”.
- Fixed journalist name appearing instead of manager's name in overachieving comment by AI manager to human.
- Fixed code in Manager Interaction news item concerning Club Survival Chances - 
- Fixed  appears in AI Manager comment on user's high flying team
- Fixed being able to state other managers have criticised another manager when no comments have been made about them in the press
- Improved managers comments about other managers playing style

- Fixed issue where having assistant manager in control of reserve team team talks didn't work correctly.
- Reserve/youth team now fill the bench with more players when playing the first team.
- Made AI teams use touchline instructions to target teams playing without full backs
- Fixed AI teams sometimes over-rotating team in important cup matches, or the last game of the season

- Fixed cosmetic news item issue with youth intake news if club has no youth team
- Adjusted randomisation of newgen mental attributes at creation
- Adjusted the number of players in American dev league teams over time.

News Items
- Fixed  appearing in "Injury Worry" news item after announcing squad.
- Fixed news item concerning a team's history of tournament qualification being incorrect.
- Some pre-match strings have been improved.
- Fixed rare instance of newly-transferred player potentially stating that he is looking forward to playing with a former team mate.
- Fixed competition bidding news item using wrong year when announcing final hosts.
- Fixed no button being available on the news item to chat with an unhappy player when he has gone public with his unhappiness.
Fixed code appearing in competition joint hosts announcement mail.
-Fixed 'without a club for a short time' for players who had been without a club nearly a year.
- Stopped news item potentially advising setting non-contract player to be made available for loan.

Non Player Movement
- Fixed issue that was causing A-league clubs to hire 23 year olds as managers.

Player Interaction
- Recommend possible future staff role conversation no longer ends after the initial suggestion.
- News item about player having their transfer request refused no longer refers to a 24-year old player as an "ageing".
- Players are B and C teams now report their happiness to the B and C team manager rather than the A team manager.
- Stopped players who have just returned from a leave of absence getting unhappy about lack of first team football.
- Stopped players unhappy about a lack of first-team football having their unhappiness removed in the close season.
- Stopped players thinking moving to club more at home will not make him feel more at home via homesickness conversation.
- Stopped players who are already unhappy about wanting to leave getting upset about not wanting to leave.
- When a user takes over a new club, players who were already at the unresolvable stage of unhappiness will now hold a private chat.
- Fixed players getting unhappy about the team underachieving in opening and closing stage leagues when the team has won the opening stage of the competition.
- Players are now transfer listed by request when they come asking to leave and the manager agrees to sell them as soon as possible.
- If a player is unhappy about the number of rivals at the club but are getting first team games they will no longer request to be transfer listed.
- Players who are on holiday or on a leave of absence can no longer have private chats.
- Players are now transfer listed when the user uses the statement "This was only going to be a warning but if that is your attitude I'm going to transfer list you now" in the warning transfer listing conversation.
- Fixed not been able to give into players when first talk to them about wanting to leave the club.

Press Conferences
- Fixed press conference discussing chances of avoiding relegation when team has already ensured safety.
- Fixed contradictory press conference news item saying the manager is 'pleased with squad' despite stating areas could be strengthened.
- Fixed press conference question being asked about opposition goalkeeper being injured with all substitutions made so outfield player has to go in goal as if it applied to your team.

Team Meetings
- Previous team meetings are now available from the team meeting screen.
- Improved player reactions in team meetings.
- Stopped the user been able to hold an inappropriate team meeting after losing in the play offs.
- Stopped team meeting suggestions been sent on the same day as a human has a game as it ends up telling the user they can't hold a meeting.

- Scout of smaller club returning with a low amount of results when being assigned to scout a nation he has full knowledge of.
- Ensured scout only takes a day to scout a full knowledge nation, when part of a region/continent.
- Stopped user in charge of big club from being recommended players of a poor standard by a top scout.
- Helped prevent user from getting duplicate scout reports on same day from same scout.

- Ensured smaller club's reputations don't fluctuate too much when signing/selling players.
- Fixed 'Contract Length' being blank when starting contract negotiations in some cases.
- Stopped player midway through loan getting another loan offer accepted by parent club and moves to new club.
- Got AI Teams to respond after user offers their negotiated transfer terms for their player.
- Encouraged AI Teams to be more pro-active to offload players who they aren't going to register for the League.
- Reduced amount of players from a number of different leagues are moving to the Middle East.
- Stopped user being able to offer a higher wage percentage than the board are allowing for a loan deal.
- Stopped players wage dropping due to activating a 'Wage After Reaching League Games' clause after initially seeing his wage rise due to the 'Match Highest Earner' Clause in his contract being activated.
- Encouraged Spanish lower league sides to not sign as many free transfers which was leading to bloated squad sizes.
- Encouraged youth players who were previously unwilling to enter contract negotiations with newly appointed manager, to enter negotiations.
- Fixed problem with Swedish youngsters unwilling to move from youth contract to part-time contract.
- Stopped player demanding 'Team of the Year' bonus, despite the division not having a team of the year award.
- Fixed player on trial stating he has previously been offered a contract when he hasn't.
- Stopped player stating it would be a dream to sign for the users club, when contract talks have previously failed.
- Allowed user to be offered a part time contract that they can accept without altering the 'Contract Type' dropdown box.
- Finnish youth contract wages after 20 games clause demands reduced.
- Fixed user not being able to progress past a 'Must Respond' news item regarding a co-ownership decision.
- Fixed being on holiday when a transfer offer is accepted leads to the news item missing the Offer Contract button, news now appears.
- Stopped important team players being transfer listed and loan listed when nation not active.
- Fixed when attempting to sell players with admin club the deal will fall through with no explanation.

