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Energies Resources

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Energies  Resources

More than 400 ebooks mostly complete in english and spanish and pdf format.

Main folders:

Batteries  Fuel Cells
Waste -Management, Remediation  Treatment

There is a complete list in /filelist.txt inside the torrent.

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Batteries & Fuel Cells/Articles/The Lead Dioxide Electrode (Batteries).pdf2.62 Mb
Batteries & Fuel Cells/Fuel Cell Handbook 5ed 2000.pdf2.37 Mb
Batteries & Fuel Cells/Fundamentals of the recycling of lead-acid batteries 2002 - Vest.pdf275.93 Kb
Batteries & Fuel Cells/Fundamentos del reciclaje de acumuladores de plomo-ácido 2004 - Vest.pdf1.42 Mb
Biofuels/Articles/From biomass to biofuels Review - NREL.pdf977.00 Kb
Biofuels/Articles/Oil From Seeds 2003.pdf738.87 Kb
Biofuels/Articles/Rape-Seed-Oil-Conversion 2001.pdf471.41 Kb
Biofuels/Biodiesel/Algal biofuels roadmap.pdf7.45 Mb
Biofuels/Biodiesel/Biodiesel from Algae - NREL.pdf3.58 Mb
Biofuels/Biodiesel/Biodiesel production technology - NREL.pdf1.42 Mb
Biofuels/Biodiesel/Biodiesel science and technology -From soil to oil.pdf8.36 Mb
Biofuels/Biodiesel/Make your own biodiesel.pdf1.18 Mb
Biofuels/Biodiesel/Making and testing a biodiesel fuel made from ethanol and waste french-fry oil.pdf2.44 Mb
Biofuels/Biodiesel/Making biodiesel for the new millenium - Tickelll.pdf1.37 Mb
Biofuels/Biodiesel/The biodiesel handbook - Knothe, van Gerpen & Krahl.pdf20.31 Mb
Biofuels/Biodiesel/The use of vegetable oils and their derivatives as alternative diesel fuels - Knothe.pdf905.14 Kb
Biofuels/Bioethanol/Alcohol can be a gas - Blume.pdf79.91 Mb
Biofuels/Bioethanol/Alcohol Fuel 1980 - Mathews.pdf4.91 Mb
Biofuels/Bioethanol/Alcohol Fuel 2009 - Freudenberger.pdf3.66 Mb
Biofuels/Bioethanol/Convert your car to alcohol - Drane.pdf1.79 Mb
Biofuels/Bioethanol/Converting your car to run on alcohol fuels 1979 - Mingle.pdf2.95 Mb
Biofuels/Bioethanol/Design of a two-bushel per day continuous alcohol unit.pdf1.85 Mb
Biofuels/Bioethanol/Gardening indoors with CO2 1997.pdf3.33 Mb
Biofuels/Bioethanol/Making alcohol fuel 1979 - Crombie.pdf14.39 Mb
Biofuels/Bioethanol/Making your own motor fuel 1943 - Stetson.pdf22.26 Mb
Biofuels/Bioethanol/Mother Earth Alcohol Fuel.pdf2.99 Mb
Biofuels/Bioethanol/Motor fuel cookbook 1979 - Brown.pdf15.97 Mb
Biofuels/Bioethanol/Solar alcohol 1979 - Mandeville.pdf19.65 Mb
Biofuels/Bioethanol/The Manual for the Home and Farm Production of Alcohol Fuel.pdf2.64 Mb
Biofuels/Bioethanol/The sunflower seed huller and oil press - Cox.pdf967.77 Kb
Biofuels/Biofuels -Refining and performance - Nag.pdf4.95 Mb
Biofuels/Biofuels 2009 - Soetaert & Vandamme.pdf9.22 Mb
Biofuels/Biofuels engineering process technology.pdf2.45 Mb
Biofuels/Handbook of biofuels production.pdf64.21 Mb
Biogas/Analisis del balance de energia derivada de biomasa en Argentina - WISDOM.pdf5.01 Mb
Biogas/Bioconversion of organic residues for rural communities.zip481.97 Kb
Biogas/Biodigestores familiares 2008 - Marti Herrero.pdf1.74 Mb
Biogas/Biogas from waste and renewable resources -An introduction.pdf5.03 Mb
Biogas/Folders.zip47.15 Mb
Biogas/GTZ- Biogas Plants - 1989.PDF7.44 Mb
Biogas/GTZ- Engines for Biogas - 1988.PDF6.33 Mb
Biogas/GTZ-Purification of Biogas - 1985.PDF3.21 Mb
Biogas/Life-cycle-assessment of industrial scale biogas plants 2006.pdf1.06 Mb
Biogas/Manual para la produccion de biogas - Hilbert.pdf1.43 Mb
Biogas/Material and energy balances for methanol from biomass using biomass gasifiers 1992 - Bain.pdf3.37 Mb
Biogas/Microbes at work -From wastes to resources.pdf3.23 Mb
Biogas/The microbiology of anaerobic digesters 2003 - Gerardi.pdf2.89 Mb
Biomass/Compost/Compost - The natural way to make food for your garden.pdf28.15 Mb
Biomass/Compost/Composting -Easy methods for every gardener.pdf2.16 Mb
Biomass/Compost/Composting at Home.pdf375.63 Kb
