heroes 3 complete

heroes 3 complete

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BINKW32.DLL124.00 Kb
Data/H3ab_ahd.snd1.43 Mb
Data/H3ab_ahd.vid1.56 Mb
Data/H3ab_bmp.lod41.98 Mb
Data/H3ab_spr.lod11.43 Mb
Data/H3bitmap.lod100.83 Mb
Data/H3sprite.lod61.96 Mb
Data/Heroes3.snd14.54 Mb
Data/HiScore.dat2.15 Kb
Data/VIDEO.VID21.25 Mb
games/AUTOSAVE.GM1147.53 Kb
games/porres game.GM140.58 Kb
H3AB_Manual.pdf7.14 Mb
h3ccmped.cnt370.00 b
h3ccmped.exe1.16 Mb
H3Manual.pdf13.66 Mb
h3maped.cnt1.60 Kb
h3maped.exe2.04 Mb
H3MAPED.HLP323.60 Kb
H3SoD_PC Manual.pdf963.68 Kb
Heroes III Tutorial.pdf741.63 Kb
Heroes3.cnt883.00 b
Heroes3.exe2.61 Mb
HEROES3.HLP389.20 Kb
Heroes3/Data/Heroes3.snd27.19 Mb
Heroes3/Data/Heroes3.vid467.37 Mb
HOMM3.pdf6.69 Mb
IFC20.dll132.00 Kb
Maps/A Viking We Shall Go Allied.h3m46.33 Kb
Maps/A Viking We Shall Go.h3m46.29 Kb
Maps/A Warm and Familiar Place.h3m9.15 Kb
Maps/Adventures of Jared Haret.h3m10.07 Kb
Maps/All for One.h3m28.74 Kb
Maps/And One for All.h3m12.45 Kb
Maps/Arrogance Allied.h3m11.29 Kb
Maps/Arrogance.h3m11.27 Kb
Maps/Ascension.h3m15.70 Kb
Maps/Back For Revenge - Allied.h3m56.75 Kb
Maps/Back For Revenge.h3m56.74 Kb
Maps/Barbarian Breakout.h3m9.80 Kb
Maps/Barbarian BreakoutA.h3m9.89 Kb
Maps/Battle of the Sexes Allied.h3m38.67 Kb
Maps/Battle of the Sexes.h3m38.63 Kb
Maps/Brave New World(Allies).h3m40.38 Kb
Maps/Brave New World.h3m40.38 Kb
Maps/Buried Treasure.h3m25.75 Kb
Maps/Carpe Diem - Allied.h3m28.42 Kb
Maps/Carpe Diem.h3m28.40 Kb
Maps/Caught in the Middle.h3m25.73 Kb
Maps/Chasing a Dream.h3m8.84 Kb
Maps/Crimson and Clover.h3m22.19 Kb
Maps/Crimson and CloverA.h3m22.29 Kb
Maps/Darwin's Prize(Allies).h3m20.21 Kb
Maps/Darwin's Prize.h3m16.28 Kb
Maps/Dawn of War.h3m17.86 Kb
Maps/Dead and Buried.h3m9.62 Kb
Maps/Deluge.h3m7.99 Kb
Maps/Divided Loyalties.h3m32.23 Kb
Maps/Divided LoyaltiesA.h3m32.30 Kb
Maps/Dragon Orb.h3m27.39 Kb
Maps/Dragon Pass (Allies).h3m26.88 Kb
Maps/Dragon Pass.h3m26.86 Kb
Maps/Dungeon Keeper.h3m11.50 Kb
Maps/Dwarven Gold.h3m11.01 Kb
Maps/Dwarven Tunnels(Allies).h3m26.99 Kb
Maps/Dwarven Tunnels.h3m26.97 Kb
Maps/Elbow Room(Allies).h3m4.89 Kb
Maps/Elbow Room.h3m4.88 Kb
Maps/Emerald Isles.h3m14.26 Kb
Maps/Emerald IslesA.h3m14.28 Kb
Maps/Faeries.h3m31.97 Kb
Maps/For Sale.h3m8.24 Kb
Maps/Fort Noxis.h3m11.48 Kb
Maps/Free for All.h3m44.30 Kb
Maps/Freedom.h3m8.84 Kb
Maps/Gelea's Champions (Allies).h3m34.00 Kb
Maps/Gelea's Champions.h3m34.25 Kb
Maps/Goblins in the Pantry.h3m18.70 Kb
Maps/Golems Aplenty Allied.h3m25.28 Kb
Maps/Golems Aplenty.h3m25.27 Kb
Maps/Good to Go.h3m4.87 Kb
Maps/Good Witch, Bad Witch.h3m34.02 Kb
