Janet Jackson Discography

Janet Jackson Discography

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1982 Janet Jackson/00 Janet Jackson - Janet Jackson.m3u805.00 b
1982 Janet Jackson/01 Janet Jackson - Say You Do.mp39.39 Mb
1982 Janet Jackson/02 Janet Jackson - You'll Never Find (A Love Like Mine).mp35.77 Mb
1982 Janet Jackson/03 Janet Jackson - Young Love.mp36.83 Mb
1982 Janet Jackson/04 Janet Jackson - Love And My Best Friend.mp36.61 Mb
1982 Janet Jackson/05 Janet Jackson - Don't Mess Up This Good Thing.mp35.40 Mb
1982 Janet Jackson/06 Janet Jackson - Forever Yours.mp36.83 Mb
1982 Janet Jackson/07 Janet Jackson - The Magic Is Working.mp35.71 Mb
1982 Janet Jackson/08 Janet Jackson - Come Give Your Love To Me.mp36.96 Mb
1984 Dream Street/00 Janet Jackson - Dream Street.m3u889.00 b
1984 Dream Street/01 Janet Jackson - Don't Stand Another Chance.mp35.93 Mb
1984 Dream Street/02 Janet Jackson - Two To The Power Of Love (Duet With Cliff Richard).mp34.33 Mb
1984 Dream Street/03 Janet Jackson - Pretty Boy.mp39.11 Mb
1984 Dream Street/04 Janet Jackson - Dream Street.mp35.44 Mb
1984 Dream Street/05 Janet Jackson - Communication.mp34.50 Mb
1984 Dream Street/06 Janet Jackson - Fast Girls.mp34.60 Mb
1984 Dream Street/07 Janet Jackson - Hold Back The Tears.mp34.48 Mb
1984 Dream Street/08 Janet Jackson - All My Love To You.mp37.94 Mb
1984 Dream Street/09 Janet Jackson - If It Takes All Night.mp35.69 Mb
1986 Control/00 Janet Jackson - Control.m3u905.00 b
1986 Control/01 Janet Jackson - Control.mp38.08 Mb
1986 Control/02 Janet Jackson - Nasty.mp35.58 Mb
1986 Control/03 Janet Jackson - What Have You Done For Me Lately.mp36.87 Mb
1986 Control/04 Janet Jackson - You Can Be Mine.mp37.28 Mb
1986 Control/05 Janet Jackson - The Pleasure Principle.mp36.83 Mb
1986 Control/06 Janet Jackson - When I Think Of You.mp35.44 Mb
1986 Control/07 Janet Jackson - He Doesn't Know I'm Alive.mp34.88 Mb
1986 Control/08 Janet Jackson - Let's Wait Awhile.mp36.37 Mb
1986 Control/09 Janet Jackson - Funny How Time Flies (When You're Having Fun).mp36.15 Mb
1989 Rhythm Nation 1814/00 Janet Jackson - Rhythm Nation 1814.m3u1.82 Kb
1989 Rhythm Nation 1814/01 Janet Jackson - Interlude- Pledge.mp31.11 Mb
1989 Rhythm Nation 1814/02 Janet Jackson - Rhythm Nation.mp37.58 Mb
1989 Rhythm Nation 1814/03 Janet Jackson - Interlude- T.V.mp3516.09 Kb
1989 Rhythm Nation 1814/04 Janet Jackson - State Of The World.mp36.59 Mb
1989 Rhythm Nation 1814/05 Janet Jackson - Interlude- Race.mp3123.86 Kb
1989 Rhythm Nation 1814/06 Janet Jackson - The Knowledge.mp35.34 Mb
1989 Rhythm Nation 1814/07 Janet Jackson - Interlude- Let's Dance.mp3103.22 Kb