Biomass/Compost/Cornell University/Designs for composting systems.pdf888.16 Kb
Biomass/Compost/Cornell University/Home composting brochure.pdf394.23 Kb
Biomass/Compost/Cornell University/Master composter manual.pdf3.99 Mb
Biomass/Compost/Cornell University/Small to medium scale composting of food wastes in NY.pdf383.79 Kb
Biomass/Compost/Cornell University/UsersGuide.pdf407.00 Kb
Biomass/Compost/El compost -Su naturaleza, preparacion y actuacion.pdf3.44 Mb
Biomass/Compost/Industrial Composting -Environmental Engineering and Facilities Management.pdf6.66 Mb
Biomass/Compost/Manual basico para hacer compost.pdf2.83 Mb
Biomass/Compost/Manual de compostaje para agricultura ecologica - Alvarez de la Puente.pdf5.27 Mb
Biomass/The biomass assessment handbook -Bioenergy for a sustainable environment.pdf2.55 Mb
Biomass/Thermal biomass conversion.pdf7.81 Mb
Biomass/Vermicompost/Manual de Lombricultura.pdf3.86 Mb
Biomass/Vermicompost/Manual de vermicompostaje.pdf633.38 Kb
Biomass/Vermicompost/Manual of on-farm vermicomposting and vermiculture.pdf1.53 Mb
Biomass/Vermicompost/Raising earthworms successfully.pdf329.43 Kb
Biomass/Vermicompost/The Worm Book.pdf8.45 Mb
Biomaterials/Practical Guide to Microbial Polyhydroxyalkanoates.pdf9.88 Mb
Biomaterials/The Biomaterials - Silver Jubilee Compendium.pdf12.41 Mb
Filelist.txt18.82 Kb
General/Advanced Analytics for Green and Sustainable Economic Development -Supply Chain Models and Financial Technologies -Premier Reference Source .pdf6.05 Mb
General/Bioenergy Realizing the Potential.pdf13.66 Mb
General/Energy alternatives 2005 - Cruden.pdf9.15 Mb
General/Energy and Sustainability 2.pdf11.30 Mb
General/Engineering alternative energy - Wind and solar power systems 1999.pdf38.97 Mb
General/Fundamentals of renewable energy processes.pdf9.01 Mb
General/Green Energy -Basic Concepts and Fundamentals -Progress in Green Energy .pdf9.37 Mb
General/Handbook of energy efficiency and renewable energy.pdf63.96 Mb
General/Handbook of Sustainable Energy -Elgar Original Reference .pdf4.60 Mb
General/Integration of Green and Renewable Energy in Electric Power Systems.pdf5.00 Mb
General/John Zumerchik - Macmillan Encyclopedia of Energy, Vol. 1 - 2001.pdf10.43 Mb
General/John Zumerchik - Macmillan Encyclopedia of Energy, Vol. 2 - 2001.pdf13.00 Mb
General/John Zumerchik - Macmillan Encyclopedia of Energy, Vol. 3 - 2001.pdf17.60 Mb
General/Megatrends for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy - M. Hordeski (Fairmont, 2011) BBS.pdf2.14 Mb
General/Renewable Electricity and the Grid - The Challenge of Variability (2009).pdf4.43 Mb
General/Renewable energy - Technology, economics and environment 2007 - Kaltschmitt, Streicher & Wiese.pdf9.25 Mb
General/Renewable Energy Cannot Sustain a Consumer Society.pdf999.32 Kb
General/Renewable Energy for Your Home.pdf8.23 Mb
General/Renewable energy resources 2ed 2006 - Twidell & Weir.pdf10.51 Mb
General/Renewable energy sources in figures.pdf2.53 Mb
General/Sustainable Development and Planning V - C. Brebbia, E. Beriatos (WIT, 2011) BBS.pdf21.35 Mb
General/The Grand Energy Transition -The Rise of Energy Gases -Sustainable Life and Growth -and the Next Great Economic Expansion.pdf2.39 Mb
General/Vaclav Smil/Energy -A beginners guide.pdf3.36 Mb
General/Vaclav Smil/Energy at the Crossroads.pdf11.34 Mb
General/Vaclav Smil/Energy in Nature and Society.pdf13.54 Mb
General/Vaclav Smil/Energy In World History.pdf44.85 Mb
General/Vaclav Smil/Energy Transitions.pdf3.24 Mb
Geothermal/Geothermal energy 2007 - Gupta & Roy.pdf3.89 Mb
Geothermal/Geothermal heat pumps 2007.pdf8.17 Mb
Hydrogen/Alternative Fuels The Future of Hydrogen.pdf857.53 Kb
Hydrogen/Biohydrogen II An Approach to Environmentally Acceptable Technology.pdf12.21 Mb
Hydrogen/Build a solar hydrogen fuel cell system 2004 - Hurley.pdf3.61 Mb
Hydrogen/Handbook of Hydrogen Storage New Materials for Future Energy Storage.pdf5.74 Mb
