Military Manuals

Military Manuals

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 US Military, NATO Manuals.
Terrorism and Counterterrorism/NATO Terrorism and implications course/11.pdf366.73 Kb
Terrorism and Counterterrorism/NATO Terrorism and implications course/4.pdf339.79 Kb
Terrorism and Counterterrorism/NATO Terrorism and implications course/9.pdf306.77 Kb
Terrorism and Counterterrorism/NATO Terrorism and implications course/12.pdf262.67 Kb
Terrorism and Counterterrorism/NATO Terrorism and implications course/1.pdf259.38 Kb
Terrorism and Counterterrorism/NATO Terrorism and implications course/8.pdf256.47 Kb
Terrorism and Counterterrorism/NATO Terrorism and implications course/5.pdf244.35 Kb
Terrorism and Counterterrorism/NATO Terrorism and implications course/6.pdf242.56 Kb
Terrorism and Counterterrorism/NATO Terrorism and implications course/10.pdf235.74 Kb
Terrorism and Counterterrorism/NATO Terrorism and implications course/0.pdf223.03 Kb
Terrorism and Counterterrorism/NATO Terrorism and implications course/3.pdf222.22 Kb
Terrorism and Counterterrorism/NATO Terrorism and implications course/7.pdf198.91 Kb
Terrorism and Counterterrorism/NATO Terrorism and implications course/13.pdf185.01 Kb
Terrorism and Counterterrorism/Pirate State.pdf11.36 Mb
Terrorism and Counterterrorism/Outsmarting the Terrorist.pdf10.53 Mb
Terrorism and Counterterrorism/Policing Terrorism.pdf10.11 Mb
Terrorism and Counterterrorism/Terrorist Recognition Handbook, Second Edition.pdf10.02 Mb
Terrorism and Counterterrorism/Countering_Terrorism.pdf9.48 Mb
Terrorism and Counterterrorism/Enc_of_Terrorism.pdf8.20 Mb
Terrorism and Counterterrorism/Terrorism_and_Homeland_Security.pdf6.49 Mb
Terrorism and Counterterrorism/Terrorism, Risk and the Global City.pdf6.00 Mb
Terrorism and Counterterrorism/Denial of Sanctuary.pdf5.29 Mb
Terrorism and Counterterrorism/Border Security in the Al Quaeda Era.pdf3.27 Mb
Terrorism and Counterterrorism/CT Handbook - Tactics, Procedures and Techniques.pdf3.20 Mb
Terrorism and Counterterrorism/Hystorical Dictionary of Terrorism.pdf2.54 Mb
Terrorism and Counterterrorism/Political Economy of Terrorism.pdf2.36 Mb
Terrorism and Counterterrorism/CJCS_Guide_5260_AT_Protection_Guide_Feb_2008.pdf2.32 Mb
Terrorism and Counterterrorism/Terrorism and Global Security.pdf1.85 Mb
Terrorism and Counterterrorism/Seven Shots.pdf1.80 Mb
Terrorism and Counterterrorism/The Terrorist Identity.pdf1.69 Mb
Terrorism and Counterterrorism/Global terrorism and the new media.pdf1.48 Mb
Terrorism and Counterterrorism/The Replication of Violence.pdf1.48 Mb
Terrorism and Counterterrorism/Root causes of Terrorism.pdf1.44 Mb
Terrorism and Counterterrorism/Terrorism vs Democracy.pdf1.19 Mb
Terrorism and Counterterrorism/RAND_Reducing Terrorism Risk at Shopping Centers.pdf1.17 Mb
Terrorism and Counterterrorism/Fatwa on Suicide Bombings and Terrorism.pdf1.17 Mb
Terrorism and Counterterrorism/Terrorism and the ethics of war.pdf1.15 Mb
Terrorism and Counterterrorism/Terrorism in the Contemporary World.pdf1.14 Mb
Terrorism and Counterterrorism/Terrorism and the international business environment.pdf1.06 Mb
Terrorism and Counterterrorism/AQ in Iraq.pdf886.74 Kb
Terrorism and Counterterrorism/CJCS_Pocket_Card_5260_Individual_Protective_Measures.pdf178.75 Kb
US ARMY FM 3-25-26 Map Reading And Land Navigation/appf.pdf2.76 Mb
US ARMY FM 3-25-26 Map Reading And Land Navigation/ch10.pdf2.53 Mb
US ARMY FM 3-25-26 Map Reading And Land Navigation/ch11.pdf1.97 Mb
US ARMY FM 3-25-26 Map Reading And Land Navigation/appk.pdf413.42 Kb