1989 Rhythm Nation 1814/08 Janet Jackson - Miss You Much.mp35.79 Mb
1989 Rhythm Nation 1814/09 Janet Jackson - Interlude- Come Back.mp3495.45 Kb
1989 Rhythm Nation 1814/10 Janet Jackson - Love Will Never Do (Without You).mp38.02 Mb
1989 Rhythm Nation 1814/11 Janet Jackson - Livin' In A World (They Didn't Make).mp36.43 Mb
1989 Rhythm Nation 1814/12 Janet Jackson - Alright.mp38.85 Mb
1989 Rhythm Nation 1814/13 Janet Jackson - Interlude- Hey Baby.mp3227.08 Kb
1989 Rhythm Nation 1814/14 Janet Jackson - Escapade.mp36.51 Mb
1989 Rhythm Nation 1814/15 Janet Jackson - Interlude- No Acid.mp3144.50 Kb
1989 Rhythm Nation 1814/16 Janet Jackson - Black Cat.mp36.65 Mb
1989 Rhythm Nation 1814/17 Janet Jackson - Lonely.mp36.85 Mb
1989 Rhythm Nation 1814/18 Janet Jackson - Come Back To Me.mp37.62 Mb
1989 Rhythm Nation 1814/19 Janet Jackson - Someday Is Tonight.mp38.29 Mb
1989 Rhythm Nation 1814/20 Janet Jackson - Interlude- Livin'...In Complete Darkness.mp31.55 Mb
1993 Janet/00 Janet Jackson - janet..m3u2.11 Kb
1993 Janet/01 Janet Jackson - Morning.mp3743.17 Kb
1993 Janet/02 Janet Jackson - That's The Way Love Goes.mp36.07 Mb
1993 Janet/03 Janet Jackson - You Know.mp3289.01 Kb
1993 Janet/04 Janet Jackson - You Want This.mp37.02 Mb
1993 Janet/05 Janet Jackson - Be A Good Boy.mp3206.44 Kb
1993 Janet/06 Janet Jackson - If.mp36.23 Mb
1993 Janet/07 Janet Jackson - Back.mp3103.22 Kb
1993 Janet/08 Janet Jackson - This Time.mp39.60 Mb
1993 Janet/09 Janet Jackson - Go On Miss Janet.mp3123.86 Kb
1993 Janet/10 Janet Jackson - Throb.mp36.31 Mb
1993 Janet/11 Janet Jackson - What'll I Do.mp35.62 Mb
1993 Janet/12 Janet Jackson - The Lounge.mp3371.58 Kb
1993 Janet/13 Janet Jackson - Funky Big Band.mp37.40 Mb
1993 Janet/14 Janet Jackson - Racism.mp3206.44 Kb
1993 Janet/15 Janet Jackson - New Agenda.mp35.52 Mb
1993 Janet/16 Janet Jackson - Love Pt. 2.mp3289.01 Kb
1993 Janet/17 Janet Jackson - Because Of Love.mp35.99 Mb
1993 Janet/18 Janet Jackson - Wind.mp3268.37 Kb
1993 Janet/19 Janet Jackson - Again.mp35.20 Mb
1993 Janet/20 Janet Jackson - Another Lover.mp3268.37 Kb
1993 Janet/21 Janet Jackson - Where Are You Now.mp37.96 Mb
1993 Janet/22 Janet Jackson - Hold On Baby.mp3247.72 Kb
1993 Janet/23 Janet Jackson - The Body That Loves You.mp37.64 Mb
1993 Janet/24 Janet Jackson - Rain.mp3454.16 Kb
1993 Janet/25 Janet Jackson - Any Time, Any Place.mp39.82 Mb
1993 Janet/26 Janet Jackson - Are You Still Up.mp32.22 Mb
1993 Janet/27 Janet Jackson - Sweet Dreams.mp37.66 Mb
1995 Design Of A Decade/00 Janet Jackson - Design Of A Decade.m3u2.36 Kb
1995 Design Of A Decade/01 Janet Jackson - Runaway.mp34.92 Mb
1995 Design Of A Decade/02 Janet Jackson - What Have You Done For Me Lately.mp36.51 Mb
