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Joy King-Superstar.mobi3.34 Mb
Sister Souljah-Midnight and the Meaning of Love.mobi2.60 Mb
Wahida Clark-Justify My Thug.mobi2.47 Mb
Zoe & Yusuf Woods-Blood of My Brother II.mobi2.45 Mb
Joy King-Stackin' Paper 2 Genesis' Payback - Joy King.mobi1.65 Mb
Zoe & Yusuf Woods-Blood of My Brother III.mobi1.58 Mb
E. L. James - [FIFTY SHADES TRILOGY 03] - Fifty Shades Freed (v5.0).mobi1.49 Mb
Joy King-Last Bitch Standing #5.mobi1.49 Mb
Joy King-Queen Bitch #4.mobi1.39 Mb
Niobia Bryant-Live and Learn.mobi1.33 Mb
Joy King-Trife Life To Lavish.mobi1.32 Mb
Joy King-Mafia Princess.mobi1.30 Mb
Joy King-Mafia Princess part 2.mobi1.28 Mb
E L James - [FIFTY SHADES TRILOGY 01] - Fifty Shades of Grey (v5.0).mobi1.22 Mb
E L James - [FIFTY SHADES TRILOGY 02] - Fifty Shades Darker (v5.0).mobi1.16 Mb
Zane-The Hot Box.mobi1.14 Mb
Noire-Hittin' the Bricks.mobi1.11 Mb
Zoe & Yusuf Woods-Blood of My Brother I.mobi1.09 Mb
Wahida Clark-Payback Ain't Enough.mobi1.01 Mb
Joy King-Trife Life To Lavish Part 2.mobi1,020.42 Kb
Noire-Unzipped.mobi947.77 Kb
Niobia Bryant-Message from a Mistress.mobi874.23 Kb
Nikki Turner-Riding Dirty on I-95.mobi872.32 Kb
Fiona Zedde-Satisfy Me Tonight.mobi871.87 Kb
Nikki Turner-Street Chronicles Girls in the Game.mobi856.68 Kb
Sister Souljah-Midnight.mobi839.76 Kb
Nisa Santiago-Return of the Cartier Cartel (Part 2).mobi766.62 Kb
Sister Souljah-The Coldest Winter Ever.mobi762.04 Kb
Niobia Bryant-Give Me Fever.mobi754.00 Kb
Niobia Bryant-Show and Tell.mobi739.25 Kb
Wahida Clark-Payback is a Mutha.mobi730.18 Kb
Kiki Swinson-Still Candy Shopping.mobi723.67 Kb
Zane-Another Time, Another Place.mobi713.58 Kb
Noire-Thong on Fire.mobi711.12 Kb
Joy King-The Bitch is Back #3.mobi706.36 Kb
Niobia Bryant-Heated.mobi698.47 Kb
Zane-Missionary No More.mobi679.05 Kb
Wahida Clark-The Golden Hustla.mobi677.81 Kb
Nikki Turner-Forever a Hustler's Wife.mobi676.98 Kb
Zane-Caramel Flava.mobi662.26 Kb
Zane-Head Bangers.mobi656.18 Kb
Nikki Turner-Tales from da Hood.mobi654.75 Kb Kb
Niobia Bryant-Hot Like Fire.mobi639.24 Kb
Nikki Turner-GHETTO SUPERSTAR.mobi638.11 Kb
Zane-Dear G-Spot.mobi631.56 Kb
Wahida Clark-Thug Lovin'.mobi621.57 Kb
Mimi Renee-DEADLY DECISIONS II.mobi619.52 Kb
Wahida Clark-What's Really Hood!.mobi614.51 Kb
Wahida Clark-Sleeping with the Enemy.mobi613.82 Kb
Shameek Speight-A CHILD OF A CRACKHEAD III.mobi613.46 Kb
Noire-From the Streets to the Sheets.mobi608.27 Kb
Joy King-Ride Wit' Me.mobi607.85 Kb
Renee Alexis-Satisfy Me.mobi607.46 Kb
Niobia Bryant-Make You Mine.mobi604.00 Kb
Joy King-Bitch # 1.mobi599.60 Kb
Jamise Dames-Bedroom Chronicles.mobi594.32 Kb
Leonard LeDoux Jr-Scandalous Motives.mobi587.36 Kb
Noire-Thug-A-Licious.mobi580.22 Kb