US ARMY FM 3-25-26 Map Reading And Land Navigation/appb.pdf367.92 Kb
US ARMY FM 3-25-26 Map Reading And Land Navigation/auth.pdf216.15 Kb
US ARMY FM 3-25-26 Map Reading And Land Navigation/appa.pdf182.86 Kb
US ARMY FM 3-25-26 Map Reading And Land Navigation/appg.pdf136.19 Kb
US ARMY FM 3-25-26 Map Reading And Land Navigation/appj.pdf105.33 Kb
US ARMY FM 3-25-26 Map Reading And Land Navigation/appc.pdf103.70 Kb
US ARMY FM 3-25-26 Map Reading And Land Navigation/apph.pdf101.03 Kb
US ARMY FM 3-25-26 Map Reading And Land Navigation/appi.pdf89.77 Kb
US ARMY FM 3-25-26 Map Reading And Land Navigation/ch1.pdf84.08 Kb
US ARMY FM 3-25-26 Map Reading And Land Navigation/appd.pdf81.74 Kb
US ARMY FM 3-25-26 Map Reading And Land Navigation/appe.pdf79.40 Kb
Weapon manuals - handguns/Steyr Series M.pdf6.15 Mb
Weapon manuals - handguns/P9S.pdf4.55 Mb
Weapon manuals - handguns/usp.pdf4.05 Mb
Weapon manuals - handguns/RugerMark2.pdf3.63 Mb
Weapon manuals - handguns/hipowermanual.pdf3.61 Mb
Weapon manuals - handguns/WaltherP99.pdf2.97 Mb
Weapon manuals - handguns/p7mx_tech.pdf2.57 Mb
Weapon manuals - handguns/1911man5.pdf2.39 Mb
Weapon manuals - handguns/SIGP228.pdf2.23 Mb
Weapon manuals - handguns/FN-Baby.pdf2.13 Mb
Weapon manuals - handguns/SIGARMS_Classic_OM.pdf2.08 Mb
Weapon manuals - handguns/1911manual.pdf1.87 Mb
Weapon manuals - handguns/Operators Manual DEP.pdf1.80 Mb
Weapon manuals - handguns/P210-zivil-deutsch.pdf1.39 Mb
Weapon manuals - handguns/(Ebook) - Field Manual - US Army - TM 9-1005-317-10 - Operator's Manual For M9 9mm Pistol .pdf613.21 Kb
Weapon manuals - handguns/Taruspistol.pdf610.50 Kb
Weapon manuals - handguns/9000S.pdf485.37 Kb
Weapon manuals - handguns/81Series.pdf464.53 Kb
Weapon manuals - handguns/CZ 75 Manual.pdf455.33 Kb
Weapon manuals - handguns/SIGARMS_SIGPRO_OM.pdf452.90 Kb
Weapon manuals - handguns/Taurus Revolvers.pdf418.58 Kb
Weapon manuals - handguns/glockmanual.pdf266.50 Kb
Weapon manuals - handguns/Serie92_Stock-Combat_UK.pdf134.46 Kb
Weapon manuals - handguns/CZ52.pdf127.00 Kb
Weapon manuals - long guns/Military Us Army Fm 3 22 68 Machine Guns.pdf9.71 Mb
Weapon manuals - long guns/Operator's Manual LRSR Caliber .50, M107 TM 9-1005-239-10.pdf8.73 Mb
Weapon manuals - long guns/AK-74_DDR.pdf7.22 Mb
Weapon manuals - long guns/HK PSG1.pdf6.88 Mb
Weapon manuals - long guns/SAIGA Semi Auto Firearms Instruction Manual.pdf6.07 Mb
Weapon manuals - long guns/Technical Manual LRSR.pdf5.43 Mb
Weapon manuals - long guns/SIG_SG550-551deutsch.pdf5.21 Mb
Weapon manuals - long guns/hkmp5manual.pdf5.04 Mb
Weapon manuals - long guns/to11w3-5-5-24.pdf4.14 Mb
Weapon manuals - long guns/50BMG.pdf4.09 Mb
Weapon manuals - long guns/MAS_.223_en_manual.pdf4.06 Mb
Weapon manuals - long guns/TMP.pdf4.01 Mb
Weapon manuals - long guns/manual_bushmaster.pdf3.88 Mb
Weapon manuals - long guns/m16a2milspec.pdf3.12 Mb
Weapon manuals - long guns/TM9-1005-319-10.pdf2.93 Mb
Weapon manuals - long guns/fm23-9_m16 training doc.pdf2.75 Mb
Weapon manuals - long guns/US Army Operators Manual for AK47.pdf2.65 Mb
Weapon manuals - long guns/US_Army_AK.pdf2.65 Mb
Weapon manuals - long guns/AK47USArmyOperatorManual.pdf2.65 Mb
Weapon manuals - long guns/m4a1milspec.pdf2.19 Mb
Weapon manuals - long guns/mossberg_500.pdf2.06 Mb
Weapon manuals - long guns/HK93RedBook1.pdf1.92 Mb
Weapon manuals - long guns/Augmanualdeutsch.pdf1.88 Mb
Weapon manuals - long guns/SIG_SG552deutsch.pdf1.85 Mb
Weapon manuals - long guns/galilopsman.pdf1.81 Mb
Weapon manuals - long guns/SuperVEPRManual.pdf1.80 Mb
Weapon manuals - long guns/Uzi SMG Manual.pdf1.75 Mb
Weapon manuals - long guns/vepr.pdf1.73 Mb