- Fixed issue where 2 red cards are shown on match screen timebar when only 1 was given.
- Uefa nation coefficients now show correctly when starting the game before June 2011.
- Fixed issue with team award formation panel sometimes not using correct colours for players.
- Added missing team talk tone information to the assistant team talk feedback panel.
- Fixed bug where hitting Live just after a replay starts, doesn't restart the match.

Football Manager 2012 v12.1.1 Changelist

- Fixed biography-related crash when viewing the profile of some newgen players
- Fixed rare issue allowing Belgian clubs to enter two divisions

Football Manager 2012 v12.1.0 Changelist

- Fixed bug with promotion from bottom to top achievement not working.
- Fixed sugar daddy flag not being cleared when he leaves club.
- Fixed a dialog with Assistant Manager when asking to scout Marquee Players (they were wrongly called Designated Players)
- Adjusted attendances in matches between club teams and national youth teams
- Person profiles now correctly refer to 'youth apps/goals' as U21 or U20 appearances goals, depending on what nation the player plays for.
- Fixed player looking forward to going on loan then stating they are too good to go out on loan.
- Adjusted the national team assistant manager tendency to send news about players ready for national team duty
- Playing histories now loaded in for people added when new nations are activated.
- Stopped French academy sides getting parent / feeder clubs.
- People marked to have their history retained will now never be retired when removing leagues.
- Fixed an issue where sometimes the final playing history entry would not be retained when the player retires.
- All agents now retained in the database when starting a new game.
- 2 season loans now count towards loan limits for the 2nd season.
- Adjusted attendances for Croatian euro matches
- Adjusted attendances in small national team tournaments
- Adjusted continental cup and rivalry attendances in Greece
- Fixed post-match referee panel sometimes been blank.
- Adjusted FA Trophy attendances for small clubs in the final rounds
- Fixed player saying they want to leave in the General Happiness section but having an Unhappiness reason of not wanting to leave.
- Fixed a crash when going to the backroom advice screen when you have a player who hasn't a contract with the club he is at.
- Fixed issue where adding a new nation/league allows users to take control of nations that don't have enough players.
- Fixed a manager interaction reply having been sent from a manager who has left their club, after the time the initial news item was sent.
- Fixed 'Unproven' being considered a better reputation than 'Local' for non-playing staff.
- Fixed virtual players changing names occasionally when signed to a contract.
- Adjusted attendances in youth international final tournaments
- Fixed a few cases of the game adjusting small stadium sizes upwards at the start.
- Fixed potential threading crash on macs with >8 core processors.
- Reduced memory usage a small amount, for best affects start a new game.
- Fixed issue where (random) players could get called up for a national team they weren't eligible for and therefore end up changing nationality if they played a game for that nation.
- Non-contract and amateur players can no longer be fined, as they have no wages in the first place!
- Fixed issue where players on loan in Belgium (and other nations with the continuous rule) would lose their days towards nationality when returning to their parent club, they now have 2 months to return to Belgium before the count is reset.
- Fixed players leaving the club before the end of the season not being included in the best XI.
- Fixed crash in situation where an edited game had an inactive league with one team in it.
- Fixed issue where user could not submit a valid squad for an U19 match.
- Fixed crash in national scouting update news item caused by retiring scout not having had his assignments cleared.
- Fixed crash on hall of fame screen when changing to a different section.
- Fixed crash where user edited cup competition had no host nation set.

ESP - Updated Liga BBVA ad hoarding
FRA - Fixed Nantes away kit

Backroom Advice
- Stopped suggestions to remove good set piece takers who are just in the reserves.
- Stopped recommendations to a transfer list a player who is already transfer listed.
- Meeting reminder news item now states the correct date when the user held a meeting then, rather than the date of the last reminder.
- News item button is now removed when the meeting has finished.
- Player coaches no longer suggest dropping themselves due to poor form.
- No longer suggests the same formation that the user is already using.
- Fixed the set formation button not working.
- Made sure the pre-season meeting request isn't immediately after the end of the season.

- Fixed issue with playing career end date where the player had become a non-player for a nation and then also continued his playing career.
- Fixed players stated as currently on trial in biography when they've signed permanently.
- Fixed occasional instance of retired player's biography miscalculating playing career length.
- Fixed Olympics victory being ascribed to England team in England manager's biography.
- Fixed biography text confusion between length of time managing club and international squad following dual management.

Board Request
- Board will no longer agree to sign the user an extra player if they started the game with transfer budgets disabled.
- Fixed issue when a board request start date was incorrectly getting reported as starting after the completion date in the news item.
- Fixed the board agreeing to signing a player and the transfer budget not been restored when the transfer is cancelled because the player failed to get a work permit.
- Fixed the board agreeing to a contract renewal when a user had only a short time left on their contract and the board wasn't going to offer them a new contract.
- User now gets to pick their feeder club when the board agree to allow the user to pick their own team rather than just pick from suggested clubs.
- When the board decide to build a new stadium the game now adds an entry in the board request progress panel.