Zane-Love Is Never Painless.mobi576.02 Kb
Noire-Hood.mobi574.40 Kb
Dutch-Dynasty 2.mobi568.72 Kb
Zane-Chocolate Flava.mobi562.01 Kb
OmarTyree-A Do Right Man.mobi560.67 Kb
Noire-Candy Licker.mobi556.39 Kb
Meesha Mink-Real Wifeys Get Money.mobi555.56 Kb
K'wan-Eviction Notice.mobi555.47 Kb
Zane-Sensuality.mobi548.56 Kb
Zane-Gettin' Buck Wild_ Sex Chronicles II.mobi548.47 Kb
Jamise Dames-Intercourse.mobi547.58 Kb
Nikki Turner-Backstage Street Chronicles.mobi537.82 Kb
Ashely Antoinette-Guilty Gucci.mobi537.18 Kb
Zane-Succulent.mobi532.08 Kb
Zane-BREAKING THE CYCLE.mobi531.78 Kb
Nikki Turner-Christmas in the Hood.mobi526.68 Kb
Kiki Swinson-Life After Wifey.mobi521.95 Kb
Zane-Skyscraper.mobi508.48 Kb
Nikki Turner-Relapse.mobi506.12 Kb
Kiki Swinson-Notorious.mobi503.56 Kb
Noire-Natural Born Liar.mobi501.31 Kb
Zane-Shame on It All.mobi497.75 Kb
Nikki Turner-Black Widow.mobi490.99 Kb
Zane-Afterburn.mobi490.87 Kb
Zane-Nervous.mobi482.18 Kb
Ashely&Jaquavis-Black Friday Exposed.mobi471.36 Kb
Zane-The Heat Seekers.mobi465.42 Kb
Zoe & Yusuf Woods-Blood of My Brother IV_.mobi465.40 Kb
Zane-Addicted.mobi464.81 Kb
Noire-Baby Brother.mobi462.99 Kb
Zane-The Sisters of APF.mobi461.33 Kb
Zane-Honey Flava.mobi458.70 Kb
Joy King-Boss Bitch #7.mobi457.91 Kb
Nikki Turner-A Woman's Work Street Chronicles.mobi445.10 Kb
Keisha Ervin-Torn.azw435.77 Kb
Jaquavis-Dopeman Memoirs of a SnitchPart 3.mobi432.36 Kb
Niobia Bryant-Mistress No More.mobi428.36 Kb
Wahida Clark-Thugs And The Women Who Love Them.mobi427.01 Kb
Kiki Swinson-Wifey.mobi426.25 Kb
Wahida Clark-Payback With Ya Life.mobi422.78 Kb
Wahida Clark-Thug Matrimony.mobi420.57 Kb
Ashley Antoinette-Prada Plan 2 Leah's Story.mobi416.05 Kb
Noire-Lifestyles of the Rich and Shameless.mobi412.86 Kb
Ashley & Jaquavis-The Cartel.mobi411.80 Kb
Ashley & Jaquavis-The Cartel 2 Tale of the Murda Mamas.mobi408.26 Kb
Teresa D. Patterson-Project Queen.mobi407.11 Kb
Zane-Purple Panties.mobi402.04 Kb
Shareef Jaudon-TYCE.mobi400.28 Kb
Dutch-Dynasty.mobi397.85 Kb
J. Gail-Karma's a Bitch.mobi386.13 Kb
Kiki Swinson-Im Still Wifey.mobi369.53 Kb
Nikkii Turner-A Project Chick.mobi368.08 Kb
Roy Glenn-The Mike Black Saga; MOB.mobi342.34 Kb
Nikki Turner-A Hustler's Wife.mobi342.20 Kb
Joy King-Hooker to housewife.mobi341.68 Kb
Roy Glenn-Going Down_ An Erotic Tale of Murder.mobi338.61 Kb
J. Gail-Thugs are for fun 2.azw336.59 Kb
Chunichi-California Connection 3.mobi335.71 Kb
Joy King-Dirty little secrets.mobi332.67 Kb
Ashley & Jaquavis-The Cartel 3 The Last Chapter.mobi328.43 Kb
Rukyyah-Take Money Mistress.mobi328.14 Kb
Nikki Turner-Natural Born Hustler.mobi327.71 Kb
Mimi Renee-DEADLY DECISIONS.mobi327.56 Kb
Roy Glenn-Beneath The Surface.mobi326.49 Kb