Weapon manuals - long guns/spas12-manual.pdf1.41 Mb
Weapon manuals - long guns/sar8.pdf1.36 Mb
Weapon manuals - long guns/ump.pdf1.24 Mb
Weapon manuals - long guns/M96Manual.pdf1.16 Mb
Weapon manuals - long guns/M1GarandManual.pdf1.04 Mb
Weapon manuals - long guns/mac1011Manual.pdf1,016.00 Kb
Weapon manuals - long guns/VEPRIIManual.pdf968.15 Kb
Weapon manuals - long guns/M1AManual.pdf956.71 Kb
Weapon manuals - long guns/manual_olyarms_ar.pdf951.63 Kb
Weapon manuals - long guns/lr300.pdf919.24 Kb
Weapon manuals - long guns/romak3DragunovManual.pdf787.40 Kb
Weapon manuals - long guns/czskorpion.pdf736.27 Kb
Weapon manuals - long guns/M203.pdf716.58 Kb
Weapon manuals - long guns/tokarov.pdf576.36 Kb
Weapon manuals - long guns/light antitank m72.pdf477.00 Kb
Weapon manuals - long guns/FAL762.pdf462.67 Kb
Weapon manuals - long guns/WA2000_Uebersicht.pdf451.60 Kb
Weapon manuals - long guns/Firearms - Combat Survival Weapons Improvised 7.62-mm SVD Dragunov Sniper Rifle -Technical Description & Service Manual .pdf401.85 Kb
Weapon manuals - long guns/dragunov.pdf401.75 Kb
Weapon manuals - long guns/SAROperationManual.pdf389.07 Kb
Weapon manuals - long guns/m4milspec.pdf368.63 Kb
Weapon manuals - long guns/HK94.pdf305.80 Kb
Weapon manuals - long guns/pos1.pdf60.57 Kb
WMD/Introduction to Biosecurity and Agroterrorism.pdf675.42 Kb
WMD/Introduction to Chemical Agents.pdf345.49 Kb
Total Resistance - Swiss Army Guide to Guerrilla Warfare and Underground Operations.pdf145.08 Mb
Total Resistance - Major H. von Dach Bern [Paladin Press].pdf106.36 Mb
US Fleet Marine Force Field Training Manual - Destruction by Demolition, Incendiaries and Sabotage (Paladin Press) 271s.pdf57.03 Mb
US Navy Diving Manual.pdf53.25 Mb
FM 5-31 Booby Traps.pdf46.88 Mb
DEA Agents Manual 2002.pdf39.55 Mb
US Marine Corps - Survival - MCRP 3-02F.pdf33.30 Mb
MCRP 3-02F FM 21-76 Survival.pdf33.30 Mb
Scientific Principles of Improvised Warfare and Home Defense - Vol 6 - Biological Weapons - Tobiason.pdf30.37 Mb
Ebook - Us Navy Seal Sniper Training.pdf30.27 Mb
US Navy SEAL Sniper Training Program.pdf28.56 Mb
US Army Special Operations Sniper Training and Employment.pdf26.57 Mb
FM 31-70 Basic Cold Weather Manual.PDF25.88 Mb
[Osprey] - [New Vanguard 107] - US Anti-tank Artillery 1941-45.pdf25.87 Mb
FM 21-150 Hand to Hand Combat 1954.pdf25.63 Mb
Seabee Combat Handbook, Volume 1.pdf25.24 Mb
(ebook pdf) US ARMY Map Reading And Land Navigation.rar24.48 Mb
FM 3-25.26 Map Reading and Land Navigation.pdf24.32 Mb
Force Health Protection Nutrition and Exercise Manual.pdf23.77 Mb
FM 3-25.150 Combatives.pdf23.22 Mb
US Army - Combatives (hand-to-hand combat) FM 3-25.150.pdf23.22 Mb
FM 21-150 Hand to Hand Combat 1971 (Deal the First Deadly Blow).pdf22.64 Mb
MCRP 3-02A Marine Physical Readiness Training for Combat.pdf22.14 Mb
Performance Through Nutrition and Exercise.pdf21.95 Mb
FM 3-19.13 Law Enforcement Investigations.pdf21.37 Mb
FMFM 6-4 Marine Rifle Company.pdf21.30 Mb
FM 21-150 Hand-to-Hand Combat (1954).pdf20.85 Mb
FM 3-06.11 Combined Arms Operations in Urban Terrain.pdf20.80 Mb
FM 3-22.9 Rifle Marksmanship M16A1, M16A2-3, M16A4, and M4 Carbine.pdf20.68 Mb
Us Army Fm 3-22.9 (23-9) Rifle Marksmanship m16a1, m16a2-3, m16a4, & m4 Carbine.pdf20.64 Mb
US Army Special Forces Medical Handbook.pdf20.07 Mb
ST 31-91B Special Forces Medical Handbook.pdf20.07 Mb
FMFRP 12-40 Professional Knowledge Gained from Operational Experience in Vietnam, 1965-1966.pdf18.77 Mb
FM 7-20 The Infantry Battalion.pdf18.51 Mb
Scientific Principles of Improvised Warfare and Home Defense - Vol 3 - Explosives - Tobiason.pdf17.70 Mb