Board Takeovers
- Fixed potential issue with B clubs being taken over.

- Some starting international friendlies had the home and away teams the wrong way around.
- Fixed a bug where user was informed that his team has qualified for wrong European competition.
- Fixed bug where a trialists team was being promoted to a customised nation's lowest division.
- San Marino and Andorra now get extra European places if their coefficient increases.
- For leagues where players are made available for youth teams instead of reserve teams, all players in the youth team are always deemed available.
- Fixed bug where more players than what was needed were being loaded in sometimes when leagues were activated.
- Improved friendly match picking for reserve teams.
- Fixed issue where fake players did not get achievements shown correctly in their profile.
- Bans in the World Club Championship now don't carry across to other continental cups.
- Fixed issue where player bought by team he is on loan to, is ineligible for a replay, after being eligible for the original match.
- Fixed issue where unregistered U21 players in leagues which finish in Nov/Dec cannot play in European competitions after the end of their season.
- Some improvements made to fixture re-scheduling.
- Edited fixtures should now import correctly for all league competitions.
- Fixed some issues with league wins for managers not being updated for a few competitions.
- When a view-only league is activated, reserve and youth teams are now setup correctly for clubs.
- When an international friendly is cancelled, the date can now be used to schedule a new friendly.

- Fixed group winners of Asian Confederation Cup not having home advantage in second round.

- Fixed free transfers being possible outside of transfer windows.
- Fixed Second Division start date.

- Fixed a bug where the user could not approach to sign on a Bosman transfer other A-League players when managing in the A-league.
- Fixed A-League clubs to not break the minimum squad size any more.
- Improved the players’ selection when registering the squad for AI clubs in the A-League.
- Fixed an issue where in the A-League Marquee players (only if they are Australian) were renewing their contract as Australian Marquee, which is messing up the club as it will have 2 Australian Marquees and no Marquees.
- Added the contract filter for "A-League salary cap exempt" in the player's search.

- Fixed Belgian Cup Sub Rules.
- Fixed Third Division league sorting rules for Periods.

- Fixed Brazilian Potiguar State Championship teams only playing each other once in league stage.
- Fixed Brazilian Cup draw rules.
- Deactivated the mid-season break in the Brazilian National First Division.
- Update Brazilian Cup draw date.
- Fixed Rondônia State Championship schedule.
- Fixed which teams face each other in São Paulo State Championship semi-final.
- Updated National First and Second league sort rules.

- Fixed "A" Group starting 11 foreign players rule.

- Updated summer transfer window.
- Max of 6 foreign players allowed to be signed for Chinese teams.
- Fixed trial players playing in competitive matches.
- Fixed higher division team not playing at home in Cup.

- Fixed teams being allocated the wrong group in 2011 National Cup.

- Fixed number of rounds for First Division 2013/14 season onwards.
- Fixed number of rounds for Second Division 2014/15 season onwards.
- Fixed Second Division winter break.

- Fixed fixture clashes with Superliga and international fixtures.
- Fixed First Division schedule and matches split.

- Fixed League 2 matches being scheduled for Sunday evening TV coverage.
- Fixed FA Cup final and FA Trophy final clash.
- Fixed wrong mid-week fixture kick off time for Championship, League 1 and League 2.
- Fixed Blue Square North/South clubs not playing on international weekends.
- Fixed draw dates for F.A Cup, Johnstone's Paint Trophy and F.A Trophy.
- Fixed television money for F.A. Cup Sixth Round and for replays.

- EURO Cup final now always played at host stadium.
- Fixed issue where teams knocked out of the Euro Cup were not getting some coefficient points that they should have been getting.
- A European squad can be registered now at the stage where a team is knocked out of the Champions Cup but not yet entered in the EURO Cup competition.
- Fixed some seeding issues with the EURO Cup First Knockout Round.

- Fixed League Cup not taking place when game start date is after the League Cup is supposed to be completed (i.e. selecting England start date).
- Fixed bug with Finnish League Cup final venue.
- B teams can now be promoted to the First Division.

- Updated National Division Schedule.
- Fixed teams from overseas territories not taking part in the French Cup.
- Fixed Ligue 1 Schedule.
- Fixed Ligue 2 Schedule.
- Updated Coupe de la Ligue prize money.
- Updated CFA Schedule.
- User reserve team matches in the CFA now are played in full detail.
- French Cup runners up now take part in EURO Cup if the winners have qualified for the Champions Cup.
- Updated the 2011 Champions Trophy venue.

- Fixed First and Second Division schedules.

- Fixed clash between Greek Cup semi-final and World Cup qualifier.
- 5 points deducted from Panachaiki for match fixing.
- Updated Cup due to number of teams in National C changing.

- Non EU players now don't have "Fgn" player status flags unless they are U18.
- Fixed issue where Dutch Cup doesn't get scheduled correctly when Dutch league is added.
- Removed 3rd match decider in Eredivisie relegation playoff 2nd round.