1995 Design Of A Decade/03 Janet Jackson - Nasty.mp35.58 Mb
1995 Design Of A Decade/04 Janet Jackson - When I Think Of You.mp35.40 Mb
1995 Design Of A Decade/05 Janet Jackson - Escapade.mp36.53 Mb
1995 Design Of A Decade/06 Janet Jackson - Miss You Much.mp35.79 Mb
1995 Design Of A Decade/07 Janet Jackson - Love Will Never Do (Without You).mp36.31 Mb
1995 Design Of A Decade/08 Janet Jackson - Alright.mp36.39 Mb
1995 Design Of A Decade/09 Janet Jackson - Control.mp37.24 Mb
1995 Design Of A Decade/10 Janet Jackson - The Pleasure Principle.mp35.81 Mb
1995 Design Of A Decade/11 Janet Jackson - Black Cat.mp36.59 Mb
1995 Design Of A Decade/12 Janet Jackson - Rhythm Nation.mp38.23 Mb
1995 Design Of A Decade/13 Janet Jackson - That's The Way Love Goes.mp36.11 Mb
1995 Design Of A Decade/14 Janet Jackson - Come Back To Me.mp37.74 Mb
1995 Design Of A Decade/15 Janet Jackson - Let's Wait Awhile.mp36.35 Mb
1995 Design Of A Decade/16 Janet Jackson - Twenty Foreplay.mp38.39 Mb
1997 The Velvet Rope/00 Janet Jackson - The Velvet Rope.m3u1.88 Kb
1997 The Velvet Rope/01 Janet Jackson - Interlude- Twisted Elegance.mp31,011.53 Kb
1997 The Velvet Rope/02 Janet Jackson - Velvet Rope.mp36.77 Mb
1997 The Velvet Rope/03 Janet Jackson - You.mp36.47 Mb
1997 The Velvet Rope/04 Janet Jackson - Got 'Til It's Gone Feat. Q-Tip & Joni Mitchell.mp35.54 Mb
1997 The Velvet Rope/05 Janet Jackson - Interlude- Speaker Phone.mp31.25 Mb
1997 The Velvet Rope/06 Janet Jackson - My Need.mp35.14 Mb
1997 The Velvet Rope/07 Janet Jackson - Interlude- Fasten Your Seatbelts.mp3454.16 Kb
1997 The Velvet Rope/08 Janet Jackson - Go Deep.mp36.47 Mb
1997 The Velvet Rope/09 Janet Jackson - Free Xone.mp36.81 Mb
1997 The Velvet Rope/10 Janet Jackson - Interlude- Memory.mp3123.86 Kb
1997 The Velvet Rope/11 Janet Jackson - Together Again.mp36.91 Mb
1997 The Velvet Rope/12 Janet Jackson - Interlude- Online.mp3454.16 Kb
1997 The Velvet Rope/13 Janet Jackson - Empty.mp36.25 Mb
1997 The Velvet Rope/14 Janet Jackson - Interlude- Full.mp3309.65 Kb
1997 The Velvet Rope/15 Janet Jackson - What About.mp36.07 Mb
1997 The Velvet Rope/16 Janet Jackson - Every Time.mp35.89 Mb
1997 The Velvet Rope/17 Janet Jackson - Tonight's The Night.mp37.04 Mb
1997 The Velvet Rope/18 Janet Jackson - I Get Lonely.mp37.28 Mb
1997 The Velvet Rope/19 Janet Jackson - Rope Burn.mp35.87 Mb
1997 The Velvet Rope/20 Janet Jackson - Anything.mp36.75 Mb
1997 The Velvet Rope/21 Janet Jackson - Interlude- Sad.mp3268.37 Kb
1997 The Velvet Rope/22 Janet Jackson - Special.mp310.91 Mb
2001 All For You/00 Janet Jackson - All For You.m3u1.79 Kb
2001 All For You/01 Janet Jackson - Intro.mp31.39 Mb