Us Army - Field Manual Fm12-80 Kill Or Get Killed.pdf17.11 Mb
FMFRP 12-80 Kill or Get Killed.pdf17.11 Mb
FM 20-32 Mine-Countermine Operations.pdf16.88 Mb
FMFRP 12-41 Professional Knowledge Gained from Operational Experience in Vietnam, 1967.pdf16.36 Mb
STP 21-1-SMCT Skill Level 1.pdf16.26 Mb
US Navy SEAL Physical Fitness Guide.pdf15.83 Mb
FM 38-701 Packaging of Materiel - Packing.pdf15.42 Mb
FM 20-11 Military Diving.pdf15.16 Mb
FM 90-5 Jungle Operations.pdf15.04 Mb
Combat Survival Guerrila Skills - Handbook of the Chinese People's Liberation Army.pdf14.97 Mb
FM 7-10 Infantry Rifle Company.pdf14.47 Mb
TM 43-0001-28 Army Ammunition Data Sheets.pdf14.46 Mb
FM 34-52 Intelligence Interrogation.pdf14.08 Mb
Scientific Principles of Improvised Warfare and Home Defense - Vol 5 - Chemical Weapons - Tobiason.pdf13.93 Mb
MCWP 3-11.2 Marine Rifle Squad.pdf13.57 Mb
FM 21-75 Combat Skills of the Soldier.pdf13.49 Mb
Scientific Principles of Improvised Warfare and Home Defense - Vol 2 - More Basics - Tobiason.pdf13.25 Mb
(EBooK) - US ARMY FM 31-70 Basic Cold Weather Manual.zip13.24 Mb
FM 7-8 Infantry Rifle Platoon and Squad.pdf13.02 Mb
FM 38-700 Packaging of Materiel - Preservation.pdf12.90 Mb
FM 21-75 Scouting, Patrolling, and Sniping 1944.pdf12.77 Mb
Combat in Built up Areas Subcourse IN0531.pdf12.45 Mb
The Guerrilla and How to Fight Him - FMFRP 12-25.pdf12.09 Mb
FMFRP 12-25 The Guerilla and How to Fight Him.pdf12.09 Mb
FM 17-98 Scout Platoon.pdf12.00 Mb
Scientific Principles of Improvised Warfare and Home Defense - Vol 1 - Basics - Tobiason.pdf11.96 Mb
FM 31-21 Guerilla Warfare and Special Forces Operations.pdf11.14 Mb
Guerrilla Warfare and Special Forces Operations - FM 31-21.pdf11.14 Mb
FM 3-21.91 Tactical Employment of Antiarmor Platoons and Companies.pdf10.98 Mb
US ARMY FM 34-82 (Scout Platoon).pdf10.60 Mb
FM 3-19.4 Military Police Leaders' Handbook.pdf10.51 Mb
TM 31-200-1 Unconventional Warfare Devices and Techniques - References.PDF10.44 Mb
TM 3-1040-204-14 Flamethrower, Portable, M2A1-7.pdf10.39 Mb
Guerrillas_in_the_Mist - Bob Newman - Paladin Press.pdf10.28 Mb
Guerrillas in the Mist - Bob Newman - Paladin Press.pdf10.28 Mb
Scientific Principles of Improvised Warfare and Home Defense - Vol 4 - Incendiaries - Tobiason.pdf10.11 Mb
Ranger Digest VII.pdf10.05 Mb
FM 100-63 Infantry-Based Opposing Force.pdf10.04 Mb
EBook - PDF - US Navy Training Course - Photography (Advanced).pdf10.04 Mb
FM 24-18 Tactical Single Channel Radio Communications Techniques.pdf9.93 Mb
FM 23-65 Browning Machine Gun Caliber .50 HB, M2.pdf9.87 Mb
FM 3-90 Tactics.pdf9.79 Mb
Military - US Army Ranger Handbook.pdf9.78 Mb
FM 3-22.68 Crew Served Machine Guns, 5.56-mm and 7.62-mm.pdf9.77 Mb
Military Us Army Fm 3 22 68 Machine Guns.pdf9.71 Mb
Encyclopedia of Modern US Weapons.pdf9.65 Mb
MCWP 3-15.1 Machine Guns and Machine Gunnery.pdf9.21 Mb
Ranger Digest VIII.pdf9.20 Mb
MCWP 3-15.3 Sniping.pdf9.17 Mb
FM 5-102 Countermobility.pdf9.13 Mb
FM 17-15 Tank Platoon.pdf9.11 Mb
US Marine Corps Sniper Manual FMFM 1-3B.pdf9.10 Mb
MCWP 3-16.6 Supporting Arms Observer, Spotter and Controller.pdf9.06 Mb
FM 3-06 Urban Operations.pdf8.99 Mb
FM 5-25 Explosives and Demolitions 1967.pdf8.92 Mb
FM 5-250 Explosives and Demolitions 1992.pdf8.80 Mb
FMFRP 12-42 Professional Knowledge Gained From Operational Experience In Vietnam, 1968.pdf8.68 Mb
Al Qaeda Terrorist Manual.pdf8.53 Mb
FM 3-22.31 40mm Grenade Launcher M203 February 2003 - version 2.pdf.pdf8.48 Mb
MCWP 3-33.5 Counterinsurgency Operations.pdf8.32 Mb