Hong Kong
- Updated rules and schedules for Hong Kong Senior Challenge Shield.
- Updated rules and schedules for Hong Kong FA Cup.
- Updated rules and schedules for Hong Kong League Cup.

- Stopped trialists being able to play in competitive matches.
- Fixed Upper League Cup group draw not being random draw.

- Updated National Football League prize money.

- Updated Super League number of teams.
- Updated Super League Schedule.
- Updated Super League prize money.
- Updated Premier Division number of teams.
- Updated Premier Division Schedule.
- Updated Premier Division prize money.
- Fixed Super League foreign players rule.

- European Football Championship Second Placed Teams table now uses results against top 5 teams, not 4.
- Fixed some European U19 Football Championship qualifying dates.
- Some African Cup of Nations qualifying dates moved to international match days.
- U23 teams in Olympics now arrange pre-tournament friendlies.
- Fixed some issues with Gold Cup dates in years 2013/17/etc.
- Morocco set as hosts for the 2013 and 2014 Club World Championships.
- Some African Cup of Nations qualifying dates moved to international match days.
- Fixed some North American World Cup qualifying dates.
- Fixed some matches in the Club World Championship being played at the stadium of the home team.
- Game doesn't remove managers after U23 Concacaf Olympics Qualifying tournament.
- Fixed an issue with the draw date for the U20 World Cup.
- Fixed some issues with bans for British players at the Olympics.
- Fixed some issues with European U21 Championship qualifiers scheduling.
- Updated South East Asian Football Championship.
- Improved team seedings for African Cup of Nations group draw.
- Updated 2015 African Under 20 Championship host.
- Stopped international captains being appointed that are going to retire soon.

- Updated Premier Division setup for 2012 season.
- Fixed incorrect prize money for Premier Division winner.
- Fixed sub rules in Premier and First Divisions.
- Fixed All Ireland Cup prize money.

- Fixed Hapoel Nazareth-Ilit not having points deduction.
- Adjusted National League Middle Playoff schedule.
- Updated Premier League Toto Cup Quarter Final draw and round date.
- Updated Premier League Toto Cup Semi Final draw date.
- Updated Premier/National League Toto Cup group draw date.
- Fixed venues for semi-final and final of State Cup, Premier and National Toto cups.

- Randomized Coppa Italia Lega Pro groups.
- Updated points deduction for Serie B and Lega Pro 1st and 2nd Divisions.
- Fixed Italian Cup final fixture clash with international fixtures.
- Fixed Italian Cup runner up not taking part in Super Cup when a team does the double (i.e. a team wins Serie A and Italian Cup).
- Italian Cup semi-final first leg date no longer clashes with international matches every 2nd year.

Northern Ireland
- Fixed All Ireland Cup prize money.

- "Can play against own team" now default choice for loan deals.
- Fixed First and Second Division schedules.
- Fixed Cup Scheduling.
- Fixed lack of full round of matches on the 16th May in Second Division.

- Fixed First Division U21 player on pitch born date.
- Fixed lower division team not playing at home in F.A Cup 3rd round.
- Fixed missing home grown rules for Ekstraklasa.
- Fixed not being able to register free transfers at any time for Ekstraklasa.
- Fixed fixture clashes in Ekstraklasa during World Cup and Euro Championship years.
- Updated Ekstraklasa prize money.
- Updated FA Cup TV coverage and stadium for final.
- Polish cup runners up now qualify for Europe if winner qualifies through the league.

- Squad win bonus news item now doesn't appear halfway through first season.
- Russian Premier Division teams in first season of Russian Cup sixth round play away.
- Updated prize money of Russian competitions.
- Fixed promotion to Russian First Division from Second Division.

- Fixed League Cup semi-final date.

South America
- Teams from same nation play each other in Copa Sudamericana semi-finals.
- Teams from same nation are now not drawn together in the Copa Libertadores group stage (unless they qualify through preliminary round).
- South American Recopa doesn't start until 2012.

South Korea
- Updated reserve league (number of rounds, sub rule and schedule).
- Updated U18 league (number of rounds and schedule).
- Fixed incorrect National League Cup venues.

- Fixed Spanish Cup final fixture clash with international fixtures.
- Fixed LIGA Adelante playoff rules.
- Can now move non-EU players to B teams.
- Fixed Playoff final for Second B Division in user's 2nd season being scheduled on June 30th, the same day as player's are released at the end of their contracts.

- Fixed bug where team went on holiday before promotion playoff.

- Fixed duplicate start of window registration news in Swiss League.

- Correct teams now in the Turkish Second Division groups.
- Fixed European qualification from the 2011/12 Turkish Premier Division and changed it back to a single league format for 2012/13.
- Fixed Wednesday Premiership matches not being televised.
- Stopped trialists being able to play in competitive matches.

- Updated match ban for direct red card.
- Added missing squad registration for Premier League.
- From 2012 Dynamo Kyiv will play home games vs Shakhtar (both league and cup) at NSC Olympiyskyi.
- Fixed lack of discipline rules for the U21 League.

- Fixed trial players playing in competitive matches.
- Free transfers in Uruguay can be registered at any time.