Hydrogen/Hybrid Hydrogen Systems Stationary and Transportation Applications.pdf2.40 Mb
Hydrogen/Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Emerging Technologies and Applications Sustainable World .pdf20.55 Mb
Hydrogen/Hydrogen and syngas production and purification technologies - Liu, Song & Subramani.pdf3.89 Mb
Hydrogen/Hydrogen based Autonomous Power Systems Techno economic Analysis of the Integration of Hydrogen in Autonomous Power Systems.pdf7.40 Mb
Hydrogen/Hydrogen energy -Challenges and prospects.pdf3.03 Mb
Hydrogen/Hydrogen Energy Economic and Social Challenges.pdf2.79 Mb
Hydrogen/Hydrogen Fuel Cells for Road Vehicles.pdf6.11 Mb
Hydrogen/Hydrogen Fuel Energy for the Future and Global Warming .pdf4.62 Mb
Hydrogen/Hydrogen Fuel Energy Today .pdf4.18 Mb
Hydrogen/Hydrogen Fuel Production Transport and Storage.pdf10.16 Mb
Hydrogen/Light Water Hydrogen The Solar Generation of Hydrogen by Water Photoelectrolysis.pdf7.22 Mb
Hydrogen/Nuclear Hydrogen Production Handbook Green Chemistry and Chemical Engineering .pdf17.34 Mb
Hydrogen/Pathways to a Hydrogen Future.pdf3.08 Mb
Hydrogen/Solar Hydrogen Generation Toward a Renewable Energy Future.pdf6.65 Mb
Hydrogen/Solar Revolution The Economic Transformation of the Global Energy Industry.pdf2.60 Mb
Hydrogen/Sustainable Fossil Fuels The Unusual Suspect in the Quest for Clean and Enduring Energy.pdf2.46 Mb
Hydrogen/The Hydrogen Energy Transition Cutting Carbon from Transportation.pdf17.57 Mb
Hydrogen/Transition to Hydrogen Pathways Toward Clean Transportation.pdf6.36 Mb
Misc/Alternative Energy Demystified.pdf4.25 Mb
Misc/Alternative fuel - Manzanera.pdf21.55 Mb
Misc/Biofuels for Transport - Global Potential and Implications for Sustainable Energy and Agriculture.pdf3.46 Mb
Misc/Engineering alternative energy - Wind and solar power systems 1999.pdf6.13 Mb
Misc/Piezoelectric energy harvesting.pdf27.23 Mb
Misc/Power with nature -Solar and wind energy 2003.pdf45.26 Mb
Misc/Solar thermal and biomass energy 2010 - Lorenzini, Biserni & Flacco.pdf4.70 Mb
Misc/The homeowner's guide to renewable energy achieving energy independence through solar, wind, biomas - Dan.pdf2.72 Mb
Misc/Wind and Solar Power Systems - Patel.pdf6.51 Mb
Solar/Cookers/Capturing Heat - Still & Kness.pdf1.02 Mb
Solar/Cookers/Horno solar de barro.pdf4.08 Mb
Solar/Cookers/Solar Cookers and Food Dryers.pdf101.16 Mb
Solar/Designing indoor solar products 2005 - Randall.pdf1.82 Mb
Solar/Energia Solar Termica (Calalogo Tecnico).pdf2.91 Mb
Solar/Fuel from the sky -Solar powers potential for western energy supply 2002 - NREL.pdf2.94 Mb
Solar/Photovoltaics/ Solar Cells -Materials Manufacture and Operation.pdf32.20 Mb
Solar/Photovoltaics/DIY/Build your own solar panel.pdf3.20 Mb
Solar/Photovoltaics/DIY/Homemade solar cells 2.pdf1.90 Mb
Solar/Photovoltaics/DIY/Homemade solar cells.pdf2.10 Mb
Solar/Photovoltaics/Electricity from sunlight.pdf14.54 Mb
Solar/Photovoltaics/Fact sheets of selected photovoltaic applications 1991 - Oelert & Biermann.pdf1.57 Mb
Solar/Photovoltaics/Photovoltaics and architecture - Randall & Fordham.pdf10.59 Mb
Solar/Photovoltaics/Physics of solar cells - Wurfel.pdf8.60 Mb
Solar/Photovoltaics/Solar cells and their applications 2ed - Fraas & Partain.pdf7.88 Mb
Solar/Photovoltaics/Solar Cells and Their Applications.pdf13.54 Mb
Solar/Photovoltaics/Thermophotovoltaic energy conversion.pdf3.06 Mb
Solar/Physics of solar energy 2011 - Chen.pdf6.00 Mb
Solar/Planning and installing solar thermal systems 2010.pdf17.90 Mb
Solar/Simple solar homesteading 2007 - LaMar.pdf2.24 Mb
Solar/Solar Collectors/Calentador solar de agua.pdf6.79 Mb
Solar/Solar drying/Solar Drier Plans PGCP Coconut Drier and Kenya Black Box Drier 2001 - Green & Schwarz.pdf622.59 Kb
Solar/Solar drying/Solar Drying Equipment Notes on Three Driers 2001 - Green & Schwarz.pdf80.82 Kb
Solar/Solar drying/Solar Drying in Morocco 1997 - Hauser & Ankila.pdf768.03 Kb