MCRP 3-37.1C Multiservice Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for Biological Surveillance.pdf8.23 Mb
Silencers - Principles and Evaluations.pdf8.00 Mb
FM 7-1 Battle Focused Training.pdf7.93 Mb
MCWP 3-35.3 Military Operations on Urbanized Terrain (MOUT).pdf7.68 Mb
FM 3-22.31 40mm Grenade Launcher M203 February 2003.pdf7.53 Mb
(Ebook) - Field Manual - US Army - FM 1-112 - Attack Helicopter Operations.pdf7.48 Mb
FM 1-112 Attack Helicopter Operations.pdf7.48 Mb
US Marine Corps - Hand to Hand Combat.pdf7.39 Mb
FM 8-10-6 Medical Evacuation in a Theater of Operations.pdf7.26 Mb
US Army FM 90-10-1 An Infantryman's Guide To Combat In Built-up Areas.pdf6.88 Mb
FM 31-20 Doctrine for Special Forces Operations.pdf6.87 Mb
MCWP 3-15.5 MAGTF Antiarmor Operations.pdf6.77 Mb
FM 21-20 Physical Fitness Training.pdf6.26 Mb
MCWP 3-16 Fire Support Coordination in The Ground Combat Element.pdf6.22 Mb
MCWP 3-35.4 Doctrine for Navy-Marine Corps Joint Riverine Operations.pdf6.20 Mb
FM 34-2-1 Reconaissance and Surveillance and Intelligence Support to Counterreconaissance.pdf6.09 Mb
FM 100-7 Decisive Force.pdf6.06 Mb
FM 4-01.30 Movement Control.pdf5.98 Mb
MCWP 3-11.3 Scouting and Patrolling.pdf5.81 Mb
FM 7-40 Scout Dog Training and Employment 1973.pdf5.73 Mb
MCWP 3-37.2 Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical (NBC) Protection.pdf5.64 Mb
MCWP 3-17.3 MAGTF Breaching Operations.pdf5.62 Mb
TRADOC Pamphlet 600-4 Soldier's Handbook (Basic Initial Entry Training).pdf5.61 Mb
FM 3-90 Tactics (2001).pdf5.49 Mb
FM 3-19.15 Civil Disturbance Operations.pdf5.43 Mb
MCRP 3-37.1B Potential Military Chemical Biological Agents and Compounds.pdf5.36 Mb
US Marine Corps - Martial Arts MCRP 3-02B.pdf5.35 Mb
FM 100-15 Corps Operations.pdf5.32 Mb
Ethnic_Cleansing_Operations_-_FM_6-2003.pdf5.27 Mb
MCRP 3-02B Close Combat.pdf5.18 Mb
FM 5-102 Counter Mobility.pdf5.09 Mb
FM 31-20-5 Special Reconnaissance Tactics, Techniques, & Procedures For Special Forces.pdf5.01 Mb
(Ebook) - Field Manual - US Army - FM 21-150 - Combatives.pdf4.99 Mb
MCWP 3-12 Marine Corps Tank Employment.pdf4.93 Mb
(ebook) - US ARMY FM 23-10 Sniper Training.zip4.90 Mb
FM 3-19.17 Military Working Dogs.pdf4.88 Mb
FM 21-150 Combatives 1992.pdf4.86 Mb
Army Combat Training.pdf4.81 Mb
MCRP 3-15.2B Mortar Gunnery.pdf4.80 Mb
MCRP 3-01A Rifle Marksmanship.pdf4.77 Mb
US Navy SEAL Patrol Leaders Handbook.pdf4.70 Mb
Us Army - Navy Seal Patrol Leaders Handbook.pdf4.70 Mb
US Marine Corps - MWTC Winter Survival Course Handbook.pdf4.66 Mb
US Marine Corps - MWTC Winter Survival Course Handbook.pdf (01_37) (1).pdf4.66 Mb
US Marine Corps - MWTC Summer Survival Course Handbook.pdf4.66 Mb
FM 3-6 Field Behavior of NBC Agents.pdf4.60 Mb
Emergency Response to Terrorism.pdf4.49 Mb
Seabee Combat Handbook, Volume 2.pdf4.44 Mb
MCRP 3-02C Marine Combat Water Survival.pdf4.33 Mb
FM 25-4 How to Conduct Training Exercises.pdf4.27 Mb
TM 31-201-1 Unconventional Warfare Devices and Techniques - Incendiaries.pdf4.27 Mb
FM 34-130 Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield.pdf4.21 Mb
FM 34-81-1 Battlefield Weather Effects.pdf4.21 Mb
FMFM 6-19 Tactical Employment of Mortars.pdf4.21 Mb
MCWP 3-37.4 Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Reconnaissance.pdf4.15 Mb
FM 34-3 Intelligence Analysis.pdf4.08 Mb
FM 19-10 Military Police Law and Order Operations.pdf4.04 Mb
US -Army - Knife Fighting Manual Techniques.pdf3.95 Mb
Mao Tse-Tung On Guerilla Warfare - FMFRP 12-18.pdf3.94 Mb
Mao Tse-Tung - On Guerilla Warfare - FMFRP 12-18.pdf3.94 Mb
Ranger Digest IX.pdf3.89 Mb