- Designated Players slots are better managed by the clubs.
- Salary cap issues in the budget adjustment bar are now fixed.
- Draft allocations values are now improved and more realistic.
- Added some tweaks to help teams to maximise their rosters.
- Fixed AI clubs to break the squad registration rules.
- Added new squad selection rule of maximum 6 Developmental slots.
- Fixed a bug where injured players coming back from their injury where standing in the roster without being registered (when they should or, alternatively, should be waived at least) due to the code not performing a final squad selection.
- Fixed to not waive any player after the Roster Guarantee Date.
- Guaranteed Contract for MLS players are now counting as guaranteed only after the MLS Registration date as it should be.
- Fixed MLS contract type flag to be wrongly displayed when a player is free agent.
- Fixed an issue where the user couldn't offer a Designated Player contract to a DP player on contract renewal if he wasn't good enough.
- Fixed an issue where MLS Senior players where demanding a Designated Player salary when renewing their contract without being entitled to ask for such big money (not good enough to be a DP).
- Fixed a bug where one of the MLS Combine teams sometimes has far too many players.
- Fixed an issue where MLS players who got waived from the Waiver Draft hadn't the date they left the club displayed in the Achievements screen.
- Improved how the playoff table works.
- Fixed the "Transfer for league Rights" transfer option in the MLS.
- Fixed a bug where you can't offer a Senior Entry Level contract in the MLS who last more than 2 years.
- Fixed Philadelphia, Portland and Vancouver to not intake academy players on season turnover.
- Fixed an issue where MLS clubs managed by AI needed some extra Salary Cap to register all their players and were using wrong and unrealistic money amount to do it.
- Fixed a bug about team confidence in the MLS which was causing managers to get sack too early in the season due to the club expectations being too high.
- Fixed an issue where players where called up for the MLS All Star Game and therefore becoming unavailable for the CONCACAF Champions League Preliminary Round in case their team was qualified. Now these players can't be called up in the All Star Game.
- Players in the MLS now get league stats generated when the league is inactive.
- Fixed MLS schedule for seasons 2012 onwards to not have crazy long sequences of consecutive home or away matches.
- Removed the "Enquiry" offer type for free agent’s ex-MLS players who have their rights still held by a MLS club.
- Fixed an issue where manager who subscribed to a player from another club where forced to register his roster in the MLS when the player was renewing his contract.
- Fixed a bug where starting the game in December 2011 and managing in the MLS, the user there getting a news item about the Superdraft but the draft wasn't taking place.
- Added the contract filters for "MLS Homegrown" and "MLS salary cap exempt" in the player's search.
- Fixed a bug where among the players selected for the Superdraft, some could have played at Pro level which is forbidden.
- MLS clubs can now loan their under 18 players to their Academies.
- Fixed a bug where big players on trial or just signed at a MLS side could be called up for the MLS All Star Game when they shouldn't.
- Improved Weighted Lotteries to include former US Youth International with no MLS caps who become available after the SuperDraft has been set up.
- Fixed an issue where sometimes players out on loan were included in the Waiver Draft.
- MLS players who have been drafted to a team and failed to get registered in the squad for the MLS are now displayed as free transferred in the transfers screens.
- Improved the MLS All Star game squad selection logic and made sure there is always a valid opponent club.
- Fixed issue with Vancouver not showing Canadian competitions in their achievements.
- MLS players who are included in the Injury List are now marked as "Ineligible" in the Squad Registration Screen as soon as they pick up their injury so the user can spot them easily.
- Generation Adidas players picked from the SuperDraft are now joining the user's club on a sensible wage without rejecting the contract.
- Fixed a bug where MLS Designated Players could go in the Waiver Draft. In fact DP players cannot be waived.
- Fixed an issue in the MLS where if the user was renewing a contract that can potentially break the squad registration rules, he wasn't forced to register again his roster as it should happen.

- Fixed issue where European playoff winner in Wales is described as the league champions.

- Junior Marquee contract request are now correctly dealing with the maximum contract length allowed for this contract.
- MLS SEL/AA/DEV contracts are now correctly upgrading to the newly calculated minimum for the current season on season update date.
- Loan contacts in the MLS are now upgraded to the minimum senior wage in the league.
- Fixed 'Renew' button not being present on news item when player's loan contract is nearing an end.
- Fixed reward for fine form news item wrongly stating contract length for non-contracted player.
- Ensured inactive clubs are more proactive when offering hot prospect players new deals.
- Ensured staff members have more interest in renewing contracts in some situations (Works best from a new game)

- Added missing club home match day fields.
- Skin tone example widget in editor now doesn't generate a colour selection dialog when clicked.
- Can now edit the nation youth rating field.
- Fixed labels for the EURO Coefficient fields.
- Fixed nation sportsmanship field.
- Transfer windows can now be set to start or end on a fixed day of the month.
- Fixed an issue with "Over 19/20/etc In Squad" rules not being used correctly.
- Fixed issue with relegation playoffs with lower custom divisions not working in the game correctly sometimes.
- Fixed issue where original registration dates were being used for customised continental competitions in Asia, Africa and South America.
- Fixed issue with edited team colours for a specific competition not being used for that competition.
- Championship playoffs are now used to qualify teams to continental cup competitions.
- Fixed not entering end date in sponsorship causing the end date to appear as 1900.
- Fixed media source clubs not being ported from edt file.
- Fixed journalist favourite club field not working
- Fixed journalists not always being retained by the game when starting new game with edited .dbc file.
- Fixed issue with a loan rule not being loaded in correctly from compressed files.
- Setting a person to a retired person now adds a change to the changes list.
- Editor now doesn't allow a league with fewer teams than it has promotion and relegation places.
- League matches can now be scheduled for Xmas Day if user wants.
- Fixed Not setting sponsorship end date in editor is making it appear in game with end date 1900.