Maps/Gorlam's Tentacle Swampland.h3m20.02 Kb
Maps/Hatchet Axe and Saw.h3m16.65 Kb
Maps/Heroes of Might not Magic Allied.h3m31.66 Kb
Maps/Heroes of Might not Magic.h3m31.65 Kb
Maps/Hoard(Allies).h3m32.38 Kb
Maps/Hoard.h3m32.38 Kb
Maps/Hold the middle.h3m24.27 Kb
Maps/Irrational Hostility.h3m8.71 Kb
Maps/Island King Allied.h3m34.95 Kb
Maps/Island King.h3m34.93 Kb
Maps/Island of Fire.h3m23.85 Kb
Maps/Islands and Caves.h3m38.35 Kb
Maps/Jihad.h3m8.52 Kb
Maps/Judgement Day.h3m4.94 Kb
Maps/Just A Visit.h3m17.81 Kb
Maps/Key to Victory.h3m8.25 Kb
Maps/King of Pain.h3m20.87 Kb
Maps/Kingdom for sale(allies).h3m36.91 Kb
Maps/Kingdom for sale.h3m36.89 Kb
Maps/Knee Deep in the Dead.h3m6.75 Kb
Maps/Knight of Darkness.h3m27.40 Kb
Maps/Land of Titans (Allied).h3m47.86 Kb
Maps/Land of Titans.h3m47.88 Kb
Maps/Last Chance Allies.h3m9.81 Kb
Maps/Last Chance.h3m9.77 Kb
Maps/Loss of Innocence(Allies).h3m29.66 Kb
Maps/Loss of Innocence.h3m29.60 Kb
Maps/Manifest Destiny.h3m9.62 Kb
Maps/Marshland Menace.h3m25.18 Kb
Maps/Meeting in Muzgob(Allies).h3m32.11 Kb
Maps/Meeting in Muzgob.h3m32.12 Kb
Maps/Merchant Princes Allied.h3m16.10 Kb
Maps/Merchant Princes.h3m16.09 Kb
Maps/Middletown.h3m40.58 Kb
Maps/Monk's Retreat Allied.h3m49.42 Kb
Maps/Monk's Retreat.h3m49.39 Kb
Maps/Noahs Ark.h3m38.00 Kb
Maps/One Bad Day - Allied.h3m21.05 Kb
Maps/Overthrow Thy Neighbors.h3m26.48 Kb
Maps/Pandora's Box .h3m120.01 Kb
Maps/Peaceful Ending - Allied.h3m43.08 Kb
Maps/Peaceful Ending.h3m43.11 Kb
Maps/Peacemaker.h3m14.97 Kb
Maps/Pestilence Lake Allies.h3m30.41 Kb
Maps/Pestilence Lake.h3m30.50 Kb
Maps/Pirates.h3m13.58 Kb
Maps/Race for Ardintinny.h3m63.78 Kb
Maps/Race for the Town.h3m17.42 Kb
Maps/Ready or Not.h3m23.89 Kb
Maps/Realm of Chaos.h3m34.60 Kb
Maps/Realm of ChaosA.h3m34.63 Kb
Maps/Rebellion.h3m17.68 Kb
Maps/Reclamation Allied.h3m52.20 Kb
Maps/Reclamation.h3m52.19 Kb
Maps/Rediscovery.h3m33.62 Kb
Maps/Resource War Allies.h3m21.50 Kb
Maps/Resource War.h3m21.50 Kb
Maps/Rise of the Phoenix Allied.h3m46.59 Kb
Maps/Rise of the Phoenix.h3m46.56 Kb
Maps/Rumble in the Bogs.h3m21.62 Kb
Maps/Rumble in the BogsA.h3m21.62 Kb
Maps/Sands of Blood.h3m7.61 Kb
Maps/Sangraal's Thief Allied.h3m29.76 Kb
Maps/Sangraal's Thief.h3m29.74 Kb
Maps/Search for the Grail.h3m20.41 Kb
Maps/Serpents Treasure.h3m60.57 Kb
Maps/Shadow Valleys.h3m21.53 Kb
Maps/South of Hell (Allies).h3m40.82 Kb
Maps/South of Hell.h3m40.86 Kb
Maps/Southern Cross.h3m38.44 Kb
Maps/Step by Step (Allies).h3m26.80 Kb
Maps/Step by Step.h3m26.79 Kb
Maps/Tale of two lands (Allies).h3m71.52 Kb
Maps/Tale of two lands.h3m71.46 Kb