FM 34-80 Brigade and Battalion Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Operations.pdf3.77 Mb
MCWP 2-6 Counterintelligence.pdf3.73 Mb
FM 5-33 Terrain Analysis.pdf3.68 Mb
FM 22-100 Army Leadership - Be, Know, Do.pdf3.67 Mb
MCRP 3-0A Unit Training Management Guide.pdf3.66 Mb
FM 23-10 Sniper Training.pdf3.66 Mb
MCWP 3-33.2 Civil Disturbances.pdf3.62 Mb
MCRP 3-15.2A Mortars.pdf3.59 Mb
Ranger Digest IV.pdf3.58 Mb
FM 4-30.1 Munitions Distribution in the Theater of Operations.pdf3.58 Mb
US ARMY FM 23-10 Sniper Training.pdf3.57 Mb
MCWP 3-37.3wch1 NBC Decontamination.pdf3.56 Mb
(Ebook) - Field Manual - US Army - FM 21-31 - Topographic Symbols.pdf3.51 Mb
FM 7-85 Ranger Unit Operations.pdf3.49 Mb
FM 3-22.40 Tactical Employment of Nonlethal Weapons (2003).pdf3.47 Mb
ARTEP 7-10 Mission Training Plan for the Infantry Rifle Company.pdf3.46 Mb
FM 90-3 Desert Operation.pdf3.38 Mb
Counter Sniper Guide.pdf3.36 Mb
MCWP 3-35.6 Desert Operations.pdf3.28 Mb
Ranger Digest V.pdf3.25 Mb
Ranger Digest VI.pdf3.25 Mb
Ranger Digest II.pdf3.24 Mb
FM 8-51 Combat Stress Control in a Theater of Operations.pdf3.22 Mb
(Ebook) - Field Manual - US Army - FM 8-51 - Combat Stress Control In A Theater Of Operations.pdf3.22 Mb
US Army Engineer course - Geology EN5462.pdf3.21 Mb
FM 44-80 Visual Aircraft Recognition.pdf3.21 Mb
Counterterrorism Handbook (2002) - CRC Press.pdf3.20 Mb
FM 4-02.4 Medical Platoon Leaders' Handbook.pdf3.18 Mb
FM 3-0 Operations.pdf3.17 Mb
MCWP 3-11.4 Helicopterborne Operations.pdf3.15 Mb
FM 5-103 Survivability.pdf3.13 Mb
Ranger Digest III.pdf3.12 Mb
FM 90-7 Combined Arms Obstacle Integration.pdf3.11 Mb
FM 6-02.72 Tactical Radios.pdf3.10 Mb
FM 3-19.30 Physical Security.pdf3.09 Mb
TC 25-8 Training Ranges.pdf3.06 Mb
MCRP 3-01B Pistol Marksmanship.pdf3.04 Mb
US ARMY UFC 3-440-01 Design - Active Solar Preheat Systems UFC 3-440-01.pdf3.02 Mb
STP 21-24-SMCT Skill Level 2, 3, 4.pdf3.00 Mb
FM 90-3 Desert Operations - 24 August 1993.pdf2.99 Mb
MCRP 3-02H Survival Evasion and Recovery.pdf2.99 Mb
Fundamentals of Marine Corps Martial Arts.pdf2.98 Mb
TC 90-1 Training for Urban Operations.pdf2.97 Mb
TM9-1005-319-10.pdf2.93 Mb
FM 8-42 Combat Health Support in Stability Operations and Support Operations.pdf2.93 Mb
MCWP 3-43.1 Raid Operations.pdf2.92 Mb
FM 34-10 Division Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Operations.pdf2.90 Mb
FM 3-23-25 Light Anti-Armor Weapons.pdf2.89 Mb
Counter-Insurgency Ops - FM 3-07.22.pdf2.87 Mb
Paramilitary and Nonmilitary Organization and Tactics - FM 31-91.3.pdf2.87 Mb
us army explosives and demolitions manual.pdf2.87 Mb
MCWP 4-11.3 Transportation Operations.pdf2.83 Mb
US ARMY MM 2598 course - Identifying Ammunition MM2598.pdf2.83 Mb
US ARMY EN 5156 Engineer course - Carpentry II EN5156.pdf2.83 Mb
FM 21-10 MCRP 4-11.1D Field Hygiene and Sanitation.pdf2.73 Mb
FM 7-15 The Army Universal Task List.pdf2.73 Mb
US Army Operators Manual for AK47.pdf2.65 Mb
US Army - Pistol Training Guide (ebook).pdf2.59 Mb
FM 24-19 Radio Operator's Handbook.pdf2.56 Mb
Ranger Digest I.pdf2.56 Mb
US AViation SECurity.zip2.53 Mb
FM 3-34.230 Topographic Operations.pdf2.53 Mb
MCRP 3-02G First Aid.pdf2.50 Mb
FM 4-02.17 Preventive Medicine Services.pdf2.48 Mb
FM 31-71 Northern Operations.pdf2.48 Mb
SH 21-76 Ranger Handbook (2000).pdf2.43 Mb
FM 27-10 The Law of Land Warfare.pdf2.37 Mb
US Army - Mountaineering Techniques (Basic).pdf2.32 Mb
(Ebook) Paladin Press-US Army Counter Sniper Guide.pdf2.31 Mb
MCWP 2-26 Geographic Intelligence.pdf2.27 Mb
Terrorism in America - Brent Smith.pdf2.21 Mb
Antiarmor Weapons Subcourse IN0546.pdf2.20 Mb