- Adjusted expenditure at B-clubs
- Fixed issue where only the first processed sell-on clause sent a news item if a starting future transfer had multiple sell-on clauses triggered
- Fixed club debt not loading in when competitions are made active.
- Fixed potentially wage budget not calculated if user cancels a transfer deal until after continue is pressed.
- Adjusted the board provisional estimates of planned stadium expansions to better match what will actually take place at the end of season
- Manager spending stats now updated after transfer clauses are hit.
- Adjusted wages given to MLS managers.
- Adjusted Uruguayan wages.
- Adjusted Greek club expenditure.
- Adjusted Czech Manager wages.
- Adjusted wages given to Spanish youth players.
- Fixed cases where transfer budget decreases after player sale which involves a 'Percentage of Next Sale' clause.
- Fixed cases where club expenditure total not displayed correctly.
- Adjusted Latvian ticket prices.
- Adjusted Slovenia finances.
- Adjusted ROI league manager wages.
- Adjusted Polish First Division - TV Revenue.
- Fixed cases where user can exploit the budget sliders in order to afford wages for a player.
- Adjusted Danish wage budgets.

International Management
- Fixed issue where human would apply for youth national job and the national team would take a long time considering who to appoint.
- Fixed getting a welcome to club scout message when also taking on a national role.
- User is now prompted to give squad numbers to players called up late for national teams.
- Fixed "Capped at Youth Level" (U19 International etc) not being displayed on player attribute panel if capped below U21 level during game.
- Changed ' youth apps/goals' to ' U21 apps/goals' on main player profile as this is what the value represents.
- Fixed international scouting report news item claims scout 'has only just started this assignment' when he hasn't.
- Fixed issue where stored u21 apps/goals were being updated with u21 and u20 stats for players whose nations had both u21 and u20 teams. It now updates stored u21 apps/goals for the highest youth team in the nation.
- Stopped Team GB and other U23 teams advertising for new manager after Olympics finishes and they don't have another competition scheduled for a while.
- Fixed when user is offered GB U23 role, news item reads  offered England role.
- Assistant manager no longer suggests a squad for a finals competition if there is a more recent match in a different competition to play first.
- Fixed international scout searches being automatically setup for humans that become youth national manager as you have no control over scouts in this role.
- Fixed news item being sent with response options to offering manager when human offers another human a job at a nation.
- Stopped Suggest National Squad button appearing on a human national youth team manager.
- Fixed when U21/U19 manager declines a position, news item refers to them as just 'manager'.
- Fixed strings stating assistant manager suggested squad is based on the National Pool when it isn't.
- Suggested players now get added to the National Pool if the user opts to take the assistant manager's suggested squad advice.
- Fixed an issue where AI managers might sometimes not pick 3 goalkeepers in a squad.
- Improved retirements from international football.
- Fixed young players from the home nations gaining ability to play for a different home nation incorrectly.
- Players who are no longer eligible to play for a nation are now removed from that nation’s national pool automatically.
- Friendly instructions can now be issued for U21 friendlies.
- Fixed human senior team manager removing a human U21/U19 manager not giving them any news notification.
- Fixed issue with Call Up To  Squad not being a valid option for player who will reject call-up.
- Fixed being able to offer two national jobs simultaneously when, if both accepted, the staff limit will be exceeded.
- Stopped both managers receive U21 Weekly Fixture List news when two humans managing both senior and U21 in hot-seat game.
- Fixed user occasionally being approached for the vacant international management position he had just resigned from.
- Added Indemnity money for French National clubs.
- Adjusted Scottish club expenses.
- Fixed cases where club is over wage budget but can still offer high wages to players who they have on trial first.
- Fixed case of loan repayment continuing a month beyond the loan end date.
- A player no longer misses Champions League final to play in the Four Associations Tournament.

Manager Interaction
- Journalist seeking a response from another manager’s press conference now only sends one news items

- Fixed bug where youth teams for clubs with no reserve/B team did not play players who had been marked as available.
- Fixed a few cases of different kinds of shots/headers occasionally not displaying correctly on the graphical analysis panel
- Don’t show injured player popup dialog if no more subs can be made.
- Alt-tabbing out of a match highlight in full screen mode now won't pause the match.
- If human is forced to play a friendly match due to no assistant manager or coaches, the match screen now lets him progress through the match setup screens.
- Prevented assistant from giving stats based analysis feedback before a few minutes have been played.
- Toned down corner delivery
- Harder to get header on target under pressure
- Better AI attacking corner set-up
- Tweaked AI use of touchline instruction
- Fixed a bug relating related to positioning of full backs in defensive third
- Fixed defensive line pushing up on goal kick leaving team vulnerable to header back over their heads for forward to run onto
- Replays of all highlights (not just goals) now works when user is watching the full match.

