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Here are a slew of .CDP files usable in Auran's/N3V Trainz series. I make these available as Auran/N3V does not have the right to distribute 

content that was not even created by them. They sell a product, and collect all the content or extras if you will, made by the buyers of their 

products and then create a Download Station to which if you do npt own a current version of their product you are required to purchase a time 

limited "ticket" to be able to download content that is not even theirs. 

So here are several assets for your usaage in most versions of Trainz. Just use the Content Manager to import CDP and the asset will be added to 

the database.

Trainz/NSSUB.rar509.12 Mb
Trainz/pack_ibtzeros_reunidos_locos_automotores_ts2009_10.rar179.83 Mb
Trainz/detroit deps.cdp150.08 Mb
Trainz/BurkHart, Illinois Beta Route Depends B.cdp97.03 Mb
Trainz/BurkHart, Illinois Beta Route Depends A.cdp95.76 Mb
Trainz/BurkHart, Illinois Beta Route Depends C.cdp70.94 Mb
Trainz/umr2010.cdp65.01 Mb
Trainz/TTRZ_RENFE_T2_v1.0.cdp62.92 Mb
Trainz/SDP40F.cdp38.19 Mb
Trainz/ibtz_renfe_civia_pack.cdp30.87 Mb
Trainz/BurkHart, Illinois Beta Route Depends D.cdp25.97 Mb
Trainz/ut438ibtz_version_t10_t12.cdp24.09 Mb
Trainz/civia_ibtz_version_t9_t10_t12.cdp20.55 Mb
Trainz/East_Kentucky_3_v1-1.cdp19.16 Mb
Trainz/ttrz_talgo_vol_1.rar16.53 Mb
Trainz/ibtz_ut_436_pantone_ts2010.cdp16.24 Mb
Trainz/ts2012_p2_upd46957_to_48247.zip14.60 Mb
Trainz/NJTGP40-2newpaintscheme.zip12.77 Mb
Trainz/BBL - Surfliner Set One 04-06.cdp10.21 Mb
Trainz/Okolice_Jeziorska.rar9.71 Mb
Trainz/ttrz_fz_fleet_v1.cdp9.63 Mb
Trainz/marcii2.cdp9.02 Mb
Trainz/AWRR_East_Subdivision.cdp9.00 Mb
Trainz/NS-C40-8-3pack.cdp8.87 Mb
Trainz/CCG2006.pdf8.79 Mb
Trainz/CSX_SD70ACE.cdp8.12 Mb
Trainz/Swift Combo Pack.cdp7.76 Mb
Trainz/BBL - ACE Cab and Coach 04-06.cdp7.47 Mb
Trainz/BBL - GO Cab and Coach 04-06.cdp7.40 Mb
Trainz/BBL - TRE Cab and Coach 04-06.cdp7.10 Mb
Trainz/BBL - Sounder Cab and Coach 04-06.cdp7.00 Mb
Trainz/P42_66_40th-2.cdp6.79 Mb
Trainz/FedEx Truck Pack.cdp6.77 Mb
Trainz/Amtrak Surfliner Superliners 1a.cdp6.53 Mb
Trainz/AmSurf Dep.cdp5.98 Mb
Trainz/Boston to Portland Final.cdp5.29 Mb
Trainz/KW T660 With Double Pups - FedEx.cdp5.19 Mb
Trainz/BBL - Surfliner Set Two 04-06.cdp4.99 Mb
Trainz/VMD_EMD_GP9_UP.rar4.95 Mb
Trainz/KW T660 with 53ft Van - Walmart.cdp4.94 Mb
Trainz/KW T660 with 53ft Reefer - Walmart.cdp4.94 Mb
Trainz/KW T660 With Single Pup - FedEx.cdp4.73 Mb
Trainz/Conrail_NJT.cdp4.67 Mb
Trainz/Budd_Coaches.rar4.61 Mb
Trainz/Amtrak Surfliner BBL Cab Car.cdp4.47 Mb
Trainz/ts2012_p2_upd48247_to_49922.zip4.39 Mb