Solar/Solar drying/Solar Drying Technology for Food Preservation 2001 - Green & Schwarz.pdf113.31 Kb
Solar/Solar drying/Survey of solar agricultural dryers.pdf11.13 Mb
Solar/Solar energy engineering -Processes and systems 2009.pdf9.82 Mb
Solar/Solar energy projects for the evil genius 2007 - Harper.pdf8.64 Mb
Solar/Solar heating in cold regions 1996.pdf4.93 Mb
Solar/Solar power your home For Dummies.pdf7.13 Mb
Stirling/Stirling Engine Design Manual 1983.pdf17.87 Mb
Stirling/The Air Engine -Stirling Cycle Power for a Sustainable Future.pdf4.32 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/Electronics/A reciclar chatarra -Guia para reciclaje de Acero.pdf4.71 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/Electronics/Aprovechamiento de materiales y componentes de monitores de tubo de rayos catodicos.pdf4.08 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/Electronics/Closing the loop -Electronics design to enhance reuse-recycling value.pdf193.59 Kb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/Electronics/E-waste generation in Chile.pdf1.49 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/Electronics/Evaluating e-waste recycling systems.pdf1.87 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/Electronics/Experiencias de Empa en proyectos de e-waste en el contexto internacional.pdf27.63 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/Electronics/Exporting harm -The high-tech trashing of Asia.pdf2.37 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/Electronics/Gestion de residuos electronicos en America Latina.pdf2.49 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/Electronics/Lineamientos para la gestion de los RAEE en latinoamerica.pdf233.58 Kb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/Electronics/Poisoning the poor -Electronic waste in Ghana.pdf1.47 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/Electronics/Reciclaje de RAEEs.pdf8.69 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/Electronics/Recycling -From e-waste to resources.pdf2.47 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/Electronics/The connection between electron sustainability.pdf984.19 Kb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/Electronics/Waste electrical and electronic equipment Anexxes.pdf2.74 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/Electronics/Waste electrical and electronic equipment.pdf4.33 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/General/Advances in applied bioremediation 2009.pdf4.71 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/General/Applied Math for Wastewater Plant Operators.pdf25.23 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/General/Assessment and Remediation of Contaminated Sediments NATO Science Series IV Earth and Environmental Sciences .pdf6.88 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/General/Bioremediation Applied Microbial Solutions for Real World Environment Cleanup.pdf30.92 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/General/Bioremediation of Aquatic and Terrestial Ecosystems.pdf4.19 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/General/Bioremediation of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems 2005 - Fingerman & Nagabhushanam.pdf4.19 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/General/Bioremediation.pdf10.47 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/General/Chemistry of Fungi.pdf1.46 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/General/Contaminated Sediments Characterization Evaluation Mitigation Restoration and Management Strategy Performance ASTM Special Technical Publication .pdf6.12 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/General/Contaminated Sediments Evaluation and Remediation Techniques ASTM special technical publication 1482 .pdf5.03 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/General/Contamination cleanup - Natural