FM 34-37 Echelons Above Corps (EAC) Intelligence and Electronic Warfare (IEW) Operations.pdf2.18 Mb
MCRP 3-0B How to Conduct Training.pdf2.18 Mb
FM 3-23.35 Combat Training with Pistols, M9 and M11.pdf2.15 Mb
FM 10-27 General Supply in the Theater of Operations.pdf2.14 Mb
Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms.pdf2.09 Mb
Us Army Fm 3-11.21 - Tactics, Techniques, And Procedures For Nuclear, Biological, And Chemical Aspects Of Consequence Management.pdf2.07 Mb
FM 4-02.1 Combat Health Logistics.pdf2.06 Mb
MCRP 3-37.2C Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Aspects of Concequence Management.pdf2.03 Mb
FM 90-8 Counter Guerrilla Operations.pdf1.92 Mb
FM 7-100 Opposing Force Doctrinal Framework and Strategy.pdf1.91 Mb
Ebook_US_ARMY_FM_23-31_40mm_Grenade_Launcher_M203.zip1.86 Mb
ST 2-50.4 Combat Commanders Handbook on Intelligence.pdf1.84 Mb
(Ebook) - Field Manual - US Army - FM 12-43 - Mines And Boobytraps.pdf1.84 Mb
MCWP 4-11 Tactical Level Logistics.pdf1.79 Mb
FM 3-23.30 Grenades and Pyrotechnic Signals.pdf1.78 Mb
Defending_the_American_Homeland.pdf1.77 Mb
US ARMY IS-0825 medical course - Combat Lifesaver Course 0825CC.pdf1.76 Mb
MCRP 3-33A Counterguerilla Operations.pdf1.76 Mb
Counterguerilla Operations - MCRP 3-33A.pdf1.76 Mb
FM 3-34.2 Combined Arms Breaching Operations.pdf1.75 Mb
FM 5-104 General Engineering.pdf1.73 Mb
RPG-7 Antitank Grenade Launcher.pdf1.73 Mb
MCRP 2-24B Remote Sensor Operations.pdf1.59 Mb
FM 101-5 Staff Organization and Operations.pdf1.58 Mb
Understanding and Surviving Terrorism - MCRP 3-02E.pdf1.57 Mb
MCRP 3-02E Understanding and Surviving Terrorism.pdf1.57 Mb
FM 700-80 Logistics.pdf1.56 Mb
FM 100-5 Operations.pdf1.56 Mb
FM 8-284 Treatment of Biological Warfare Agent Casualties.pdf1.52 Mb
MCRP 4-11.1C Treatment of Biological Warfare Agent Casualties.pdf1.51 Mb
MCRP 3-17.2C Multiservice Procedures for Explosive Ordnance Disposal in a Joint Environment.pdf1.47 Mb
FM 34-45 Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for Electronic Attack.pdf1.45 Mb
MCWP 3-17.1 River Crossing Operations.pdf1.44 Mb
FM 4-0 Combat Service Support.pdf1.43 Mb
Small Unit Night Fighter Manual.pdf1.41 Mb
US ARMY FM 34-8-2 - Intelligence Officers Handbook 1.pdf1.39 Mb
How to Start & Train a Militia Unit - PM 8--94.pdf1.38 Mb
Order Out Of Chaos (Elite Terrorism & The New World Order).pdf1.35 Mb
FM 7-98 Operations in a Low Intensity Conflict.pdf1.33 Mb
FM 7-0 Training the Force.pdf1.31 Mb
FM 4-30.13 Ammunition Handbook- Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for Munitions Handlers.pdf1.30 Mb
FM 34-60 Counterintelligence.pdf1.29 Mb
FM 3-19.1 Military Police Operations.pdf1.28 Mb
US Army course - Mountaineering Techniques (Advanced).pdf1.27 Mb
(Ebook) - Field Manual - US Army - TM 9-1005-249-10 - Operator's Manual for M16 and M16A1.pdf1.26 Mb
MCRP 3-37.1A Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Vulnerability Assessment.pdf1.25 Mb
FM 3-97.6 Mountain Operations.pdf1.25 Mb
MCWP 3-42.1 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Operations.pdf1.22 Mb
The Culture Of Terrorism - Noam Chomsky.pdf1.22 Mb
FM 21-60 Visual Signals.pdf1.17 Mb
MCRP 4-11B Environmental Considerations in Military Operations.pdf1.17 Mb
FM 90-8 Counterguerilla Operations.pdf1.16 Mb
FM 4-02.6 The Medical Company.pdf1.16 Mb
Ambush & Counter Ambush - B-GL-392-008-FP-001.pdf1.16 Mb
FM 23-23 Antipersonnel Mine M18A1 and M18 (Claymore).pdf1.15 Mb
FM 100-11 Force Integration.pdf1.08 Mb
FM 11-32 Combat Net Radio Operations.pdf1.07 Mb
MCRP 3-11.1A Commanders Tactical Handbook.pdf1.06 Mb
MCWP 3-17.2 Explosive Ordnance Disposal.pdf1.06 Mb