Maps/Terrible Rumor.h3m11.13 Kb
Maps/The Battle of Daeyan's Ford.h3m50.38 Kb
Maps/The Challenge.h3m20.35 Kb
Maps/The Five Rings.h3m49.09 Kb
Maps/The Gauntlet.h3m47.82 Kb
Maps/The Great Race.h3m21.19 Kb
Maps/The Mandate of Heaven.h3m68.86 Kb
Maps/The Newcomers.h3m15.55 Kb
Maps/Thousand Islands (allies).h3m49.58 Kb
Maps/Thousand Islands.h3m49.56 Kb
Maps/Time's Up.h3m10.84 Kb
Maps/Titans Winter.h3m29.66 Kb
Maps/Too Many Monsters.h3m7.39 Kb
Maps/Tovar's Fortress (Allies).h3m28.93 Kb
Maps/Tovar's Fortress.h3m28.91 Kb
Maps/Treasure Hunt.h3m19.37 Kb
Maps/Tutorial.tut6.01 Kb
Maps/Twins.h3m12.10 Kb
Maps/Undead Unrest.h3m26.42 Kb
Maps/Unexpected Inheritance.h3m29.98 Kb
Maps/Unholy Quest.h3m52.69 Kb
Maps/Valleys of War.h3m31.55 Kb
Maps/Vial of Life.h3m29.54 Kb
Maps/War of the Mighty (Allies).h3m73.92 Kb
Maps/War of the Mighty.h3m73.88 Kb
Maps/Warlords.h3m25.18 Kb
Maps/WarlordsA.h3m25.36 Kb
Maps/Warmongers.h3m48.28 Kb
Maps/When Dragons Clash.h3m24.64 Kb
Maps/Wings of War.h3m13.73 Kb
Maps/Xathras Prize.h3m44.59 Kb
mcp.dll66.00 Kb
MP3/AITheme0.mp3729.34 Kb
MP3/AITHEME1.MP3815.27 Kb
MP3/BladeABCampaign.mp32.14 Mb
MP3/BladeDBCampaign.mp3878.98 Kb
MP3/BladeDSCampaign.mp3898.65 Kb
MP3/BladeFLCampaign.mp3750.90 Kb
MP3/BladeFWCampaign.mp3841.15 Kb
MP3/BladePFCampaign.mp31.07 Mb
MP3/CampainMusic01.mp3741.56 Kb
MP3/CampainMusic02.mp31.09 Mb
MP3/CampainMusic03.mp3849.47 Kb
MP3/CampainMusic04.mp3673.55 Kb
MP3/CampainMusic05.mp3668.67 Kb
MP3/CampainMusic06.mp3691.88 Kb
MP3/CampainMusic07.mp3672.33 Kb
MP3/CampainMusic08.mp3785.13 Kb
MP3/CampainMusic09.mp3762.74 Kb
MP3/CampainMusic10.mp31.07 Mb
MP3/CampainMusic11.mp31.54 Mb
MP3/COMBAT01.MP32.58 Mb
MP3/COMBAT02.MP32.45 Mb
MP3/COMBAT03.MP32.18 Mb
MP3/COMBAT04.MP32.97 Mb
MP3/CstleTown.mp32.37 Mb
MP3/Defend Castle.mp3151.08 Kb
MP3/DIRT.MP31.94 Mb
MP3/ElemTown.mp31.28 Mb
MP3/EvilTheme.mp31.43 Mb
MP3/FortressTown.mp31.81 Mb
MP3/GoodTheme.mp31.18 Mb
MP3/GRASS.MP31.86 Mb
MP3/InfernoTown.mp32.09 Mb
MP3/LAVA.MP31.72 Mb
MP3/LoopLepr.mp379.41 Kb
MP3/Lose Campain.mp3353.07 Kb
MP3/LoseCastle.mp376.56 Kb
MP3/LoseCombat.mp3110.77 Kb
MP3/necroTown.mp32.34 Mb
MP3/NeutralTheme.mp31.53 Mb
MP3/Retreat Battle.mp3101.40 Kb
MP3/ROUGH.MP32.06 Mb
MP3/SAND.MP31.85 Mb
MP3/SecretTheme.mp31.07 Mb
MP3/SNOW.MP31.86 Mb
MP3/StrongHold.mp32.15 Mb
MP3/Surrender Battle.mp380.22 Kb
MP3/SWAMP.MP32.25 Mb
MP3/TowerTown.mp33.45 Mb
MP3/UltimateLose.mp3239.04 Kb
MP3/Underground.mp31.75 Mb
MP3/WATER.MP31.74 Mb
MP3/Win Battle.mp385.92 Kb
MP3/Win Scenario.mp31.13 Mb
MP3DEC.ASI113.00 Kb
MSS32.DLL321.00 Kb
SMACKW32.DLL94.00 Kb
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