2001 All For You/02 Janet Jackson - You Ain't Right.mp36.25 Mb
2001 All For You/03 Janet Jackson - All For You.mp37.56 Mb
2001 All For You/04 Janet Jackson - 2Way For You (Interlude).mp3474.80 Kb
2001 All For You/05 Janet Jackson - Come On Get Up.mp36.59 Mb
2001 All For You/06 Janet Jackson - When We Oooo.mp36.29 Mb
2001 All For You/07 Janet Jackson - China Love.mp36.33 Mb
2001 All For You/08 Janet Jackson - Love Scene (Ooh Baby).mp35.89 Mb
2001 All For You/09 Janet Jackson - Would You Mind.mp37.60 Mb
2001 All For You/10 Janet Jackson - Lame (Interlude).mp3268.37 Kb
2001 All For You/11 Janet Jackson - Trust A Try.mp37.26 Mb
2001 All For You/12 Janet Jackson - Clouds (Interlude).mp3474.80 Kb
2001 All For You/13 Janet Jackson - Son Of A Gun (I Betcha Think This Song Is About You).mp38.16 Mb
2001 All For You/14 Janet Jackson - Truth.mp39.27 Mb
2001 All For You/15 Janet Jackson - Theory (Interlude).mp3619.31 Kb
2001 All For You/16 Janet Jackson - Someone To Call My Lover.mp36.25 Mb
2001 All For You/17 Janet Jackson - Feels So Right.mp36.47 Mb
2001 All For You/18 Janet Jackson - Doesn't Really Matter (Album Edit).mp36.07 Mb
2001 All For You/19 Janet Jackson - Better Days.mp37.02 Mb
2001 All For You/20 Janet Jackson - Outro.mp3227.08 Kb
2004 Damita Jo/00 Janet Jackson - Damita Jo.m3u1.82 Kb
2004 Damita Jo/01 Janet Jackson - Looking For Love.mp32.06 Mb
2004 Damita Jo/02 Janet Jackson - Damita Jo.mp33.79 Mb
2004 Damita Jo/03 Janet Jackson - Sexhibition.mp33.43 Mb
2004 Damita Jo/04 Janet Jackson - Strawberry Bounce.mp34.37 Mb
2004 Damita Jo/05 Janet Jackson - My Baby Feat. Kanye West.mp35.91 Mb
2004 Damita Jo/06 Janet Jackson - The Islands.mp3928.96 Kb
2004 Damita Jo/07 Janet Jackson - Spending Time With You.mp35.83 Mb
2004 Damita Jo/08 Janet Jackson - Magic Hour.mp3557.38 Kb
2004 Damita Jo/09 Janet Jackson - Island Life.mp35.34 Mb
2004 Damita Jo/10 Janet Jackson - All Nite (Don't Stop).mp34.72 Mb
2004 Damita Jo/11 Janet Jackson - R&B Junkie.mp34.37 Mb
2004 Damita Jo/12 Janet Jackson - I Want You.mp35.79 Mb
2004 Damita Jo/13 Janet Jackson - Like You Don't Love Me.mp35.04 Mb
2004 Damita Jo/14 Janet Jackson - Thinkin' Bout My Ex.mp36.27 Mb
2004 Damita Jo/15 Janet Jackson - Warmth.mp35.14 Mb
2004 Damita Jo/16 Janet Jackson - Moist.mp36.75 Mb
2004 Damita Jo/17 Janet Jackson - It All Comes Down To Love.mp3908.32 Kb
2004 Damita Jo/18 Janet Jackson - Truly.mp35.48 Mb
2004 Damita Jo/19 Janet Jackson - The One.mp31.43 Mb
2004 Damita Jo/20 Janet Jackson - Slolove.mp35.14 Mb
2004 Damita Jo/21 Janet Jackson - Country.mp3722.52 Kb
2004 Damita Jo/22 Janet Jackson - Just A Little While.mp35.81 Mb
Readme.txt1.17 Kb
Remixes & Misc/'Nsync - That's The Way Love Goes (MTV Icon).mp31.96 Mb