Rhodesian Counter-Insurgency Manual (incomplete).pdf1.06 Mb
P 381-11 Viet Cong Boobytraps.pdf1.05 Mb
FM 44-8 Combined Arms for Air Defense.pdf1.04 Mb
FM 34-8-2 Intelligence Officer's Handbook.pdf1.02 Mb
TC 25-30 A Leaders Guide to Company Training Meetings.pdf992.20 Kb
FM 21-18 Foot Marches.pdf990.56 Kb
Aptitude for destruction 2.pdf904.28 Kb
ST 2-22.7 Tactical Human Intelligence and Counterintelligence Operations.pdf875.36 Kb
MCRP 3-37C Flame, Riot Contol Agents and Herbicide Ops..pdf860.91 Kb
FM 25-5 Training for Mobilization and War.pdf839.64 Kb
US ARMY MD-0804 medical course - Pharmacology I MD0804.pdf839.49 Kb
SOE Partisan Leaders Handbook - Gubbins.pdf835.84 Kb
Aptitude for destruction 1.pdf834.99 Kb
Counter-Insurgency Operations - UK Army Code 71749.pdf830.30 Kb
MCRP 4-11.8A Marine Corps Field Feeding Program.pdf799.39 Kb
Oklahoma_City_Bombing_and_the_Politics_of_Terror_-_David_Hoffman.zip794.88 Kb
SOE The Art of Guerrilla Warfare - Gubbins.pdf777.99 Kb
US Army - Engineer Diving Operations FM 5-490.pdf773.70 Kb
MCWP 3-3.1.2 Mine Warfare.pdf768.62 Kb
MCWP 3-41.1 Rear Area Operations.pdf766.96 Kb
The Sociology And Psychology Of Terrorism -- Who Becomes A Terrorist And Why.pdf765.45 Kb
US ARMY EN 5151 Engineer Course - Design Forms For A Concrete Wall En5151.pdf722.74 Kb
MCDP 1-3 Tactics.pdf706.70 Kb
TC 21-3 - Soldier's Handbook for Individual Operations and Survival in Cold-Weather Areas .pdf682.47 Kb
FM 9-6 Munitions Support in the Theater of Operations.pdf659.86 Kb
FM 24-12 Communications in a 'Come as You Are' War.pdf659.40 Kb
FM 20-3 Camouflage, Concealment, and Decoys.pdf622.79 Kb
(Ebook) - Field Manual - US Army - TM 9-1005-317-10 - Operator's Manual For M9 9mm Pistol .pdf613.21 Kb
MCRP 3-11.2A Marine Troop Leaders Guide.pdf586.46 Kb
Military Conflict and Terrorism.pdf551.13 Kb
MCRP 2-25A Reconaissance Reports Guide.pdf527.55 Kb
MCWP 4-1 Logistics Operations.pdf480.61 Kb
Historical Study - Night Combat.pdf475.08 Kb
Terrorism And Development - Using Social and Economic Development to Prevent a Resurgence of Terrorism - RAND Corp.pdf458.86 Kb
IRA Volunteers Handbook - Notes on Guerrilla Warfare.pdf454.46 Kb
MCWP 3-1 Ground Combat Operations.pdf441.27 Kb
Task_Force_Homeland_Security_Report.pdf433.96 Kb
MCWP 3-40.5 Electronic Warfare.pdf387.60 Kb
MCDP 1 Warfighting.pdf309.63 Kb
Mini-Manual of the Urban Guerrilla - Carlos Marighella (1969).pdf273.01 Kb
On Guerrilla Warfare - Che Guevara.pdf254.09 Kb
MCWP 4-11.1 Health Service Support Operations.pdf238.41 Kb
FM 6-22-5 Combat Stress.pdf214.58 Kb
FM 6-22.5 Combat Stress.pdf204.41 Kb
MCWP 3-37 MAGTF, Nuclear, Chemical, Biological Defense Operations.pdf202.82 Kb
FM 100-14 Risk Management.pdf201.92 Kb
School of the Americas Urban Guerrilla Manual.pdf201.10 Kb
Standards in Weapons Training (Special Operations Forces).pdf191.57 Kb
Defense_of_the_US_Homeland_Against_Strategic_Attack_-_Goure.pdf158.29 Kb
Guerrilla Warfare Tactics In Urban Environments - Marques, Master's Thesis.pdf122.03 Kb
ANC Briefing on Personal Security and Surveillance.pdf110.49 Kb
Counter-Guerrilla Operations - FM 90-8.pdf108.44 Kb
Homeland_Security_is_FEMA.pdf103.54 Kb
Guerrilla Warfare, Prologue - Che Guevara.pdf95.24 Kb
IRA Green Book, Volumes 1 and 2.pdf89.02 Kb
TC 31-29 Special Forces - Caching Techniques.pdf65.55 Kb
MCRP 4-11.8B War Crimes Investigation.pdf59.78 Kb
Policy_Agenda_to_Secure_the_People_of_America's_Counties.pdf57.04 Kb
Bodyguard Training.pdf39.06 Kb
Homeland_Security_and_Geographic_Information_Systems.pdf23.08 Kb
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