- Tuned team and player morale changes and maintenance through the game
- Tuned player morale changes related to player conversations

Newgens, Player Progression and Retirements
- Adjusted the ratio of newgens originating from the French academies
- Adjusted the creation of newgens in American Development leagues and player eligibility for the draft
- Adjusted the creation of extra players for added leagues
- Signing a virtual (grey) player now keeps their homegrown status as it was when he was still a virtual.
- Adjusted newgen creation date checking so leagues started with a 2012 start date also get newgens generated already in the first season.
- Adjusted preferred formations generated for players turning into non-players to be more often linked to nation preferred formations.
- Adjusted common name generation for newgens (Brazil, Spain etc.)
- Fixed cases of a player deciding to retire due to injury at the end of the season but still coming back and playing rest of the season after recovering from injury
- Adjusted the injury related retirements to make high earning players more likely to fight back from serious injuries
- Adjusted the impact of very long injuries on abilities of older players so they won't decline too much

- Fixed areas of news delivery where it was being sent to club team rather than team overall which could potentially mean humans missing out on news about players who are not in their senior squad.
- Fixed issue where team might not be described as amateurs.
- Some minor improvements to match report news.
- Fixed issue where Conversations button would appear on a news item which wasn't personal to you.
- Fixed an issue where players signed from a trial contract weren't forced to be registered in the squad if the league required it.
- Fixed news item wrongly stating player was 'out of contract' where he was on an Amateur Contract.
- Fixed virtual players being described as 'player' in places like match report instead of using their basic playing position.
- Removed malfunctioning 'Match Report' link button for matches where the match info on the Team Report is not available.
- Stopped user being described as attending a game after ignoring the weekly fixture list news item as international manager.
- View Goal link now will not appear in the goal drought ended news item if the match is unavailable.
- Improved the player's response comment news when replying to a managers praise etc.
- Fixed headline on media praising/criticising player form in relation to internationals potentially mentioning club favourite when not relevant.
- Fixed work permit news mentioning that player is signing on a free transfer when he's signing on loan.
- Fixed pre-season odds news item says B team have 'enough quality to gain promotion' when they can't win promotion due to main club being in the division above.
- Stopped respond to press conferences news item been sent when the other manager is a player/caretaker manager.
- User is now able to say that they do not know a manager when asked how they got on at a personal level when reply to the other managers comment from a press conference.
- Fixed wrong Stadium named in pitch condition manager Comment news item.
- Fixed national squad suggestion news item referring to a player as playing for his national team instead of his club.
- When commenting on an under pressure manager the headline now correctly mentions the manager rather than the journalist.
- Fixed occasional instance of attendance being used as number of goals in match day round-up news instead of goals scored.
- Fixed issue with wrong loan stats being shown on a loan expiry news item.
- Fixed compensation sentence in signing non-player as manager stated as paid to the club that they were at before the one that they are leaving.
- Fixed code appearing in the public unhappiness news about a player been unhappy at the sale of another player.
- Fixed transfer window roundup news item generated for a transfer window which didn't apply to that particular competition.
- Fixed candidate for the vacant managerial position described as 'Manager' when he has a different role.
- Fixed user not being notified about ability to match bid on their affiliated clubs players if the affiliate had accepted multiple bids for the same player.
- Fixed missing full stop in some news items which outline squad rules after making a new signing.
- Fixed Player Will Leave On Bosman news item being generated for players for whom the Bosman ruling does not apply.
- Fixed 'Your manager...' appearing in national Choose Captain message instead of 'Your assistant manager...'
- Stopped user being able to apply for same job again via job centre, having just applied via news item.
- Fixed bug where squad selection news was sent to the manager when no squad selection rules were in place.
- Stopped Offer Contract button appearing in trial finishing news item when a contract has already been offered.
- Prevented misleading strings appearing from player when a loan is about to be extended.
- Fixed player debut news item being described as a return to the team when he had only previously been on trial at the club.
= Fixed 'Offer Contract' button not being cleared down when the user cancels the transfer via the Transfer Centre.
- Fixed issue where physio would recommend you terminate an injured loan player's trial when that option wasn't valid (e.g. for window to window loans).
- When terminating multiple staff contracts, fixed being able to select a sacked staff member to take over another sacked staff member's internal team role.