Remixes & Misc/Beanie Man - Feel It Boy (Ft. Janet Jackson).MP33.12 Mb
Remixes & Misc/Blackstreet - Girlfriend-Boyfriend (Ft. Janet Jackson, Eve).mp34.66 Mb
Remixes & Misc/Busta Rhymes & Janet Jackson - What's It Gonna Be.mp36.25 Mb
Remixes & Misc/Chingy ft. Janet Jackson - Don't Worry.mp36.09 Mb
Remixes & Misc/Destiny's Child - Let's Wait Awhile (Mtv Icon).mp34.60 Mb
Remixes & Misc/Janet Jackson - 2004 Megamix.mp35.77 Mb
Remixes & Misc/Janet Jackson - 70's Love Groove.mp35.28 Mb
Remixes & Misc/Janet Jackson - 80's Megamix.mp38.04 Mb
Remixes & Misc/Janet Jackson - Again remix.mp33.49 Mb
Remixes & Misc/Janet Jackson - All For You (Thunderpuss 2001).mp39.68 Mb
Remixes & Misc/Janet Jackson - All For You (Video Mix).mp35.14 Mb
Remixes & Misc/Janet Jackson - Anyplace Anytime (Remix).mp34.80 Mb
Remixes & Misc/Janet Jackson - Go Deep (Remix Ft. Missy Elliott).mp34.64 Mb
Remixes & Misc/Janet Jackson - I Get Lonely (Remix Ft. Blackstreet).mp34.78 Mb
Remixes & Misc/Janet Jackson - If (Extended Dance Mix).mp35.22 Mb
Remixes & Misc/Janet Jackson - Let's Wait Awhile (Radio Edit).mp34.29 Mb
Remixes & Misc/Janet Jackson - Making Love In The Rain.mp35.44 Mb
Remixes & Misc/Janet Jackson - Nasty (2000 Remix).mp37.38 Mb
Remixes & Misc/Janet Jackson - Runaway (Remix Ft. Coolio).mp33.85 Mb
Remixes & Misc/Janet Jackson - Someone To Call My Lover (Remix Ft J.D).mp36.39 Mb
Remixes & Misc/Janet Jackson - Son Of A Gun (Remix Ft. P.Diddy).mp34.70 Mb
Remixes & Misc/Janet Jackson - Son Of A Gun (The Original Flyte Tyme Remix).mp34.88 Mb
Remixes & Misc/Janet Jackson - Together Again (Deeper remix).mp33.61 Mb
Remixes & Misc/Janet Jackson - You Want This (Remix Ft. MC Lyte).mp34.39 Mb
Remixes & Misc/Janet Jackson feat Elephant Man - All Nite (Don't Stop) Remix.mp36.71 Mb
Remixes & Misc/Janet Jackson feat. Nelly - Call On Me.mp34.82 Mb
Remixes & Misc/Janet Jackson vs Lucy Pearl - Love Will Never Do vs Dance Tonight (djz remix).mp32.86 Mb
Remixes & Misc/Janet Jackson, Aaliyah, Erykah Badu - You Got Me Love Will Never Do.mp314.27 Mb
Remixes & Misc/Luthor Vandros - The Best Things In Life Are Free (Ft. Janet Jackson).mp35.08 Mb
Remixes & Misc/Macy Gray - Love Will Never Do (MTV Icon).mp33.33 Mb
Remixes & Misc/Madonna,MCarey,JJackson - IGetLonelyFrozenMyAll Remixes.mp36.49 Mb
Remixes & Misc/Michael Jackson & Janet Jackson - Scream (2005 Pressured Dub).mp311.01 Mb
Remixes & Misc/Michael Jackson & Janet Jackson - Scream.mp35.32 Mb
Remixes & Misc/Pink, Usher & Mya - Dance Medley (MTV Icon).mp35.36 Mb
Remixes & Misc/Shaggy - Mr Lover Lover (Ft. Janet Jackson).mp35.44 Mb
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