attenuation and advanced remediation technologies.pdf1.36 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/General/Dealing with Contaminated Sites From Theory towards Practical Application.pdf21.52 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/General/Emerging Technologies in Hazardous Waste Management 8.pdf3.65 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/General/Environmental Biotechnology.pdf14.98 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/General/Environmental Engineering 3 Volume Set 6th edition.pdf16.27 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/General/Environmental Microbiology 2ed.pdf5.29 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/General/Fitoremediacion de suelos contaminados - Revista.pdf20.21 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/General/Fungi in Bioremediation British Mycological Society Symposia .pdf3.39 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/General/Fungi in bioremediation.pdf3.39 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/General/Fungi_in_Bioremediation.pdf16.38 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/General/Handbook of Groundwater Remediation using Permeable Reactive Barriers Applications to Radionuclides Trace Metals and Nutrients.pdf26.82 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/General/Hazardous Materials and Waste Management A Guide for the Professional Hazards Manager.pdf16.20 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/General/Homes That Heal and those that don 039 t How Your Home Could be Harming Your Family 039 s Health.pdf4.68 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/General/In Situ Chemical Oxidation for Groundwater Remediation.pdf12.14 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/General/Landslides in Practice Investigation Analysis and Remedial Preventative Options in Soils.pdf49.76 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/General/Mycoremediation - Fungal bioremediation 2006 - Singh.pdf4.30 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/General/Mycoremediation - Fungal Bioremediation.pdf4.30 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/General/Nanotechnology for Environmental Remediation Modern Inorganic Chemistry .pdf2.36 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/General/Phytoremediation and Rhizoremediation Theoretical Background Focus on Biotechnology .pdf3.51 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/General/Phytoremediation of metal contaminated soils 2006 - Morel, Echevarria & Goncharova.pdf3.52 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/General/Phytoremediation Rhizoremediation.pdf3.45 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/General/Plant Adaptation and Phytoremediation.pdf9.80 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/General/Planting Wetlands and Dams A Practical Guide to Wetland Design Construction and Propagation Second Edition.pdf17.27 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/General/Practical design calculations for groundwater, soil remediation 1999 - Kuo.pdf2.52 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/General/Remediation Engineering Design Concepts Geraghty amp Miller Environmental Science amp Engineering .pdf2.80 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/General/Remediation of Hazardous Waste Contaminated Soils.pdf47.73 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/General/Restoration of Contaminated Aquifers Petroleum Hydrocarbons and Organic Compounds Second Edition.pdf16.38 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/General/Superfund and Mining Megasites.pdf3.78 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/General/Sustainability in Food and Water An Asian Perspective Alliance for Global Sustainability Bookseries .pdf21.70 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/General/Trace elements