Windows 8 AIO 18in1 en US DaRT8 Jan2013

Windows 8 AIO 18in1 en US DaRT8 Jan2013

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murphy78 presents Windows 8 AIO 18in1 en-US DaRT8 Jan2013
This AIO supports x86-only Windows Upgrade
KB Files are the same as the non-DaRT8 version.
Future x64-x86 hybrids will have DaRT8 or greater included.

Hotfixes included bring install current to Jan8 patch date
NETFX2-3.5.1 IS BACK!!!

No Windows 8 Settings were harmed in the making of this ISO.
No Programs are added to Windows.
No Unattended Settings were added to the installation.
No Registry Settings were modified.

Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset 8 (DaRT8) included
in boot options. Windows Setup is set to default with DaRT8 x86
set to boot option 2 and DaRT8 x64 set to boot option 3

Features include System File Scan, Recovery, Backup restore,
Offline hotfix removal, disk cleaning and repartitioning, etc.
The purpose of inclusion will be obvious when you try it.
(Thank anarchist9027 for this AIO addition)

Versions you can activate with KMS are:
Windows 8 Pro, Windows 8 Pro N, Windows 8 Pro VL,
Windows 8 Pro N VL, Windows 8 Enterprise,
Windows 8 Enterprise N

Versions that cannot be activated with KMS are:
Windows 8, Windows 8 N, Windows 8 Pro with Media Center

There is NO KNOWN CRACK for non-kms retail versions. Use them
only if you have a backed up activation from a previous
loophole or if you have purchased a key for said version.

For said Volume versions, use the KMSNano activation
program included, or get a newer version of kmsnano or
kmsmicro. contains the release by heldigard.
I have tested this release by running kmsnano.exe
directly from the zip file. Takes about 110-120 secs.
Every kms activation activated the first try.

Test did not require volume pre-conversion.
Upgrading from another windows may require fixing system
files. You can do this by running admin command prompt
command "SFC /SCANNOW"  This will fix any duplicate files
or inconsistencies.

More info on how to manually set up different activation
methods are included in the file.
Read the enclosed text file for more information

64-bit MSDN Sources:

32-bit MSDN Sources:

Thess RTM Sources are the final Build 9200

Installation Indexes:
Windows 8 (x86)
Windows 8 N (x86)
Windows 8 Pro (x86)
Windows 8 Pro N (x86)
Windows 8 Pro VL (x86)
Windows 8 Pro N VL (x86)
Windows 8 Enterprise (x86)
Windows 8 Enterprise N (x86)
Windows 8 Pro with Media Center (x86)
Windows 8 (x64)
Windows 8 N (x64)
Windows 8 Pro (x64)
Windows 8 Pro N (x64)
Windows 8 Pro VL (x64)
Windows 8 Pro N VL (x64)
Windows 8 Enterprise (x64)
Windows 8 Enterprise N (x64)
Windows 8 Pro with Media Center (x64)

Release File:
Size: 7.58GiB
CRC32: E52BC413
MD5: 89797B8890D06A9E05802AB160965FCE
SHA-1: 57F861440DFFC757E233A4CD9A29CF5C2263534A

Language: en-US (English - United States)

Tools used:
DaRT8 - (Thanks anarchist9027)
imagex for image compression and export
dism for MSU KB hotfix integration
oscdimg for ISO mastering
Added Info folder to installs to make more work for credit thieves.

KB Files added via add-package dism:
KB2779444, KB2727528, KB2729462, KB2736693, KB2737084,
KB2742614, KB2742616, KB2750149, KB2751352-v2, KB2753842-v2,
KB2756872, KB2756923, KB2757638, KB2758246-v2, KB2761094,
KB2761465, KB2764462, KB2764870, KB2768703, KB2769034,
KB2769165, KB2769166, KB2770660, KB2770917, KB2771744,
KB2771821, KB2777166, KB2777294, KB2778171, KB2778930,
KB2779562, KB2779768, KB2780342, KB2780523, KB2780541,
KB2782419, KB2783251, KB2784160, KB2785094, KB2785220,
KB2788350, KB2790920, KB2792009, KB2796096

x86-only kb files added via add-package dism:

KB Files added during setupcomplete.cmd phase:
KB890830-v4.16 (Recent Malicious software removal tool)
KB2758694 (xml4 exe only hotfix)
KB2771431 (online only update)
KB2772501 (iepropschema exe only hotfix)

Changes from recent Windows 8 x64 and x86 releases:
-Added IE security, but moved to offline install.
Reboot is not needed during setupcomplete.cmd phase.
-Added .NET 2-3.5.1
Offline hotfixes used for netfx3
-ei.cfg changed to retail channel.
Volume channel was being problematic even though
the only known activation method that works is KMS.
-Every single install tested perfectly on activating KMS
or restoring backup in ProWMC with Tokens Manager

Enterprise gives incorrect pre-release eula because of
being set to retail, but it does not affect the install.
Pro VL and N VL also give the incorrect retail eula
Once you activate with kms, it correctly sets to volumekms.

Enjoy Pirates,
murphy78-TPB :)		
KMS Nano v11.2 - heldigard.txt2.63 Kb
LaNanov11.2.zip21.47 Mb
Win8AIO-18in1-x64-x86-en-US-DaRT8-Jan2013.iso7.59 Gb
win8AIO-en-US-DaRT8.txt5.01 Kb
Windows 7 USB DVD Tool.url189.00 b
WinUSB Maker v2.0 BETA 2.zip2.78 Mb
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