Player Interaction
- Stopped players asking to stop on the same day they request to terminate their contract.
- No longer can chat to non-contract players about transfer related topics.
- When a player has concerns about wanting first team football the promise to play them is now available if the player doesn't need to be registered.
- No longer can you suggest to co-owned player that they might be transfer listed.
- Players no longer incorrectly become concerned when they are offered to clubs by the user and a team hasn't placed a bid on the player.
- Stopped inappropriate player interaction options been available for non-full national teams.
- When transfer listing a player by request, the player will no longer be unhappy about their transfer request been rejected.
- Stopped co-owned players been unhappy about wanting a new contract.
- Setting up tutoring between an A team and a B team player now works correctly.
- Fixed code appearing when a player references a previous conversation they had with the manager about treating a team mate unfairly.
- Players who are unhappy about the club underachieving and were promised you would turn it around will now have the happiness removed.
- Fixed inconsistences between player reactions to conversation displayed on their information screen.
- When tutoring when asked to change a player’s personality is used the competition news item no longer states little was gained.
- Stopped players becomes unhappy with his manager after the club he is offered to decline to make a bid for him
- User no longer allowed to state to a player that they haven't been playing well or doing poorly in training when the player is injured in the transfer listing conversations
- Limited the number of other players who got upset if you hadn’t made a player happy in a conversation
- The promise end date is now correctly set when you promise a player you will improve the clubs reputation
- When a player requests to be removed from the transfer list and you agree the players transfer status is now fully cleared
- A player’s performance will now go down if you have told him you will be resting him but still plays him
- Players who want to leave no longer refuse to be transfer listed

Press Conferences
- Press conference question asked about player returning from injury but player is away on international duty.
- Fixed press conference question asking if you plan to rest a player due to fatigue but player is suspended for game.
- Fixed club manager being asked question about injured player call-up when he is also international manager.
- Fixed pre-match press conference question about play-off not being treated like a cup stage.
- Re-worded press conference topic to use team name rather than 'your' when a topic concerns a team's elimination from a competition.

- Added strings to scout assignment completion news item to explain why the scout finishes his assignment quickly when he has excellent knowledge.
- Ensured scouts are more consistent with their assignment results with and without prior knowledge.
- Adjusted some the player role calculations contained within report cards.

- Only send agent retiring news for agents you are subscribed to or if you have player(s) belonging to that agent.
- Stopped manager being automatically subscribed to teams he has declared interest in.
- Fixed managers getting other managers' fans' confidence news in network games.
- Stopped other human managers getting spammed about transfer cancellations when another human resigns or retires.
- Fixed news item potentially being marked as Must Respond even though they are only subscription news items and don't require a response.

Team Meeting
- Team meeting suggestions are no longer made when the club doesn't have enough players to hold a meeting
- Toned down the player reactions in team meetings
- Fixed the strings when only one player reacted well or badly
- Stopped the user been able to have a team meeting about pre-season chances directly after the start of the season

Team Talks
- Disabled half-time team talks from being available to players sent off in the first half
- Disabled "Undo Last" in tactics after a team talk is given as team talks cannot be undone
- Fixed some translations for talks aimed at individuals showing up in positional team talk menus when targeting multiple players
- Adjusted the effect of team talks on high reputation players when delivered by low reputation managers
- Adjusted text used for assistant suggestions when it is a 2nd leg match

- Adjusted the workload settings used by assistant manager if in charge of match preparation.
- Adjusted the match preparation workload settings for youth teams.
- Reduced occurrences of coach progression update news from world class players already at the top of their game.
- Fixed some MLS players being set on part-time schedules when claimed from waiver draft.
- Prevented coaches from selecting players who have just recently recovered from long injuries for the training update news.
- Improved the setup of AI manager match preparation training.
- Adjusted learning new positions via training so players with many positions loose familiarity with old positions to prevent attribute drops.

- Fixed some issues stopping players going out on loan to feeder clubs.
- Fixed the transfer offer panel showing a blank offer when using 'change transfer bid' immediately after making the initial offer.
- Stopped transfers having too big an impact on minor club's reputation.
- Stopped board blocking signing of coaches when under allowed limit.
- Stopped lower division teams from targeting too many bosman signings that can't join the club immediately.
- Fixed an issue where some amateur contracted players couldn't be approached to sign.
- Encouraged players who fall foul of maximum style squad registration rules to be listed.
- Fixed an issue whereby a currently co-owned player that was bought outright and the playing rights weren't held by the purchasing team, wouldn't be removed from his previous club.
- Made some adjustments to make clubs with restricted 'B' clubs a bit more severe regarding trying to offload unwanted players.

- Arrows on Transfer Clauses panel now match direction of money
- Fix row colouring on teams that qualify for next round in a league that splits
- Fixed a refresh issue when user changes the Bans section competition on a player profile screen.
- Fixed bug where player stats from previous seasons were showing up in unattached players profiles.
- Added tooltip to the lock in the contract neg.
- Fixed an issue with the offer to clubs panel for co-ownership deals
- Fixed Human contract offer issues
- Fixed MLS/A league contract types shown as "Full Time" instead of Senior etc.
- Issue with -1 positions on the continental competitions panel.
- Fixed Finances graph changes after navigating away then going in to Finances again
- Fixed issue with stat context not refreshing on the Player Search screen
- Aggregate wins/second leg matches now correctly indicate extra time/penalties in competition fixtures
- View scout reports action no longer available on loaned out players
- Scout action menu no longer available clubs affiliated with the human's team (human gets coach reports instead)
- Fixed player asking price not updating on transfer info panel
- Fixed competition rankings leaving out some positions
- Fixed issue with the contract wage being invalid when no contract type selected.
- Fixed bug in match screen where players would not become visible if the user used the match time slider after pausing the match with the players hidden.
- Fixed right clicking on a team on the fixture list and proposing a 
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