in the environment 2006 - Prasad, Sajwan & Naidu.pdf14.35 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/General/Waste Management -Research Advances to Convert Waste to Wealth.pdf6.54 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/General/Waste Treatment and Disposal 1995 - R. Hester, R. Harrison.pdf1.40 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/General/Waste Treatment in the Process Industries 2006 - Wang.pdf8.56 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/NASA/Air Water purification.pdf390.42 Kb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/NASA/Aquatic plant-microbial filters for treating septic tank effluent.pdf395.24 Kb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/NASA/Aquatic plants and wastewater treatment - an overview.pdf805.96 Kb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/NASA/Aquatic plants for pH adjustment and removal of toxic chemicals and dissolved minerals from water supplies.pdf399.29 Kb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/NASA/Aquatic plants for wastewater treatment.pdf594.57 Kb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/NASA/Aquatic plants wastewater treatment systems.pdf512.70 Kb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/NASA/Cleaner air for home and office.pdf858.49 Kb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/NASA/Don't waste waterweeds.pdf230.01 Kb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/NASA/Engineering design data for small vascular aquatic plant watewater treatment systems.pdf719.52 Kb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/NASA/Foliage plants for improving indoor air quality.pdf1.21 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/NASA/Foliage plants for removing formaldehyde from contaminated air inside energy-efficient homes and future space stations.pdf1.58 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/NASA/Foliage plants for removing indoor air pollulants.pdf329.77 Kb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/NASA/Higher plants for recycling human waste into food, potable water and revitalized air in a closed life support system.pdf1.40 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/NASA/Houseplants, indoor air pollutants, and allergic reactions.pdf128.90 Kb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/NASA/Interior landscape plants for indoor air pollution abatement.pdf1.16 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/NASA/Microbial filters and higher plants for treating hazardous and toxic chemicals.pdf264.27 Kb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/NASA/Microorganisms and higher plants for wastewater treatment.pdf582.60 Kb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/NASA/Natural air purifier.pdf201.90 Kb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/NASA/Natural systems for wastewater treatment and water reuse for space and earthly applications.pdf394.79 Kb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/NASA/New hybrid wastewater treatment system using anaerobic microorganisms and reed - Phargmites communis.pdf720.23 Kb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/NASA/Review of aquaculture wastewater treatment systems.pdf11.02 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/NASA/Secondary domestic wastewater treatment using a combination of duckweed and natural processes.pdf515.39 Kb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/NASA/Space bio-tech in housing.pdf755.53 Kb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/NASA/The role of plants and microorganisms in assuring a future supply of clean air and water.pdf1.76 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/NASA/The water hyacinth.pdf305.31 Kb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/NASA/Upgrading septic tanks using microbial-plants filters.pdf230.10 Kb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/NASA/Waster