Trainz/Classic With 53ft Reefer - Fireball Express.cdp4.33 Mb
Trainz/mbta_coach_car_359.cdp4.32 Mb
Trainz/FedEx 28' Trailer Pack.cdp4.13 Mb
Trainz/BBL - GO Cab Car.cdp4.01 Mb
Trainz/BBL - ACE Cab Car.cdp3.96 Mb
Trainz/Amtrak Surfliner BBL Coach Car.cdp3.91 Mb
Trainz/oBVE documentation.7z3.88 Mb
Trainz/Classic With Double Pups - FedEx.cdp3.76 Mb
Trainz/FedEx Truck Pack 2.cdp3.74 Mb
Trainz/ostkust.zip3.74 Mb
Trainz/Ostkustbanan V2.1.cdp3.65 Mb
Trainz/BBL - ACE Coach Car.cdp3.63 Mb
Trainz/Never-Ending.zip3.52 Mb
Trainz/P42_Genesis_Pack.cdp3.46 Mb
Trainz/Columbia With Double Pups - FedEx.cdp3.44 Mb
Trainz/proteus_yard_2004.zip3.41 Mb
Trainz/Classic With single Pup - FedEx.cdp3.30 Mb
Trainz/BBL - GO Coach Car.cdp3.29 Mb
Trainz/BBL - TRE Coach Car.cdp3.27 Mb
Trainz/My CSX Saginaw.cdp3.27 Mb
Trainz/Cab Dependencies.cdp3.26 Mb
Trainz/WM_East_Sub_Beta_Route.cdp3.18 Mb
Trainz/Columbia With 53ft Van - FedEx.cdp3.15 Mb
Trainz/WMW-Route.zip3.09 Mb
Trainz/Day Cab With Double Pups - FedEx.cdp3.00 Mb
Trainz/Columbia With single Pup - FedEx.cdp2.98 Mb
Trainz/Cab and Coach Dependencies 04-06.cdp2.98 Mb
Trainz/Amtrak Surfliner BBL Cafe Car.cdp2.80 Mb
Trainz/UnionTerminal.zip2.63 Mb
Trainz/Amtrak Metroliner Coach.cdp2.59 Mb
Trainz/Day Cab With single Pup - FedEx.cdp2.55 Mb
Trainz/Signalling Crossing Tracks and Double Track Junctions.pdf2.26 Mb
Trainz/Mechanical Changing Roadside Billboard.cdp2.21 Mb
Trainz/Day Cab With 53ft Van - FedEx.cdp2.20 Mb
Trainz/Amtrak Surfliner BBL Business Car.cdp2.17 Mb
Trainz/BBL Interior 04-06.cdp2.08 Mb
Trainz/BBL Interior.cdp2.06 Mb
Trainz/AMTRK_P32ACDM_714.cdp2.00 Mb
Trainz/NS Ferry Sub Version 1.5.cdp1.92 Mb
Trainz/AMTKmp15dc531.cdp1.92 Mb
Trainz/AmtrakP42106phIV.cdp1.83 Mb
Trainz/AmtrakP40DC841PHIII.cdp1.75 Mb
Trainz/amtrak_p42dc_12.cdp1.73 Mb
Trainz/Erie Northern Operations Manual v1.pdf1.66 Mb
Trainz/George's Gorge Basic Edition.cdp1.66 Mb
Trainz/GeorgesGorge.zip1.66 Mb
Trainz/iberia_interior_10_v2.cdp1.57 Mb
Trainz/ATLS1.pdf1.56 Mb
Trainz/Amfleet_I_Phase_III.cdp1.55 Mb
Trainz/AmSurf.cdp1.51 Mb
Trainz/AmSurf 04-06.cdp1.51 Mb
Trainz/Rahway GE 44ton 16.zip1.46 Mb
Trainz/Classic V2 With 53ft Van - Fireball Express.cdp1.45 Mb
Trainz/Installing and Using Trackside Cameras.pdf1.38 Mb
Trainz/westside-valley-v1a.cdp1.32 Mb
Trainz/Union Central 2008.cdp1.31 Mb
Trainz/factory_8_gengoods.cdp1.25 Mb
Trainz/Gorre & Daphetid 3 Layout.cdp1.20 Mb
Trainz/Part 1-Track And Switches.pdf1.10 Mb
Trainz/My Conrail Secondary.cdp1.10 Mb
Trainz/Installing a Turntable and Operating it Under AI Control.pdf1.06 Mb
Trainz/Creating a Milepost System on Your Route.pdf1.06 Mb
Trainz/Yukons Microwave Tower.cdp1.05 Mb
Trainz/H&Y.zip1,020.04 Kb