Shareef Jaudon-TYCE 3.mobi326.20 Kb
Kiki Swinson-Wifey 4 Life.mobi323.16 Kb
K'wan-GANGLAND.mobi322.23 Kb
Noire-G-Spot.mobi321.66 Kb
metadata.db317.00 Kb
Meesha Mink-Desperate hoodwives an urban tale.mobi316.96 Kb
Roy Glenn-The Mike Black Saga_ In A Cold Sweat.mobi316.75 Kb
Kiki Swinson-Still Wifey Material.mobi316.42 Kb
Chunichi-California Connection.mobi313.74 Kb
Roy Glenn-Private Deceptions.mobi312.74 Kb
Roy Glenn-Out of Control.mobi310.95 Kb
J. Gail-Thugs are for fun 3.azw309.07 Kb
Joy King-Ballers Bitches.mobi306.74 Kb
Tajana Sutton-Deja 3.mobi300.04 Kb
Noire-G-Spot 2 Trickery_ The 6th Deadly Sin.mobi296.50 Kb
Meesha Mink-The Hood Life A Bentley Manor Tale.mobi292.22 Kb
Tajana Sutton-Deja.mobi289.15 Kb
Roy Glenn-The Mike Black Saga; Payback.mobi285.98 Kb
Joy King-Bitch A New Beginning #6.mobi284.23 Kb
Roy Glenn-The Mike Black Saga; No More Tears In Th.mobi282.49 Kb
Shameek Speight-A CHILD OF A CRACKHEAD II.mobi279.62 Kb
Roy Glenn-Killing Them Softly.mobi278.16 Kb
Shareef Jaudon-TYCE II.mobi273.54 Kb
Roy Glenn-Three The Hard Way.mobi273.06 Kb
Kiki Swinson-Cheaper to Keep Her.mobi269.98 Kb
Meesha Mink-Shameless Hoodwives A Bentley Manor Tale.mobi269.83 Kb
Noire-G-Spot 2 Lust The 5th Deadly Sin.mobi264.76 Kb
Blake Karrington-24 Karats (A Player's Saga).mobi262.81 Kb
Miss KP-The Dirty Divorce.mobi257.88 Kb
Joy King-Bitch Reloaded #2.mobi255.43 Kb
Miss KP-The Dirty Divorce Part 2.mobi253.83 Kb
Kiki Swinson-New York's Finest.mobi252.89 Kb
Tajana Sutton-Deja 4.mobi249.29 Kb
Roy Glenn-Commit To Violence.mobi249.24 Kb
Miss KP-The Dirty Divorce Part 3.mobi246.96 Kb
Kiki Swinson-Cheaper to Keep Her part 2.mobi244.26 Kb
K'wan-From Harlem with Love.mobi238.03 Kb
Noire-Greed the 3rd Deadly Sin.mobi233.04 Kb
Teresa D. Patterson-Project Queen II.mobi226.21 Kb
Joy King-Stackin' Paper.mobi225.89 Kb
Noire-Betrayal The 2nd Deadly Sin.mobi223.70 Kb
Shameek Speight-A CHILD OF A CRACKHEAD.mobi218.43 Kb
Tajana Sutton-Deja 2.mobi213.01 Kb
Roy Glenn-An Urban Drama.mobi192.86 Kb
Noire-G-Spot 2 ENVY the 4th deadly sin.mobi191.36 Kb
Roy Glenn-All About The Money.mobi179.20 Kb
Roy Glenn-The Cost of Vengeance.mobi174.46 Kb
Roy Glenn-The Playa Chronicles.mobi172.71 Kb
Roy Glenn-The Mike Black Saga Book One.mobi157.48 Kb
Noire-G-Spot 2 Pride The 1st Deadly Sin.mobi136.59 Kb
K'wan-THE LEAK.mobi113.77 Kb
Wahida Clark-Response, The - Macklin, Tasha.mobi102.96 Kb
metadata_db_prefs_backup.json12.53 Kb
Nisa Santiago-Return of the Cartier Cartel (Part 2).embp336.00 b
Jaquavis-Dopeman Memoirs of a SnitchPart 3.embp288.00 b
Ashely Antoinette-Guilty Gucci.embp256.00 b
Ashley Antoinette-Prada Plan 2 Leah's Story.embp256.00 b
Noire-Baby Brother.embp256.00 b
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