treatment - The natural way.pdf1.68 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/NASA/Water hyacinths and alligator weeds for removal of lead an mercury from polluted waters.pdf329.75 Kb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/NASA/Water hyacinths for removal of cadmium and nickel from polluted waters.pdf258.33 Kb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/NASA/Water hyacinths for removal of phenols from polluted waters.pdf431.23 Kb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/Soil/Metal speciation and contamination of soil.pdf12.27 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/Soil/Soil and water pollution monitoring, protection and remediation 2005.pdf34.99 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/Soil/Soil engineering testing design and remediation - 2000 b.pdf3.69 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/Soil/Soil engineering testing design and remediation - 2000.pdf3.35 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/Water/Advanced onsite wastewater systems technologies.pdf6.66 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/Water/Alternatives for Ground Water Cleanup.pdf5.69 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/Water/Applied water technology 1995 - Patton.pdf17.07 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/Water/Applied Water Technology/00_AWT_TOC.pdf1.13 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/Water/Applied Water Technology/01_AWT_Chemistry.pdf592.45 Kb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/Water/Applied Water Technology/02_AWT_Water_Sampling_Analysis.pdf1.81 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/Water/Applied Water Technology/03_AWT_Water_Scales.pdf2.40 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/Water/Applied Water Technology/04_AWT_Corrosion_Control.pdf3.28 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/Water/Applied Water Technology/05_AWT_Water_Treatment_Microbiology.pdf1.61 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/Water/Applied Water Technology/06_AWT_Water_Processing_Technology.pdf2.21 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/Water/Applied Water Technology/07_AWT_Water_Injection_Systems.pdf799.50 Kb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/Water/Applied Water Technology/08_AWT_Water_Disposal_Systems.pdf392.41 Kb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/Water/Applied Water Technology/09_AWT_Water_Treatment_Oil_Recovery.pdf598.88 Kb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/Water/Applied Water Technology/10_AWT_Cooling_Water_Treatment.pdf301.17 Kb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/Water/Applied Water Technology/11_AWT_Boiler_Water_Treatment.pdf303.43 Kb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/Water/Applied Water Technology/12_AWT_Production_Processing.pdf248.19 Kb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/Water/Applied Water Technology/AP_AWT_Appendices.pdf1.28 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/Water/Applied Water Technology/IN_AWT_Index.pdf202.06 Kb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/Water/Articles/Small Scale Arsenic Purification.pdf217.16 Kb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/Water/Domestic wastewater treatment 2004 - Korkusuz.pdf4.88 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/Water/Fundamentals of salt water desalination.pdf24.29 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/Water/Handbook of water and wastewater treatment plant operations.pdf9.35 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/Water/Modelo de Intervencion para el Abatamiento de Arsenico en Aguas de Consumo - INTI.pdf7.60 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/Water/Photochemical processes for water treatment.pdf4.07 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/Water/Planning