Trainz/lcrossing.pdf889.51 Kb
Trainz/M-Line-PE.zip882.24 Kb
Trainz/GRJ_Release.zip864.88 Kb
Trainz/Grand River Junction Route.cdp857.51 Kb
Trainz/Bells Horns and Fooling the AI.pdf843.94 Kb
Trainz/RT3 Beta Release.cdp814.77 Kb
Trainz/Gorre & Daphetid 2 Layout.cdp702.51 Kb
Trainz/ATLS3.pdf699.45 Kb
Trainz/Aotearoa.cdp685.30 Kb
Trainz/VR_Catskill_Coal.zip677.83 Kb
Trainz/Using the Ruler Tool to Keep Your Tracks Straight.pdf647.72 Kb
Trainz/Part 7 - An Introduction to Portals.pdf617.30 Kb
Trainz/CN RDC Old.cdp602.25 Kb
Trainz/CN RDC.cdp589.18 Kb
Trainz/ATLS.cdp578.53 Kb
Trainz/Part 5 - Working With Signals.pdf528.93 Kb
Trainz/Part 6 - Constructing Railroad Bridges.pdf516.48 Kb
Trainz/CMTM.pdf497.36 Kb
Trainz/Part 4 - An Introduction to Signaling.pdf491.47 Kb
Trainz/Part 2-Making Your Switches Look Nice.pdf435.70 Kb
Trainz/Part 3-Speed Through a Switch.pdf412.83 Kb
Trainz/Sometimes 35 is faster than 60.pdf407.85 Kb
Trainz/G&D Coach John Allen.cdp317.68 Kb
Trainz/GregoryHalt.cdp289.47 Kb
Trainz/Conrail Route Map wColors.pdf280.88 Kb
Trainz/HSBX186.cdp260.29 Kb
Trainz/Coach Dependencies.cdp254.63 Kb
Trainz/Wind Gen 4 pack.cdp248.21 Kb
Trainz/MWT-1000 Wind Gen Pack.cdp238.05 Kb
Trainz/Detroit Connecting Railroad.cdp218.94 Kb
Trainz/HSBX120.cdp215.69 Kb
Trainz/ScrantonandweetingNarrowguageRailway.cdp199.79 Kb
Trainz/Conrail NJT Industrials.pdf193.79 Kb
Trainz/US Level Crossing Tower.CDP180.01 Kb
Trainz/BurkHart, Illinois Beta Route.cdp149.02 Kb
Trainz/CCP.zip144.94 Kb
Trainz/Gorre & Daphetid 1 layout.cdp134.56 Kb
Trainz/M-Line2006.zip124.39 Kb
Trainz/London Underground.cdp118.47 Kb
Trainz/M-Line 2006.cdp105.88 Kb
Trainz/GothamTower.zip92.93 Kb
Trainz/Erie Northern Branchline Map.pdf92.45 Kb
Trainz/Yukons Darrieus Wind Turbine Animated.cdp89.26 Kb
Trainz/VRer Gotham Tower Route.cdp87.70 Kb
Trainz/Hither&YonRoute.cdp84.52 Kb
Trainz/OrientPoint.zip81.05 Kb
Trainz/NJT Secaucus Junction.CDP74.16 Kb
Trainz/Federal_Street_2008.zip63.03 Kb
Trainz/Federal Street Route.cdp61.58 Kb
Trainz/DogboneTraction.zip57.74 Kb
Trainz/Erie Northern Mainline Map.pdf27.66 Kb
Trainz/ATLS2.cdp23.43 Kb
Trainz/Dogbone Traction.cdp18.11 Kb
Trainz/BusDemoCDP.zip15.93 Kb
Trainz/Dogbone traction bare.cdp11.57 Kb
Trainz/Manual_load-unload_Commands.cdp11.24 Kb
Trainz/SignalLink.cdp10.32 Kb
Trainz/MyMTHLayout.cdp9.50 Kb
Trainz/Local Freight Session for GRJ Route.cdp8.64 Kb
Trainz/AI test route 1.zip7.92 Kb
Trainz/H&YSession.cdp6.81 Kb
Trainz/BurkHart, Illinois Beta.cdp6.68 Kb
Trainz/My Test Board.cdp3.47 Kb
Trainz/H&Y Readme Now.txt2.75 Kb
Trainz/MoPac-Route-of-the-Eagle-v3.7.cdp640.00 b
Trainz/Autoracks.cdp107.00 b
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