of water and hydropower intake structures 1989 - Lauterjung & Schmidt.pdf1,015.39 Kb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/Water/Rainwater reservoirs above ground structures for roof catchment 1989 - Haase.pdf1.11 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/Water/Rethinking Water Management -Innovative Approaches to Contemporary Issues.pdf1.32 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/Water/Sistemas de tratamiento de aguas residuales domiciliarias - Mariñelarena.pdf1.05 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/Water/Water and Wastewater Engineering 2010.pdf16.17 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/Water/Water Centric Sustainable Communities -Planning Retrofitting and Building the Next Urban Environment.pdf11.82 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/Water/Water management in 2020 and beyond 2009.pdf3.15 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/Water/Water resources engineering 2008 - Kharagpur.pdf45.39 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/Water/Water Sensitive Urban Design Engineering Procedures -Stormwater.pdf13.76 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/Water/Water technology - Gray.pdf38.10 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/Water/Water wastewater and stormwater infrastructure management.pdf5.02 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/WetLands/Conservation and Use of Nature Wet Land -.pdf1.36 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/WetLands/Estacao de tratamento de esgoto por meio de zona de raizes - Van Kaick.pdf1.42 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/WetLands/Potencialidade dos filtros plantados com macrofitas no pos-tratamento de lagoas de estabilizacao so condicoes de clima subtropical - Sezerino.pdf5.29 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/WetLands/Sistema de alta eficiencia para tratamento de esgoto residencial - Da Silva.pdf3.13 Mb
Waste -Management, Remediation & Treatment/WetLands/Stormwater treatment wetland design.pdf827.81 Kb
Wind/Advances in Wind Energy Conversion Technology - S. Mathew, G. Philip 2011.pdf4.21 Mb
Wind/Aerodynamics of wind turbines.pdf3.28 Mb
Wind/Compendium in wind turbine -Theory and praxis.pdf17.86 Mb
Wind/Energia eolica - Fernandez.pdf4.20 Mb
Wind/Energia Eolica - Urquia 1982.pdf19.19 Mb
Wind/Feasibility of a Building Mounted Wind Turbines.pdf3.99 Mb
Wind/PMG construction manual.pdf908.35 Kb
Wind/Power conversion and control of wind energy systems.djvu5.85 Mb
Wind/Urban wind energy 2009.pdf8.04 Mb
Wind/Various/Build your own wind turbine.pdf1.29 Mb
Wind/Various/Catavento Savonious.zip14.71 Mb
Wind/Various/Como hacer un aerogenerador.pdf1.55 Mb
Wind/Various/Generador_Eolico_Casero.pdf817.37 Kb
Wind/Various/How to build a chispito wind generator.doc282.00 Kb
Wind/Various/Hugh Piggott Axial-flow PMG wind turbine May 2003.pdf726.33 Kb
Wind/Various/Scoraig wind turbine 2002.pdf2.33 Mb
Wind/Various/Wind rotor blade construction -Small wind systems for battery charging.pdf331.67 Kb
Wind/Wind and Solar Power Systems - Patel 1999.pdf6.51 Mb
Wind/Wind energy -Renewable energy and the environment 2009.pdf6.34 Mb
Wind/Wind energy 2007 - Peinke.pdf25.29 Mb
Wind/Wind Energy Engineering. Pramod Jain 2011.pdf2.05 Mb
Wind/Wind energy engineering.pdf2.05 Mb
Wind/Wind energy explained -Theory, design and application.pdf6.13 Mb
Wind/Wind energy explained.pdf21.15 Mb
Wind/Wind energy handbook 2ed.pdf31.24 Mb
Wind/Wind energy handbook.pdf5.08 Mb
Wind/Wind Power Basics - A Green Energy Guide 2010.pdf2.60 Mb
Wind/Wind power for dummies 2009.pdf8.59 Mb
Wind/Wind Power Plants - Fundamentals, Design, Construction and Operation.pdf22.47 Mb
Wind/Wind turbines -Fundamentals, technologies, application, & economics - Hau.pdf61.91 Mb
Wind/Windpower workshop - Piggott.pdf9.78 Mb
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